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Concealment в предложении (на )

  1. He had no idea of concealment.
  2. I shivered at my place of concealment.
  3. There was no effort at concealment here.
  4. There should be no secret, no concealment.
  5. Concealment is more common than mis-statement.
  6. This concealment of truth has been done for the.
  7. I'm going to take these back to the concealment.
  8. It was the perfect concealment for a base of this size.
  9. No honest man could stand an atmosphere of concealment.
  10. I sat the troop down under concealment and explained my plan.
  11. It offered aplausible excuse for the concealment or confusion of.
  12. But it was not the policy of Hawkeye to affect the least concealment.
  13. And it will be; there is no concealment, it is intended to be exercised.
  14. Turning east he hurried through the thickets with no attempt at concealment.
  15. Concealment was no longer possible, and they could only hope that no enemy.
  16. Hearing grunts and klutzy footfalls, he ducked into the concealment of shrubs.
  17. Where could he hide? Concealment was impossible, so he hastened upstairs again.
  18. But then concealment by itself distracts the mind from the print and the sound.
  19. Uybvahk took position by its path while we shrank farther back into concealment.
  20. How do we know they are aware we are here? the Minister of Concealment asked.
  21. Upon the actual condition of things, there is, there can be, no need of concealment.
  22. With a view to concealment we will establish secret brotherhoods and political clubs.
  23. Most notable among them were the Ministers of Defense, Intelligence, and Concealment.
  24. My sole, inadequate defence has been to attempt concealment under a shroud of conformity.
  25. Peter's attempt at concealment of his fear only cut the imaginary tie holding Ishan back.
  26. Kirke, but as she is short and I'm tall, my efforts at concealment were rather a failure.
  27. He snatched the pistol back, jealously; shut the knife, and returned it to its concealment.
  28. Where are the rest of your group and why do you run with so little concern at concealment?
  29. Shoplifting is a type of theft involving the taking or concealment of items being offered for sale.
  30. They rolled steadily for two hours through open country offering little concealment for a large party.
  31. In some cases, no doubt, the concealment will elude detection and give rise to an incorrect conclusion.
  32. She instantly pulled away and headed down a path towards some boulders nearby that offered concealment.
  33. Torches were thrown by men, who had lain in concealment for days in carved out niches on the pass sides.
  34. At the surface, they effortlessly emerged towards the rear of the boat, leaving masks on for concealment.
  35. Decoud had attended to the concealment of the silver as instructed, using the spade with some intelligence.
  36. I watched from concealment as not two hours after the red haired woman’s arrival I saw her leaving again.
  37. States may refer to the crime by different names, including "retail theft" and "concealment of merchandise".
  38. And it was not the necessity of concealment, not the aim with which the concealment was contrived, but the.
  39. Metyrnyk looked over his shoulder and grimaced under the protective concealment of the water-soaked bandanna.
  40. Snaked away through the whirling amusements and the blinking lights, as if to some puppeteer in concealment.
  41. The last time we talked of the subject we agreed that there was to be no more concealment of anything amongst us.
  42. Besides this, as it is always seeking concealment, as soon as it feels that it is understood, it changes its form.
  43. Without effort at concealment I hastened to the vicinity of our quarters, where I felt sure I should find Kantos Kan.
  44. The bad thing was that there was little in the way of concealment from sharp eyes and the coming full rays of the sun.
  45. It was the only place that could offer one concealment and yet have a view of the hotel and the parking lot before it.
  46. His concealment here was not known to anybody at the time: even the sheikh’s closest relatives were unaware of this.
  47. But I hear some one exclaiming that the concealment of wickedness is often difficult; to which I answer, Nothing great is easy.
  48. He had already explained to her that his concealment from herself of the name he had relinquished, was the one condition--fully.
  49. Holmes, and I have taken you at your word, for I have now told you everything without an attempt at circumlocution or concealment.
  50. There were a few feet of separation between the piles, something that gave him some good concealment while he was crawling around.
  51. If the forest is cut off, the sprouts and bushes which spring up afford them concealment, and they become more numerous than ever.
  52. But it goes without saying that an artifice of this kind lends itself far too readily to concealment and possible misrepresentation.
  53. So he told it, and Herbert was as much moved as amazed, and the dear fellow and I were not the worse friends for the long concealment.
  54. He said that there was no necessity of speaking of that matter by distant allusions, as if there was any thing that sought concealment.
  55. The fact is— there is no reason why there should be any concealment between relatives—that my poor dear wife is incredibly jealous.
  56. Behind her, in a very dirty grey chemise, stood a thin, miserable-looking pregnant woman, who was to be tried for concealment of theft.
  57. A liquorish tooth is, I believe, common to children, and I used to steal any thing sweet, that I could catch up with a chance of concealment.
  58. Perhaps: but concealment had been the habit of his life, and the impulse to confession had no power against the dread of a deeper humiliation.
  59. But the extent of such concealment has been greatly reduced as the result of regulations, first of the New York Stock Exchange and later of the S.
  60. We can swear before God and man and posterity that we have seen how the police organise the massacres, without shame and almost without concealment.
  61. This concealment of the truth, he knew was wrong; but at that moment in their young relationship, it wasn't something he was ready to talk to her about.
  62. The scouts reported large numbers of enemy troops massed in concealment just over the border, but they showed no sign of wanting to engage us in battle.
  63. I had no longer any instinctive impulse toward sex relations with her, and this alone would have been an insuperable barrier to concealment of my feelings.
  64. Some of the young children followed them in the concealment of the bushes until Tylin discovered them and threatened them with a scolding for them to be off.
  65. And it was not the necessity of concealment, not the aim with which the concealment was contrived, but the process of concealment itself which attracted her.
  66. It seemed like an eternity after the lead chariots had disappeared from Joshua’s view until they reappeared around the last bend in front of their concealment.
  67. He wanted to delay him to the very last moment; and he had been racking his brains to invent some place of concealment at once plausible and difficult of access.
  68. A third explanation of the financial trouble finally emerged out of a mist of concealment, and we suspect that it is the most plausible and significant of the three.
  69. In its destruction it released a powerful concealment spell that would wrap our ship in a cloak of invisibility which not even the Council of Sorcerers could penetrate.
  70. We lay uncomfortably in the concealment of the boulders waiting for night to come, while being bit and gnawed upon by the millions of insects that infested this forest.
  71. Madame Defarge being sensitive to cold, was wrapped in fur, and had a quantity of bright shawl twined about her head, though not to the concealment of her large earrings.
  72. What concealment could be effectual against men who had made war and plundered in every corner of Europe? Hearths and ovens were broken to pieces in the search for treasure.
  73. When you see members of these groups, you feel the hurt and anger and target it at them to keep your denial intact, maintaining concealment of the true sources of your hurt.
  74. But there was an unpractical vagueness in their movements throughout the day; neither one of them seemed to consider any question of effectual escape, disguise, or long concealment.
  75. These latter resemblances may be accounted for, as it seems to me, by adaptation for similarly active movements through thickets and herbage, together with concealment from enemies.
  76. Shoplifting is the theft or concealment of merchandise from a retail establishment without the intent to pay for it, such as placing items in one’s pocket and walking out of a store.
  77. Concealing it from us! my dear child, do you accuse Willoughby and Marianne of concealment? This is strange indeed, when your eyes have been reproaching them every day for incautiousness.
  78. When Hunter asked him what he was going to do with it he made no attempt at prevarication or concealment: he said he was going to take it home for fire-wood, because it was of no other use.
  79. Suddenly one day all the letters from Sulaco by the overland courier were carried off by a file of soldiers from the post office to the Commandancia, without disguise, concealment, or apology.
  80. But it did seem to be a condition that avoided the dilemma whose horns were concealment by means of untruths and the screwing up of oneself to that clammily cold and forlorn condition, having courage.
  81. The little studio was not satisfying to Elizabeth as she transformed it into a bedroom by the simple process of bringing the bedclothes out from their place of concealment and sliding back the curtain.
  82. Three months sharing food, tent and transport with five others was going to make concealment of my penchant for attractive young men somewhat difficult, so after much agonising I'd decided to come clean.
  83. The Securities Act of 1933 aims to safeguard the security buyer by requiring full disclosure of the pertinent facts and by extending the previously existing liability for concealment or misrepresentation.
  84. Two ladies were waiting for their carriage, and one of them was giving the other an account of the intended match, in a voice so little attempting concealment, that it was impossible for me not to hear all.
  85. When they issued from beneath its concealment, they found the scout awaiting their appearance nigh by, and the only salutation between them was the significant gesture for silence, made by their sagacious leader.
  86. As a result, Suellen’s sullen back and forth from the shade of the oak to the tables to fetch dainties to tempt Scarlett, resentment had passed beyond the point of ladylike concealment and she glowered at Scarlett.
  87. While his auditors received a cheering assurance of the security of their place of concealment from this untutored description of Glenn's,* they were much inclined to judge differently from Hawkeye, of its wild beauties.
  88. He knew that it was barren and without shelter; but when the sea became more calm, he resolved to plunge into its waves again, and swim to Lemaire, equally arid, but larger, and consequently better adapted for concealment.
  89. Hawkeye gazed after the high-spirited and adventurous young man for several moments, in open admiration; then, shaking his head doubtingly, he turned, and led his own division of the party into the concealment of the forest.
  90. Everything is going to be all right and soon you’re all going to experience freedom! I said confidently before I crept back to the opposite end of the clearing where the men who’d come with me waited in concealment.
  91. In some cases, the crewmembers had played it easy and had used a single large canvas tarp to cover two adjacent piles or crates, thus creating covered spaces protected from the elements, something that added yet more concealment for his movements.
  92. In the greater part of the governments of Asia, besides, the almost universal custom of concealing treasures in the bowels of the earth, of which the knowledge frequently dies with the person who makes the concealment, must occasion the loss of a still greater quantity.
  93. They were in the court from which he had watched the torture of the boy, and he led her hastily up the stair that mounted the southern wall, and forced her into a crouching position behind the balustrade of the balcony; it was poor concealment, but the best they could do.
  94. Twelve increasingly fit, already slightly tanned, alert and silent young men emerged from their concealment only a dozen metres from the pool, and silently slithered in, dived, swam, and sat under the trickle of water that fell in a drop of about thirty metres from a cleft in the rocks above.
  95. But Marianne abhorred all concealment where no real disgrace could attend unreserve; and to aim at the restraint of sentiments which were not in themselves illaudable, appeared to her not merely an unnecessary effort, but a disgraceful subjection of reason to common-place and mistaken notions.
  96. It had been determined between them, that the Old World, with its crowds and cities, offered them a more eligible shelter and concealment than the wilds of New England, or all America, with its alternatives of an Indian wigwam, or the few settlements of Europeans, scattered thinly along the seaboard.
  97. Loud men called his subdued tone an undertone, and sometimes implied that it was inconsistent with openness; though there seems to be no reason why a loud man should not be given to concealment of anything except his own voice, unless it can be shown that Holy Writ has placed the seat of candor in the lungs.
  98. Taking then a taste for refinement, and pleased to enjoy life, like a mistress in the dark, he flowed his days in all the ease of opulence, without the least parade of it; and, rather studying the concealment than the shew of a fortune, looked down on a world he perfectly knew himself, to his wish, unknown and unmarked by.
  99. Her decision to go, and her preoccupation in leaving the room, had come from the sudden sense that there would be a sort of deception in her voluntarily allowing any further intercourse between herself and Will which she was unable to mention to her husband, and already her errand in seeking Lydgate was a matter of concealment.
  100. The sheer size of the Order’s network and its deeply embedded traditions of secrecy and anonymity had offered superb cover, concealment, and a support structure for Nynian’s more … proactive preparations, although he had to wonder if she’d ever truly believed she’d be in a position to make use of those assassins and saboteurs.

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