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Bye in a sentence

I will Mitch bye, bye.
He was saying good bye.
See you there, uh < bye.
Bye! See you in my dreams.
I love you too, bye honey.
I’ll call you later, bye.
Eye sertainli won’t bye it.

I finished with Bye Bye.
You did not say good bye.
For My Love has said Good bye.
For her dopey, bovine bye.
Is it hello or good bye?
For my love has said good bye.
She waved bye to him without.
Bye Jasmine says, hanging up.
I said good bye and left them.
Okay, Pranjit, bye, see you.
Passing bye in this cruel world.
Now that was a good bye kiss.
That will be enough, bye!.
Will be there in a flash! Bye.
Some sex, some money and good bye.
Right…Is it indeed? Thanks, bye.
I said bye quickly and ran inside.
I only wish I could be there, bye.
All these matters were by the bye.
Bye, said Chinedu, then he left.
Hoshi said, Bye for now, Kendra.
Bye, he repeated, and she left.
I think its time to bid good bye.
Good bye, Rosie, I said slowly.
Without saying good bye he hangs up.
Bye, bye, he said, closing the door.
Okay, bye, Shreya; don’t cry and.
I-I was only, just cleaning ok, bye.
Bye, she said, zipping up her jacket.
Good bye, Judith and thanks once again.
Bye Patricia and thanks heaps for the call.
Bye bye, blacksmith – here comes the car.
Bye and bye comes the Great Awakening, and.

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Synonyms for bye

adieu adios bye cheerio goodby goodbye sayonara pass

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