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Bowl в предложении (на )

  1. Mix one egg in a bowl.
  2. Place the wine in a bowl.
  3. A bowl of chips appeared.
  4. In a bowl stir together.
  5. Place the flour in a bowl.

  6. Add ice water to the bowl.
  7. In the fresh bowl of milk.
  8. He handed the bowl to Syd.
  9. It could be a burial bowl.
  10. Put into a bowl, add the.
  11. We all stared at the bowl.
  12. Rochelle put it in a bowl.
  13. She brings a bowl of water.
  14. Winners of the UCT Bowl in.
  15. In large bowl, mix peanut.

  16. She sighed and took the bowl.
  17. I willed her to find my bowl.
  18. She looked at a bronze bowl.
  19. A broad and shallow bowl or.
  20. My mother has a goldfish bowl.
  21. Fill half the bowl with cereal.
  22. Into the bowl was poured oil.
  23. The men refuse a bowl of stew.
  24. I took out the atta in a bowl.
  25. Taking his eyes from the bowl.

  26. Fill the bowl with less water.
  27. Do the same in the second bowl.
  28. Position the bowl further away.
  29. She started on her second bowl.
  30. Pour the water into a large bowl.
  31. She knelt by the porcelain bowl.
  32. Return the zucchini to the bowl.
  33. Drain and put into a large bowl.
  34. First, there was the Super Bowl.
  35. Center of the new bowl position.
  36. All she could find was her bowl.
  37. Combine the ingredients in a bowl.
  38. He found a fluted bowl, chipped.
  39. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap.
  40. Combine all ingredients in a bowl.
  41. Remove and place in a mixing bowl.
  42. Sieve the flour into a mixing bowl.
  43. The bowl part of the Chanupa was.
  44. It sat in a bowl of water to cool.
  45. The bowl? Kent asked himself.
  46. He set the bowl close to the fire.
  47. I took the bowl and placed it on.
  48. She pushed the bowl towards Caris.
  49. In large bowl, mix all ingredients.
  50. Sift the flour and salt into a bowl.
  51. The bowler delivered his final bowl.
  52. In a small bowl, combine powdered.
  53. Remove, drain, and place in a bowl.
  54. The busker’s bowl was duly filled.
  55. You pour the ingredients into a bowl.
  56. They should call it the Stupor Bowl.
  57. Remove, stir, and transfer to a bowl.
  58. A bowl of kumys was handed to Ilyás.
  59. Pour into large bowl; cool to room.
  60. Never taking his eyes off the bowl.
  61. Father dropped his spoon to the bowl.
  62. Drain, transfer to a bowl, and cool.
  63. As expected, I cleaned off the bowl.
  64. Put in bowl with garlic and shallots.
  65. Place in a bowl and top with ground.
  66. Chill a small mixing bowl and beaters.
  67. A bowl of fruit sat atop the counter.
  68. Then fry the chillie in a bowl of oil.
  69. Combine all ingredients in small bowl.
  70. Great served with a bowl of Tom Kha!.
  71. The sides of the toilet bowl showed.
  72. He passed a bowl of fruit over to her.
  73. Edrimer pushed the bowl of soup away.
  74. College Bowl, I called out to her.
  75. Jack poured himself a bowl of cereal.
  76. Place in the bowl with the cumin seeds.
  77. Toss zucchini with oil in a large bowl.
  78. On the table sat a bowl of red grapes.
  80. There was a bowl of soup infront of me.
  81. The lady smiled and handed him the bowl.
  82. She reached for the bowl and smelled it.
  83. Every 15 minutes gently shake the bowl.
  84. In a small bowl toss the walnuts with.
  85. Place the dough in a greased bowl and.
  86. I looked at his empty bowl on the floor.
  87. I saw the bowl of sambhar in the middle.
  88. Add one teaspoon of vodka into the bowl.
  89. Pour into a large mixing bowl and cool.
  90. Pour melted chocolate into a large bowl.
  91. I had a bowl of naeng myun, which is.
  92. Eddie scowled into his bowl of pretzels.
  93. Brink has the bowl of sauce in his hand.
  94. She held the bowl I made up to the sun.
  95. Remove from heat and strain into a bowl.
  96. Bait is placed at bottom in a bait bowl.
  97. Bake a cake in a metal, oven safe, bowl.
  98. In a small bowl, mix all the ingredients.
  99. Andrew came over with his bowl and spoon.
  100. And there was a big bowl of salsa fresca.
  1. He goes bowling with them.
  2. The Bowling Boom Tops in 1961.
  3. A grown man bowling pace to a.
  4. Watch bowling competitions on TV.
  5. Such as bowling and things like that.
  6. No wind or man be bowling that one over.
  7. I watched a hat bowling down the street.
  8. The important items to have for bowling.
  9. Q: In bowling, what’s a perfect score?
  10. Bekker would later in life open the bowling.
  11. It is true that bowling balls are expensive.
  12. No! Her head was bald! Slick as a bowling ball.
  13. Chapter Forty-One The Land of Big Bowling Balls.
  14. Things to consider when purchasing a bowling ball.
  15. If you bowl, you join a bowling cult, a bowling club.
  16. One was a huge big tom with a head like a bowling ball.
  17. They were a bowling ball, the Warlin soldiers the pins.
  18. Or I'll tear her head off and use it as a bowling ball.
  19. He threw his arms around Tracey almost bowling her over.
  20. Things to consider in picking the bowling alley to visit.
  21. There was a bowling and billiards room in the south wing.
  22. Take note of the direction your bowling ball is headed to.
  23. Maybe a bowling ball from the chick at the health club he.
  24. If it hadn’t been for that bowling ball of a rock that.
  25. I rode the bus from the bowling alley in front of my condo.
  26. Horse-drawn carts in the streets of Bowling Green, Kentucky.
  27. Dad goes bowling twice a week and mum has Tupperware parties.
  28. Stub’s corpse barrelled into him, bowling him to the ground.
  29. How about a date at the bowling? I’m paying? Ben asked.
  30. She got off the sofa pulling me with her Let’s go bowling.
  31. She had worked with Leona for a long time at the bowling alley.
  32. Glancing down Ben took in the hideous bowling shoes and laughed.
  33. It’s about time that bowling got the recognition it deserves!.
  34. The next clip is him bowling in a Big Brother meet in Green Bay.
  35. Everyone’s setting up a bowling tournament in the game room.
  36. They went bowling, to the cinema and visited each other’s houses.
  37. Highway 31W north of Bowling Green was named Duncan Hines Highway.
  38. What are you doing with our bowling ball? the clerk enquired.
  39. After the bowling had finished they all piled back into the minivan.
  40. Sometimes the officers affectionately refer to her as a bowling ball.
  41. They learned billiards, darts, bowling and a wide variety of card games.
  42. Profanity should be avoided at all times, especially in bowling alleys.
  43. Chuck resides in rural Bowling Green, Ohio with his wife and four children.
  44. After work they all piled into the minivan and headed to the bowling alley.
  45. At the close of play on the first Wednesday, against moderate bowling, I was.
  46. As the others closed in on him, he swung their friend at them, bowling them.
  47. Gathering information about the game of bowling can improve your skill in it.
  48. There are lots of bowling videos that you can find on the internet these days.
  49. There are lots of possible causes behind having blisters on your bowling hand.
  50. When you are preparing for a bowling game, it is best not to eat a lot of foods.
  51. There would be instances when the bowling ball may suddenly slip from your hand.
  52. With his bowling, he has helped secure an Indian victory on more than one occasion.
  53. This is because, a bowling alley that is near your place offers utmost convenience.
  54. This is because, this is where you can really build your skills in playing bowling.
  55. Ras charges at her like a rushing guard, bowling her over as he races down the hall.
  56. Look for ways to make the corner pins fall, every time you release the bowling ball.
  57. His family and that of another…shared the expense of renting a bowling alley…Mann.
  58. When it comes to selecting the bowling ball, it is important to consider its weight.
  59. Just as she came into the reception of the bowling alley she heard a commotion overhead.
  60. When it comes to purchasing your own bowling ball, you have to consider a few things.
  61. Bowling requires proper balance, timing, speed, and strength, in order to excel in it.
  62. Whether you like tennis or bowling, badminton or running, choose the activity that best.
  63. As she finished, a rainbow leapt before us, juggling bowling pins that were all in flames.
  64. One of the dogs bolted straight past Nicky and pounced on Sterling's back, bowling him over.
  65. If he were bowling, he would have marked himself down for a strike and scored maximum points.
  66. It crashed into some zombies on the way down, knocking them to the ground like bowling pins.
  67. If you won’t bend your knees, you would not be able to release the bowling ball properly.
  68. And then a noise rips the night in half and it’s as if a bowling ball has barreled into pins.
  69. Some of which would be the theatre, sporting venue, bowling, ice skating, and even the circus.
  70. Calling the bowling alley that you are planning of visiting to next is an important thing to do.
  71. On the day of your big bowling game, it is best to focus on eating foods that are high in energy.
  72. The speed of it was so high, that it knocked the vampires over like a bowling ball knocks the bowls.
  73. There was exercise equipment, a quarter of which were being utilized, and a three lane bowling alley.
  74. Grabbing his bowling shoes Ben approached Francesca and alerted her to his company with a cheery hello.
  75. Every time that you release the bowling ball, you should take note of the direction it is headed to.
  76. Let's play cat bowling! Let's click on the screen with a mouse — the ball is going in this direction.
  77. He might have been struggling to get up but his hands were still holding her breasts like bowling balls.
  78. Thunderer had been bowling along at almost five knots on that favorable wind he’d been so happy about.
  79. On the other hand, if she wants to go and play bowling, then you should wear something that is comfortable.
  80. Lov watched as some of the outlines attacked each other, slamming together and bowling apart, over and over.
  81. You’ve never seen so many bowling parties at Plantation Bowl, or so many grim dances at Plantation Parties.
  82. He demonstrated how to throw the grenade, which was similar to bowling a cricket ball, and I knew how to bowl.
  83. I wanted to open it, check to see if I had somehow picked up a stray bowling ball, but this wasn’t the time.
  84. There are lots of bowling alleys that you can visit today in order to enjoy games of bowling with your friends.
  85. At the last instant, Russell threw himself to the floor and slid into the insects, bowling them over like skittles.
  86. If you want to be more consistent in hitting high scores in bowling, then you should learn the different angles.
  87. Visiting the bowling alley alone from time to time, such as once or twice in a month, can help you in your game.
  88. There are websites today, which have been launch with the purpose of sharing important information about bowling.
  89. Whenever you have some extra time while you are at the bowling alley, try to spend it by observing other players.
  90. If it hadn’t been for that bowling ball of a rock that had just so happened to have been sitting next to the Well.
  91. On 19 November 2011, Milan Roskopf (Slovakia) juggled a total of three bowling balls in front of 350 witnesses.
  92. This would also include shots that were made by people whom you watched, whether on television and at bowling alleys.
  93. Playing by the hour or by the game is one of the things that you need to choose from when visiting a bowling alley.
  94. Ruby, Oswald and David Ferrie may not have been on the same bowling team, but they probably had a beer or two together.
  95. He looked around to see the other vampires flying away in random directions like bowling pins in the midst of a strike.
  96. Aside from comparing rates, it is also best if you consider the location of the bowling alley that you want to visit.
  97. A while from the bowling alley Ben stopped; his back arched, his hands resting on his hips he gasped hungrily for breath.
  98. So it was that Surya joined in, practically bowling this Daitya head over heels as he streaked to the fore in his chariot.
  99. The extra volume of fire brought by the women then made itself felt quickly, bowling down the Japanese soldiers by the dozen.
  100. The sound of the previous bowling ball being lobbed caused quite a few heads to turn towards the bowling aisle and their way.
  1. Quite bowled me over.
  2. The Germans were bowled over.
  3. I must confess I was bowled over.
  4. Fred bowled a perfect second delivery.
  5. I was bowled over on the spot like a fool.
  6. Izzy’s Mom looked up as we bowled inside.
  7. I'aresh took a three-step run-up and bowled.
  8. Ish looked at the boy and bowled a simple lollipop.
  9. Then he bowled a beauty which uprooted my leg stump.
  10. The bowler bowled the batsman out with a deadly yorker.
  11. She probably saved me from more abuse when she bowled.
  12. But you have bowled me over considerably with your news.
  13. Param staggered, a little bowled over by this latest twist.
  14. Turn back! Bane sneered, bowled over by his audacity.
  15. It was the same woman he’d bowled over a few days before.
  16. Archibald was completely bowled over by this femme fatale’s.
  17. Jones turned the corner into her own street and was almost bowled.
  18. This dreadful certainty that I shall be bowled out by Farebrother.
  19. They were completely bowled over by the hugeness of the whole thing.
  20. History will record that I bowled slower than I had ever done before.
  21. If ignorance had left me shocked, knowledge completely bowled me over.
  22. The few times we went out together they were bowled over by her beauty.
  23. If Gordon bowled to me ten times that day, he would have got me out all.
  24. It charged into the dwarves and bowled them over, then gathered itself for a leap.
  25. She threw her weight into the narrowly built predator and bowled it over on its side.
  26. All that is nonsense! Rakitin explained it all to me yesterday, brother, and it simply bowled me over.
  27. The giraffes with their long necks fascinated him but the sheer bulk of the elephants bowled him over.
  28. Sven bowled to me, granted it was an underhand throw, but that tennis ball still came towards me at an alarming speed.
  29. I just happen to have a valid passport which I have never used, but of course I’m completely bewildered and bowled over.
  30. In unison, they both bowled a perfect line and length, and both flaming rocks landed exactly where they wanted them: down the shaft.
  31. Pegasus bowled over one man that had been gutsy enough to stand in its path, while another man was slashed down by Nancy with her sword.
  32. Since being bowled over by his uncle's determined romancing, Rafferty’s ‘Auntie’ Claire had transferred her ambitions to her children.
  33. Then his tenderness had sprung from a wealth of fond memories of childhood when his Gran had gamely bowled to his fantasy Colin Cowdrey batting.
  34. The whole thing seemed to have started the week that the colored guy was bowled over outside of Tonies Coffee Shop and he had acquired that weird tape.
  35. Lorna was completely bowled over by the thoughtfulness of these wonderful people and vowed to make a donation to their church as soon as she was able to.
  36. She did, however, distantly register the sound of the dog galloping toward her – but only distantly – a second before she was bowled over and hit the ground.
  37. We had bowled each other over but I jumped up and rushed to her to hug and kiss and kiss, and we were holding hands and my other hand was remembering her nude form.
  38. I watched sickened as it bowled all four of them over before they had even made a few yards not one of them moved and I didn’t think that they would ever move again.
  39. All was well with the world as Miss Jones turned the corner into her own street and was almost bowled over by a young man running at full pelt in the opposite direction.
  40. Fred used to be much more easy about his own accomplishments in the days when he had not begun to dread being "bowled out by Farebrother," and this terror was still before him.
  41. The other raised his hand and bowled Padlimaird over, and Curly-beard sat on Padlimaird’s legs to stop their kicking, and grabbed Padlimaird’s hair to keep Padlimaird’s teeth from sinking into his arm.
  42. I was bowled over, I almost fell out of my seat and after the service I was still pretty shocked by what he said so we were outside, me, Roxanne and another one of the parishioners when I brought up the sermon.
  43. This Guardsman would certainly have bowled Rostov and his Bedouin over (Rostov felt himself quite tiny and weak compared to these gigantic men and horses) had it not occurred to Rostov to flourish his whip before the eyes of the Guardsman’s horse.
  44. This Guardsman would certainly have bowled Rostóv and his Bedouin over (Rostóv felt himself quite tiny and weak compared to these gigantic men and horses) had it not occurred to Rostóv to flourish his whip before the eyes of the Guardsman’s horse.
  45. The words 'Gale Force' was introduced into the language by one strong limbed poet who tried to clamber over the ramparts to reach the tenuous safety of a large clump of scurry bush, only to be thwarted and bowled back over the edge at his every attempt.
  46. Bowled by her sensitivity (I hadn’t become insensitive yet), I pressed my suit to the hilt but finding her unyielding, I even begged her not to disappoint me, but with a charming firmness, she asked me to update my informer about the change in her posture.
  47. As we have seen, God came upon him in the whale, and swallowed him down to living gulfs of doom, and with swift slantings tore him along 'into the midst of the seas,' where the eddying depths sucked him ten thousand fathoms down, and 'the weeds were wrapped about his head,' and all the watery world of woe bowled over him.
  48. But what bowled me in the end are these from the Bhakti Yoga - Scores thought over mere rotting / Betters meditation awareness too / What helps man to find moorings / Are acts his with no axe to grind; Kind-hearted ’n considerate / Friendly natured, forgiving too / Lays no store on highs and lows / Suffers no pride ’n possessive not; Who's patient ’n cheerful / Self-willed as well persevering / Who's hearty ever at work / Makes he devout My beloved; Who’s simple, never in want / Covets he not in vantage post / Shakes him none, he keeps his nerve / It’s such who Me please the most; He’s My darling who craves not / Yet won’t shun the pleasures of life / Takes but things all as they come; Treats he equal friends ’n foes / Scorn or honour minds he not / Keeps he cool in grief and joy / Nurses for none soft centre, and above all, Pats ’n slights all in the score / Treats as equal score My man / Takes he lot of his in stride/ But won’t put the blame on Me.
  1. Ladle into bowls and serve.
  2. Snacking on bowls of nuts.
  3. Connor got the bowls and Mr.
  4. The Bowls of God’s Wrath.
  5. Then took the bowls and left.
  7. You can wash out the bowls.
  8. The Seven Bowls of God’s Wrath.
  9. I left two bowls of food on the.
  10. Karen made bowls of chicken broth.
  11. This you can change with the bowls.
  12. Go, pour out the seven bowls of.
  13. These bowls were called ronds d'eau.
  14. We had bowls of cereal for breakfast.
  15. One of the bowls was put to good use.
  16. Don’t put serving bowls on the table.
  17. Remove from heat, and ladle into bowls.
  18. In the bowls were the remains of the dog.
  19. Their bowls were on the fireplace hearth.
  20. Ladle into bowls, and top with scallions.
  21. Toss and serve in small bowls immediately.
  22. There are five glazed bowls in the cabinet.
  23. Serve in bowls, maybe with some crusty bread.
  24. Cook added milk to the largest of the bowls.
  25. He put the two bowls down behind the carport.
  26. The Trumpets, Bowls and the Plagues of Egypt.
  27. I washed and dried the bowls after we finished.
  28. You will find low stools and bowls for hot water.
  29. The elvish folk were passing bowls from hand to.
  30. Diggory sniffed one of the bowls warily but then.
  31. Bowls of baubles and gems and stones, all highly.
  32. I let Jess fill the bowls and she handed them out.
  33. I got some bowls and some cans of microwaveable soup.
  34. Clean bowls that don’t create an after-taste in the.
  35. The girl was back with two steaming bowls in her hands.
  36. The two travellers’ bowls were collected and suddenly.
  37. Another servant cleared away the empty plates and bowls.
  38. As soon as I cleared the contents of all bowls, I asked.
  39. I left him with two bowls of water and two bowls of food.
  40. The round bowls over a pair of running security officers.
  41. The floor was a mess: papers, water, and bowls everywhere.
  42. The staff put tinned dog food into four dog bowls and the.
  43. They are all hardworking people with fantastic candy bowls.
  44. It was as if I were the mark of that ghastly game of bowls.
  45. Hannah scooped stew into the bowls and smelled each of them.
  46. As soon as the bowls were placed beside Rocky, and the ugly.
  47. After my mother ate two more bowls of chicken and tuna, she.
  49. Guys, just give me a minute to place your bowls and plates.
  50. He grabbed those and went to the cupboard and got two big bowls.
  51. Yu would also need grit and separate bowls for the food and water.
  52. There are many more trumpets and bowls than there were plagues of.
  53. Buy some small glass bowls and place colored glass marbles in the.
  54. A long table with candles and bowls of fruit sat opposite the bed.
  55. Instead of finely painted bowls and dishes, they used metal plates.
  56. The chatter resumed, bowls clanking and dishes being passed around.
  57. Put those bowls away, and use nuts as a garnish instead of a snack.
  58. Her bowls voided as the final gasp of air wheezed out of her lungs.
  59. Raz and I had one last game of bowls with several others in a game.
  60. Revelation 17: Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls.
  61. He then ran through the cooks, throwing bowls at the king as he went.
  62. Mealtimes were nothing more than small bowls of porridge or thin soup.
  63. BOWLS OF INCENSE - ARE PRAYERS OF THE SAINTS not cereal Revelation 5:8.
  64. Have bowls placed throughout your home filled with fresh fragrant fruit.
  65. Then, she removed the plates and placed them next to the bowls and mugs.
  66. The crowd erupted in applause as urchins ran among them with more bowls.
  67. Twice medics try giving Werner bowls of gruel, but it will not stay down.
  68. Yaya has been serving up bowls of Asinan for 22 years outside the iconic.
  69. She took the bowls and mugs out of the cabinet and put them on the counter.
  70. Peg tossed her head and abruptly began to pick up the bowls from the table.
  71. Dust with the powdered sugar lightly and serve in individual dessert bowls.
  72. He poured them out two full bowls from a stone jar; but from a different jar.
  73. Two small bowls of olive oil with herbs were set in the center of the table.
  74. After drinking two bowls of chikhir he and Nazarka rode away to the outpost.
  75. She moved slower than slow as she methodically placed the bowls on the table.
  76. There was silence as they ate until the spoon scraped the bottom of the bowls.
  77. The other three Klingons took their drinks and bowls and moved out of the way.
  78. His mood became lighter when he saw the bowls of fruit and moved toward them.
  79. On top was a tray of art supplies, brushes, bowls, pallets, vials of pigments.
  80. As added punctuation he ladled two more bowls to a couple out of Bron-Geiet's.
  81. She and Dan both raised their brandy bowls, sniffed the perfume of seven stars.
  82. They were all eating their breakfast from the metal bowls like ravenous animals.
  83. Then he grabbed a gallon pitcher and topped off their water bowls inside and out.
  84. The bread was still warm as I served stew into bowls after Joseph asked a blessing.
  85. Storage bins, mixing bowls, and giant cauldrons cluttered rows of tile counter tops.
  86. When the reception is over, the bride and groom will have a matching set of bowls!.
  87. The kind human that saved me earlier entered with a cart loaded with bowls and trays.
  88. Go and pour out the seven bowls of the wrath of God upon the earth [Revelation.
  89. Go and pour out the seven bowls of the wrath of God upon the earth (Revelation.
  90. SHE PULLED OUT CANS AND boxes and bottles, glasses and dishes and bowls, pots and pans.
  91. Calling each by name, this jolly elf slung the thick goo into bowls using giant spoons.
  92. The bowls were about as high as my knees, the same as the steps inside the Spirit Caves.
  93. The smoke of their torment is in the third of the seven bowls of the wrath of God.
  94. Jasper balanced a tower of bowls on one arm and made a tree of cups with his other hand.
  95. After thanking his newfound acquaintance, Moshe led his men to where the mugs and bowls.
  96. It was primarily used as utensils, such as cups, bowls, and basins, mostly in rural areas.
  97. None of the seven bowls of wrath are what will take place at the second coming of Christ.
  98. Hannah prepared three bowls by putting a thick slices of wholegrain bread in each of them.
  99. Korak laid out two dozen wooden bowls on the counter and began ladling porridge into them.
  100. Such were the very serious consequences of the invention of paper flowers to swim in bowls.

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