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    1. She wouldn't be that spiteful, but she was getting out of this

    2. in this dry and spiteful place of lonely rest

    3. Cold, spiteful, callous Mercouri

    4. 'Old Mrs Danvers used to go and hide in the house, deliberately worrying Bunty – oh, she was a spiteful old bag

    5. I suspected that they’d picked my spiteful cousin as a further test

    6. What’s more, becoming his courtesan would remove her from Lady Phyllis’s spiteful reach

    7. "Sure is, sir," Edward's voice had a spiteful tone

    8. A pair of spoiled, spiteful children - they have that in common

    9. I could," said Ellen, addressing the unmoved stars with a spiteful emphasis, "I could have made a better world myself

    10. Roger accepted Castro’s spiteful attention with a big smile of sweet personal revenge

    11. about how no God would be that petty and spiteful, but it had only

    12. and spiteful, but it still doesn’t change the fact that she knows full

    13. To the burden of responsibility for so many frail souls, there is added the difficulty of our internal administration, our poverty, the disputes over our lack of temporal goods, the meagreness of the produce of our fields, and the never-ending demands for money for the government -- demands usually based upon the spiteful accusations of those who envy us

    14. The Genie crossed the arms with annoyance, directed his look to the blue seas and answered in a spiteful tone:

    15. If the eyes could kill, at that precise moment I would be shepherding for the heaven paths; the hate look catapulted by Duprina furrowed the vast space that was separating us, to settle, spiteful, on the innate shield of my indifference

    16. a very angry and spiteful divorce that left us both feeling battered and

    17. Reversed: Here is spiteful conversation and unnecessary competition, au

    18. Marti‘s propensity for lubricity gradually gave way to spiteful maliciousness and Can was left seeking female favors elsewhere; there was no sweet talking the domineering Marti Alice Martin, so Can‘s tomcatting was soon of legendary excess and Marti‘s presence at home a convenience effecting the appearance of a solid rural American marriage

    19. “That was quite a display; you are quite the spiteful little creature aren’t you

    20. He was so handsome, so elegant and dignified, with such presence, that Pietro Crespi would have been a mere fop beside him and many women whispered with spiteful smiles that he was the one who really should have worn the shawl

    21. “Come now, Reverend,” Lord Ashburn interjected, “where’s your sense of sport? We’ve all heard of her reputation, so why not give it a try?” He held open his hands as if questioning the preacher’s arguments and, upon receiving the same spiteful glance, mumbled to Lady Jane who was watching the preacher with interest, “Some archaic beliefs for a modern-day preacher, don’t you think, love?”

    22. He loved watching the way his spiteful brain

    23. His spiteful response said enough to her

    24. By keeping still, as far in front of those spiteful pincers as he could, he might just stay alive

    25. pitiful yet spiteful temper…but at least you should feel very proud

    26. There was no sense of the Fae as of yet, but her relaxed, spiteful smile left me with no doubt

    27. “Your hater” here indicates the devil because only him is your spiteful enemy

    28. He stopped to think for a moment then he settled on a spiteful and vindictive course of action

    29. “And these are euphemistically called games so that we don't have to speak their many names of spiteful waste

    30. Was it Satanic inspiration, then?! This contention disparages the Great Qur’an, charging it with having been whispered by devils, which is the same claim that was made by the envious and spiteful polytheists of Mecca

    31. The devil in himself is dark, spiteful, far from Al’lah, and full of evil and darkness; he is burning in the tormenting fire of sin, and he is a fire that flares through the commission of guilty actions and turning away from Al’lah

    32. He is an extremely wicked and spiteful enemy who has caught and controlled his opponent, so what will he do to his victim, and cause to happen to them?

    33. Were it not for the victim’s oppression of people and their causing harm to others, the Almighty would never empower these two spiteful partners over them; for indeed, all of creation is made up of those who are Al’lah’s obedient followers, and He is the Organizer of the whole universe, as no one has might or power except through Him and by His leave

    34. almost lost you?” He asked her in a way that was not condescending or spiteful, but instead, sounded genuine and sincere

    35. The spiteful words fell out of her mouth before she could stop them

    36. But like Lina I live in fear of the day when the police come because he told on me just to be spiteful

    37. ' This was said with such spiteful satisfaction that Rafferty felt his whole body cringe

    38. They were the weakest of the kingdoms and they were spiteful to both the North and the East

    39. I think my father knew and he was all the more spiteful towards me, because of it I think

    40. All three were jealous and as spiteful as hungry dogs cheated out of a bone

    41. He is a very spiteful man

    42. "O scum of the earth!" cried Sancho at this, "O miserable, spiteful enchanters! O that I could see you all strung by the gills, like sardines on a twig! Ye know a great deal, ye can do a great deal, and ye do a great deal more

    43. If your son write satires reflecting on the honour of others, chide and correct him, and tear them up; but if he compose discourses in which he rebukes vice in general, in the style of Horace, and with elegance like his, commend him; for it is legitimate for a poet to write against envy and lash the envious in his verse, and the other vices too, provided he does not single out individuals; there are, however, poets who, for the sake of saying something spiteful, would run the risk of being banished to the coast of Pontus

    44. dishclouts, instead of basins and jugs of pure gold and towels of holland, to such a person and such a beard; but, after all, you are ill-conditioned and ill-bred, and spiteful as you are, you cannot help showing the grudge you have against the squires of knights-errant

    45. "So I say," said Sancho, "and if my lady Dulcinea is enchanted, so much the worse for her, and I'm not going to pick a quarrel with my master's enemies, who seem to be many and spiteful

    46. I was, of course, myself the chief sufferer, because I was fully conscious of the disgusting meanness of my spiteful stupidity, and yet at the same time I could not restrain myself

    47. Surely by now you must realise that I shall never forgive you for having found me in this wretched dressing-gown, just as I was flying at Apollon like a spiteful cur

    48. I know I shall be told that this is incredible--but it is incredible to be as spiteful and stupid as I was; it may be added that it was strange I should not love her, or at any rate, appreciate her love

    49. I gave a spiteful grin, which was forced, however, to keep up appearances, and I turned away from her eyes

    50. nuts from the trees and cast them at us with angry and spiteful gestures, so that

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