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Backrest в предложении (на )

  1. The backrest portion of the back seat.
  2. A fallen tree provided a perfect backrest.
  3. Inacio pressed the backrest as far as it would go.
  4. I banged my head on the backrest in front of me and.
  5. He took off his jacket and fitted it on the backrest of a chair.

  6. Ensure that the ankles are firmly pushed against the backrest of the chair.
  7. He put his hands on the backrest and let his gaze follow the king’s out on the red clouds.
  8. A nurse, who had followed them in, pulled the backrest out and propped Vitchae into a sitting position.
  9. The chair on its side has had both arms and the backrest broken off, but the legs and seat are intact.
  10. It had thick, round claw feet and two sturdy, very wide arms, but the beauty of the chair was the backrest.
  11. Clarene ran to the shabby davenport, pulled the white afghan off the backrest, and then curled herself into a ball.
  12. There's already a jacket over the backrest of my chair and the table is scattered with hooks, some twine and a knife.
  13. That's about the only thing I can think of that's good about me getting my foot crushed, you now have a stationary backrest.
  14. Position the patient in sitting with their hips well forward and upper-back resting against the backrest of a chair with a sloping back.
  15. He unbuttoned his shirt in the mid-day sun, spread his arms out on the backrest and fixed his gaze on the glittering harbour in front of him.

  16. For such a small dog, it was amazing how fast Graisse leaped onto the couch, then to the top of the backrest and into Jeff’s stomach as he backed out trying to escape.
  17. Vargas… the Indian?… Oh my god, I thought… But, you’re referring to what I told him about Mike! Caroline pushed into the backrest of the stool and appraised her.
  18. That pile of books was still spread across the floor, and Father’s big chair was exactly as it had always been, although the blanket which covered the ripped backrest had slipped slightly.
  19. He laid it, unfolded, in the light shed by the bed-lamp, he took off his shoes and his wet socks, he turned out the overhead light, using the switch next to the door, and at last he put on his chamois mustache cover and lay down without removing his trousers and shirt, his head supported by two large pillows that he used as a backrest for reading.

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