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Crazy в предложении (на )

I have to be crazy.
I had a crazy idea.
He knew it was crazy.
It was a crazy theory.
I knew that was crazy.
You have a crazy idea.
They said I was crazy.

I knew dude was crazy.
It was a crazy Friday.
Go crazy with this one.
It was all so crazy!.
This is way too crazy.
She looks at Crazy Guy.
He will drive me crazy.
And they call me crazy.
She was crazy, I think.
The tent had gone crazy.
She wasn't crazy at all.
We are all truly crazy.
No, I’m not crazy yet.
He was driving me crazy.
Of course, it was crazy.
Don’t get crazy on me.
I will go crazy up here.
Act crazy, she had said.
I think I am going crazy.
She’s crazy as a coot.
And he was bat shit crazy.
You're crazy as a wedge.
She was driving me crazy.
I would be crazy to say no.
Poor woman, she was crazy.
That was a crazy sect of.
Nostalgia drove him crazy.
We went searchlight crazy.

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crazy looney loony nutcase weirdo demented disturbed mad sick unbalanced unhinged screwball dotty gaga wild

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