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    1. Heb: 2:4: God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles, and gifts of the

    2. One has to realize that women evolved as child bearing and home defender- hence nurturing, loving and caring while men evolved as hunter (chaser!), protector, provider and problem solver

    3. flame bearing Charos towards him

    4. ‘Yes, it would, so I hope you are bearing that in mind

    5. " Men bearing the title of' Elders" does not make them bishops

    6. Kate, the wanderer returns bearing bubbly, three this afternoon convenient to call round? Need help with preparations? X N

    7. It was a large square room with a high ceiling adorned with fancy plasterwork and filled by rows of tables bearing what she knew to be computer stations criss-crossing the room, lit by natural light from the long, floor to ceiling windows let into one wall

    8. We won’t be able to know God as He in fact is until we are willing to undergo suffering and bearing our crosses

    9. In bearing our own cross, the cross of Christ becomes all the more clear as to the glory that God displayed there

    10. If you see another person or an animal bearing a gag, don't worry about your enemies; they can't harm you

    11. Either it was a random attack in which case it had no bearing whatsoever on who she was … or it was deliberate and everything to do with who she was

    12. He slept for a short while, during which time he dreamed that he could see a chariot of flame bearing Charos towards him

    13. It's claws were shorter, more for bearing weight than digging, almost a hoof

    14. by the bearing of devils on his broad, sun bleached shoulders,

    15. Joe gave him a bearing of where to fly and soon enough

    16. bearing the mark of the wheel

    17. is the hypocrisy of small measure bearing

    18. It has the fathomless mystery of Yoga itself, but, also like Yoga it has a bearing and a meaning within our everyday lives

    19. He was still a mountain of a man, but he was refined, the rough edges were gone, his bearing was softer

    20. A knock at the door, heralds the arrival of our hostess and her acolyte, bearing trays of steaming broth

    21. Old Ted, on the other hand, went from strength to strength, earning a small fortune from his globally syndicated television show and from a chain of franchised garden centres bearing his name that sprang up across the whole country

    22. wondered if I should stop bearing pain right then and stretch my legs

    23. Is this justice? Should we keep bearing it? I am just an old man, I

    24. And if we react, it is because we have been bearing

    25. bearing; not many can pull that off, you have to be born to it

    26. She watched as Duncan approached, walking with a bearing of great self-confidence; a man used to bearing the weight of command

    27. wide, wide world bearing fire and sharp edged blades

    28. She had a definite regal bearing that couldn’t be faked

    29. indeed an astonishing discovery, bearing the power

    30. show and from a chain of franchised garden centres bearing his

    31. The sled bearing the man was completely covered in snow

    32. “May I relate something that may have a bearing on all this,” announced Brent

    33. 15Which show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing

    34. bearing, or the effects of a leaking gasket

    35. strength of character and a noble bearing, though

    36. were finally bearing fruit

    37. The entire wait staff led by Mandy and White Feathers processed from the kitchens bearing trays and singing

    38. The tables were dressed in linen and set with white china place settings, accented with silverware bearing the engraved initials of the Union Pacific Railway on each piece

    39. the military bearing and the Major’s uniform with the medal ribbons

    40. 'You realise that bearing false witness against an

    41. was tall, handsome and dignified in his bearing; the latter

    42. Each began to feel the weight of humility, and both were overjoyed in bearing their new secret burdens

    43. Beyond, a wider area held clumps of arching hairy sticks bearing fruit

    44. As hard as it was to believe, another payday was rapidly bearing down on her, the clock over the fireplace read eleven thirty five, and she was still staring at a stack of papers that would make even the best of bookkeepers cringe

    45. stood the tree of life, bearing twelve

    46. interspersed with establishments bearing the Royal seal –

    47. bearing gold and incense

    48. “I used to make that in the bearing factories,” Marcue said, “A strong man can make a copper in a double shift

    49. I looked again at this man, bearing shame and bearing scorn

    50. bearing on my opinion of that town! Collecting the family

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