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    1. This solution is created by adding one cup of warm water, along with the bait pack, and 2 drops of natural soap

    2. But there was a nice camp knife that would fend off small vermin the size of a mindune in her pack tied to that saddle

    3. She was really glad she had this lighter on her person and not in her pack or she was dead, just that simple

    4. ‘Will you be in for dinner tonight, Stephen?’ I asked from my standpoint in the doorway of his study, watching him pack his briefcase

    5. Herndon had fallen asleep with his head on his pack, only a few minutes after her, she hoped

    6. The snow builds up, and the weight causes it to pack into the ice and push southward from the north pole and northwards from Antarctica

    7. " He gave a friendly nod to the correspondent and then raised both hands over the pack of reporters like a Roman emperor

    8. The media pack was in silence

    9. The pack broke out into noise again as Mirielle hustled Theo away

    10. trolley at the lead woman of the pack, turned on her heel and marched out of the store

    11. Liz arrives good and early, as we arranged yesterday, and I soon pack her and Stephen off to the local DIY shop to buy paint for the walls

    12. ‘I’ve got to pack up yet

    13. In fact she’s here at the moment – she’s helping me pack my stuff up tomorrow

    14. Molly is here with me tonight and, as I said, she’s going to help me pack up stuff tomorrow

    15. We hadn’t got back here until nearly eight; it had taken a while to pack all the stuff into the cars and close the house up

    16. He slaps a large pack of photos on the counter

    17. ‘What are you going to do with yourself, Liz?’ Stephen asked, changing the back pack he has over his left shoulder to the other shoulder

    18. Eventually, munching on our apples we pack up the debris and start thinking about moving on

    19. What about the instrument pack that Vic left?"

    20. Ray Pack was born in Paris, France

    21. It took time for her to pack

    22. We drive them to the homestead and then pack them out

    23. We pack all the theirops we can find also

    24. The wolf pack smelled the horses’ fear and waited for their leader to

    25. As the leader of the pack advanced

    26. Seconds after that he was scrambling down the mast with his funny looking duffle pack

    27. Then they gather around in a pack

    28. Then he saw his pack over by another tuft of brush a few yards away and spat it out

    29. He could hop around the area on the crutch, but he couldn't get to his feet with the pack on

    30. Alan had been at the water's edge stuffing the pile into his pack

    31. She threw him a pack of Marlboro’s and took one of hers

    32. He scrambled backwards crab-wise away from the water, but had the presence of mind to bring the pack with him

    33. Then she opened her pack and lit up

    34. its report an orphan child leading the pack

    35. and as they pack their bags we remove some of the rails…

    36. Their aroma filled the house and they both dug in like a pack of ravenous wolves

    37. It is not much fun trying to pack all these extra items in the bags we brought with us … in the end Caderl solves the problem by offering to carry the extra on his gg

    38. After a somewhat heated discussion between us, Gilla got her way, this time persuading me to pack several skirts as well as the sensible hosen and shirts which have accompanied me on my journeys so far

    39. She went over to the pack and began picking up the stuff that wasn't pulped

    40. Inside his pack the frying pan was also broken, but Desa's cup was still intact

    41. He tried to make something out of the shambles of the pack

    42. He had his full pack on once again, such as it was now with tent and blanket stuffed strategically to stop up the holes

    43. So back they went, repeating the process with more trouble with the pack since the spit of land was so narrow

    44. "If we were approaching them from the civilization side we certainly would," Luray said, "but they wouldn't have much reason to take wagons out this way, they'd drive the herd to the village and pack them there

    45. The girls knew more about this than he did and they didn't have this pack

    46. With his pack so much lighter Alan felt freed and he also felt it would be very weak of him to have to call the rest this time

    47. In spite of the lightening they had done, and losing a lot of their gear to the kranjan weeks ago, Alan's pack was still way too heavy to be running with

    48. When he had run in the exercise ring to the limit of his endurance, training for just such an event as this, he had collapsed in exhaustion after less than a quarter this distance and that was without the pack

    49. "The knife's in my pack," Alan grunted, trying to wrest his calf free from three wraps of strong rope

    50. "I'm dropping this," Alan said of the pack, "If we live I can come back for it, with it I'll never live

    1. It was good and cold because there had already been heavy snow the previous Dawnsleep and Raltain's kegs were well packed in it

    2. Since then, he has acquired a sort of cult following which surged in the 60’s with the peace and Earth-loving hippies and has continued on into the 80’s and 90’s with New Ager’s buying the bulk of the over million bottles hand packed annually

    3. All the stuff has been packed up in boxes now – thank you, off licence! The pots in the garden will have to wait for the man with the van

    4. It took some time, but by mid afternoon, we had packed all her furniture into the van and she locked the house up for the last time

    5. "Tipperary’s spare parts were packed aboard Luxor

    6. But on Afternoonday she packed him up and sent him off, promising to keep the home, children and ranch safe from all but asteroid impact in his absence

    7. on tightly packed shelves full of

    8. watching plastic packed movies that always taste the same

    9. If he carefully packed big stuff over the holes it might work a little

    10. eyes turned down to the hard packed

    11. You could stand in front of me with your bags packed,

    12. Nobody else seemed the least perturbed by the fact that there must have been a couple of hundred of us packed inside that metal tube

    13. I wondered how he packed that bulk into his driving seat

    14. A two-tiered truck packed high with horned goats inched past other parked trucks and wagons, some drivers snoring in their cabs

    15. ‘Nothing really, we packed everything on the ggs and rode back here

    16. Feeling much stronger than I had in Niko’s, I gazed around the packed hall and congratulated these people who enjoyed their respected mountain traditions with such obvious enthusiasm

    17. The staff room is packed as usual

    18. That evening Taverna Antonis was packed with visitors and tourists

    19. ‘Who’s teaching her?’ Mike asked as he packed his guitar into its case

    20. 'Australia is touring India at present, right?' Ish said as the waiter packed our

    21. The trip home is going to be very interesting, thought Duncan with a smile on his face as he packed his things

    22. Saying nothing to anyone, he packed up his bag and returned to the Hold

    23. As Gary anticipated, with the aid of Ben and the girls, he gets the bus packed in just over an hour

    24. had packed the shop by one o'clock

    25. ‘You want a packed lunch, don’t you Ben?’ I said practically, turning to the fridge and looking to see if there is anything in it

    26. 'Yes, Bunty’s moved back to England now and I’ve packed away all the early stuff

    27. The pub car park is pretty packed by the time I get there and it takes me a couple of minutes to find a parking space

    28. Then there's the complications caused by free meal kids who have to have a packed lunch provided by the school kitchen

    29. He had also packed

    30. Dave doesn’t see why I should bother, but I insist all the same that the books must be dusted before they are packed

    31. These they accepted gratefully, and packed

    32. Exactly as Tdeshi packed when she left Sinbara on that cattle boat

    33. He packed up and headed off

    34. What hSkaiya had was nice enough, but this was connoisseur quality with copious, long-lasting fumes that packed more rush than a big bong

    35. The place was packed

    36. The corpse was vacuum packed

    37. exploded among the closely packed bodies of the

    38. He fumbled with the keys in the pre-dawn light but eventually found the keyhole and, throwing his hastily packed bag onto the front passenger seat, he jumped into the driver’s seat and started the engine

    39. It took an hour to reach the less densely packed area

    40. By midnight the back yard was packed

    41. He packed up his knapsack, dragging a few essentials out of the

    42. He manages to edge the car onto the hard packed ruts of a field entrance and, bending forward, he rests his head on the soft plastic of the steering wheel

    43. He took the stone box and packed it carefully in his bag, nestling

    44. With everything packed and the Beretta tucked safely in his jeans, the doctor goes to the kitchen and fetches the last bottle of red wine and two glasses, which he wipes on the bottom of his shirt

    45. She has strict instructions not to touch any of the stuff in the bags that they packed last night, which are stowed by the front door

    46. Not while we packed up the fishing gear and

    47. Allcock, Harry packed his trunk and readied for disembarking onto the soil of a new country

    48. It was a beautiful morning and, having settled our bill and packed our stuff into the van, we left it parked at the hotel and went for a walk

    49. He packed up all his tools into the tackle box and stood at the door

    50. Obviously computers will have to be dismantled last of all on the Thursday evening, but we can probably get most of the files packed by the Wednesday

    1. "And what about packing?" DoostEr asked

    2. We spend the rest of the evening packing up the books in the house

    3. For a nasty moment we just look at each other … in the friendly chatter of the book packing, we had both relaxed

    4. While we were packing boxes, we chatted about all sorts of things … she told me some stories about her childhood which were very similar to some of my own memories – not really surprising, we’re both country girls, after all

    5. The debris she knocked in the redsuits’ direction collided with other pieces on the way to create a storm of jagged metal and packing containers coming at them almost as fast as the junk itself

    6. Using Fred’s suggestion, we are packing the barrel with damp sand to hold the tree upright and in the hope that the dampness will stop it dropping quite as fast as they generally do; this, naturally, means we need a sheet of plastic to protect the floor … oh it just gets more complicated by the second! But between us we get it all sorted out

    7. Gilla, pursing her lips at the lack of warning, dashes off to implement crisis plans for the meal while I go back to my room to continue the packing which I have been half-heartedly attacking on and off since we got back from Lyme

    8. They then went about the school retrieving all their possessions and packing their bags

    9. Four workmen, caked with the paste of cement dust and oil, were packing up for the night after a hard day's slog right across the road from my veranda

    10. Swallowing hard, Berndt, takes Joris’ bag and begins packing the clothes in the cupboards

    11. When we were packing his belongings, I found a copy of his testament – I am appointed to carry out his wishes

    12. We carry it all out and Gary starts packing it into the car - the view over the sea is breathtaking

    13. “Come in Rayne,” he said casually, “just packing

    14. She and Mistress Sera also made plans for the coming week and the packing of the household

    15. While they do this, I go through the kitchen cupboards, selecting the few utensils going back with us and packing the rest into boxes to be sold

    16. He opened the box, removed wads of packing and looked inside

    17. A small bottle was wrapped with more thick packing

    18. I start packing up my laptop … didn’t get as much done as I thought I would this weekend

    19. ‘I ought to start giving thought to packing but I don’t have any boxes

    20. It’s going to be hard packing all my stuff up … I’ve lived here for … how long is it now? … crumbs, nearly seven years

    21. I'm packing the club in as well

    22. Quickly packing her toiletries up, she stepped out into the hall

    23. cloth, carefully packing it away amongst his own things in his

    24. The tension between them is not as acute as it was when Helen first emerged from the lower barn, the packing has helped, but there is still an sliver of ice to melt

    25. Dessert was served and enjoyed, the ladies adjourned to begin packing for the morrow's sailing, the gentlemen and Harry retired to the House Billiards room for cigars and less important banter

    26. Sally called out to me to go into the kitchen where she was packing the last of the picnic into a hamper

    27. I’m sure I can come up with a plan that will save the forest and send the fat-cats packing!” Andrew said

    28. And so, after they had finished packing, they hurried over to Monica’s home and knocked on the door

    29. Harry was in one of those rooms packing his trunk with everything he would be taking with him for the holidays

    30. When he didn't break for breakfast a few hours later, she was more than willing to share them, between packing bags of grain from the truck to the barn

    31. Was he all that different, she now was covered with his bruises? Although admittedly, most of them came from packing grain bags, only a few were obtained when the truck whirled about

    32. I’m downstairs packing

    33. There was some signs of hurried packing

    34. The two boys prepared their attack, whilst those neighbours around who planned their evacuation, set about packing and keeping their cases close by in case they had to quit and run

    35. The first three floors above here aren't much more than piles of packing crates with some planks thrown over them here and there to allow aisles

    36. What surprised was me how quickly the water and electricity had come on when I was packing my suitcase so I had a chance to have a quick shower, and I supposed the water noise helped dull the noise of shots being fired

    37. Its called recirculation,” the horn boomed proudly, then after a moments thought, 'Kids that 'ang on to 'em can be a bit of a pest though, caused no end of trouble packing 'em up and posting 'em back

    38. Why did Glenelle trick her into packing for a week if they were going to YingolNeerie? That was a journey of half a century even in their starship

    39. as the last of the stallholders completed their packing

    40. To dream that you are packing, but the more your pack, the more there is to pack implies that you are weighed down by the endless responsibilities and expectations in your life

    41. "What if there's a cure?" Joss asked while I was using the facade of packing up our things, trying to hide the fact I was stalling

    42. At this point, Rachel’s mother, who had been packing, turns toward her daughter and says, “Rachel honey

    43. Fletcher gave those who were making the trip a red canvas rucksack each and, under the supervision of Chris and Lucy, the packing began

    44. Sebastian shook his head and moved through his apartment, packing the items he would need for a stay at the Temple

    45. The collapsing and packing of the shelter went without incident, although for the first time they discovered a faint frost on the fabric

    46. He was supposedly packing his belongings

    47. woman chatting to the assistant while packing

    48. “The Battalion is to leave immediately for France what do you think of my news now then worth waiting for wasn’t it?” There was now sheer pandemonium and delight in our hut lads were cheering slapping each other on the back play fights had broken out and now people from other huts were packing into ours to see what was going on

    49. It was as I was packing that George pulled me to one side and said

    50. “I had better finish my packing off because we will be off tomorrow after a visit to the delousing centre”, we would go there for we could not be allowed to return home lousy that would never do

    1. When she looked over the rail as a child, she saw the coy-dog packs tearing at the garbage the residents of her abandoned parking garage threw out

    2. Not that I borrowed that much, only a few hundred originally, for the kids holy communion, but fuckin' hell he packs on the interest and if you don't have something to give him every week his guys go mental

    3. In one there were several packs of Marlboro lights, and in the other Capri menthols

    4. I watch as he closes everything down and packs my new machine into its carry case

    5. their packs and drew out water bottles and cigarette packets

    6. They shouldered their packs and set off

    7. handcarts and a few others with large packs on their backs

    8. Leona packs away the sound desk, running cables back up to the wings of the stage, while Ted broods quietly at the far end of the bar

    9. two joined him, dumping their packs on the floor

    10. three companions took their beers and packs, and moved to sit by the

    11. While Carol packs a bag for them both, ranting at her ex-husband all the while, he puts the postcode into a driving direction web site and prints out instructions for the journey

    12. Family hatchbacks full of flat packs

    13. Helen watches the doctor as he packs his clothes, wrapping the American currency in his boxer shorts

    14. She packs them on top of the doctor's clothes in the holdall

    15. ” Andrew said, as Matt and Monica prepared to grab their packs

    16. "But it's going to take more than a few years to obtain all the information, he packs around in his little finger

    17. "Place the tents and packs behind the rocks and lets explore around the lee of the mount" Fizzicist then jumped onto a boulder to attempt a better view forward, but the gale snatched at his coat and pushed him over

    18. Once finished they all gathered the packs and canvas together using the tent poles as carriers

    19. Two empty packs of cigarettes and three empty wine bottles bore testament to his cast iron constitution

    20. They promptly dropped their back packs and headed for the pools of glistening water beneath the falls leaving their teacher snoring under a billowing handkerchief

    21. Fizzicist woke up to find both children and packs gone

    22. As penguins can't fly, they invest in rocket packs and set off en masse

    23. Since you destroyed my truck, you're stuck with me until we're out of here,” I grumbled as I moved to grab my packs out of the cab

    24. It cannot be packed in any box, barrel, cask, case, chest, or any other package, but only in packs of leather or pack-cloth, on which must be marked on the outside the words WOOL or YARN, in large letters, not less than three inches long, on pain of forfeiting the same and the package, and 8s

    25. As Alice packs, her daughter Bethany is there with her

    26. Martin returned covered in snow, dragging a collection of survival materials, including food packs

    27. He grabbed it and yanked it hard to test its strength, “That should be strong enough for the packs

    28. The power packs had finally drained of what little was left

    29. But he couldn’t risk connecting his power packs at this stage

    30. Eventually, when his suit was becoming unbearably claustrophobic, he decided to connect up one of his power packs

    31. Kate, you and Amanda start sorting out some packs of provisions and medical supplies ready to go in this shuttle

    32. The Captain told us to get some rest whilst we waited for the water to be loaded and so we moved into the shade and lay out with our packs behind our heads smoking and just taking things easy

    33. “The bloody packs we had on weighed a ton and we knelt down to take a breather then the order came to fix bayonets and we started up the cliff on the right hand path

    34. We were sat round a fire that we had built from box wood that we had collected while on fatigues and which we had carried back up to the lines in our packs

    35. We had dropped our packs and the rest of our equipment and were only attacking in rifle order

    36. We were wearing metal discs on our packs some Staff Officers brilliant idea for keeping tabs on us during the attack all I knew was that they were heavy and made the packs on your back sag

    37. mange tout, handling packs of avocados and

    38. Me and Bert followed them and I saw a few more survivors leap up and run forward too and I could see that they had ditched their packs as well

    39. Many packs had become aware of the demons since they arrived in these lands through something they called the Moon Lake

    40. Sam had found another four full water bottles and some dry rations along with another three packs of cigarettes which I now handed out to the wounded

    41. As I listened to these songs in memory"s eye, I could see those staggering columns of the First World War, bending on soggy packs on many a weary march, from dawn to dusk to drizzling rain, to slogging ankle through mire of shell-pocked roads, to form grimly for the attack, blue-lipped, covered with sludge and mud, chilled by the wind and rain, driving home to their objective, and for many, to the judgment seat of God

    42. I kept on going until I cane to a quite part of the battlefield and there I was rewarded I looked through my sight as a flare shot up in the distance and I saw the two of them bending down and relieving corpses of their belongings and shoving them in small packs

    43. So he packs his bags, in fantasyland, of course, since we’re still in the seminar, and I show up at his door on a motorcycle during a pouring rain

    44. Returning to the Inn to collect their packs, Mrs Ailder had made up some food packages for the travellers and wished them well

    45. The poor wretches soon appropriated everything, but unfortunately they applied this permission universally, and on subsequent marches, when the men laid their packs by the roadside to collect later, they frequently found them rifled

    46. " SAP COIN had no time for religious freaks and gave him ration packs to eat until he saw the error of his long haired liberal ways

    47. Packs of wild dogs can be dangerous, noted Nesbitt, but there have been no recent complaints from citizens

    48. They hunt in packs

    49. Decades of easy living, two packs of regular smokes a day, and a litre-a-day whiskey habit finally caught up with him

    50. The coffee and sugar he had taken to Frau Bergheim had been obtained by swapping cigarettes with Sergeant Cooley’s cooks, and he had a Leica camera, Zeiss binoculars, and a small radio that had been paid for with packs of Lucky Strikes

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