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Demented в предложении (на )

It was demented.
A demented person.
It was like he was demented.
In a way, I wish the old demented.
Collins as though the lady were demented.
For, in his haste to escape the demented.
The man’s obviously demented with grief.

it was quite a demented idea, he said then.
the feral eyes of a demented looking middle-aged man.
dropped out waving his hand like a demented film-star.
She could feel herself slipping into that demented hole.
The demented looking man pressed a button on the talkie.
It was sick and demented and coming from a place of fear.
The officer looked at Harry like he was a demented pervert.
age or is demented, even though none of the circumstances.
and out of the shadows like a demented vagrant like he was.
only of a sick, demented intellect that is in the process of.
Not one is dissatisfied, not one is demented with the mania of.
knew then that Hope was a very sick and demented woman, but he.
And then Bastard was there, tearing towards them like a demented.
to commence the demented cycle which has played out repeatedly for.
the demented preaching of worldwide hatred that flows from the cesspool.
Their eyes, shining by light of a full moon, had been yellow and demented.
are governed by and under the control of the demented institution of Islam.
Her occasional bursts of demented laughter, saying, The monster is dead.
Some sort of demented physical, she said as she sat up and readjusted.
At best, my letters shall be the ramblings of a demented mind, full of clues.
Didn’t hear that mate what did you say about the lads demented was it?.

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Синонимы слова demented

crazy demented disturbed mad sick unbalanced unhinged