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    1. We should listen to them, appreciate differences, encourage risk-taking (within limits) and discourage blind conformity

    2. Everyone in your community is blind to it

    3. ‘She’s a very capable, sensible and efficient woman, I should think … just got a blind spot where this one man is concerned

    4. From the unfocused look in his eyes, it’s clear he is blind

    5. The man pulls his head out, looks at them both with his scary blind eyes, then speaks in a gravelly voice

    6. the ark, but British management had a blind spot when it came to investment back

    7. first stars sparkled into life, he greeted his wife and then got blind drunk

    8. Bahkmar wondered at the blind gullibility of the population to fall for that

    9. I was blind

    10. I had to keep count on my blind fingers as I tried to make a list of my fellow hostages

    11. The magical moments of childhood infatuation lay shattered around my knees like broken shards of glass waiting for the blind man to stumble his bloody way to perdition

    12. The sound of a blind man being hurried along, hitting his head on a door frame

    13. Once again I moved through a shadow world of stairs and blind corridors before being deposited, still blindfolded and ignorant, on another mattress roll, this one, like the others, a dirty cream colour

    14. Kara woke to find morning light creeping around the window blind

    15. As he held her he remembered the blind prophet

    16. When we will die in such a way as to bring God’s message and bless them that curse us, then we are truly offering freedom to the captive and sight for the blind

    17. They will not be looking in this direction for the sunrise will blind them

    18. knowing the number, blind,

    19. His manes knew it was burning wood, something humans do because they are blind in the dark

    20. a time of searching in the blind of snow white storms

    21. And what kind of indictment is it that those who are able to see do not recognize Jesus as a Son of David, and yet the blind man in the streets could not be shut up when continuously crying, “Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy on me?”

    22. a blind force that gropes,

    23. What’s a girl to do when the world swears blind

    24. JOYCE: And after losing that game, did he not get into an argument with the line judge and call him a "blind son of a bitch"?

    25. a stain of blind function that is an automatic response

    26. He’s full of nothing but hate and blind rage

    27. and the alley is blind, a darkness,

    28. 'Because men become blind and careless when they try to walk on water

    29. She exploded into the kitchen in a blind rage and laid about her with extreme prejudice

    30. She promised, swearing blue and blind to every saint and deity that she could think of, that she would be good from now on, but no matter how much she pleaded and cried, her father would not to be moved

    31. Kate relayed her thoughts to Jake, if the lady in question does not find him pleasing, then she would have to be blind

    32. service is not designed to provide you with a blind date

    33. awkward situations like what occur on blind dates can be avoided

    34. The blind at the window is pretty manky too – not surprising I suppose with the amount of steam which gets generated in here sometimes and the fire in the range creates a fair amount of soot

    35. I could probably afford to replace the blind … maybe I could have a look round the shops tomorrow for a new one

    36. now where shall I look for the blind? Outside the charity shop, I stand and debate where to start

    37. As it happens they have exactly what I’m looking for – a white blind with bright red poppies on it

    38. I hesitate for a moment over whether the red on the blind will match the red on the shelves and decide to take a gamble on it

    39. Fortunately the blind is not too bulky to carry, though the long thin box is a bit unwieldly and I nearly cosh a woman with it turning a corner on my way back to the car! ‘Sorry!’

    40. Helen also knew that Ken would be uncomfortable with the idea of accompanying his son because of the inconvenience of age, for although the landlord sometimes turned a blind eye to underage drinking, he always kept Sunday evening as a child free haven for the exhausted parents of the parish

    41. There is no questioning of their authority, just total, blind obedience

    42. time, as he routinely healed the blind and crippled,

    43. She exploded into the kitchen in a blind rage and laid about her

    44. She promised, swearing blue and blind to every saint

    45. The small Scather intrusion and the panic it would have caused was the perfect blind for hiding the assassination of Naria

    46. For far too long we have turned a blind eye your actions

    47. bring in hither the poor, and the maimed, and the halt, and the blind

    48. 39And he spoke a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? Shall they not both

    49. I woke up in total darkness knowing nothing, my whole universe was as black as if I was blind

    50. On a day-to-day basis the brothers McCoist run errands, supply wholesale drugs, ensure that local coppers turn a blind eye and deal with any unexpected situations

    1. Oliver blinded by the feeling of rage and ecstasy of his

    2. Son walked into the room with Lyla in his arms and was blinded by the

    3. Instead he was in total unknown, a weakling by any standards, crippled by an injury a hero would hardly notice and blinded by a nearly uncontrollable fear

    4. He had the worst hangover in the whole wide world and he felt physically sick as he remembered the state of chaos that he and his wife had left behind them the previous evening, but when he opened the kitchen door he was blinded by the dazzle from the work tops and the gleaming surfaces of the kitchen appliances

    5. So Daphne was still blinded with rage, still vengeful, still cheating and now waging war on the art world for sure

    6. has blinded the minds of the

    7. The lies also blinded her

    8. In studying the truth you will get blinded by lies

    9. Corinthians 4:4 says, “In who the god of this world hath blinded the minds

    10. Danny launched himself at the creature whilst it was still blinded with shock and tail

    11. ‘I’m sure he tried to convince you of that, blinded you with his theories, told you about his powerful friends

    12. Of course, the blinded media didn’t help

    13. If we compare the same information in Isaiah 53 to other scriptures, prophecies and to the events as they unfolded during Jesus’ crucifixion from a Christian point of view (also taking into account the information provided in the New Testament and the fact that Jesus himself declared that the Jews would be blinded to not recognise who He was) it fits the scenario described in here even better

    14. Because the Jews attributed the works that Jesus performed through his miracles to the devil, Jesus declared that the Jews would be blinded and that they would not know the things that are now hid from their eyes

    15. This is exactly what happened and is still occurring today! The Jews have been blinded to the fact that their Messiah has already revealed himself to them and has also told them that they would accept a false Messiah, who one day will come to them in his own name and promise them peace

    16. The New Testament goes further to expound on the blindness of the Jews with a yet another prophecy where Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, explains that the Jews will be blinded until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in

    17. What then? Israel hath not obtained that which he seeketh for; but the election hath obtained it, and the rest were blinded (According as it is written, God hath given them the spirit of slumber, eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear;) unto this day

    18. She stopped and turned, blinded by the headlights, annoyed at the intrusion

    19. As usual he was driving with the sun-visor up, blinded

    20. He heard the speakers crackle around the room and a voice burst through the air, “Contender number one today is an up and coming star, Raven!” He froze on the walkway, blinded by the spotlights shining upon him

    21. White light, so intense it would have blinded any unprotected eye

    22. But what blinded the ship also served to conceal it from the

    23. blinded as they were by the enormous blast of radiation

    24. Longleaf was blinded by the cheap maneuver, so much so that he didn’t see Fysto’s cutlass coming his way and barely felt it as it stabbed his shoulder deeply

    25. His eyes blinded to the dawning of the day

    26. But it was McKinley's decision to continue the war, blinded by his own paternalistic racism that he and other “civilized” whites knew what was best for the Philippines far better than any Filipino could

    27. However, he did hit her optic nerve and as a result, she was nearly blinded

    28. Obama and his advisers were blinded by the promise that drones could be “surgical,” killing only their intended targets and no one else

    29. It is that of an incompetent one, and one so blinded by his own anti Communist ideology that he failed to understand the enemy, believing the earlier Red Scares that had consumed America

    30. The brightness was too much and it blinded him

    31. blinded by the accident

    32. As Frank rounded the corner, two things happened in quick succession: a sudden red hot pain exploded in his left shoulder, and he was blinded by a bright light

    33. He’d been late for his next pick-up, and the headlights had blinded him as he came around the bend - what else could he have done? Other than that, he couldn’t remember anything about the accident and had no idea where the car had come from, or who’d been in it

    34. Pain and indignation may have blinded momentarily the Spanish voters, but by punishing the government, in fact they have also congratulated, applauded and emboldened those perverse terrorists whose only purpose consists in causing devastation and eliminating lives

    35. countries, that apparent “collective blindness” has blinded reporters to see what the great “silent majority” of the American voting public has been able to appreciate

    36. In fact this is the opposite of reality, and even when Kirkpatrick wrote that, anyone but the most blinded by propaganda could see this was wrong

    37. The doctor perhaps was blinded as well? He examined the body as best he could, barely able to see

    38. My close-up view, and personal responsibility blinded me to the unique achievement that we had achieved

    39. If any Boche were out of doors on the aerodrome, looking towards the western sky, they were now blinded

    40. Crouching low in the runnels of the bog, he ran until the sweat blinded his eyes

    41. But his wickedness overcame his better human nature, and wealth blinded him

    42. “They were blinded with hot iron, their tongues were cut out, their arms were chopped off and their teeth smashed to the last

    43. The only way they could change things once and for all, the only way they could spread the truth and uncover the deceit that had blinded them all

    44. Truman was ambivalent about Gordon’s manipulation of the press, but delighted that his super-inflated ego and fixation on Tweety-Bird blinded him to all else

    45. It was even possible, Ursempyre thought, that he had blinded them to what has happening beyond the roof

    46. I’ve seen with bare blinded eyes

    47. The snow now blinded us

    48. They crossed Baresun and the water blinded them in the midday sun

    49. face was swollen, but the corresponding eye was also blinded

    50. Heading now due west, straight into the late afternoon sun, mid-summer on the edge of a desert, the red glare blinded me

    1. He peaked out, shading his eyes from the blinding afternoon sun

    2. Next comes more pain, much sharper this time and the dark void around me is transformed into a bright, blinding light

    3. wrapped in earth and arms and mutual blinding

    4. We were almost two miles off shore when we cut the engines and made ready to fish, testing the twine with gentle tugs and hanging the blinding light over the side to attract the squid

    5. A blinding electric crack split the moody sky and in that instant, sheets of torrential rain hammered down upon the Kaliantikos without a pause

    6. There was a blinding flash and a terrible roar

    7. By the time his headlights cut through the blinding whiteout in front of her, ditching the car was all she had a chance to do

    8. white, shingle beach which was almost blinding in the

    9. I have you back once more," the smear continued, speaking from a body that was black as a starless night but blinding and bright when compared to the shade of its soul

    10. The silver in her eyes was almost blinding and her face had sharpened

    11. Oddly enough, Denise was a well-educated, witty, likeable person who got along with most everyone, yet she apparently was always engulfed in some kind of blinding fog that left her hopelessly lost, even in familiar territory that she had passed through on previous occasions

    12. And, consequently, she had taken off in a blinding rush assumedly for that locale

    13. blinding, I had a youth as violent as yours

    14. black belts, are able to execute techniques with blinding speed

    15. He opened his eyes and felt great, but only for that second, then a blinding pain shot up through the back of his neck and pierced his eyes like an arrow

    16. My sojourn into the light was blinding

    17. It shifted from being a dictatorship to what it liked to call a democracy with blinding speed

    18. More torpedoes fell in a hail against the rock, the resulting radiation blinding the

    19. As needless as it was, Imbrahim gripped the arms of his chair and stared at the blinding

    20. When helping a wounded Rough Rider to the dressing-station, a shell buried itself in the ground at our side and exploded, killing my Cuban mule and blinding us with dirt and splinters

    21. Pirate was spun around with dizzying speed, the roaring and the thunder deafening his ears and the lightning blinding his eyes

    22. Its shiny bonnet together with the blinding headlights looked like the face of a greedy monster

    23. The light in that direction was almost blinding

    24. The glare was blinding in the mirrors

    25. The driver, for unknown reason, touched them every several seconds, night blinding him

    26. There would be a blinding flash of light as the two stones melded into one, larger stone

    27. As the stones touched, a blinding flash of light filled the room, sending them both reeling backward

    28. And Eileen seemed to be doing nothing at all, while I could clearly make out the reddish glow in Adele’s eyes, as well as the blinding sheen of the knife in her hand which was certainly pointed the wrong way, and was certainly past the ‘I’m just fucking with you’ range

    29. Blend into the ambulance guys telling me to hold on and then the blinding overhead lights of an operating room

    30. It was a bright pillar of sunlight not as blinding as the suns though, with a hazy rainbow of all colors on its edges, and a pulsating haze of tiny pin pricks rushing through some sort of invisible shell

    31. At 9:24 PM, the yard floodlights faded quickly from blinding beacons to orange, then receded to dull-red embers

    32. Amonas was barely able to see a giant ball of fire hurtling itself with blinding speed towards them, towards this particular bullhorn

    33. The suns came up, two blinding spots of light walking hand in hand rising across a violet-blue colored sky

    34. Hilderich was about to ask him about this sudden rush of strange behavior but then the sun shone upon them momentarily blinding them, causing them both to squint and use their hands to block it out

    35. Her blue light seemed to fill my vision, blinding me to anything but it

    36. The machine suddenly bobbed and leaned forward, the color of its entire band a harsh blinding red

    37. Now, tears of incredulity sprang into his eyes, nearly blinding him, but he was closer, and the older man spoke again, to him!

    38. The movement of the two vessels made it difficult for whoever was aiming the light to keep it trained on the Syrena, but it periodically swept over them, causing a momentary blaze of blinding white in the wheelhouse

    39. She swapped targets at blinding speed and told Ethan:

    40. On the rare occasions that he might come into direct contact with it, this blinding visionary experience leaves him unprepared to describe it in any way but the vernacular of his tunneling techniques

    41. It was blinding in the sudden brilliance of its ignition

    42. Then the sun rose above the mountains and suddenly the city was bathed in sunlight, which it reflected back with blinding intensity

    43. As I leaned on my right arm in an attempt to stand, a blinding pain shot through me causing me to fall back to the ground where I was sitting

    44. First I saw a bright and pure light, almost blinding, but beyond that was the most surprising thing

    45. blinding them as they veered through the hoards of rowdy

    46. The other being was pure light, so bright that it should have been blinding to look at, but there was an odd quality about the light that made it almost comforting to see

    47. towards the windows in a blinding haze, and crashed through

    48. gave them a thumbs-up and, with a blinding flash, took the

    49. She flinched at the touch of the breeze, and suddenly a blinding flash of colour—purple and red and living, pulsing blackness—shot through her eyes

    50. Struggling to find mine’s own in the blinding darkness, I somehow managed to bump upon the stairs, and took the first step cautiously

    1. The blinds are always drawn

    2. After that, he closed the blinds and stopped looking out the window

    3. At the far end of the room one of the windows had been shattered and a cold and icy breeze filled the room, making what was left of old strip blinds flutter madly against the window frames

    4. But on that day, when that veil that deceives and blinds them is taken away, they shall see all things as they in fact are

    5. He returned to his office, raised the blinds and sat down at his desk

    6. The second heaven is a veil that blinds us to the reality of God’s truth, for the enemy has power there to deceive

    7. literally becomes an idol in our life that blinds us to the truth,

    8. What binds us is what blinds some unconscious painful attachments

    9. In reality, hope is always there but disbelief blinds one to this fact

    10. Our train pulled into a siding again this time to let a hospital train thunder by we could see little of the injured as it passed because the blinds were pulled down but we knew what kind of suffering would be going on behind them

    11. She’s climbing the blinds to get to the light

    12. The next time she opened her eyes, sunshine filtered through alabaster blinds on a hospital window

    13. Almost as if someone was watching through a crack in the blinds while you had a shower

    14. He turned around, letting the blinds snap closed and slipping his sunglasses into the pocket of his coat he’d folded over the back of the nearest chair with the shoulder holster that he’d been wearing

    15. He paced around the office with hands behind his back and stopped for a while to take a look outside; he opened the window blinds and gleaming white sunlight filled the room

    16. He had stopped the ceiling fan; the window blinds were closed but still the heat was almost unbearable

    17. A moment later he was peeking through the window blinds; he looked at the garden plaza and saw the same, tiny swarm of men that he saw everyday

    18. The best of science alone cannot guide us along this path to that “other world,” for their vision is limited to this existence, and the “darkness” that they currently stare into without understanding its dimensions or nature blinds them as surely as above- ground light does to a mole

    19. He usually had the blinds open, the lights on, and the heat cranking since it was winter

    20. The windows of the condominium unit were covered and the blinds drawn

    21. bad further blinds us to the truth

    22. The blinds were cracked and torn

    23. blinds over the window and pulling a cord free

    24. Our guilt blinds us to one of

    25. I lifted the blinds, shoving the jammed window open; a move that would not have caused a whisker of a breath earlier, seriously winded me now

    26. less, mere mental dust that blinds and chokes, yet they are there,

    27. It is your behaviour that blinds you

    28. the child undoes her blinds with effort

    29. The ladies at the window would put off the lights and pull down the blinds when a client arrived

    30. Sight: I can see my computer monitor, a glass of water, a cup of pencils, the shadow from the blinds on the windowsill

    31. He had windows that remained perpetually hidden behind Venetian blinds

    32. Hers is the one that overlooks the green and she always sits at the window and watches people through her blinds

    33. I could only see the drawn blinds through the open window

    34. “Oh, look,” she said, nodding through the blinds

    35. The pale light of the empty sky almost blinds him, casting a clouded haze over this place of earth and mystery

    36. “It's hard to see up ahead very far; the Lord Aten blinds us at this time of day

    37. “The night blinds us

    38. I looked out the blinds

    39. Open the curtains and pull the blinds

    40. She went there turned on the lights and drew the blinds

    41. blinds and close the drapes over the windows

    42. The sunlight broke through the blinds of the living room of Zayn and Nikole’s home the next morning

    43. are, part of that decision is also how many players there are, and where you are in the blinds

    44. At night the blinds roll down and everyone sleeps in the same room, parents and kids

    45. Closed windows left the house airless and stale, while sunlight slanting through recklessly askew venetian blinds, illuminated swathes of dust-spangled webs around the bookcase and under lounge-room chairs

    46. Martha hurriedly closed all the windows and blinds, pulling back the shades

    47. 13 Prejudice blinds the soul to the recognition of truth, and prejudice can be removed only by the sincere devotion of the soul to the adoration of a cause that is all-embracing and all-inclusive of one's fellow men

    48. Vertical blinds covered the filthy windows so he could barely see anything inside the house

    49. through the freakin' blinds

    50. "She can't see you Sabrina, the blinds are closed

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    blind screen subterfuge dim unreasoning unsighted sightless eyeless purblind impetuous hasty headlong uncontrolled rash unreasonable irrational undiscerning heedless oblivious careless unaware ignorant indiscriminate unenlightened thoughtless concealed secluded hidden dark obscure confused closed obstructed blocked shut off cover curtain shade visor trap hiding place pitfall snare ruse front decoy trick pretence pretext stratagem