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Steer в предложении (на )

He jumped in to steer.
He lets me steer the boat!.
He used his knee to steer.
We steer clear of that stuff.
We had some steer manure and.
And love will steer the stars.
I would steer clear, I decided.

And we can’t steer the Rover.
So steer clear of that joint.
But Brahmins steer the community.
You'd better steer clear of Midge.
If he had needed a steer, all he.
Let us steer clear of those lights.
Gideon knew how to steer a vehicle fast.
It can steer us to happiness and freedom.
The dream again had begun to steer south.
I think we should all steer clear of.
Anastasia, you should steer clear of me.
Ferguson’s buddy gave us a bum steer.
If you steer clear of integration, there.
I would not creep along the coast but steer.
Because it had surfaced and maybe would steer.
I will be here to steer the ship for you!.
I’d just steer clear of the whole subject.
Liam tried to steer her away from what she would.
What Worst Practices should you steer away from?
If you want to steer a ship, you work the rudder.
Tom and I met on the highway where the steer was.
Intention can steer our boat toward a safe harbor.
And the Elde found fit to steer clear of this fate.
It was our job to steer them away from it, anyway.
I wasn't trying to steer the ship I'd got but the.
Neil tried to steer away, but when he saw that it.
Steer clear of coffee shops to stay on top of things.
I grab Caleb’s elbow and steer him down the hallway.
If I were you I’d tell your boys to steer clear too.
Cap decides to steer closer to shore for a better view.
That’s an interesting way to steer a conversation.
Ahead slow, give your self time to steer around any.
He makes it a point to steer clear of me, not looking my.
The use of the steering.
They were steering their ideas.
Willie sits on the steering wheel.
Wheel: the steering wheel of a ship.
The steering wheel was not working.
A young steersman steering with care.
Cuppernell began steering the plane.
EAS - Electrically Assisted Steering.
It is a matter of steering direction.
The steering wheel didn’t feel real.
Nick gripped the steering wheel tightly.
I gave the steering wheel a vicious jerk.
He drums nervously on the steering wheel.
Her head is resting on the steering wheel.
I put my both hands on the steering wheel.
Donovan sat staring at the steering wheel.
Shit! Amar smacks the steering wheel.
The steering oar handle is much too short.
Just watch the steering wheel movement on.
Steering Committee of the Amarillo Chamber.
Leaning on the steering wheel in exhausted.
Tom patted the steering wheel under his hand.
Deville said, strangling the steering wheel.
Her fingers tightened on the steering wheel.
They can’t hold the steering wheel steady.
Steering the boat to a wharf, Dad jumped out.
Without any steering, you should be able to.
She slapped her fingers on the steering wheel.
You don’t have to choke the steering wheel.
She watched his hands on the steering wheel.
Christian hits a button on the steering wheel.
It was in the cab under the steering wheel.
His head arises from his steel steering wheel.
Richard touched a button on his steering wheel.
His huge stomach pressed against the steering.
Lewis lifted a hand from the steering wheel to.
Smith smacked the steering wheel with both hands.
In an instant, he was behind the steering wheel.
Nothing about their steering, strictly personal.
I think we're steering off topic a bit with this.
He steered her toward the.
Roman steered the van off.
The raft was steered by a.
Doc steered him towards the bed.
She steered back to the highway.
He steered the horse toward it.
Who was it steered it into a pond?
Frank steered his car behind the kid.
The canals!” Crumley steered me out.
His two assailants steered clear of him.
If I had left it alone and steered the.
Rauros steered his Lykanthros mount south.
Charly steered her toward the dining room.
The boat fired into life and Watson steered.
I steered the Pinto with one hand and pulled.
He steered around every bend with apprehension.
Helm: The instrument by which a ship is steered.
Thomas steered the conversation in a different.
Robert took her arm and steered her toward the.
The sergeant steered a frosty look her direction.
He steered Jason to the pool area, into the deep.
Halon changed course again and steered toward Chram.
Adam steered the conversation into another direction.
I hit both brakes and steered us into a tight U-turn.
With my arsenal ready, I steered toward the mansion.
The fact is this; if he would have steered away from.
Williamson steered him outside, then blew his whistle.
Fagone steered us in the right direction at the outset.
She steered her thoughts elsewhere before she did both.
Andrew had steered the conversation exactly as he wanted.
We steered the raft away from them whenever we saw them.
The elevator opened and Mitch steered the gurney inside.
As Penn steered the boat along the river, he kept close.
She quickly steered her niece to a chair before the fire.
Andrew steered the giant robot toward the massive monster.
The other campers steered clear of me as much as possible.
They steered courteously to either side of Rob and Karyl.
They gently steered Haven into the privacy of the inner.
Not once in all these years had he ever steered me wrong.
He said no more on the subject and steered Elowen towards.
Nothin but steers and queers.
I take it he steers by his nose.
He steers his feet to-ward the left.
The pensive steers around the physique.
You ain’t give me no bum steers yet.
Steers are bulls that have been castrated.
Dave steers towards the path of least resistance.
Steers are usually fed low quality feed in order to cut.
Hormones are administered to steers for the enhancement of.
Willie scratches his rump as he steers the blimp towards a.
He makes out the store fronts ahead, and steers towards them.
The torch of doubt and chaos, this is what the sage steers by.
By turning his long-gone shoulders, he steers the car around.
Although he/she looks and acts funny the animal that he steers.
Houston knelt down beside the carcasses of the steers that were.
John points southwest and Dave steers the boat in that direction.
Helmsman: the person at the wheel; the person who steers the ship.
Confucius said, If the captain steers north, his seamen will follow.
Instead he simply starts the Volvo and steers it out of the parking lot.
Johanna steers us toward the rendezvous point, where she saw Uriah and Cara.
These are the heavenly lights by which mankind steers its way through the ages.
Is it the will of the Dark Tower that steers us? All my choices have proved ill.
It is reported that three prime steers were slaughtered in their camp yesterday.
It steers investors seeking higher returns to stocks with higher standard deviations.
Superstition steers the crews’ attention to the folklore every sailor knows by heart.
Cristal, do you believe in kismet? A predestined moment, where fate steers your life.
Taking my arm in his, he leads me into the hallway and steers us toward the living room.
Them steers like ta jumped straight up offun the ground, then cut loose in all directions.
The 4H and FFA clubs throughout the region show hogs, lambs, steers, rabbits, and other animals.
We have a small herd for milk and a couple of beef steers getting ready for slaughter this fall.
Then he steers it toward the southwestern corner of the lab and aims his main gun at a third T-90.
He swings his prayer beads lazily back and forth while he steers the bus with his knees and smokes a cigarette.
That is the belief that a given child is a blank slate, and he will become whatever his environment steers him to.
It was as if the Primagnons were pushing a small herd of unruly steers with some sort of sophisticated cattle prods.
It is faith that steers us through stormy seas, faith that moves mountains, and faith that jumps across the oceans.
If you ponder it; you shall find it a connected unit directed entirely by one Hand that steers it upon such discipline.
He “toots” the steam whistle and “blows” the horn as he steers the flower covered flotilla away from the cheering port.
This answers their questions, but also steers the readers towards opting in to learn more about my particular work from home option.
Klarman, recognizing how much rides on those kinds of bets, especially when leverage is employed, steers clear of that kind of hedging.
This example focuses on diversification and deliberately steers away from average returns (which happen to be higher for the strategy style composite).

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