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    1. encountered had been the general bad-temperedness and

    2. Once again the bad-tempered boar was chasing her off

    3. One of the men finished loading a bad-tempered, foul-smelling donkey with long bundles of straw, in which was hidden a liberal number of arrows and a long bow

    4. constant stress of not having enough made everyone bad-tempered,

    5. I've worked hard enough for you— but it's not the kind of work that brings in a lot of money, and so I've become irritable and bad-tempered

    6. My estimation was precisely the opposite: arrogant, antipathetic, biting and bad-tempered

    7. He was bad-tempered with everyone, even Mabel who

    8. Her mum wasn’t a lot of help any more because she had bronchitis, and the doctor had told her to give up smoking, which made her really bad-tempered

    9. hard, towards the bad-tempered creature

    10. “Could they be attempting such a long trip to a strange place without any help or guidance? Alaska is full of dangers: huge glaciers, towering mountains, raging blizzards, bad-tempered moose, and hungry, grizzly bears

    11. The carriage seemed empty without him, but empty in a nice, friendly way, as if a bad-tempered dog had been removed

    12. ” I said petulantly, like a bad-tempered child who had to get in the last word

    13. The cook was bad-tempered, the old coachman was deaf, and Esther the only one who ever took any notice of the young lady

    14. There were no mutual concessions; one stood erect, and the others yielded: and who can be ill-natured and bad-tempered when they encounter neither opposition nor indifference?

    15. She was just permanently bad-tempered these days

    16. It was two years old, and thin, with a bad-tempered look, but it appeared

    17. Alwyn was at the bad-tempered phase of drunkenness

    18. “All right,” she said bad-temperedly

    19. Roland also seemed even more bad-tempered than usual, and Godwyn guessed he was still suffering severe headaches

    20. Caris said: “Oh – so that’s why she ’s so bad-tempered lately

    21. Nate looked bad-tempered, but there was a loud rumble of assent from the peasants

    22. There followed a long and bad-tempered discussion about how much money each member of the guild should put up

    23. Lolla had been rebellious and bad-tempered for some years now, and part of her rejection of authority had been a pretence that Caris, her stepmother, was not really her parent, and need not be respected

    24. A dog could be heard barking in the winter darkness, a small, bad-tempered dog, and the wind was blowing hard from the sea

    25. The weather turned, sending the skies a gunmetal grey and delaying flights with tropical rainstorms, so the airport was filled with bad-tempered passengers, and then, with immaculate timing, the baggage handlers went on strike

    26. If only Tony hadn’t had to His lovable bad-tempered little brother, penniless somewhere in the West

    27. There were no mutual concessions: one stood erect, and the others yielded: and who can be ill-natured and bad-tempered when they encounter neither opposition nor indifference? I observed that Mr

    28. about to say, "a bad-tempered, frosty old

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