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Bye in a sentence

Bye for now.
Love you, bye.
Okay, Bye Jared.
Bye, Gracy says.
Good bye Sparky.
Bye, she said.
Good Bye, Father.

Good bye, Debbie.
bye to his family.
he can please, bye.
Oh okay, bye then.
Good bye, Rachel.
I will Mitch bye, bye.
"Bye Aslam," said Sana.
He was saying good bye.
I’ll be there, bye.
without saying good bye.
See you there, uh < bye.
Bye for now, with love,.
I love you too, bye honey.
Bye! See you in my dreams.
those of that bye gone era.
I’ll call you later, bye.
Eye sertainli won’t bye it.
Bye, and who knows, maybe,.
You did not say good bye.
waved good bye and he nodded.
I finished with Bye Bye.
'Say bye properly,' Ish said.

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Synonyms for bye

adieu adios bye cheerio goodby goodbye sayonara pass

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