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    1. Nowadays visitors can haggle or drive bargains as do the ladies of the houses, taste Chinese tea, appreciate or perhaps even buy medicinal pomades, modern optics as did Lucille and, of course, Chinese antiques

    2. He found the proprietor of the largest selection to be an old man who was doing a good business, but seemed to love to haggle

    3. “I think he was trying to haggle with me

    4. Sometimes we would haggle with the merchants for so long that they would chase us off

    5. “It means,” Ceder said with frost in her voice, “that he wants us to haggle over the price of his make-believe magic

    6. " Now, I never ever haggle over price, I work out a very fair transparent quote and that is the price! So, I had nowhere to

    7. corporations you deal with won't haggle on price with you

    8. better price, than she could ever haggle

    9. Habib’s face lit up at the prospect of payment, but he sensed this was not the time to haggle over price, his finger was still extremely tender at the joint

    10. which to haggle the price downwards, I entered into talks with the listed parent fully

    11. 9m was his opening offer – he will be expecting us to haggle the price up a bit

    12. But we did think about trying to haggle your offer up a bit

    13. Rather than haggle with the buyer and “split the difference”, he gave alternatives, one of which exactly matched the buyer’s stated need; the alternative, of course, was just the original deal, as previously agreed

    14. That creates at best a haggle or at worst a slow surrender by one side or the other

    15. Within 24 hours the phone rang and a man, let’s call him Larry, said he was interested and proceeded to try to haggle the price down

    16. For example, sometimes you’ll find that customers want to haggle

    17. So, he decided to quote the prevailing market price rather than haggle for a discounted price

    18. You can also haggle and bargain

    19. The bag had been sold despite the inferior quality of the workmanship and almost unbelievably the customer had not bothered to haggle over the price

    20. Are we going to haggle like souvenir sellers at Khan el Khalili? I asked

    21. He did not haggle on the amount I asked for but I did not like the contract he wrote up

    22. He wanted to haggle and waited for a response

    23. still haggle over which branch of Christianity is really the source of evil or good, while completely

    24. Sir Alan said threateningly: “Do you dare to haggle with the earl of Shiring, you insolent young dog?”

    25. I’ll haggle with the utility companies

    26. ’Tis plain that she is already preparing to haggle o’er the Price

    27. For these deals you will just have to haggle with the local HMRC office

    28. I bumped into the usual haggle of banjo pluckers and shuffle dancers and hymn singers and tenors gargling in their sinuses and baritones remembering a buried love or fitting a stone on their mother's grave, but nowhere did I surprise my quarry

    29. Merchants and customers haggle

    30. I bumped into the usual haggle of banjo-pluckers and shuffle-dancers and hymn-singers and tenors gargling in their sinuses and baritones remembering a buried love or fitting a stone on their mother’s grave, but nowhere did I surprise my quarry

    31. But most people do not like to haggle for hard goods, so Crazy Eddie stores had a reputation for low prices without the financial burden of consistent price competitiveness

    32. That's Ryabinin's way of doing business; he doesn't haggle over every half-penny," he added, scowling and waving the pocketbook

    33. The governor had to give his orders concerning the rods, the officials had to purchase birch switches, to haggle for them, and to enter this item as an expense

    1. as the stallholders shouted and haggled over their exotic

    2. Then they haggled over the price

    3. While he haggled over how much he would pay and whether Kazowskis should throw in a set of harness, Colling embellished his story considerably, telling Kazowskis how he was really buying the cart for use on the farm he had recently purchased jointly with his brother, located near the Hungarian frontier

    4. She on seeing it haggled for less and got it for practically nothing as she put it

    5. Harry was obviously hired but he felt I was overpaying him when I offered him 100 pounds a day, so he haggled me down to seventy and lunch

    6. That was a gamble that merchants had to take all the time, which was why they commonly haggled quite fiercely about prices

    7. And haggled till it got them a dead bargain

    8. thought their father would enjoy, while I successfully haggled for a

    9. One of the things people have haggled over for centuries is the true time period that Revelation

    10. For millennia, religions and philosophers have haggled over the cause of good and bad outcomes

    11. They had haggled over this, but Annette was adamant

    12. They haggled for a while over the questioning, and it became obvious who was in control, at least in this meeting

    13. Where stock markets used to have a physical presence where people met and haggled about deals, electronics has liberated them so the disseminated market is everywhere and nowhere

    14. We haggled over old sewing machines, one-eyed Barbie dolls, wooden tennis rackets, guitars with missing strings, and old Electrolux vacuum cleaners

    15. Gillenormand the elder, he never haggled over his alms-giving, but gave gladly and nobly

    1. In the shadow a shebeenkeeper haggles with the navvy and the two redcoats

    2. hates to give up money, haggles over every article

    1. after some more haggling

    2. haggling on both sides, a price was finally agreed (which

    3. It was nice haggling for the books together

    4. It must have started when I stared at him haggling with the fishmonger’s daughter

    5. haggling with the owner of a bookshop some fifteen meters away,

    6. She had the seller meet her at an auto shop where it got a clean bill of health, and after a few hours of haggling, she got it for $4,100

    7. Fifteen more minutes of haggling, and they had settled on a price of 720 Lire, and Caltineri took Gambelli to his office to be paid

    8. He selected one discharging a passenger, the cabbie haggling over the price

    9. He was determined to sell me something since he had seen me buy the chilies the night before, so after extensive haggling I bought a nice dagger from him

    10. Haggling, there, is a necessity and even an obligation that rises to the category of an art

    11. Convinced that he already mastered the art of haggling, at the “Forbidden City” in Beijing, Roger offered a saleswoman 8

    12. She acceded to the price and gave two packages to Roger who smiled with satisfaction for having overcome the art of haggling in China

    13. Tour guides advise the tourists to be firm in conducting their haggling in the above-mentioned fashion

    14. My buying the third story, 2BR, 2BA condo behind the bowling alley went fast because a) I had seen it during my interview, b) the seller was a banker who had moved already to Butte, c) there was no haggling on price

    15. After some haggling my father invited him for lunch

    16. the price, no haggling or

    17. As an Aborian, Nem detested haggling

    18. The islanders of the Southern Archipelago enjoyed haggling, and the Arabon economy seemed to thrive on it

    19. He justified haggling by thinking of it as negotiating the proper value of goods

    20. haggling over the price of ankh s or scorpion venom

    21. She was also very good at haggling and had bought the antique table and chairs in the front room that Matthew studied at


    23. 'Crom, what a day it has been! Such haggling and wrangling I never heard

    24. He inherited the business after the Copenhagen episode," said Mainwaring peering through the drizzle at two men haggling over the price of pigeons in wire cages

    25. There was a haggling of terms of payment in

    26. And I feel that haggling on price is not a good

    27. From time to time traders from the coastal lowlands would arrive with such exotic goods as cotton, coffee beans, rubber for the balls used in the hoop game, cacao, vanilla, slateback mirrors and feathers of every colour imaginable, pottery with strange colourful designs delicately worked by some foreign tradesman, small intricately worked statues of the whole pantheon of the gods, and sometimes traders from the far mountains to the south would arrive with long necked animals laden with unattainable treasures, all of these wonders were laid out on matting and the whole square was taken up by these vendors, it was a splendid and exciting sight for a youngster to listen to the haggling over every conceivable commodity, the noise mixed with the varicoloured goods and clothing, the exotic accents of people from a dozen different tribes had a young boy’s mind in a permanent spin

    28. Each whatchamacallit started off at least the price of a small country but by the time we had walked past without replying to the one-sided haggling, each salesman would successfully have browbeaten himself into selling it to no one in particular for the price of a pair of worn socks, and thrown in another one worth twice the price of the first for free

    29. After the obligatory haggling over the price as there would be no room for anyone but us, we had ourselves the requisite wheels and, courtesy of the dolmus driver, dinner

    30. Much haggling took place and after an hour of discussion, Perez laid out his three

    31. and was haggling with the booth keeper

    32. which seemed less rude than interrupting the haggling process, but then, he reminded himself he was not to use that skill

    33. I tried to add a little drama to the story by using sweeping gestures; the haggling game only works if both parties give it all they’ve got

    34. With a little haggling, we fixed a price that was £2,000 below asking price, agreed timing and a few other conditions and paid the deposit

    35. Not much haggling goes on before this point in time because the sellers have an agreed-upon price with the shop owners

    36. Price shopping and haggling is a must

    37. After some haggling we get into an old American car painted yellow, a roomy Buick with heaps of grunt

    38. prepared to drop 3K to make the purchase, stop and think about haggling

    39. Juliana carefully returned the blade to the scabbard and handed the scimitar back to the man saying, “I will have to think about that price for a while, even though I know you expect haggling and have raised the price above what you would actually accept

    40. Off to the side of the road two men were haggling over the price of a horse

    41. Every third word was a curse and he was getting louder as the haggling continued

    42. He noticed that the Libyan reconditioning workshops that purchased the liners were well stocked and they started haggling on the price for the extra liners they did not need immediately

    43. There will be no haggling

    44. But what surprise is it that these German jews were more cunning at haggling and bartering; when they had been forced into the role of middlemen for hundreds of years as the only professions allowed them? When for thousands of years; they had been forced to live by their wits, and develop the sneakiest forms of survival inside alien cultures, that hated and reviled them?

    45. But when they had wandered across the burning deserts of the Sahara for some 40 years: what did they do? What has Jewish religion done since then? Ignore the importance of these original Ten Commandments: and spend 3,000 years; haggling about fine points of their older, stupid impractical traditions and laws

    46. Modern Westerners see them come into their culture: bringing their petty haggling and cunning and lying ways with them

    47. modern scientists are still haggling over

    48. That's what I'll do, and not stand haggling over trifles, but wash my hands at once of the whole business, and enjoy my rents like a duke, and let things go their own way

    49. They were haggling over money

    50. But she sensed that he was not very serious about haggling – otherwise he would have started lower

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