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    1. Friendly barter was the currency now

    2. herbs which they’d managed to barter

    3. Their whole commerce was carried on by barter, and there was accordingly scarce any division of labour among them

    4. The usual instrument of commerce having lost its value, no exchanges could be made but either by barter or upon credit

    5. But if money is wanted, barter will supply its place, though with a good deal of inconveniency

    6. Their commerce was carried on by barter

    7. years - the barter system and - a

    8. the costs of all our missions - paid as a barter

    9. “Well, what could I barter for the food,” he asked

    10. Lawrence Island, with whom the captain intended to barter

    11. Also the AK47 bayonet could be traded for whatever the Army did not have so that we could use them as barter during our appropriation missions

    12. She felt a stirring of disgust; he could at least try to barter for the lives of his men

    13. What good is it though? Given in marriage to one who never looks at me, my lineage makes me an object of property for barter

    14. stealing rice, the main commodity for barter in those times

    15. Try to contact other virtual assistants and see if you can barter for the design

    16. we have that can be used to barter or trade with?”

    17. enough of that stuff to town to use as barter? Medicine is going to

    18. as the principal, and a small barter store that had been organized by

    19. He could use it to barter and trade, to get safe passage and acquire all that he needed

    20. “Everyone else is here! And I don’t mind telling you that I find it deeply ironic that the wedding of a human and an elf should have such a hugely unifying effect on elvenkind! Things are happening tonight, both here in the chapel and without, as advantage is taken of this unique opportunity to meet and get to know any other elf, to sign trade agreements and settle disputes, to re-acquaint with seldom seen friends and relatives, to experiment with other cultures’ ways of feasting and celebrating, to make new friends, to play with new lovers, to fall in love with someone exotic from far away! You simply must find time tonight to stroll around the valley! Every elven people have brought their own pavilions to showcase their lifestyle and celebrations! Every product in the world can be had here tonight, for sale or barter or for just a smile!

    21. Try to barter with

    22. “Hehehe, you wish to barter with the Rumford?” he sneered

    23. Since we neither knew anybody who suffered from polluted drinking water nor were able to barter these magic pills for anything useful we kept that bottle for years

    24. have the ability to barter for some of those services

    25. Barter News is about the barter industry which trades services and products instead of cash

    26. barter, for the use of money would be illegal in and

    27. private sector and other societies only by barter,

    28. was conducted by barter

    29. Barter with me

    30. Severa got me out of doubt immediately informing me that the mean used was barter and that the very rich ones paid with gold

    31. At the time I thought in Beatrice and how she would feel to be a guest in this medieval world, what would my sister do without their "Silver" or money to spend? Would she adapt to this barter system? Certainly, for her, it would be the end of the world

    32. As long as men choose to conduct the world's business by trade and barter, they are entitled to a fair and legitimate profit

    33. end, that it is established as a convenient means for barter, then it wil be easier

    34. 'What if the diaries were to fall into some burglar’s hands? He might come back for barter and I would have another fucker to humor

    35. Financial transactions quickly replaced the barter system and communal arrangements that had been common when the community was started

    36. "Bakers did not return to the barter days to exchange bread for other products they needed

    37. need of customers, especially ones who paid in coins, like her, instead of through barter

    38. In the old days of barter, excepting the distortions imposed by those in positions of

    39. We will also use barter as a way to buy food, proposing various items that are either hard to get or expensive to make for the local inhabitants of Ninth Century Earth

    40. It’s been replaced primarily with barter and equal trade of labor

    41. barter for his freedom

    42. was standing nearby waiting for someone to come over to barter with me, I had a bit of a listen

    43. Even though it was illegal to barter or trade using markers or

    44. “I thought it was a simple barter for some wheat

    45. So it pays for a woman to barter her favors

    46. Any way, it won’t be any favor but for barter that is

    47. love and acts of love without strings attached, without having to barter, without

    48. going to barter away his ‘literary daughter’

    49. What about medium love? Is medium love tit for tat, barter and trade, his and his bathrooms, hirs and hers separate vacations, friends, interests and lives? Is medium love the beginning of conditional love?

    50. “Yes, if we need to, we barter or trade local, even if the locals are assholes, because we can share with and invite to self-creation the local asshole

    1. This is the real exchange that is annually made between those two orders of people, though it seldom happens that the rude produce of the one, and the manufactured produce of the other, are directly bartered for one another ; because it seldom happens that the farmer sells his corn and his cattle, his flax and his wool, to the very same person of whom he chuses to purchase the clothes, furniture, and instruments of trade, which he wants

    2. With the judges that were to determine the preference, this difference was perfectly decisive; and thus, for the gratification of the most childish, the meanest, and the most sordid of all vanities they gradually bartered their whole power and authority

    3. Felt like Smetana’s Bartered Bride

    4. The magician’s astral form had casually walked around him in conversation but fortunately he was a different magician to that of the dark robed Wizard that had bartered for Amiria’s life

    5. Stupid arguments like that one was always bartered between us, with all-

    6. Once I bartered a precious electronic instrument for a pair of black Oxford shoes and a brand new white shirt still in its original wrapper for just such an affair, and on very special occasions I was even allowed to borrow my grandfather’s tuxedo which, since he was a couple of inches shorter than I, was a poor fit

    7. Every possible mixture of race bartered, sold, carried, chatted, inspected and conducted business

    8. Philip Burke, against his family's wishes, volunteered to defend the Union and became a prisoner of war who bartered his medical expertise to remain out of prison

    9. Values in medieval Japan were given in koku and salaries were often paid with rice, which could in turn be bartered for other goods or staples

    10. After careful reflection, our planners decided to make us carry four types of rare metals that could be bartered with other species in exchange for essential services and products

    11. My heart is all hers, bartered and gone but it is still longing in the fold

    12. “Someone already bartered that piece of information to me

    13. “Someone already bartered that piece of information to me … long, long ago,” she says, her eyes dropping to the small pool in the floor

    14. sold their swords in the northern reaches of China or bartered

    15. They, like himself, had been chosen, sold, or bartered into their service with Duval, and they found the arrangement quite satisfactory

    16. He said she had bartered it out of a trader who had come over from Hibernia

    17. Human time, human lives, are bought, sold, traded, bartered, manipulated, wasted, stolen, all in the name of work… money… as the only way to exist, the only way to live

    18. bartered away his country

    19. Housewives bartered with sellers; from a

    20. Why, then, should not he do the same who has to make the whole journey of life down to the final halting-place of death, more especially when the companion has to be his companion in bed, at board, and everywhere, as the wife is to her husband? The companionship of one's wife is no article of merchandise, that, after it has been bought, may be returned, or bartered, or changed; for it is an inseparable accident that lasts as long as life lasts; it is a noose that, once you put it round your neck, turns into a Gordian knot, which, if the scythe of Death does not cut it, there is no untying

    21. however unjust, of having, for respects of fortune, bartered his honour

    22. incurring the reflection, however unjust, of having, for respects of fortune, bartered his honour for infamy and prostitution, in making one his wife, who thought herself too much honoured in being but his mistress

    23. Not only had barrels of beef and bread been given away to make room for the far more valuable sperm, but additional supplemental casks had been bartered for, from the ships she had met; and these were stowed along the deck, and in the captain's and officers' state-rooms

    24. A burden; for a cowl they bartered it

    25. Valuable wine was readily exchanged for blankets; and a fur-coat could be bartered for any quantity of sugar and coffee

    1. Around these parts we’ve reverted to bartering

    2. “Can I get a cat now?” She sat there dumbfounded for a moment (and secretly proud of her daughter’s bartering skills)

    3. Colling had traded in cigarettes, either bartering them directly with Germans, or swapping them with the mess sergeants for coffee and sugar to use as gifts for Frau Bergheim and others

    4. Bartering for leads is a really great way to generate the highest quality leads you can

    5. For example, this one time I did one of these bartering for leads deals with a top marketer,

    6. What I’ve noticed is in the past, doing a very aggressive launch with a marketer and bartering

    7. Yet females also use sex as a bartering tool to win over the allegiance of multiple males

    8. In my world, economic systems incorporate standardized bartering, which has only the limitation of one’s own creativity, encouraging trade solely for the purposes of need

    9. Among the bartering merchants and bleating livestock the two Lieges addressed their companions

    10. People clambered on in the haze of bartering, which exhaled about the water coolers

    11. Bartering and trading with other inhabitants of Ville-Marie had also provided some fresh vegetables to the group’s diet, apart from providing excellent opportunities to interact with the settlers and document their lives

    12. Even the old style of bartering that is now being represented out by business deal has now been changed from its original image since the factor of money had also altered its form as well

    13. Once you try to monetize sharing it ceases to be sharing and becomes bartering, trading, profit, and capital

    14. • The IRS rules regarding reporting bartering

    15. When we entered, the merchants near us stopped their bartering and looked at us

    16. Last night the pair met in a trendy bar in Rymthyno, and after much bartering, Roger finally agreed to sell the narcotics to him for 380,000 Euros

    17. But what surprise is it that these German jews were more cunning at haggling and bartering; when they had been forced into the role of middlemen for hundreds of years as the only professions allowed them? When for thousands of years; they had been forced to live by their wits, and develop the sneakiest forms of survival inside alien cultures, that hated and reviled them?

    18. "Remember, this is an exposition of souls, a bartering of extraordinary revelations

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