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Bullock в предложении (на )

  1. This had to be Ted Bullock.
  2. Bullock pointed at the ceiling.
  3. Bullock, I dont really think so.
  4. Bullock had asked me to memorize.
  5. Bullock said, I’m just jumpy.
  6. Bullock reached into his shirt pocket.
  7. Bullock said, and took the bag from me.
  8. But Terry Bullock was out for the count.
  9. Bullock said, House computer, Oddie.
  10. And now Bullock regime and she had lost.
  11. The job on Mia was done by Ted Bullock.
  12. Bullock would never lend me another garment.
  13. Ted Bullock was a guy used to covering his ass.
  14. Andrastus found his bullock resting by a cistern.
  15. Bullock frowned and put a finger to his lips again.
  16. The other two guardsmen crouched behind the bullock.
  17. Eliza Bullock turned her head to look at her husband.
  18. And Rhett Butler was a friend of the hated Bullock!.
  19. Bullock, with resources to match those of the enemy.
  20. Now, whats this guy, Terry Bullock look like?
  21. Angus singled out a bullock and stayed a few paces be-.
  22. The bullock they seized along with my family’s farm.
  23. Within three years, the last of the bullock will be eat-.
  24. At the end, Bullock gave a concerned look to the brigadier.
  25. I figured you’d see him that way, said Deacon Bullock.
  26. Finally, Ted Bullock took a few small testing steps toward us.
  27. On the seventh ring, the sleepy voice of Ted Bullock answered.
  28. Maybelle Bullock was a pretty lady of about fifty, trim and blond.
  29. Bullock indicated the pistols beside two of the plates on the table.
  30. From that point on, Terry Bullock and I had a very productive dialogue.
  31. That October Governor Bullock resigned his office and fled from Georgia.
  32. Captain Bullock, the chief Confederate agent, would have nothing to do.
  33. You shoot Ted Bullock and terrify his wife in your girlfriends apartment.
  34. The guy lying on the floor of my room was Mias stepbrother, Terry Bullock.
  35. Just a cloud of dust as the bullock team stampeded about in a great vortex.
  36. Atlanta cursed the name of Bullock and his Scallawags and Republicans and they.
  37. Where the fuck did you get that car? Ted Bullock said in a deep bass voice.
  38. Bullock, then you best hie yourself up to your room and quick fetch that pistol.
  39. Pretty touch and go with Ted Bullock, but it was just Kemp fuckin with your head.
  40. Reillys home and surveyed the damage Terry Bullock, the police and I had done to it.
  41. He wanted the bullock to fall over without delay, in order to provide a better barrier.
  42. Bullock racked his 12-gauge beside the first weapon and hung his hat on a peg in there.
  43. You then hold Terry Bullock captive at gunpoint, after you had already shot him twice.
  44. Bullock was talking about, so I guess someone should have a chat with him sometime soon.
  45. We decided furnished more grist for the slander mill of his excellency, Governor Bullock.
  46. Knowing that he was going to be investigated and fearing impeachment, Bullock did not wait.
  47. Bullock provided me with a shoulder holster that held both the Glock and the spare magazines.
  48. Andrastus could have reached safety in the forest, but he was unwilling to leave his bullock.
  49. I said two extra hands were needed, because it wouldn’t be possible to lead the bullock home.
  50. And this will please the Lord better than the sacrifice of an ox or bullock with horns and hoofs.
  51. When we tried to bring in Sammy Tolla and Terry Bullock for a little chat, we couldnt find them.
  52. Fuck you! Ted Bullock said succinctly and then turned and walked slowly back into his mansion.
  53. I believed that there was definitely something hinky about the entire Doulton - Bullock family dynamic.
  54. Times were hard and feeling was bitter against anyone who had had anything to do with Bullock and his crowd.
  55. Rhett had taken no part in the election and the fact remained that Rhett was a Scallawag and a friend of Bullock.
  56. Bullock fired twice, point-blank, and the hit man dropped out of sight, as if he had stepped through a trap door.
  57. As far as Eliza Bullock goes, well, I was just messin with her head when I told her Id punch her ticket to hell.
  58. At some time in the hours before he was killed, he had met Ted Bullock and accused him of sexually abusing Vickie.
  59. Is that a confession or what? That left Ted Bullock as the one who had beaten and raped Mia – or someone he hired.
  60. Bullock suddenly turned his head to look at the window above the sink, as if he’d heard something that unsettled him.
  61. According to David Bullock (see citation below), this habitat contains some of the world’s rarest palms and reptiles.
  62. Ted Bullock was just protecting his wife - just as she had protected him when she had murdered her own youngest daughter.
  63. Outside, in the last hour of light, Deke Bullock used a remote control to open one of the garage doors on the converted stable.
  64. If you can get the Bullock family talking against each other, you should be able to lay different charges against each of them.
  65. To me, Deke Bullock said, The astronaut fella seen somethin’ up there, he couldn’t for the life of him keep shut up about.
  66. And in the day of the new moon it shall be a young bullock without blemish, and six lambs, and a ram: they shall be without blemish.
  67. Andrastus believed his bullock would earn its place by this act of supreme virtue, giving its life to feed starving little children.
  68. Finally, as I finished expressing my suspicions about the Bullock pair and why I wanted to look at them closer, he broke into a grin.
  69. As the painting slid quietly back into place, I stepped to the door, went into another bedroom, and found that Maybelle Bullock was alive, too.
  70. Caesar clapped his hands at the avian spectres, but the birds only hopped a few feet back, some flapping atop a bloated carcass of a bullock nearby.
  71. Your bullock could die just when you need his strength to pull your plow, leaving you no way to make the crop and earn the coin to buy another beast.
  72. Most of what he said about Governor Bullock went in one ear and out the other for her mind was mainly occupied with relief that there was no Klan any longer.
  73. Bullock insisted on hugging me and kissing me on the cheek before I left, a rather different send-off from any that James Bond ever got from his handlers at MI6.
  74. And you, Madam, will kindly refrain from undoing my work behind my back and foreclosing mortgages on any And Governor Bullock never sets foot in this house again.
  75. Bullock was pouring iced tea into three tall glasses as I arrived, as though she must be psychic herself and therefore anticipated the precise moment of my appearance.
  76. The following week they quit their jobs and boarded a bullock wagon to Port Nolloth, the coastal village forty miles south of the forbidden area where they were headed.
  77. It was not that she was sorry Bullock had gone and the Scarlett was equally bewildered by the turn of events, despite Rhett’s warning as to Democrats were back again.
  78. What else came out of my chat with Terry? I found out that the senior Bullock could easily manipulate his son, just as he had done when he sent junior out looking for me.
  79. The dream that afflicted me in the bedroom of the Bullock house was more intensely real than a 3-D movie; and if it had needed a movie title, I would have called it The Swimmer.
  80. Moving to a nearby map board, Bullock spent a couple minutes to describe the ground and the positions of both Australian and Japanese troops to Moten, with Elizabeth listening on.
  81. A photograph of a horse, a bullock, or of any such object out on the hills, will secure a reproduction of a background quite extraordinary in the extent and clearness of the picture.
  82. If you keep repeating that mistake in every examination and you never find the reason of your sorrow, then sorrow will always follow you, just as the cart always follows the bullock.
  83. And once all the stuff is in on Terry Bullock and his 22, and Ted Bullock and some of his businesses, you should be in a position to wipe a number of old and recent crimes off the slate.
  84. But, two days before the function, a accepted because of Melanie’s attitude, others because they felt they owed Rhett a debt rumor went about Atlanta that Governor Bullock had been invited.
  85. As the walls went swiftly up she thought with satisfaction that, be even more imposing than the near-by James residence which had just been purchased for the official mansion of Governor Bullock.
  86. There was joy then, excitement too, but of a different sort from that which seized the feeling of thanksgiving, and the churches were filled as ministers reverently thanked town when Bullock took to his heels.
  87. The hate that enveloped the Bullock regime enveloped her too, a hate the enemy and, whatever her birth and family connections, she was now in the category of a turncoat, a nigger lover, a traitor, a Republican-and a Scallawag.
  88. The Bush Inn is a simple place with a simple purpose, and although it pains me to say, the fact of the matter is that it serves nothing much more than a stables and watering station for bullock drivers on the final leg to Melbourne.
  89. Her hub fifty odd and a methodist but takes the sacrament and is to be seen any fair sabbath with a pair of his boys off Bullock harbour dapping on the sound with a heavybraked reel or in a punt he has trailing for flounder and pollock and catches a fine bag, I hear.
  90. Elizabeth, accompanied by Mary Takahashi, was following closely Brigadier Moten and Major Bullock during an inspection tour of the Australian frontline positions just south of the airstrip when she received a radio call on the hand portable UHF radio hooked to her web gear.

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