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    1. moments in our life and we corresponded those moments with other

    2. He had finally isolated some changes in some pulse trains that corresponded to course corrections on the impactors, he was still sifting the data for more

    3. He corresponded with R

    4. But among the Romans there was nothing which corresponded to the musical education of the Greeks

    5. custom-house officer, in order to ascertain how far the quantity contained in it corresponded with that for which the duty had been paid

    6. High levels of arsenic were being detected on the reserve—and the natives suffered from the types of cancers that exactly corresponded to the kinds of cancers caused by arsenic

    7. Yet this hadn’t corresponded to his fantasy, painstakingly built up in a small woodlot outside of his home town, with rabbits, foxes; and the occasional turkey vulture

    8. Via a simple telephone code, Sylvia would stipulate a specific date and room number, which corresponded to a like number of kilos and Angel, in turn, would notify Mike of his ‘reservation

    9. The shipping lanes followed curved lines, which roughly corresponded to great circle routes, except that it had something to do with the curvature of space, and not the surface of a globe

    10. ’ Since there can only be one ‘All-knowing’ there can only be one God, although there could, I suppose, have been a ‘shake-out’ period that could have corresponded to the ancient Greek notions of pantheism

    1. of my mouth but did not correspond with your truth

    2. words which correspond with what the Word of God says about me

    3. In the end, she retaliated by forcing him to use the birdery daily to correspond with Lintze, stating that if he didn’t at least do that, she would use the authority she had to have him thrown out

    4. "These transitions don't correspond to any other observations of the Pink Dawn, or any observations of the impactors

    5. “Do you have any other transitions, of any order, from any body that correspond to changes in the impactor?”

    6. Altera continued to correspond with her after her marriage

    7. This was a pleasant surprise, and once again, it couldn’t have happened without the Yingolian crystals because without them it is highly unlikely that she and her contact would ever correspond, Tahlmute’s current home is nearly an hour distant on needleboat and streetcar

    8. The messenger costs would have been too high and few have the determination to correspond using a ‘for pickup’ box

    9. I like gentle, loving, quiet, caring, and easy – going (like you) and then decided to find an introduction service and correspond with the Orient

    10. Fourthly, the variations in the price of labour not only do not correspond, either in place or time, with those in the price of provisions, but they are frequently quite opposite

    1. Each item corresponds to a card of the Egyptian tarot

    2. “Probably not, unless I was a historian of winemaking and it corresponds to a year on Earth

    3. The first ministry is the ministry of prophecy and it corresponds to the altar of sacrifice

    4. His calculation, therefore, though different in appearance, corresponds very nearly at bottom with that of Judge Hales

    5. the throat chakra, corresponds to the throat and thyroid

    6. chakra, corresponds to the heart and thymus gland

    7. chakra, corresponds to eyes and the pineal gland

    8. ’ This corresponds to Hilier, according to family members

    9. and finding work that corresponds to us will lead to

    10. This line corresponds to the beginning of the definition of the main function

    1. and the corresponding decrease in pain

    2. “No, you’re in a part of the heaven on the condensate substrate that is populated with people who’ve kept to the ways of ancient Atlantis, specifically the state temple of Knossos in the echo corresponding to what you call 1648bc

    3. “You have to understand that these results are still preliminary, but it seems that the aggregate quantum state of the quasi boson corresponding to the human soul is awake/asleep/unknown

    4. They had a lot of it installed and it had upped their deployed length to three hundred eighty thousand miles, with the corresponding increase in scoop radius

    5. that Warden Acris held a position corresponding to that of Major

    6. opportunity to inspect the corresponding facility on the England

    7. and shout out the corresponding symbol, a second would act as a

    8. circled the corresponding word on the transcript

    9. To dream that you receive jewelry as a gift indicates that you need to acknowledge and incorporate those corresponding qualities within your own self

    10. Experimentally-calculated methods define corresponding experimental parameters (strength, modulus of elasticity, water absorption, etc

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