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    1. Upheld by the simplicities of

    2. earth, who have upheld my justice,

    3. Within its blazing breath, a cloaked figure stood, holding back the beast's flames with an upheld shield

    4. But he insists that the tradition of pigmonging needs to be upheld

    5. The law said that it was a crime, and the law must be upheld to maintain order

    6. All laws must be upheld until such time as parliament or the courts scrap those laws

    7. A newly freed Black population would be forced into sharecropping and segregation upheld by violence

    8. Sylvia gripped the edge of the table with both hands and opened her mouth to speak, but he silenced her with an upheld hand

    9. 4 Your words have upheld him who was falling, and you have strengthened the feeble knees

    10. and truth preserve the king, and his throne is upheld by mercy

    11. In looking at the law of grace and the law of karma, both operate and are upheld in life

    12. Read's case and upheld the firing for "lack of

    13. In his mind, she now seemed, not only to disbelieve, but to despise the traditional standards she not long ago had proudly upheld when she warned their son Robert against the “perverted activities of gays…”

    14. Without delving deeply into the legalities, suffice it to say that the Court of (Federal) Claims upheld the Navy’s partial termination of the LHA class which reduced the number of vessels from nine to five

    15. 19 Now as concerning Judas Maccabeus and his brothers and the purification of the great temple and the dedication of the altar 20 And the wars against Antiochus Epiphanes and Eupator his son 21 And the manifest signs that came from Heaven to those who behaved themselves manfully to their honour for Judaism: so in being a few they overcame the whole country and chased barbarous multitudes; 22 And recovered again the temple renowned all the world over and freed the city and upheld the laws which were going down the Lord being gracious to them with all favour: 23 All these things I say being declared by Jason of Cyrene in five books we will assay to abridge in one volume

    16. out, and then the lie or misguiding truths constantly upheld and

    17. This was a prohibition, since the Church held it to be a grave sin, and that code was upheld by the civil powers

    18. A navy-blue shirt topped black trousers upheld by paisley suspenders

    19. The first three months this arrangement was upheld without protest

    20. The lofty roof, flat and undomed, was upheld by thick columns, marching in rows down the sides of the walls

    21. 3 It was the plan of Jesus' enemies, if he upheld the law of Moses requiring that the self-confessed transgressor be stoned, to involve him in difficulty with the Roman rulers, who had denied the Jews the right to inflict the death penalty without the approval of a Roman tribunal

    22. Instead of a skirt she wore short, wide-legged silk breeches, which ceased a hand's breadth short of her knees, and were upheld by a wide silken sash worn as a girdle

    23. This harness was connected by a slender chain to the mechanism that upheld a huge iron ball which was suspended above the captive's hairy breast

    24. Yet there they were—gold breast-plates set with concentric circles of small gems, gilded sandals, and a short silken skirt upheld by a jeweled girdle

    25. 2 All day long John upheld the idea that Jesus had risen from the dead

    26. The court decided in that since the theater was private property for which a paid admission had been charged and that the rules of conduct during the presentation were clearly posted, the man was guilty of breach of contract and upheld the conviction

    27. Though the United States Supreme Court had upheld the taking of

    28. For more than twenty years HMS Hood upheld the pride and the traditions of the Royal Navy in every corner of the globe

    29. Their position was firm, and rigidity was upheld by the high standard that man had invented as law, and then placed in their religion

    30. Still, it officially remained the law of the Rabid Band, and the law would be upheld

    31. This Supreme Justice Council wants to examine them so that decision of the most sensitive case would be make on merits and the world should see that decorum of court was upheld in all respects and all norms of justice were followed

    32. " How on earth are they supposed to be upheld?"

    33. This dictum has been upheld by the authorities on our home planet

    34. · When the authority of God and His Word is upheld we can always win

    35. When the king asked his companions what they had to say about the marvel of the idol, and of its staying in the air without prop or support, several maintained that it was upheld by some hidden support

    36. The lamas who have principally upheld the policy estab-

    37. The early masters who upheld this tradition, including the first

    38. However, despite their intercession he still refused to change his mind until some time later when, under heavy political and international coercion, he agreed that the death penalty should be upheld on only one of them, either the father or the son

    39. and then only for as long as he upheld the law; but with the decline of the

    40. appeared in Shay's upheld hands from where it had

    41. To the same degree the search for an angelic woman, which Dante upheld as an ideal, caused me much damage

    42. before that truth will stand in his own strength; he is not upheld by the words

    43. And often, there comes a feeling of being upheld,

    44. as longas honor was upheld

    45. the worldly career of Jesus Christ might have persisted longer had he upheld Buddhist ethics

    46. Our scholars have been searching the archives of the Palace Library and our suspicions have been upheld

    47. Even though they both upheld the Law through Faith, they appeared to have differences concerning the enforcement of the lower laws on the Gentiles

    48. whom no one ever could prove wrong…and this is upheld by Mainstream Physics in spite of the cosmos

    49. In order to normalize relationships within the group, boundaries had to be created and upheld

    50. Whether a person confesses to a crime or not, the ritual of adversarial combat is upheld

    1. will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness

    2. Laws were put in place to uphold peace, but when morality and law is subjective, and pride and conquest are the root of your nation, peace is impossible

    3. No longer would you uphold or condone the worship of the gods in the temples

    4. “As Queen I have decided to uphold the appeal

    5. ” Hence, it is always important to uphold the

    6. ‘Now that I've led you here, you must uphold your

    7. They’re both honourable men who’ll uphold the principles

    8. It was their duty to uphold order and a sense of self-discipline, even when doused in wine till they swayed in the dance

    9. Do you see the difference? Practically speaking, a Police Force cannot decide which laws to uphold

    10. He who defends the cause of the fatherless and the orphan; He who commands His people to provide shelter for the homeless, and uphold the cause of the needy, the aged and the widow? Do I not hold the scales of truth and weigh all in the balances?! Am I not a discerner of the heart and of the mind, He who knows the innermost thoughts and intentions?!

    11. Thus says The Lord, to all those who dwell within these detestable walls; to all these who stand inside these undesirable gates, hear The Word of The Lord: Shall you trust in the works of your own hands, O sons of men? How long shall you be wise in your own eyes? For that which you have erected shall be your undoing, and that which you uphold shall surely collapse upon your own heads! For I have seen it! Says The Lord

    12. A representative of the people should uphold the duties and (sacred) trust of public office by making informed decisions based upon the legitimate concerns of his or her constituents by promoting, whenever possible, majority interests without compromising the immediate demands of the nation

    13. For the servants of The Most High uphold My cause

    14. I uphold the powerless, and steady the weary,

    15. These women are (now) duty bound to uphold the (legal) rights of the child, at whatever stage of his or her development, that that woman otherwise feels entitled to

    16. Such is fated for a society that is neither willing to uphold its legal traditions nor unable to estimate the consequences of its purposeful actions

    17. dog, understands what the rules are and agrees to uphold them consistently

    18. Though the League issued a public declaration against anti Antisemitism in 1936, in fact they allied with and funded a number of organizations that hated Jews, including the Southern Committee to Uphold the Constitution, the Sentinels of the Republic, and the Silver Shirts

    19. “This ship is in my care and custody, and as a licensed security agent I have sworn to uphold the law and to protect the property thus entrusted to me,” Hartle informed them in an indignant voice

    20. The Castigator talked to him in earnest, urging him to uphold the Law, honor his rank and office, protect him and the Council as a whole and crush the rebels before they could take root firmly

    21. Were they entirely wrong to uphold that duty?

    22. I myself had taken the part of the Judaites in the argument, in the beginning, thinking their point had been well taken, until Peter had so eloquently turned things around! Was it because I had seen Peter himself, not so long before, ambivalent about the need to uphold the Law, especially that of circumcision? The memory still bothered him

    23. Unfortunately, he failed to uphold

    24. “But the majority of you wish to uphold our policy of uninvolvement

    25. 12 Restore to me the joy of your salvation; and uphold me with your free spirit

    26. 4 Notice, God is my helper: the Lord is with those who uphold my soul

    27. up strife, and the furious man expands in transgression; man's pride shall bring him low, but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit

    28. you; yes, I will help you; yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness

    29. land that is in league, shall fall with them by the sword; 6 So says the Lord; They also that uphold Egypt shall fall; and the pride of

    30. duty to uphold our great tradition

    31. It would be hard to uphold segregation

    32. That case set the Supreme Court on a course directly against the headwinds of its oath, and its mandate, to uphold the Constitution

    33. Under such a regime does the Constitution remain a guiding and limiting factor in judicial decisions? Does it continue to uphold the limitation and distribution of power in government as intended? Does it have any meaning at all? Yes, it has meaning

    34. What the Constitution may require, or the oath the Justices take to uphold the Constitution, are matters of no consequence

    35. discovered that he could only uphold the vow as long as women

    36. vatism in the early 1970s, several groups continued to uphold the

    37. Justice Roberts) voted mainly to uphold New Deal legislation? In

    38. who took an oath to uphold the Constitution when sworn in as a

    39. It remains a controversial lifestyle which some people uphold as morally neutral and normal,

    40. three times the inflation rate every year! Although these two senators decry the federal deficit every year, they also vote to uphold the right of Congressmen to spend over $25 billion every year on

    41. It is perhaps possible to proceed without dispensing of objective representation altogether, and for those who wish to uphold representation, I say let us give it a try and move forward

    42. “I swear forevermore, that I will not break the peace, that I will defend the innocent, and that I will uphold justice

    43. “I swear that I will defend the innocent, uphold justice, and not break the peace, for as long as I live and breathe!” he declared, his vow punctuated by the blue flash

    44. “I had to study Finitran law as part of my training as a Ranger, since at my Investiture I swore to uphold it

    45. “I swear forevermore that I will not break the peace, that I will defend the innocent, and that I will uphold justice

    46. “Of all of you, Falgaroth is the only one who I know to have taken concrete action to uphold truth and justice, and he has done so by the creation of the Truthstone

    47. “When any person who is not sworn to justice touches this stone, the question will be automatically and psionicly asked in a tiny fraction of a second; ‘Do you swear to not break the peace, to protect the innocent, and to uphold justice, forevermore?’ But that was easy, we put that in with a bit of Talia’s power beforehand, along with a mark to tell these apart

    48. nutrients that will always uphold a healthy state of mind

    49. It is the whole Body of Christ that we must uphold in

    50. been shaped to uphold and undergird the pursuit of the

    1. Lavished, as it were, on the upholding of this village's standards of excellence and good reputation;” she paused, “So valuable to our native industry,” then curtly added, “Don't you agree?”

    2. And if upholding the ancient tradition of pigmonging means that I've got to keep taking a pounding in the crackers, then so be it

    3. The neutral nation was charged with the responsibility with upholding the

    4. chooses to worship without prejudice or bias to (any) individual with respect to that individual‘s (religious) customs and beliefs including nonbelievers; upholding such practices privately invested in the Individual and not the State without undermining the Public‘s (inherent) awareness of an Almighty Presence…

    5. These ranged from generals upholding the law in southern states to Blacks working for the post office, one of the few secure refuges for minorities before the end of segregation

    6. Diligence was considered a virtuous characteristic and most Law-abiding parents tried to hammer that into their children if they had to, so as to become people worthy of upholding the Law whenever they could, whatever their place in society might be

    7. 7 As Nabuchodonosor King of all the Earth lives, and as his power lives, who has sent you for the upholding of

    8. In upholding the injunction, the state Supreme Court agreed with Judge Bayless that Amendment 2 supposedly affects the fundamental constitutional

    9. 7 As Nabuchodonosor King of all the Earth lives and as his power lives who has sent you for the upholding of every living thing for not only men shall serve him by you but also the beasts of the field and the cattle and the fowls of the air shall live by your power under Nabuchodonosor and all his house

    10. a devotion to upholding the accuracy of our reality? Yet, how

    11. Jerome, was beheaded for upholding the truth

    12. The sojourn at Chorazin was very depressing to most of the apostles, and Andrew and Abner had much difficulty in upholding the courage of their associates

    13. While thus upholding the high and ideal concepts of marriage, Jesus skillfully avoided clashing with his questioners about the social practices represented by either their written laws or their much-cherished divorce privileges

    14. He saw great towering black walls, pedestals half hidden in the shadows upholding images of hideous, half-bestial gods

    15. Although Jesus lived and died on Urantia, his whole human career, from first to last, was a spectacle designed to influence and instruct the entire universe of his creation and unceasing upholding

    16. Christians upholding uplift ideology based one’s status on a hard work, high moral standards, fathers providing for their families as head of their homes, thrift, and property ownership

    17. upholding and blending the charm and the charisma of the pop art of 50s, people still loves it

    18. Stumbling through the placement of the pieces, I eventually concluded that the boring repetition of one's self-esteem consists of constantly expanding and espousing one’s personal history, thereby upholding and enhancing their sense of self-importance, while they’re living as if someone else should clean up after them, and as if they will never die

    19. Subsistence is provided with food, clothing, shelter, medical; but nurture is priceless in upholding the human spirit within

    20. They had all worked on several cases together over the last few years, which allowed Feltus to develop a strong working relationship with him and to respect him for his integrity in upholding the law or his own personal convictions

    21. Many times, he had sat in the witness box in the main courtroom with its spectators’ balcony and enormous judge’s bench that seemed befitting of those who were charged with upholding the law as he gave his carefully worded testimony in so many high-profile cases

    22. the other hand probably deserved a medal for upholding his confidentiali-

    23. It didn't work that way - he had to remain in a place of passionate persevering prayer, upholding the authority of God, his hands lifted to heaven, lifted to throne of God, from where his power and his source comes

    24. upholding you and loving you

    25. to upholding and spreading Je Tsongkhapa’s tradition

    26. responsibility of upholding the teachings of the Ganden Tradition

    27. is the best and even meeting with death while upholding it results in

    28. He blinks and realizes that everyone is staring at him and he's not upholding his usual levels of obnoxiousness

    29. “Yep,” said Irena, “and in either case, the conclusion is the same: life is all about upholding life

    30. If you are serving share your problem with the elders of the church and ask their constant prayer upholding so that God will bring a lot of healing to your church

    31. So it is, O most faithful ones, with one who is not upholding the

    32. And so it is, O most venerable of beings, that upholding the precepts is

    33. of upholding the cause of justice and order, winked at

    34. Judge on what you see and not what you are told by physicists upholding Newton

    35. only apply their ability to calculate and knowledge for the purpose of upholding Newton and never to

    36. conducting thereof is upholding deceptions instituted by Newton that then formed the institution of lies

    37. The same applies with the unbelieving Gentile who holds onto the passage of Acts 16:31 without upholding the Law

    38. John 4:10, Romans 6:23, Ephesians 2:8, 2Timothy 1:6, John 3:16 Because The Father willed it, The Son is the invisible image of the invisible Father: Hebrews 1:3 “Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high

    39. is perpetrating fraud and conducting in upholding deceptions instituted by Newton that then formed the

    40. Then, in the face of all this evidence contradicting Sir Isaac Newton; they remain upholding the

    41. the purpose of upholding Newton and never to provoke Newtonian liability by telling the truth

    42. Dulles warned the Saudi Arabians that if they insist on upholding the agreement

    43. It is designed for upholding the rationalization of abstract insanities above actual facts or truths

    44. The lesson in all this is, that in order to preserve peace by upholding the concept of law: you must also preserve the pyramidal heap of civilization, and vice versa

    45. You cannot uphold, exercise, and sustain any freedom indefinitely without also upholding, exercising and sustaining the responsibilities that go along with those rights

    46. Once any political body tries to uphold and exercise its rights without also upholding their responsibilities: they become corrupt, inefficient, and blind

    47. You do not have to worry about all of the American fleets around the world upholding their orders to support all the dictators in the world and oppress all the billions of powerless dispossessed poor so you can but gas cheaper than anywhere else on earth

    48. If they are physically no cleaner than you are: why should you believe that they are spiritually cleaner than you? The idea of upholding them as more pure, or more spiritual is not even a hypocrisy… it is a dirty, shitty joke

    49. Poor, sad, disillusioned lady, the burden of her duty was, to her, equally heavy and equally strong—the upholding of the family honour

    50. These undead human evil monsters have only been able to maintain their own secrecy by upholding the insanity of civilization

    1. If the court upholds the agreement to pay in Ort he will not have a ducit left to pay, it will have gone in fees and costs

    2. My cause is not pleaded before the people, and the jury of your peers upholds every evil platform

    3. 17 For the arms of the wicked shall be broken, but the Lord upholds the righteous

    4. 24 Though he falls, he shall not be utterly thrown down, for the Lord upholds him with his hand

    5. We acknowledge that it will be difficult to accept this logic if one upholds the possibility of directly recognizing an ‘empty’ place

    6. “Mercy and truth preserve the king, and by lovingkindness he upholds his throne

    7. Now God has created laws that govern the natural world and the spiritual world, and he upholds them

    8. family that upholds you, nourishes you and

    9. Credibility is issued not by the papers it issues but by the value it upholds, the credibility of building a society

    10. cannot be fulfilled, the indispensable power that upholds, and

    11. As the ruler of the country and its religious leader, he needs to make sure that his family upholds the proper moral conducts

    12. Stay: Something one relies upon and is a support; upholds something: or, to stop; hold back

    13. It takes on the values and beliefs and attitudes of whatever civilization or culture it upholds

    14. "And God upholds the truth with His words, even though the sinners detest it

    15. Either they are thought to be regenerate in baptism, or to be regenerated by the Spirit in the article of death; so that scarcely any reformed church upholds the ancient horror of a limbos infantium

    16. In a word, that is the safest religion, not which attempts to maintain incessant dread of eternal suffering, but that which most steadily upholds within man's heart the influence of law, love, reason, truth, joy, divine authority, delicacy of moral sentiment, and filial awe


    18. And He [Christ] is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature, and upholds all things by the word of His power

    19. Christ upholds all things by the power of His word [Hebrews 1:3]

    20. in heaven and on earth" [Matthew 28:18], and He now upholds all things by the word of His power [Hebrews 1:3]

    21. This major contemporary art gallery is a dynamic public art space that upholds visually creative, challenging, innovative art forms of the present day

    22. "Men of the Lenni Lenape!" he said, "my race upholds the earth! Your feeble tribe stands on my shell! What fire that a Delaware can light would burn the child of my fathers," he added, pointing proudly to the simple blazonry on his skin; "the blood that came from such a stock would smother your flames! My race is the grandfather of nations!"

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