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Bowl en una oración (en ingles)

1. Mix one egg in a bowl.
2. Place the wine in a bowl.
3. Place the flour in a bowl.
4. In a bowl stir together.
5. A bowl of chips appeared.
6. We all stared at the bowl.
7. It could be a burial bowl.

8. He handed the bowl to Syd.
9. In the fresh bowl of milk.
10. Add ice water to the bowl.
11. Put into a bowl, add the.
12. In large bowl, mix peanut.
13. Winners of the UCT Bowl in.
14. Rochelle put it in a bowl.
15. She brings a bowl of water.
16. She looked at a bronze bowl.
17. I willed her to find my bowl.
18. She sighed and took the bowl.
19. My mother has a goldfish bowl.
20. A broad and shallow bowl or.
21. Into the bowl was poured oil.
22. Fill half the bowl with cereal.
23. The men refuse a bowl of stew.
24. Taking his eyes from the bowl.
25. Fill the bowl with less water.
26. I took out the atta in a bowl.
27. Do the same in the second bowl.
28. She started on her second bowl.
29. Position the bowl further away.
30. Return the zucchini to the bowl.
31. Center of the new bowl position.
32. Pour the water into a large bowl.
33. All she could find was her bowl.
34. She knelt by the porcelain bowl.
35. Drain and put into a large bowl.
36. First, there was the Super Bowl.
37. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap.
38. Remove and place in a mixing bowl.
39. Combine all ingredients in a bowl.
40. He found a fluted bowl, chipped.
1. He goes bowling with them.
2. The Bowling Boom Tops in 1961.
3. A grown man bowling pace to a.
4. Watch bowling competitions on TV.
5. Such as bowling and things like that.
6. I watched a hat bowling down the street.
7. No wind or man be bowling that one over.
8. The important items to have for bowling.
9. Q: In bowling, what’s a perfect score?
10. Bekker would later in life open the bowling.
11. It is true that bowling balls are expensive.
12. No! Her head was bald! Slick as a bowling ball.
13. Chapter Forty-One The Land of Big Bowling Balls.
14. Things to consider when purchasing a bowling ball.
15. If you bowl, you join a bowling cult, a bowling club.
16. One was a huge big tom with a head like a bowling ball.
17. They were a bowling ball, the Warlin soldiers the pins.
18. He threw his arms around Tracey almost bowling her over.
19. Or I'll tear her head off and use it as a bowling ball.
20. Things to consider in picking the bowling alley to visit.
21. There was a bowling and billiards room in the south wing.
22. Take note of the direction your bowling ball is headed to.
23. If it hadn’t been for that bowling ball of a rock that.
24. Maybe a bowling ball from the chick at the health club he.
25. I rode the bus from the bowling alley in front of my condo.
26. Horse-drawn carts in the streets of Bowling Green, Kentucky.
27. Dad goes bowling twice a week and mum has Tupperware parties.
28. She got off the sofa pulling me with her Let’s go bowling.
29. Stub’s corpse barrelled into him, bowling him to the ground.
30. How about a date at the bowling? I’m paying? Ben asked.
31. She had worked with Leona for a long time at the bowling alley.
32. Glancing down Ben took in the hideous bowling shoes and laughed.
33. The next clip is him bowling in a Big Brother meet in Green Bay.
34. Everyone’s setting up a bowling tournament in the game room.
35. It’s about time that bowling got the recognition it deserves!.
36. What are you doing with our bowling ball? the clerk enquired.
37. Highway 31W north of Bowling Green was named Duncan Hines Highway.
38. They went bowling, to the cinema and visited each other’s houses.
39. After the bowling had finished they all piled back into the minivan.
40. Sometimes the officers affectionately refer to her as a bowling ball.
1. Quite bowled me over.
2. The Germans were bowled over.
3. I must confess I was bowled over.
4. Fred bowled a perfect second delivery.
5. I was bowled over on the spot like a fool.
6. Izzy’s Mom looked up as we bowled inside.
7. I'aresh took a three-step run-up and bowled.
8. Ish looked at the boy and bowled a simple lollipop.
9. Then he bowled a beauty which uprooted my leg stump.
10. The bowler bowled the batsman out with a deadly yorker.
11. She probably saved me from more abuse when she bowled.
12. But you have bowled me over considerably with your news.
13. Param staggered, a little bowled over by this latest twist.
14. Turn back! Bane sneered, bowled over by his audacity.
15. It was the same woman he’d bowled over a few days before.
16. Archibald was completely bowled over by this femme fatale’s.
17. Jones turned the corner into her own street and was almost bowled.
18. This dreadful certainty that I shall be bowled out by Farebrother.
19. They were completely bowled over by the hugeness of the whole thing.
20. History will record that I bowled slower than I had ever done before.
21. If ignorance had left me shocked, knowledge completely bowled me over.
22. The few times we went out together they were bowled over by her beauty.
23. If Gordon bowled to me ten times that day, he would have got me out all.
24. It charged into the dwarves and bowled them over, then gathered itself for a leap.
25. She threw her weight into the narrowly built predator and bowled it over on its side.
26. All that is nonsense! Rakitin explained it all to me yesterday, brother, and it simply bowled me over.
27. The giraffes with their long necks fascinated him but the sheer bulk of the elephants bowled him over.
28. Sven bowled to me, granted it was an underhand throw, but that tennis ball still came towards me at an alarming speed.
29. I just happen to have a valid passport which I have never used, but of course I’m completely bewildered and bowled over.
30. In unison, they both bowled a perfect line and length, and both flaming rocks landed exactly where they wanted them: down the shaft.
31. Pegasus bowled over one man that had been gutsy enough to stand in its path, while another man was slashed down by Nancy with her sword.
32. Since being bowled over by his uncle's determined romancing, Rafferty’s ‘Auntie’ Claire had transferred her ambitions to her children.
33. Then his tenderness had sprung from a wealth of fond memories of childhood when his Gran had gamely bowled to his fantasy Colin Cowdrey batting.
34. The whole thing seemed to have started the week that the colored guy was bowled over outside of Tonies Coffee Shop and he had acquired that weird tape.
35. Lorna was completely bowled over by the thoughtfulness of these wonderful people and vowed to make a donation to their church as soon as she was able to.
36. She did, however, distantly register the sound of the dog galloping toward her – but only distantly – a second before she was bowled over and hit the ground.
37. We had bowled each other over but I jumped up and rushed to her to hug and kiss and kiss, and we were holding hands and my other hand was remembering her nude form.
38. I watched sickened as it bowled all four of them over before they had even made a few yards not one of them moved and I didn’t think that they would ever move again.
39. All was well with the world as Miss Jones turned the corner into her own street and was almost bowled over by a young man running at full pelt in the opposite direction.
40. Fred used to be much more easy about his own accomplishments in the days when he had not begun to dread being "bowled out by Farebrother," and this terror was still before him.
1. Ladle into bowls and serve.
2. Snacking on bowls of nuts.
3. Connor got the bowls and Mr.
4. The Bowls of God’s Wrath.
5. Then took the bowls and left.
7. You can wash out the bowls.
8. I left two bowls of food on the.
9. The Seven Bowls of God’s Wrath.
10. This you can change with the bowls.
11. Go, pour out the seven bowls of.
12. Karen made bowls of chicken broth.
13. We had bowls of cereal for breakfast.
14. These bowls were called ronds d'eau.
15. One of the bowls was put to good use.
16. Don’t put serving bowls on the table.
17. Remove from heat, and ladle into bowls.
18. In the bowls were the remains of the dog.
19. Ladle into bowls, and top with scallions.
20. Their bowls were on the fireplace hearth.
21. There are five glazed bowls in the cabinet.
22. Toss and serve in small bowls immediately.
23. Serve in bowls, maybe with some crusty bread.
24. Cook added milk to the largest of the bowls.
25. He put the two bowls down behind the carport.
26. The Trumpets, Bowls and the Plagues of Egypt.
27. I washed and dried the bowls after we finished.
28. You will find low stools and bowls for hot water.
29. The elvish folk were passing bowls from hand to.
30. I let Jess fill the bowls and she handed them out.
31. Diggory sniffed one of the bowls warily but then.
32. Bowls of baubles and gems and stones, all highly.
33. I got some bowls and some cans of microwaveable soup.
34. Clean bowls that don’t create an after-taste in the.
35. The girl was back with two steaming bowls in her hands.
36. Another servant cleared away the empty plates and bowls.
37. As soon as I cleared the contents of all bowls, I asked.
38. The two travellers’ bowls were collected and suddenly.
39. I left him with two bowls of water and two bowls of food.
40. The round bowls over a pair of running security officers.

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