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    1. The carriage was around by the time she had everything ready, He had a very pretty keda the color of a chipmunk with five dark manes and spotted stripes down his back

    2. looked at a simple brass carriage clock, the glass of which was inevitably cracked

    3. The carriage clock in the drawing room ticked away, drawing the dull hands of

    4. Blaine was out first, stepping down as the carriage slowed and running to present his hand Earth style

    5. for courtship before the carriage home

    6. They climbed into the large carriage and were off in a matter of minutes

    7. “Welcome to Warrior’s Hold!” shouted Tarak above the clatter of the slowing carriage

    8. Both he and Rayne leaned forward and peered out the carriage window

    9. Allcock who waited for him, hand on the carriage door handle

    10. The two companions headed toward the exits, but before they emerged onto the street, a carriage driver approached them and Mr

    11. Harry wrenched his gaze from the crowds and boards to follow him to the awaiting carriage, now loaded with their things

    12. The carriage lights on either side of the porch are on and the glow of table lamps in the sitting room filters out through the glass in the main door to the house

    13. We all stand in ‘our’ regular place so that we can get into ‘our’ regular carriage and sit in ‘our’ regular seat

    14. He continually wore a disarming grin and his carriage bespoke assuredness of purpose

    15. When it became apparent that there was no convincing her that they would all be cyborg-slaves on Planet Fnord by sundown, Sunil bitterly tossed his apple away, and it flowed down the stream until it rested on a small road by the embankment, and was swiftly run over by a passing horse carriage

    16. This horse carriage was owned by a Cheese Merchant, who had come to sell all her cheeses

    17. She rode her carriage to the Tirikatene Family House

    18. A runaway horse and carriage owned and operated by visiting tourists not a local villager, plowed through the fence and side yard of the Lodges' grounds one late July afternoon

    19. The carriage occupants were too shaken to help themselves, so it fell to George and Jameson, Belle, Titania and Hipolyta to send for the doctor, rescue the driver and passengers from their now very crumpled carriage, extricate the horses from their harnesses, right the nearly overturned carriage, remove the damaged carriage and still unhurt horse to the livery and lead away the injured horse

    20. “Couldn’t you have me pull you all along in the horse carriage like last time?” Jack asked

    21. He left is trunk at the station; they would pick it up when they returned by carriage for Kaitlyn and her baggage, which they did just before Mr

    22. For example once he had nearly gotten himself and all his friends killed when he accidentally drove a carriage off the edge of a cliff

    23. to join them on the top carriage:

    24. I need not say that I rushed for my coat and my hat and we drove back by carriage

    25. "There are the wheels of the carriage, Watson

    26. One of the levers caused a small carriage to come out of the handle

    27. This carriage was covered with little plastic blocks with tiny lines made of metal all over them

    28. They said they had a carriage, a couple guys from the house helped carry their stuff down

    29. "I understand someone helped them down to the carriage with their things?"

    30. "I don't know who the carriage owner was

    31. "What about the carriage?" he asked

    32. It did sound like a very average carriage, there were probably a thousand like it in the city

    33. Good roads, canals, and navigable rivers, by diminishing the expense of carriage, put the remote parts of the country more nearly upon a level with those in the neighbourhood of the town

    34. They drove in Grandpa's horseless carriage which seemed to glide along the lanes rather than actually roll on its wheels

    35. Nimblefax was quite intrigued at the speed at which the carriage achieved without any apparent steering mechanism, Beauty just used her hands to direct its movement, calling out 'Whoa' to slow and 'Away' to speed up

    36. "In you both go now and good luck" Beauty stopped the carriage in front of a highly ornate building with huge columns and a large rectangular multi sculptured lintel above the doorway

    37. They climbed aboard the carriage a bemused Lemoss looked at Beauty steadily

    38. "How much would that carriage cart be worth our Jason?" shouted the Sargent to the witness box

    39. If they were not, they could not bear the expense of a distant carriage, either by land or by water

    40. The coarse, and still more the precious metals, when separated from the ore, are so valuable, that they can generally bear the expense of a very long land, and of the most distant sea carriage

    41. When they arrived at the ladies gate, so did the horseless carriage as it glided silently towards them

    42. He pulled the carriage up in the shade by the stream and unhitched the team

    43. We left the carriage and keda at a transient pasture and followed you by air ever since

    44. "Should do" he whispered as he tied it up the under carriage

    45. Silver must certainly be cheaper in Spanish America than in Europe ; in the country where it is produced, than in the country to which it is brought, at the expense of a long carriage both by land and by sea, of a freight, and an insurance

    46. They are rich in the industry and skill of their artificers and manufacturers, in every sort of machinery which can facilitate and abridge labour; in shipping, and in all the other instruments and means of carriage and commerce: but they are poor in corn, which, as it must be brought to them from distant countries, must, by an addition to its price, pay for the carriage from those countries

    47. involved in the carriage of baggage was no longer

    48. The carriage rested royally; went on and on, into the

    49. The wool of the southern counties of Scotland is, a great part of it, after a long land carriage through very bad roads, manufactured in Yorkshire, for want of a capital to manufacture it at home

    50. Their freight is much less, and their insurance not greater ; and no goods, besides, are less liable to suffer by the carriage

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