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Back в предложении (на )

He put it back up.
I had to fight back.
Now I can't go back.
He got back on the.
Cut back to the boat.
I want his skin back.
I threw the ball back.

She sat back on her.
Some of the kids back.
He did not turn back.
It goes back to Mrs.
The back door was ajar.
He looked back at ease.
I was glad he was back.
He shook it back and.
John lays on his back.
There is no going back.
I'll get off your back.
He decides to back off.
He’s a few cars back.
Hand me back that note.
The back of the bench.
Roman had his back to us.
She wanted her home back.
We drove back to Avignon.
We went back to the shop.
Ok, back here in 2 hours.
With the sun at his back.
He lifted the torch back.
I came back with two cups.
Jack kneed me in the back.
John hands the photo back.
He rocked back and forth.
He gets back into his car.
I rolled over on my back.
I nodded and smiled back.
When they turned back to.
He struggled back to the.
It all came flooding back.
I was backing from him.
For backing me up today.
The pain is backing off.
Once the backing is removed.
You can tell by the backing.
He could feel her backing away.
Leona cues up the backing track.
This was it, no backing out now.
I wasn’t backing down to anybody.
This process is called backing off.
Alex grinned, backing out of the store.
You have thousands of people backing.
The ern by the gate were backing away.
I’m not backing anyone, he said.
I shook my head, backing toward the door.
They’re backing up quite a bit sir.
Backing her toward the bed, he strung a.
In his mind, there can be no backing down.
This time, there was no one backing me up.
It was the backing vocal to the rhythmic.
Backing away from Sorren, Thedes released.
He started backing away as he listened to.
Glen shook his head, backing toward the bed.
If anything is said without truth backing.
Oh…my…God! I choked, backing away.
Just when I needed him, he was backing away.
Werner unscrews the backing and peers inside.
Backing up 30 days will land on a Wednesday.
Most fish you hook will run you into backing.
There was no backing out of this one, every.
Then it dawned on me that backing off meant.
Backing the truck, he stopped fifty yards away.
He was not backing down, which by the way, I.
The rest of the dryads were also backing away.
Wrong or a bad idea he wasn't backing down now.
Big began backing up to the door, challenging.
Good news without any backing is of no use to.
I’ll need your backing on the rest of the tour.
You should also consider buying fly line backing.
Backing out of the driveway, he headed for home.
He backed away so Lt.
Kurt backed up a step.
The two lads backed off.
I backed back to George.
He backed off a little.
Even I backed off a bit.
She backed away from him.
No one backed him, Warren.
I backed out of the house.
He backed against the wall.
Curry had always backed me.
I backed out of her grasp.
It stopped and backed off.
Molinari had backed me up.
She backed towards the door.
She backed toward the wall.
The truck backed into the.
I backed up from the house.
Not backed up by a partner.
He backed away from the bars.
No one had backed Coombs up.
Barker backed down the steps.
I backed into a dark corner.
I backed the car up to the.
She backed away a little bit.
When they backed out of the.
Matilda backed away in terror.
I backed against the railing.
Then he backed from the room.
He backed away from the area.
Then I backed out and waited.
The two doctors backed away.
It’s backed up every night.
Annie huffed, but backed off.
Shrank backed off in the fog.
Filthy waste water backed up.
Akstyr backed toward the door.
Pratt was backed into a corner.
No, I said and backed up.
Then he backed out, bewildered.
Tom backs away a little.
Their backs were to Rob.
He stands and backs away.
They didn't have no backs.
Put your backs into it!.
They had their backs to her.
The house backs on a ravine.
Hoenir backs up, but too late.
They have their backs to him.
Mark backs out of the driveway.
Look at the backs of my hands.
We just need our backs watched.
All I could see were their backs.
Anyhow, it's well he backs up Mr.
They all had their backs to Ralph.
This is where he backs out of it.
People never soap their backs.
If he backs up or tries to pull.
Teriz by the backs of their belts.
Over the backs of his entire army.
He backs the horse out and hands.
Tears pricked the backs of my eyes.
Sue wrapped the backs of her feet.
Both of them had their backs to me.
They turned their backs to the valley.
He backs away from her, knife in hand.
The backs of the men obliterated him.
All had down cushions at their backs.
The sun was setting behind their backs.
The mushroom men had their backs to me.
Elsing outside with their backs to her.
The door bucked hard against their backs.
You can then use any valuable cash backs.
That way we could watch each others backs.
He backs up his car and starts to pull off.
They weren’t putting their backs into it.
They both had their backs to the door and.
Stretches the insides and backs of the legs.
His words are daggers he presses into backs.
Now rub the cream into the backs of the hands.

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