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Boob в предложении (на )

Maud called Malcolm a boob, Tandy.
Or maybe my right boob was exploding.
This was so much cooler than boob jobs.
Basically your clientele would be boob doctors.
He brought some boob who was a housemate of his.
Jamaal turned around to look over the new boob tube.
That beer buzz while watching the ball game on the boob.
My boob popped out right after the cymbal fell on Kyle’s toe.
I know about Pam’s boob job, she complained about it nonstop.
She wore a pink, boob tube and a short, flared out white mini-skirt.
It looked as though she got a boob job for the occasion, with those heaping.
As I sat in my room, sipping the cold water, watching the boob tube and letting my.
I struck out with my elbow and caught a girl that I recognized from daytime TV squarely in the boob.
When Si brings Julia into the twentieth century, she is completely mesmerized by the boob tube, not.
The replacement falls into the hands of the boob tube – not the best baby or child sitter, for that matter – or friends.
She was at Derrick's table, sitting across from him and leaning over the table, showing off her new boob job as she flirted with him.
She studied the people, searching for a few of the beauty standards of OC: a French manicure, the glistening of gloss hair products, the telltale perks of a boob job.
Since the boob tube is the great American wasteland, there probably was a better option: put the extra cash from the promotion away for the future or pay off a credit card.
And I don't give a shit what century we're talking here; you can't tell me that the men didn't want to see naked girls after a hard day plowing in the field, even if they hadn't invented boob jobs yet.
He talked about how our modern society had evolved to where we all shared a common illusion created through television that made everyone feel connected and a part of a greater whole, when in fact, we were being compartmentalized sitting alone in front of the boob tube mesmerized by the message being pounded into our brains.
Written scripts that have been worked on and crafted and polished by the best writers in the world… who try to make their fictitious lies, these fictitious characters… the most well-spoken, the most intelligent, the most loving, the kindest, the most beautiful, the most perfect people in the world who are all visibly better spoken more intelligent, more muscled, more beautiful, more perfect than the masses that stare at them through the boob tube.
Scalping tickets, making a profit, taking money off the top, skimming, all kinds of cheese, the profit motive, decapitalizing the mass-body of society, by cutting off its extra capital by selling people things in boxes that they don’t need, the TV, the boob tube that comes in a box, the entire idea of making a profit by skimming off the top, all real estate sales, all selling and buying for profit, all turnovers: turning over stock, turning over houses for profit, all financial deals like rollovers, rolling the head over, and hoping to make even more profit, all capital investment, all business investment, all images of decapitated heads on coins, bills, buildings, all art, all graven images of heads, all pots and pans….

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In the end, she went to George and told him she’d probably boobed.
Clearly somebody had boobed by putting their shoes on a table but why was everybody looking at him?
I'd kill for your boobs.
Her boobs hung on my chest.
I hope not, said Boobs.
Fool me twice, you have boobs.
She had talked about her boobs!.
But you let them look at your boobs.
Old man Schultz is crazy about boobs.
Hmm, the boobs were cute, soft and round.
All I felt was a leather jerkin and no boobs.
The queen perked up and adjusted her huge boobs.
But no, it was her leaky boobs leaking through.
Since when do reptiles have boobs? Joey said.
I’ve studied plenty of boobs on plenty of women.
I mean they really looked like women, boobs and all.
Visola eyed the woman’s sagging boobs disdainfully.
The boobs aren't on page three anymore you little twit.
I’m not going to let you push my boobs up to here.
You it it this way so your boobs will press up and together.
Got 'em stiff boobs and hips wide enough for a man's lodgin'.
I had always been envious of girls with big boobs, and would.
The young policeman still couldn't keep his eyes off her boobs.
He chose the one with the bigger boobs, Katz told her friends.
She had boobs that made it obvious their size had been altered.
The girls took the opportunity to flash their boobs at the camera.
Magnificent Ruth of the black hair, beautiful boobs and sexy touch.
All I remember was boobs and I think we had sex but I can't be for.
There is a big difference between dancing and dancing with your boobs.
They notice how you react when a big pair of boobs turns up on the TV.
No, Heather, I think there’s a lot more to women besides boobs and a.
That is, until the tenth grade, when he’d discovered boobs, I mean girls.
That bastard got me! Does he only think my rump is sexy? What about my boobs?
The soft warm boobs felt like heaven to Melvin and for a moment he felt alive again.
After studying her appearance, Joey said, Your boobs are still small though….
She had enormous swaying boobs that made him think she had stuffed balloons in her top.
The young patrolman sitting across from the cute genius couldn't take his eyes off her boobs.
Just smile when the waitress comes, but don’t stare at her boobs for more than two seconds.
I remember watching Dave and his boy-toy of the night flash their boobs at the parading floats.
She was all the more embarrassed because almost all the others had such full and shapely boobs.
At first I thought he was looking at my boobs but then I realized he was looking at my necklace.
What would make a good impression without screaming 'slut'? Alicia couldn't help having big boobs.

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