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Pack в предложении (на )

  1. Var ran as a pack.
  2. It was his Alpha Pack.
  3. He held out the pack.
  4. It is time to pack up.
  5. A pack of three gets.

  6. Let’s pack up and go.
  7. He hands me the ice pack.
  8. She carried a back pack.
  9. It’s a pack of clowns.
  10. I put a map in your pack.
  11. With the back pack held.
  12. There were a pack of them.
  13. Frodo, in my pack and all.
  14. He said he'd help me pack.
  15. They have no hunting pack.

  16. Yes only one pack horse.
  17. The pack of devils might.
  18. The pack knew I was there.
  20. They are a pack of rascals.
  21. The snow pack was nothing.
  22. Pack up and leave, he said.
  23. On it was a pack of large.
  24. Can you carry my pack?
  25. I’m working out how to pack.

  26. Let’s pack up and take off.
  27. It took time for her to pack.
  28. He offered the pack to Smith.
  29. These animals hunt as a pack.
  30. I told Bershirt to pack her.
  31. I’ll get it out of my pack.
  32. The media pack was in silence.
  33. The pack were silent as they.
  34. Rex had asked them to pack a.
  35. We can pack a lunch and head.
  36. He led his pack into the woods.
  37. Are you going to pack it in?
  38. But I usually pack my clothes.
  39. He pulled out a pack of mints.
  40. I stare at the pack in his hand.
  41. But try and pack things wisely.
  42. I pack the card and wallet away.
  43. In the morning, he would pack.
  44. What we need is a pack horse.
  45. He needed a pack of cigarettes.
  46. Voilà, I´ve got it, the pack.
  47. The rest of the pack fol owed.
  48. She nodded and continued to pack.
  49. He offered the pack to Chalmers.
  50. I walked over to see a pack as.
  51. I bought a pack of Marlboro Red.
  52. I handed Harold the pack of gum.
  53. He took out his pack and offered.
  54. The cop took two out of the pack.
  55. The pack had a waterproof liner.
  56. She wanted a chance to pack up.
  57. The pack of dogs charged at them.
  58. That’s a pack of cigarettes.
  59. You won’t find me in that pack.
  60. The rest of the pack ignored him.
  61. Pack your bags and leave the MCU.
  62. No hint of a pack in the vicinity.
  63. Do you have anything to pack?
  64. All employees lived on pack lands.
  65. I… I failed my mate and my pack.
  66. Then they gather around in a pack.
  67. Ray Pack was born in Paris, France.
  68. Pick up the pack of cards and play.
  69. ARTON report from his fanny pack.
  70. I would have loved a pack up today.
  71. And these pack members now fear me.
  72. The pack now seemed a fraction of.
  73. I guess girls like the pack leader.
  74. Close by, a pack of coyotes howled.
  75. I cannot control the pack if they.
  76. Come on, let’s pack up our stuff.
  77. As I watched him begin to pack up.
  78. I’m happy to pack the bed for you.
  79. Then she opened her pack and lit up.
  80. Remember to pack only what you need.
  81. They eventually got a new pack horse.
  82. As the leader of the pack advanced.
  83. Last night, I ate my final meal pack.
  84. They traveled with two pack horses.
  85. Tosses them in one by one, pack by.
  86. He was the alpha of the London pack.
  87. Pack the crumbs in the amount needed.
  88. She started rifling through her pack.
  89. Each pack weighed almost forty pounds.
  90. The pack had col ected their weapons.
  91. Kaoru help me pack my other stuff up.
  92. Every room has a pack, she said.
  93. He wasn’t affiliated with any pack.
  94. Pack up; we’re getting out of here.
  95. The remaining pack members fol owed.
  96. He removed a cigarette from the pack.
  97. She had a small pack on her shoulder.
  98. For the single pack smoker you could:.
  99. I never touched a pack of cards since.
  100. The pack mentality had always won out.
  1. She was crying and packing.
  2. They helped with the packing.
  3. I was just finishing packing.
  4. I'm packing the club in as well.
  5. Her father packing; storming out.
  6. Willie climbed up on a packing box.
  7. Michael was in his room packing, Mr.
  8. To as he was packing his records.
  9. Avoid over packing by reading the.
  10. They were packing M14s and a pistol.
  11. The packing supplies you will need:.
  12. Packing away, he braved a sensitive.
  13. Two hours later we were home packing.
  14. Ma stopped packing and looked at her.
  15. They finish packing the car and leave.
  16. Instead, she began packing her things.
  17. I need to finish packing up my things.
  18. I should get started on the packing.
  19. I was just there packing up my booth.
  20. She is upstairs meticulously packing.
  21. Use the help of online packing websites.
  22. A warehouse in the meat packing district.
  23. There was some signs of hurried packing.
  24. He was supposedly packing his belongings.
  25. This April, she will be packing off to US.
  26. She worked on the packing side of the line.
  27. I saw Kyle though packing up his belongings.
  28. There he began packing clothing into his bag.
  29. Jody, I used to work in a meat packing plant.
  30. A wheezy whistle tooted at the packing plant.
  31. The red head was packing her stuff to leave.
  32. Local packing is generally used to release.
  33. This was the famous court packing plan.
  34. As, we pulled up he was packing up his stuff.
  35. Packing the date would give you a range of 2.
  36. I had been remarkably calm during the packing.
  37. Then there is the cost of packing and cartage.
  38. He looked both ways while packing another bowl.
  39. He’s packing it in for the night, I said.
  40. My mom was packing up all my things and my dad.
  41. Lightning’s packing up our things as we speak.
  42. That was the reason for them packing a suitcase.
  43. Both went back in, and re-commenced their packing.
  44. It was late, but she started packing up her stuff.
  45. What is this? I said, indicating the packing.
  46. He's probably in the crystal packing plant by now.
  47. Send her packing and don’t think about it again.
  48. Look, I’ve been thinking about packing it in.
  50. A small bottle was wrapped with more thick packing.
  51. As she left, Cameron began packing up a few things.
  52. Back at the hideaway, everyone was soon busy packing.
  53. There is always a big controversy regarding packing.
  54. Finishing his packing, he sat down at his empty desk.
  55. A middle aged man was in the process of packing his.
  56. Luckily, this packing plant was notorious for hiring.
  57. The things he was packing seemed to defy explanation.
  58. After the Wilsons finished packing, Karen called Eric.
  59. When any of us said that they had better be packing.
  60. He grunted and went to packing my backpacks with food.
  61. Danny helped Ashi finish packing up the mule that had.
  62. Come in Rayne, he said casually, just packing.
  63. Switching off the alarm he started packing up the room.
  64. He stood silent, and Terwilliger slowed in his packing.
  65. Carroll stopped packing up and stared at Samantha Hawes.
  66. He cracked it and we started packing up the important.
  67. His wife straightened from her packing and stared at him.
  68. You'll have only painting and secondary and the packing.
  69. Emeka helped with packing, Zoleka walked about the shop.
  70. They are packing up their marbles and going home to play.
  71. But in Lee’s packing case the frogs were piling up too.
  72. As Anderson was packing, he heard a voice in the distance.
  73. I was packing up, I found this note inside the grocery bag.
  74. Packing up and moving to Cairns scared the crap out of me.
  75. Inside the bedroom, Bill and Emmy were packing a suitcase.
  76. He hesitated in his packing to give her his full attention.
  77. She thought of packing up her things, putting them in her.
  78. Tiece was found in his upper-stairs bedroom packing a grip.
  79. Abigail should be packing her own clothes, said Ed.
  80. We started packing up for Ireland and the next day I was a.
  81. Kate is in the living area packing up her books into crates.
  82. She found herself packing away all of the stuff she needed.
  83. Everyone ate quietly and finished packing away their things.
  84. The parking lot was loaded with machinery and packing cases.
  85. She began packing her things and saw the package on the bed.
  86. He opened the box, removed wads of packing and looked inside.
  87. Later, as he was packing up his glider, Zeke came over to him.
  88. Eva started packing up her newfound possessions in the cases.
  89. They were mainly filling shelves and packing at the checkouts.
  90. She was packing food for him when he found her in the kitchen.
  91. Chevalier went back into the room and began packing his things.
  92. Some people are packing up and leaving the Castle out of fear.
  93. Little kid in a baggy shirt standing like he’s packing heat.
  94. Coast Guard Cutters on Great Lakes are Packing Machine Guns.
  95. The Galaef with Dahms at his side had just left the packing plant.
  96. He enters to see most of the shop keepers packing up their goods.
  97. After months of angry debate, the court packing scheme was.
  98. Quickly packing her toiletries up, she stepped out into the hall.
  99. Bridget had finished packing the delf they had used for breakfast.
  100. Ziad woke up on the sound of Ayman packing up stuff with Mahmoud.
  1. She had packed a 151.
  2. As he packed, he watched.
  3. It will be packed, mind.
  4. He packed up and headed off.
  5. Bobbie even packed my lunch.
  6. Hoenir must have packed it.
  7. He packed his box and rose.
  8. In the morning, I packed my.
  9. Colia packed it himself, Mr.
  10. Blake packed his lunch and.
  11. The corpse was vacuum packed.
  12. It was packed full of man-.
  13. So he packed up for the week.
  14. All packed up, he said.
  15. The Channel Two crew packed.
  16. The WiFi in my room packed up.
  17. I am so glad I packed shorts.
  18. Next she came back and packed.
  19. It is packed with antioxidants.
  20. I almost brought packed meals.
  21. Bradshaw had packed a picnic.
  22. The theater was packed and a.
  23. We got the cups all packed.
  24. He packed his pipe and lit it.
  25. All was ready, all was packed.
  26. The place was packed with.
  27. We’re packed and ready to go.
  28. We’ve packed all the glasses.
  29. All burgers are protein packed.
  30. Once again we packed our things.
  31. The small parking stayed packed.
  32. We packed my things on the sled.
  33. The women packed their suitcases.
  34. The apartment was all packed up.
  35. And it was packed with customers.
  36. I packed everything in mothballs.
  37. Ruhab Gupta packed up his toolkit.
  38. I packed up my things and I left.
  39. The mall is packed with shoppers.
  40. They dressed, packed and headed.
  41. The shops are packed and hardly.
  42. So I packed my bags and I left.
  43. Ruby looked at the packed clearing.
  44. The staff room is packed as usual.
  45. A packed house, and happy one too.
  46. Yeah, it's usually packed here in.
  47. This girl really packed a punch!.
  48. Wren looked around the packed room.
  49. I packed a double meal for you two.
  50. It was fucking packed that morning.
  51. The Chevy was packed with college.
  52. The stadium was packed to capacity.
  53. I'd never seen the house so packed.
  54. It is packed full of excited people.
  55. The rover and trailer are all packed.
  56. The rover will be pretty packed, too.
  57. By midnight the back yard was packed.
  58. He always kept his gear packed and.
  59. I turned back to my packed audience.
  60. Murmurs of approval as they packed up.
  61. I've packed food for you, said Ma.
  62. Sands, but that gets packed in summer.
  63. It is packed and all seats are taken.
  64. I have this place packed every night.
  65. The bunny-hill is packed and smooth--.
  66. They’ve packed in some more padding.
  67. A supercharged, tightly packed twenty.
  68. The cafeteria was packed with students.
  69. It’s never been this packed before.
  70. Usually this road was packed with cars.
  71. But it wasn’t like any he had packed.
  72. Ananya had got lunch packed in little.
  73. Let me see how much clothing he packed.
  74. Large book cases packed with leather-.
  75. My stuff is all packed up in the trunk.
  76. Low in calories but packed with almost.
  77. Dean packed up and left the coffee shop.
  78. The trailer will be packed pretty tight.
  79. I"ve fed the donkey and he"s all packed.
  80. It looked like they packed a whole salon.
  81. Your things have been packed and you.
  82. It was short but packed with information.
  83. Oranges in tissue paper packed in crates.
  84. The cafeteria was packed full of students.
  85. Then I packed a few things and came away.
  86. They were serving packed food in the mess.
  87. Florence packed your things last night.
  88. Instead he quietly packed their vacation.
  89. They both exited onto the snow packed yard.
  90. The following morning they packed up and.
  91. Buy canned fruit packed in water or juice.
  92. When they were all packed in, and nicely.
  93. The reception area was packed with Marines.
  94. As she packed a range of clothes for both.
  95. She had also packed an inflatable mattress.
  96. But it’s packed in ice, Newell said.
  97. He packed the moss into the middle of the.
  98. I packed a bag that time, she said.
  99. At her suggestion he had packed a knapsack.
  100. They didn't have much money, so they packed.
  1. Packs close too, and as.
  2. He packs a good wallop, too.
  3. The packs were sixty pounds each.
  4. They had packs to carry, and the.
  5. In addition to the packs they had.
  6. Family hatchbacks full of flat packs.
  7. They hunt in packs and they are smart.
  8. The usual crowd that packs the Cairo.
  9. They shouldered their packs and set off.
  10. Laura pulled out three empty packs of.
  11. We also sold six packs of Busch beer for.
  12. Seconds later she returned with two packs.
  13. We’ve sent him 300 packs of Surf and 250.
  14. They threw their packs on board and climbed in.
  15. Packs of wolves were scouring desperately now.
  16. Let you have a couple of packs of Earth smokes.
  17. Unks pulls his pipe out and packs it with tobacco.
  18. There were thousands of military issue energy packs.
  19. She packs her passengers in with a slam of the door.
  20. Each of their packs was about half the size of mine.
  21. Then she thinks: There could be food in those packs.
  22. In packs, they could turn really nasty, really quick.
  23. All except one, which hid by the travellers’ packs.
  24. The heavier our packs were, the slower we could walk.
  25. Then he packs up his rifle and runs back to his house.
  26. Demarcus simultaneously remove their packs and raid a.
  27. As Alice packs, her daughter Bethany is there with her.
  28. What makes it so dangerous is that it attacks in packs.
  29. Fizzicist woke up to find both children and packs gone.
  30. There is no need to run in packs as several tracks can.
  31. He split open several ice packs and let them begin to.
  32. She couldn’t believe the ‘punch’ that golf packs!.
  33. Rapp glanced at his watch and picked up two of the packs.
  34. All with day packs, they seemed oblivious to the world.
  35. There they halted and adjusted the straps of their packs.
  36. Miller each had packs that weighed at least forty pounds.
  37. In this last boat most of the goods and packs were stowed.
  38. The power packs had finally drained of what little was left.
  39. The ration packs won’t have been affected by the explosion.
  40. He stands next to the EMT who nods and packs up her med box.
  41. He packs a second small case and leaves without another word.
  42. She packs them on top of the doctor's clothes in the holdall.
  43. The hills of the alien world swarmed with packs of Lykanthros.
  44. Walking amongst them as they strapped on their chemical packs.
  45. Before Jake Ensign packs up his bow, I ask to take a look at it.
  46. But he couldn’t risk connecting his power packs at this stage.
  47. Next to her were the two empty packs of sleeping pills and a note.
  48. The two hobbits trussed their small packs, put them on ready for.
  49. When we arrived, they couldn’t believe packs live like this.
  50. Andrew and Connor hoisted their packs and they all set off on foot.
  51. She took the packs off Vanil and let her gorge on the juicy grass.
  52. We filled the packs with the heavier stuff, cans, sauces, and rice.
  53. In a few moments they had shouldered their packs again and were off.
  54. Five minutes later Kandras returned carrying three small packs and.
  55. It’s a few blocks from here, but we need to take our packs with us.
  56. The room came with complimentary coffee packs and a cheap coffee maker.
  57. Grabbing our packs we headed off into the inner reaches of the prison.
  58. Luckily for us, I found a lot more teaching packs than I had expected.
  59. They are the latest standard military-issue packs used by the Greys.
  60. They stood up and took off their small food packs and their water skins.
  61. As penguins can't fly, they invest in rocket packs and set off en masse.
  62. It was thought that they had roamed in packs of sixty or more at a time.
  63. Eventually the power packs on the weapons ran out and both guards threw.
  64. Another Lunchtime Meeting that Packs on the Fat: Watching Your Waistline.
  65. Then again, two packs of smokes a day might have something to do with it.
  66. Let's see, what have we here? he asked before picking the ice packs.
  67. They offloaded their packs and set up a makeshift camp around the fireplace.
  68. Well, I have got all I need into packs for two horses, said Nesvítski.
  69. Neville was relieved to find that Gary had brought three power packs and six.
  70. We tug at our packs, and both turn together; but I've lost sight of the target.
  71. I watch as he closes everything down and packs my new machine into its carry case.
  72. He pulled out two large dry bags while the rest of the men peeled off their packs.
  73. People still streaming in, searching their seat numbers, arranging bags and packs.
  74. Stop and ponder the parameters of pointless pontificating packs and choose a path.
  75. With her backpack on her shoulder and the packs in her arms, she walked downstairs.
  76. The Hunters shouldered their packs and their bows and headed off toward the cabins.
  77. Now the packs were much lighter, food and drink having been consumed along the way.
  78. He folds his suit; hand tailored for him in Hong Kong, and packs it in his suitcase.
  79. Instead, she shouldered her packs and walked down to the hallway to where Chance was.
  80. In one there were several packs of Marlboro lights, and in the other Capri menthols.
  81. They were shown on camera handing packs of cigarettes to the men as an incentive to.
  82. They’ve made up splendid packs for me—fit to cross the Bohemian mountains with.
  83. Theoretically, with my three-quarter ration plan, I should still be eating food packs.
  84. That morning, she had gone into town with Alice and bought two identical packs of cards.
  85. She opens a drawer in the wall and a shelf stacked with vacuum-sealed packs slides out.
  86. Gaal and Xygliper removed the power packs from the phasors and put them in their pockets.
  87. Lezura took up one of the packs, removed the acrilium battery and tossed it on the ground.
  88. But piranhas travel in packs, and as such, are more certainly lethal than the lone shark.
  89. The Lykanthros packs made sure to stay clear of the Hive Builders as they hunted for food.
  90. In the front row, the heaviest of Kreios crew waited with packs of cleanser foam strapped.
  91. It was normal for these big cats to run in packs of 30 or more, but never so many as this.
  92. I love how they call their purses handbags and steal packs of sugar from restaurants.
  93. Periodically, I deliver a load of goodies to her house and she packs and mails them for me.
  94. I don’t know enough about Weres, but aren’t their families the same as their packs?
  95. The sounds of both packs mingled and broke apart again, but both were becoming more distant.
  96. The robots separate into packs of six—two of each kind of robot with a different function.
  97. I fished around in one of the packs and brought out a bar of soap, which I tossed up at him.
  98. This policy and the update may signal the end of service packs as they previously been known.
  99. Eating by myself isn’t that terrible, mainly because I love the food my mother packs for me.
  100. Packs of wargs roamed at will, inflicting damage by guerrilla raids, quickly in and out again.

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