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    1. He went for a long swim in the brisk water and found them still sound asleep when he got back

    2. Studies have suggested that walking at a brisk pace for three or more hours a week can reduce our risk for coronary heart disease by 65 percent

    3. Is it a cup of tea, a brisk walk, some

    4. The water was brisk and the sun was just coming over the house

    5. It was moving straight at them and at a reasonably brisk pace

    6. They continued at this brisk pace awhile, more than twenty minutes, until they were sure

    7. They jogged on, their speed had fallen to a shuffling jog, none of them felt brisk by this time

    8. All thru Imnotn the hill grew larger on the horizon as they sailed across another brisk wind, making the first week of summer feel more like the first week of spring

    9. minty yoghurt, he set off at a brisk pace for his parents’ house, but

    10. His stride was so brisk he was already reaching for her shoulders

    11. Movement over the causeway and bridge was brisk, with horse-

    12. He brushed through the trees at a brisk pace, a determined, steely face amongst the trees

    13. He grabbed her hand and pulled her thru the pour at a brisk jog into the first pub they came to

    14. at a brisk march along the causeway

    15. The trip out there was easier on Morningday, he made much better time in the brisk air

    16. "Whose clothes are those" Was his first brisk demand

    17. Hartman started toward his office at a brisk pace, as fast as a suit like him

    18. Returning to the room, she combed out her wet hair, and applied a brisk application of mascara before he entered the room with the drier

    19. The minute the brisk air hit her hot cheeks she felt the ground bob to greet her

    20. She stepped to the door in order to close it, but instead she found herself drawn out in to the brisk morning air

    21. Suddenly, a shrill cry broke the brisk air that pressed against her flushed cheeks

    22. The house radiated heat, as she approached the front door, the brisk air, called her to escape

    23. She sat cooling her feet in the brisk water of the lake, as the hot southern sun beat down upon her face

    24. Tonmar had set up a grill in one where he was doing a brisk business in brined yellow-stripe, and red belly

    25. The darks are quite brisk up here with frost or snow even in summer, during which the floater is a limp tent in a field

    26. ” He made no effort to conceal in his renewed smile his curiosity at her brisk reply

    27. After ascending to street level, the brisk breeze was a welcome companion

    28. There was only silence - and the sounds of their agitated hearts and brisk breaths in the darkness

    29. The Guild Master gave one more brisk sigh and scowl as he followed the young woman across the room, toward the tunnel she had spied in the night

    30. He proceeded to the irrigation inspection station at a brisk pace

    31. It was late afternoon and there was a curious nip in the breeze, an icy bite even though they had passed beyond the most brisk snows

    32. Such a bleak and brisk evening he did not much care for

    33. Rather he had offered a brisk salute and solemnly headed back out of the city

    34. Checking his back pack and pockets he set off, quickly setting a brisk gait

    35. The late November air was brisk

    36. Whilst the temperature within the habitat was maintained at a brisk minus five degrees Celsius, it was almost 150 degrees warmer than the surface above

    37. Longleaf, for one, was looking forward to it, as he’d been in port too long and missed the endless expanse of ocean and that brisk, briny scent in his nostrils

    38. The midday sun brought a brisk north by north-westerly breeze

    39. This is a bright, brisk tea with a subtle, rich, and refreshing flavour

    40. This tea comes from the estates of Zululand South Africa and provides a brisk, light, bright and refreshing experience

    41. avoid this problem, we have selected a brisk African tea decaffeinated naturally using the carbon dioxide method

    42. A concession along one wall offering hot food and cold beverages was doing a brisk business and prisoners wandered through the milling throng peddling handicrafts

    43. The pleasant environment in combination with their full stomachs was a major disincentive to even stand up and stretch, much less start hiking again in a brisk pace

    44. No problem, he cracked the airlock and took a brisk walk to the brush-line by the back fence

    45. They started out at a brisk pace

    46. She moves at a brisk pace, and it’s difficult to keep up with her

    47. A brisk, dancing, new-sprung wind was blowing up from Rainbow Valley, resinous with the odours of fir and damp mosses

    48. As he continued to stroll, police cars came by at brisk speed

    49. It would have been even harder on the horses if they had to swim across the wide river behind the boat, but instead there was a brisk horse exchange in progress on both sides of the river

    50. The harbour was busy as it was sunny, and a brisk wind threatened to take Lord Robert’s hat off of his head

    1. "That's a boy! Now—" John spun about, brisked his palms together, and shuffled and reshuffled the script pages like a card-sharp

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