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    1. Ava was walking toward the camp and looking around, "Jorma, you used to say that about me

    2. He remembered that day "You are the architect of this camp, I fully agree

    3. She didn't say anything more, but looked around the camp, noticed the planks providing privacy around the digester and seemed to approve

    4. "What do you think the cargo is that Herndon's paper's are about?" Jorma asked as they walked back toward the camp

    5. She went to the boat and soon emerged with a camp quilt, started down the beach

    6. before thee; therefore shall thy camp be holy: that he see

    7. “We had a boot camp,” I say

    8. He got to his feet to pace but when he turned he saw that Herndon was coming around the camp

    9. A summer Afternoonday on the beach is what this camp is all about

    10. Herndon was soon back with another camp quilt

    1. Searchers usually turn to spiritual pursuits of attending religious discourses, meditation camps and reading of scriptures and the like

    2. This is the wilder shore, there was hardly a path along the bank and a few thonga herder's camps in some of the larger trees

    3. Alfred scared several camps of cowboys before he gave that up

    4. The youngest and strongest were taken from their parents and placed in special camps

    5. “We who lived in concentration camps can

    6. I think he could've easily worked in one of Hitler's concentration camps and enjoyed himself; he was that mean and evil

    7. Some were little more than camps, but there were a few towers eight stories tall with long balcony fronds and awning shaded courts on top

    8. Raid camps and put tents and other structures to the torch

    9. training camps there and were sending weapons

    10. Had to help resupply one of the eastern camps and we all stopped in there

    1. This was actually more than she wanted to get into camping in the wilds

    2. What was she doing meanwhile? She wasn't even cowboy camping any more

    3. Wilderness camping is not one of the parts of the native experience that she liked the best

    4. After this camping trip, she was

    5. "I'm fine, now that I'm out of that camping trip

    6. There were some toiletries in the bathroom, her other jersey and all the camping gear out in the courtyard

    7. "You save the camping gear we picked up," she said, "I hardly ever use it at the inns where I travel

    8. They would be camping a good part of the journey

    9. "This isn't a camping trip to entertain a lady," doostEr said

    10. "I'm fine, now that I'm out of that camping trip," the sister on the ground answered

    1. They camped in a clump of big arching trees

    2. Kortrax was again free of the horizon, smiling broadly on the endless expanse of ribbonleaves and fronds spreading away to the northwest like a floor of hip-deep yellow flowers widely scattered with graceful archwoods like the clump they were camped in

    3. It was swampy and marshy around it, and unlike the first one they had camped at, deep, green and muddy rather than clear and sandy

    4. The stream was fine, more like the first one they camped near while his foot healed, but bigger

    5. They camped on this side

    6. They followed the watercourse north-northeast a short Afternoonday of just a few miles at the most, but camped where it was just a trickle for the dark

    7. Now here she was looking for the herd of Hausa that camped on the side of the Hold each night

    8. They camped that

    9. After all, the most she had ever done in this line was cooking for herself and one of the other dancers in the troupe who had camped on her floor for a few days when between digs

    10. He was camped beside a huge rock or outcropping with a huge tree at each end

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    compound post barracks fort installation encampment outpost lodge temporarily

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    bivouac camp cantonment encampment summer camp refugee camp clique coterie ingroup inner circle pack camp down camp out encamp tent campy compound post barracks fort installation outpost lodge temporarily