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    carry on

    1. In this way, I could carry on living a life untroubled by religion [anyone’s!] before

    2. “No you just carry on it seems more interesting than mine”

    3. We cannot be certain of our fates and still carry on

    4. Moreover, you do not end there; but you carry on and

    5. Ants also have their own fungus that they carry on the bodies

    6. "How could they carry on knowing I suffer in torment with this moth-sized star?"

    7. The way you carry on, you cannot see that you are killing yourself as well

    8. They had brought harm to the village for allowing Haques to carry on as he did

    9. Though she had been at the center of getting device manufacture going, she didn't actually carry one, but had a data terminal at the house

    10. qualifications to be elders, decisions still have to be made in order for the church to carry on its work

    11. That he is pleased with his CD is very clear, and he immediately starts looking through the book, following me into the kitchen and reading out bits to me as I carry on with my turkey checking … Christmas is proving successful so far

    12. They would carry on here, they were actually doing well, though he had to admit, they were less and less Brazilian and more Gengee with every passing decade, especially at his end of the settlement

    13. "You'll have to carry on without me," she replied

    14. "I think we should let him marry the native woman in a Christian ceremony and let them quietly carry on studies in some outlying area," Victoria said

    15. We were just touching knees, waiting for someone to come and break the tension so we could carry on to Sophia

    16. “Carry on, carry on”, he said with another low chuckle

    17. Fishermen on a mountaintop? Who would believe it? The men see me sitting there, nod, and carry on working

    18. We can not escape what runs through our path, but everyone is responsible to carry on walking through individual notion and effort

    19. Every time I picked something up, they'd say, 'Very nice, this is,' then carry on talking to each other

    20. ‘After the birth I just could not carry on pretending that our marriage was anything but a sham … so I told him the whole story

    21. Glayet was very unlikely to drive a cherub in a personification such as this, and Abigail McFerdie could not carry on this conversation, nor would she ever allow herself to swing big knockers like that with prominent points showing thru a thin jersey sheath

    22. Of course there would hardly be a soul here who had an interest other than their duty, but here they could talk of it as they wished, carry on ad nauseam and expound their own opinions

    23. It is the only explanation for their being able to carry on this senseless war

    24. They were taught just enough of the Scather language to carry on a limited conversation - exactly what Naria wanted

    25. “Carry on, carry on”, he said with another low

    26. After talking to you about it, I cleared my 'hobby' with the Ambassador and he is happy for me to carry on as long as I don't involve the Embassy officially

    27. If youth don’t want to carry on the traditions, then the traditions die

    28. The moment of connection is ending but she wants it to carry on

    29. scent will carry on up the mountain, but ours,’ he

    30. Belle wondered for a moment how many generations of George's family had asked those very questions and she swelled with pride and resolve that her family would now both carry on the old, and begin the new traditions of so remarkable a lineage

    31. Only it’s sacredness allowed me to carry on when I knew what I had done

    32. “I was barely able to carry on when I found out

    33. You'll have to carry on the best you can

    34. The low constant hum of the sander against the wooden floors over her head caused her to carry on

    35. If they want to carry on, they do

    36. "Carry on then

    37. was too dangerous to carry on

    38. It generally requires a greater stock to carry on any sort of trade in a great town than in a country village

    39. If they've been out of hibernation long enough to carry on research, they would have caught it by now

    40. He had been told to 'Carry on the good work, have a cup of cider, and enjoy the roses' which had just re-bloomed for the third time that day

    41. This planet is irrelevant economically because we can't carry on trade with it

    42. Some part is sent annually by the Acapulco ships to Manilla; some part is employed in a contraband trade, which the Spanish colonies carry on with those of other European nations; and some part, no doubt, remains in the country

    43. Now that she was rehabilitated and her soul had proper support, she would be able to carry on some final studies

    44. That the silver mines of Spanish America, like all other mines, become gradually more expensive in the working, on account of the greater depths at which it is necessary to carry on the works, and of the greater expense of drawing out the water, and of supplying them with fresh air at those depths, is acknowledged by everybody who has inquired into the state of those mines

    45. I think your memories know that they will want to carry on trade with us

    46. for himself, it is not necessary that any stock should be accumulated, or stored up before-hand, in order to carry on the business of the society

    47. If one is of the impression that he is alone in his universe and that all other creations are only accessories to allow him to carry on his life, why would he care about honesty, legitimacy, faithfulness and other such noble sentiments?

    48. Later, the reverse process comes into action and plays its role until the moment comes when all particles that had associated with the body get free and move out to carry on their separate mission

    49. By means of those cash accounts, every merchant can, without imprudence, carry on a greater trade than he otherwise could do

    50. of them have carry on trade

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