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Bye в предложении (на )

1. I will Mitch bye, bye.
2. He was saying good bye.
3. See you there, uh < bye.
4. I love you too, bye honey.
5. Bye! See you in my dreams.
6. I’ll call you later, bye.
7. I finished with Bye Bye.

8. Eye sertainli won’t bye it.
9. You did not say good bye.
10. For her dopey, bovine bye.
11. Is it hello or good bye?
12. For My Love has said Good bye.
13. I said good bye and left them.
14. For my love has said good bye.
15. Bye Jasmine says, hanging up.
16. She waved bye to him without.
17. Okay, Pranjit, bye, see you.
18. Passing bye in this cruel world.
19. Now that was a good bye kiss.
20. Will be there in a flash! Bye.
21. That will be enough, bye!.
22. Right…Is it indeed? Thanks, bye.
23. Some sex, some money and good bye.
24. I only wish I could be there, bye.
25. I said bye quickly and ran inside.
26. All these matters were by the bye.
27. Bye, said Chinedu, then he left.
28. Hoshi said, Bye for now, Kendra.
29. Good bye, Rosie, I said slowly.
30. Bye, he repeated, and she left.
31. I think its time to bid good bye.
32. Without saying good bye he hangs up.
33. Okay, bye, Shreya; don’t cry and.
34. Bye, bye, he said, closing the door.
35. I-I was only, just cleaning ok, bye.
36. Bye, she said, zipping up her jacket.
37. Good bye, Judith and thanks once again.
38. Bye bye, blacksmith – here comes the car.
39. Bye and bye comes the Great Awakening, and.
40. Bye, Bye as one would wave to a child.
41. Bye, she replied, and hung up the phone.
42. Bye Patricia and thanks heaps for the call.
43. The following day, she said good bye to Ms.
44. Bu bye, he said, waving to the hallway.
45. Good bye what? I’m possessing this priest.
46. Khevasiah hung up the phone without saying bye.
47. Good bye, he whispered as he turned away.
48. She looked up and down and replied, "Okay bye".
49. Well, I'll say bye! Bye! For now, till next time.
50. Leave it to me Dad, be in touch tomorrow, bye.
51. Following the Baltimore game, the Team had a bye.
52. Yes, and give my love to Barbara and the kids, bye.
53. Okay, Vicky, bye! See you later, he adieu me.
54. Our last kiss of love had become a tender good bye.
55. Say good bye to the repetitions in any results that.
56. He’d already said good bye to all of them earlier.
57. Good bye Jonathan! Candis slams the phone down.
58. I left and he closed the door when I waved good bye.
59. The last time I saw her alive, she waved a bye with.
60. I smiled at her and she blushed a little and said bye.
61. I finished my drink in a hurry, said good bye and left.
62. Observe the loud and spirited Good Bye greeting.
63. Then he said a few more things and hugged her good bye.
64. Bye, bird, Cate repeated, laying on another branch.
65. He and Jane left the store waving bye to all her friends.
66. We can have a good bye tour and that will be the end of it.
67. Bye bye Fluffy, Rita called as I headed to the fence.
68. Both Cosmicblasto and Catwhiskers shouted bye back whilst.
69. How I wished I could had said good bye to her the same way.
70. He abruptly concluded with, I have to run, bye, and.
71. She heard a small and confused sounding bye come from Hunter.
72. Then Rory said good bye and rang Sydney to say he was finished.
73. OK, good bye, Fatima said as the screen reverted to the.
74. Natalia stood, walked over to Tammas, and said a quiet good bye.
75. Very good, then; good bye now, and I'll call again in a minute.
76. She could never understand why she felt the need to say bye.
77. Good bye for now, Arthur said with a smile, and turned around.
78. Bye, thanks, Carole! a voice yelled from somewhere in the house.
79. THANK YOU and GOOD BYE to the one who had the most influence in my life.
80. Bye! She ended the call, leaving Amy aghast at her cavalier attitude.
81. By the bye, Flora Ross was dying for Henry the first winter she came out.
82. Mitchell slowly drove off, still staring towards the hotel, Alright, bye.
83. You’re not so bad yourself Swifty, she said as she waved good bye.
84. It is just in proportion as we bye upon Him, that we are strong Christians.
85. While Lea was in the hanger with Titan, waving good bye to Jason and Robert.
86. I said, „Then, it's good bye, I loved her but I loved young Alex as well.
87. Arvin turns and runs in to shout at the children, without saying bye to Jaffa.
88. Bye, said Zoleka, cutting the call, feeling silly for fussing about nothing.
89. Bye Mary, I enjoyed talking to you, it has been a most interesting conversation.
90. He looked worried all of a sudden, yes, I forgot about that I'll be there, bye.
91. The second word (bye) has less than five characters and all characters are unique.
92. Man, bye bye to the old, destructive ways I had of doing things and hello to the.
93. I took the opportunity to say good bye to Susan and introduce her to my boyfriend.
94. He kissed her forehead and said Good bye Bernie before the tears began to flow.
95. Bye, bye, boys, he jeered, fluttering his fingers and inching the door closed.
96. She waved bye to him putting to memory inviting him to her and Dryan’s wedding day.
97. We got up and said good bye and a good journey to the three men and got off the train.
98. Good bye Daddy, I whispered to the heavens before I backed away from the window.
99. When the light turned green, Olsen said, Bye to Barbie and disconnected the call.
100. Good bye, my friend, Levi said, taking the corporal’s large hand in both of his.

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