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    1. He couldn’t have stopped the arm from bending to an acute angle if he’d wanted to and he barely got his fingertips free from between the forearm and bicep

    2. sudden acute anxiety that he felt showed immediately

    3. silently oppressive and acute

    4. The tension between them is not as acute as it was when Helen first emerged from the lower barn, the packing has helped, but there is still an sliver of ice to melt

    5. Usually this would result in an almost instantaneous event of acute myocardial infarction as your heart literally tears itself apart within a couple of seconds

    6. By all appearances, it seemed like Emily ignored him, standing gracefully and walking to the front of the class, through his years of training and an overly acute eye for detail, Brice detected a hair thin thread of blue leave her body and work its way toward Tetloan's sandals where it rapidly tied his laces into knots

    7. The pain was acute and it shot through her body

    8. His breath was hot and heavy, and had the acute aroma of scotch

    9. Ever acute Carius noticed this, paired with what he thought was the faintest hint of an unsettling smirk that was quickly suppressed

    10. Hence the Imperial always spoke of the conflict with an especially acute pain that many knew -


    12. The upward slant of her eyes seemed more acute than usual, and that, with her drained, alabaster-like complexion, gave her the appearance of a geisha

    13. I felt a wave of acute, irresistible exhaustion come over me as I

    14. When this happens, the word is given an acute accent to show which

    15. Everything was in short supply but the most acute shortage was of disinfectants, anesthetics and pain medications

    16. She listened intently for a couple of minutes, and so did Bru, because she didn’t know he had especially acute hearing, what with being a mutant and all

    17. The touch of his lips sent a hot surge through my brain, my skin prickling with acute sensitivity

    18. He had hoped to share a memorable lunch with Beth in the elegant restaurant, impressing her with Gordy, before leaving for two weeks of travel, but the idiocy of his brother became a source of continual, acute embarrassment

    19. Now, if you are refusing to see them, I can marvel at your willpower and I certainly respect it’s your prerogative to not see things; but the fact remains, there’s about at least three hundred zombies coming our way, and all that stands between them and your brain is this warding circle,” Steve told me with a feeling of acute worry in his voice

    20. The Fox's acute hearing would detect the familiar sound

    21. The physical and mental exertion involved in being constantly on the alert to their surroundings, made more acute by his recent experience with the men he had killed, provided a distraction that lasted throughout the day’s journey

    22. The silence was acute for a brief moment

    23. She took a few more steps closer and she felt pain in her lower abdomen again, this time more acute

    24. She felt an acute sense of relief, but also danger

    25. Sometimes pain relief is necessary when the condition is acute and an anti-inflammatory medicine is usually the best bet for temporary relief

    26. moon (Amavasya) of Jyeshtha, he was very weak in acute pain

    27. Finally, he swirled onto his elbow and showed me his elusive trick; he spun around on his elbow five times with legs that were spread into an acute V shape

    28. A continuing acute awareness of that Something beyond physical reality would also be useful, it would seem; an open channel, so to speak, for receipt of additional gifts of otherworldly erudition

    29. Her suffering and anger was so acute and intense that it carried on stronger by the day until she lost her life at the age of twenty-six in a riot against the police

    30. While his friend was receiving his award Bruce developed an acute awareness of what

    31. Diagnosis: acute septicaemia

    32. his acute battle awareness took hold, patiently watching it sail

    33. From appearances, he might have looked like a very successful physician plying his trade in one of the most exclusively private practices in London … but if you dug a little deeper, you would see numerous mounting debts, an acute drinking and gambling problem and he knew that he would still be here late into retirement

    34. identification, the more acute the suffering caused by desire

    35. Of course I grieve for the accidental deaths of war, but the pain is more acute and the tears more profuse when thousands of innocents close to us are targets of international mortal attacks

    36. face felt hot and she was flooded with a horrid feeling of acute

    37. But nowhere is the corruption more acute than at the Justice

    38. associations to pain that follow the acute loss of loved beliefs

    39. and blissful unawareness of the acute dangers of childbirth

    40. but that loss of vocabulary may be compensation for their acute

    41. were because his sense of hearing was more acute in the

    42. “Our God will protect us!” he had repeated his old mentor’s favorite assurance, it seemed, endlessly as the urgency to move became more acute

    43. more acute since the headaches began

    44. awkward, the knees having to bend with acute angles

    45. (PMS) symptoms became much more acute since the headaches began

    46. His eagerness, once over the initial shock of meeting aliens, was acute

    47. a) The nursing shortage in the United States is acute and getting worse! If

    48. The intellect is very acute in terms of its methods and tools, but

    49. satisfaction; and since he no longer has that, they often cause him acute and

    50. Denson pours on the charm, "But there was something, wasn't there? Something only someone as acute as you would observe

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