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Castrate в предложении (на )

  1. Laius was, or he will castrate or murder.
  2. I hope they castrate him, too, I said.
  3. Their nickname is Castrate, and it’s fitting.
  4. He'd fucking castrate me--and take my damn head off.
  5. These women want to castrate males; turn them into lapdogs.

  6. The other three suits from Castrate froze and glared at her.
  7. A mother who does not want her son to be free will try to castrate him.
  8. Abdul realised that his father’s proposals would castrate British Government.
  9. We were sticking ice picks in his balls and ended up having to castrate the.
  10. You see how fast they put a father in jail when he goes to castrate and remove the genitals of.
  11. My fantasy trial is a huge courtroom showdown against Castrate, a grand exposé of all their sins.
  12. One of the most effective ways a mother can castrate her children is by taking possession of their lives.
  13. Two Castrate lawyers were reprimanded, nothing serious, and when it was all over it had not been worth the trouble.
  14. They do what the devil said, when he said, …I shall order them to tamper with Al’lah’s creation…: just as they castrate sheep.
  15. Across the room, they had faced a phalanx of expensive Castrate lawyers who toiled daily in the murky world of the federal black lung system.

  16. When any man looked inside it, he would be sucked into it, where Kemeti would castrate them and leave their souls inside the vase for all eternity.
  17. When the men wanted to worship this female goddess, they would castrate themselves and then throw their former manliness upon the altar as an offering.
  18. To this I would only add that one of Obamas nominees to the Supreme Court, and since confirmed, has been quoted as saying that it would be a service to the country to castrate white males.
  19. Those who do not have the courage to make these painful separations from childish love and, especially, from repressed hatred, renounce their ability to become an adult a bit more every day, and they castrate all of their own potential.
  20. To castrate the power of thinking in us, God makes the seekers to go through such tragic experiences (at physical or perceptive levels) that the very act of perceiving and thinking appears meaningless to us and we feel a great pain and mental agony to identify ourselves with ideas and thinking of any kind.
  1. On the one hand, castrating an animal.
  2. Somehow instead we have the castrating.
  3. At the fourth week, you can start castrating.
  4. Let’s imagine that the response is repressive and castrating.
  5. Ulysses’ mother is possessive and absent, devouring and castrating.
  6. Jocasta bears no resemblance to the castrating mother ofFreudian theory, and indeed it.
  7. She was now taking it back, castrating him with her inordinate demands and his inability to cope.
  8. I, 56-57) Before a child encounters the devouring mother, he encounters the seductive mother and the castrating mother.
  9. Neuman introduced the concept of the devouring mother, and the Freudian analyst Fairbairn introduced the concepts of the seductive mother and the castrating mother.
  10. It forces him to accept seven years of being imprisoned on her island, but slowly his adult I takes control over his fetal I and its complicity with the seductive and castrating 85.
  11. What do they inspire? That if he does not decide to unravel his hatred against the devouring, seductive, castrating mother with forgiveness, his hatred will turn against him and he will die a miserable death.
  12. One thing is knowing how to become eunuchs for heaven and another thing is castrating oneself because this is what the mother has commanded because she wants to be her son’s only woman and be loved by him for all his life.
  13. While it may be true that Ulysses finds himself either totally or partially powerless and cannot defend himself in the way he would like from the violence perpetrated upon him by all the devouring, seductive, possessive, phallic and castrating mothers he encounters, the day does come when he can learn to transform 188.
  14. What kind of art? The art of creating a fusion between pain and wisdom; the art of creating a synthesis of opposites; the art of losing what one is and what one has to become capable of creating a type of beauty that never dies; the art of fusing the truth with love (which is what Oedipus does not know how to do), freedom with cosmic purpose (we all have a personal purpose and cosmic purpose to fulfill); the art of fusing love, truth, freedom and beauty to be created and that will not be created if we do not do so; the art of transforming pain into a source of creativity instead of in victimhood and vindictive hatred; the art of conquering freedom from the devouring, seductive and castrating mother and from the phallic mother assassin; freedom from the poisons that we carry within ourselves as being part of the human species; the art of conquering the truth by breaking the narcissistic shields we were defending ourselves with (and that we continue to defend ourselves with) from pain, when we were not yet strong enough to be able to face it.
  1. Eunuchs were often castrated.
  2. Capons are castrated male fowls.
  3. That mother fucker got castrated.
  4. That man really should be castrated.
  5. The majority of them is not castrated.
  6. Steers are bulls that have been castrated.
  7. No one is castrated or even threatened with castration.
  8. You two can be slowly hanged, impaled, castrated and then.
  9. Eunuch: A castrated man trusted to work in the king's court.
  10. The young castrated men served as sexual slaves for men in a.
  11. Ideas, theories, logic and isms all are castrated at core.
  13. You need to observe carefully the newly castrated kids for several days.
  14. I did not create or approve of the existence of slaves who were forcefully castrated.
  15. No matter how we look at it, this wound is a visible sign of how he was invisibly castrated.
  16. One of the wethers didn’t die at once, but bleated piteously as if it were being castrated all over again.
  17. We have to make God-seeking a sovereign power in us otherwise the spiritualism will always remain castrated.
  18. Pon recovered his Glave from the eye of his first kill and then slid between Mophi’s legs and castrated him.
  19. The question they needed to answer was would they want to die honourable or be castrated by the legal system and the media.
  20. The general feeling in the industry is that the Doberman got castrated, but I think they still have a chance, he said.
  21. Suddenly there was a huge rumble from inside the mountain which shook the ground and spooked his new horse, Patsy, he called it, because he had been castrated at a young age.
  22. Many of the animals killed for a plate have already been branded, de-horned, castrated, de-beaked, de-combed, ear notched, tail docked, and otherwise painfully injured on the farm.
  23. The side of the ship where the mothers of his children should be languishing in the universe of their desires with castrated servants who delighted in moving furniture hither and yon.
  24. The men were mutilated; some even castrated, and forced to work in the fields and mines digging for minerals; even though the Orderrans had machinery that could do the work ten times faster.
  25. The irony, of course, is that eunuchs were castrated so that they couldn’t have children, in an attempt to discourage any notion of seizing the power of the court to set up a new dynasty.
  26. The Doctor had examined him and confirmed that he had indeed been castrated – it was no comfort to him, when the Doctor confided admiringly, that the procedure had been very skilfully done!.
  27. An example of this would be believing that all men should be castrated, because you were raped last year; or that all door to door salesmen are crooks because one of them swindled you five years ago.
  28. But causes of serious error here intervene: a plant, to be hybridised, must be castrated, and, what is often more important, must be secluded in order to prevent pollen being brought to it by insects from other plants.
  29. Moreover, whenever complicated experiments are in progress, so careful an observer as Gartner would have castrated his hybrids, and this would have insured in each generation a cross with pollen from a distinct flower, either from the same plant or from another plant of the same hybrid nature.
  30. That these processes are often injurious to the fertility of a plant cannot be doubted; for Gartner gives in his table about a score of cases of plants which he castrated, and artificially fertilised with their own pollen, and (excluding all cases such as the Leguminosae, in which there is an acknowledged difficulty in the manipulation) half of these twenty plants had their fertility in some degree impaired.
  31. Whatever, would the Hindus in India, or of the diaspora, breathing free after their thousand years’ history of slavery, savor a Sonia sarkar? Here is an Italian woman whom destiny made the daughter-in-law of a household that had a dynastic grip on the democratic India with the clasp of the Congress party; to achieve which, her mother-in-law, by then, had castrated the party men into enervation as family eunuchs, and it was the quirk of her fate that brought about the untimely death of Sanjay her brother-in-law, her mother-in-law’s chosen heir apparent to rule the country.
  32. The face withdrawn of its good and bad, a castrated face,.
  1. The power of the woman first castrates her daughter and then the man.
  2. Not far from the lovers a dark man with gloomy face sat talking angrily to a clean-shaven visitor resembling a Skopetz (a sect of castrates).

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