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Demented в предложении (на )

  1. It was like he was demented.
  2. In a way, I wish the old demented.
  3. Collins as though the lady were demented.
  4. For, in his haste to escape the demented.
  5. The man’s obviously demented with grief.

  7. The demented looking man pressed a button on the talkie.
  8. She could feel herself slipping into that demented hole.
  9. It was sick and demented and coming from a place of fear.
  10. The officer looked at Harry like he was a demented pervert.
  11. Not one is dissatisfied, not one is demented with the mania of.
  12. And then Bastard was there, tearing towards them like a demented.
  13. Their eyes, shining by light of a full moon, had been yellow and demented.
  14. Her occasional bursts of demented laughter, saying, The monster is dead.
  15. Some sort of demented physical, she said as she sat up and readjusted.

  16. At best, my letters shall be the ramblings of a demented mind, full of clues.
  17. Mother has been almost demented ever since father died—she’s an old woman.
  18. Didn’t hear that mate what did you say about the lads demented was it?
  19. He has recently escaped from Dr Eustace's private asylum for demented gentlemen.
  20. Now he was leaping almost a metre off the ground like some demented grasshopper.
  21. To conceal this I flicked my eyes around constantly – must have looked demented.
  22. And so at length I arrived in the residential district of my deceased, demented uncle.
  23. Demented Bullok’s hand was locked on that wheel by the awful, evil powers of Christine.
  24. The Pharisees had been laboring to persuade Mary that Jesus was beside himself, demented.
  25. Crug and Trog stood back to back, hacking away at their ancient ancestors with a demented.

  26. The, Dwarf, bearing his demented and wildly lighted eyes, made his way south on Main Street.
  27. I awoke to the beat of some demented rock band doing its best to hammer its way into my skull.
  28. He laughed out loud in a demented, demonic sort of laugh, showing a set of filthy, decayed teeth.
  29. The bear’s black, crumpled eyes stared at him from under the lamp, looking demented and afraid.
  30. The final resolution could be in fact a subdued Garth (the demented Captain) being administered a cure.
  31. You sit waving it like some demented conductor as it's perched there in your hand seemingly mocking you.
  32. Coulé, shouted his demented friend, who stood up to demonstrate a counter move with his imaginary sword.
  33. One moment he was fun-loving Bulloks, the guy we all loved, and the next moment his eyes took on a demented stare.
  34. His demented sounding laugh could be heard above the din of the crowd and I knew I was in for the fight of my life.
  35. Every living creature there held life as of no account, and was demented with a passionate readiness to sacrifice it.
  36. This time Jon teased the poor beast unmercifully, holding the bait just out of reach until it was practically demented.
  37. As the archetypically portrayed, demented serial-killer pleads, Someone please stop me! so do I—Please stop me.
  38. She’d never dreamed when she’d slipped on her three-inch heels that she’d be riding in a taxi with a demented killer.
  39. As dusk and then finally dark fell the Military Police with shaded torches chivvied everyone along like demented sheepdogs.
  40. Ziggy stood up in the bathwater, his skinny, slippery little body covered in bubbles and his face contorted in demented rage.
  41. My head was wrenched backward abruptly by a savage grip on my hair and I stared full into the demented eyes of Victor above me.
  42. And I've fed Elenir the looping routes that all these support ships have followed in service to Husim on his demented quest.
  43. I pulled some suitably demented faces, the flashbulbs flared, and the photographs said nothing worthwhile about anybody present.
  44. For a long time, there had been whisperings of a demented Legionnaire who had been driven mad at the hands of the Thalmor DRAFT.
  45. Demented Bulloks decided to let go of the steering wheel at this point and began yelling louder than me and Teet-sucker combined.
  46. Moreso, it was as if the smile was validation for what I dreaded to be true; she was a ghost and the victim of a most demented soul.
  47. How could I make something like that up? You would have to be demented to fabricate a story like that and try to pass it off as true.
  48. This demented man was well known about these parts, having onetime been bound with fetters and chains and confined in one of the grottos.
  49. Another brilliant scheme, practical and statesmanlike, so different from the wild projects of demented Socialists, was started by the Rev.
  50. The train gathered speed, rattling his dentures across the hard plastic surface of the table with a noise reminiscent of demented castanets.
  51. You suspect ½ of what he’s saying is all lies anyway, the product of a demented imagination addicted to seeing other people cry in terror.
  52. I felt a demented sort of jealousy—like nobody else had the right to share weird things with him, because, after all, he’d come to me first.
  53. He started waving like a demented seagull and we made our way over to him as we got closer we saw that we had been wrong about the woman’s age.
  54. Demick couldn’t comprehend what would make a woman want to kill her daughter and then turn her demented or tormented mind on other young girls.
  55. They were busying themselves gawking at the surroundings of this demented abode, and may have fancied that I was simply looking for the right key.
  56. My mouth was now wide open and I looked like a demented codfish I watched not believing my eyes as she came across and climbed into the bed beside me.
  57. He was a full-blooded Indian, untamed, illiterate, and endowed with quiet wiles and a messianic vocation that aroused a demented fanaticism in his men.
  58. The lake there is eight feet deep, and you can imagine our feelings when we saw that the trail of the poor demented girl came to an end at the edge of it.
  59. This was the demented man‘s first emotional catharsis since reaching adulthood and it evoked a feeling that had lain dormant since the murder of his family.
  60. On the terraces between the hosts the sweat-soaked horse reared and plunged, and his wild rider yelled and brandished the thing in his hands like one demented.
  61. So to try and make it look like it was done on purpose he tried to do a dance which didn’t help as he then looked like some demented reject from the care home.
  62. Do you know where you are? The locator of the demented, Little Piggy Wee Wii, asked its host-client-hostage as they strayed from the preloaded GPS itinerary.
  63. But as the unbound hatred towards ‘the others’ rules the demented minds of the Musalmans, they made him pay with his life for their blind prejudice of the Jews.
  64. It was cold; the freezing shrouds twanged in the wind like great harp strings plucked by a demented giant, and the yards groaned their complaint to the tugging sails.
  65. The mower continued racing around the front garden like some demented piece of machinery from Terminator II, until a snowdrift finally put paid to its attempts at escape.
  66. Gasping, she realized that this being levitating in front of her, seemingly oblivious to the demented storm around them, was none other than Kerim’s strange friend, Raffe.
  67. I had finished a sweep and looked over towards the other roof tops I saw Elijah on his and he waved at me like a demented seagull flapping its wings I raised my hand in return.
  68. The only thing that mattered was trying to get ahead so that you didn’t become a slave to someone else and wind up the centerpiece in whatever demented plan they had for you.
  69. Then the great bulls in the center of the arena felt the mighty fangs of their demented fellow, and with one accord they melted into the black shadows of the overhanging forest.
  70. The officer's puffy and protruding beady eyes, his distended nostrils and near flopping ears were all very much focused at that instant on the obviously demented wench in front of him.
  71. His demented expression suddenly became passive as he stared at the body in his hands while the other people in the room continued to talk and pass papers back and forth via a butler.
  72. Because of Helen of course he has never gotten over her dropping him and he never will he loves her with a demented evil love and he will never forgive you because she loves you so much, she coughed again but it soon subsided.
  73. The rest of the shrapnel and bullet wounds are slight by comparison they probably hurt but they are really only superficial in medical terms, he laughed at this and his false teeth made a clicking sound like a demented land crab.
  74. But the brute didn’t move, but instead another appeared beside it and then there were more and as one their stupefaction over his sudden appearance in the forest changed to open mouthed snarls of demented lunacy as they advanced on him in mass.
  75. Whoever was coming for a visit would probably be as bored with him – and he with them; passing the minutes watching television or wheeling around the corridors, feigning pleasure while smelling fresh urine and listening to the screams of demented patients.
  76. They had left behind the delicious coincidences of her coming in while he was taking a bath, when, despite the arguments and the poisonous eggplant, and despite his demented sisters and the mother who bore them, he still had enough love to ask her to soap him.
  77. They’d been almost demented with excitement about Santa Claus finding them in Canada (letters had been sent to Santa informing him of the change of address), and with their body clocks all confused, she and Perry had had terrible trouble getting them off to sleep.
  78. Piers then started the engine and I got in and off we went with Des O’Connor crooning ‘Speed bonny boat like a bird on the wing, onward the sailors cry, carry the lad that’s born to be king, over the sea to Skye’, and Roger whistling away like a demented nightingale.
  79. Obama, demented socialist that he is, nevertheless understands that in order to transform America into a socialist state, he and his leftist cohorts must successfully destroy the three pillars of American liberty: Individual Liberty, Economic Liberty, and Constitutional Liberty.
  80. Even so, his baser needs would occasionally resurface and there were those rare times that he would revert, descending from a position of advancing power and prestige to the greedy gathering in of some demented or supremely perverse persona whose allure he could not hope to resist.
  81. This demented creation of foolish minds had been created with a purpose, which was to terrorize mankind and feed upon him, even as it gored females to a grisly death in a display of devilish significance in regard to the age-old enmity between the god of this world and the seed of a woman.
  82. He found her now, poverty- stricken, prematurely old, almost demented, and, though he had hated her cordially in days gone by, his pity was aroused by her wretchedness, and he took her to his home, clothed and fed her, and surrounded her with such comforts as his bachelor apartment offered.
  83. What in the world gives these demented liberals of twenty-first century America the right, with a straight face, to tell us that their programs in any way relate to progress? Perhaps we should instead try regress, to the days when the Emperor, King, or feudal lord prescribed our lives for us.
  84. Nor did she cherish that dream again after her first formal fiancé, whom she loved with the almost demented passion of which one is capable at the age of eighteen, broke the engagement one week before the date they had set for the wedding, and left her to wander the limbo of abandoned brides.
  85. This man, Aden, had been led to believe in Jesus through the testimony of the demented man whom Jesus healed near Kheresa, and who so confidently believed that the supposed evil spirits which the Master cast out of him entered the herd of swine and rushed them headlong over the cliff to their destruction.
  86. Round the side of the Evening Telegraph he just caught a fleeting glimpse of her face round the side of the door with a kind of demented glassy grin showing that she was not exactly all there, viewing with evident amusement the group of gazers round skipper Murphy's nautical chest and then there was no more of her.
  87. Only by seizing her by the arm did he prevent their both falling over in an unspeakably ignominious confusion; and as he had never seen her demented before or anything approaching it, he at once put it down to Fanny--how or why he was unable to imagine, but Fanny was somehow at the bottom of this disgraceful frenzy.
  88. The sorry truth is, that all of the people who ever died with rage and hate still burning in their hearts… all of the unfelt feelings of anger, sorrow and fear… all the people who did not manage to heal themselves before they died: this entire population of sick, sad, demented, hate-filled souls still roam this earth today.
  89. But such a stang as I got on entering the house, when I heard his mother wailing that he was dead, he having fainted away in getting the bullet extracted; and when I saw his father coming out of the room like a demented man, and heard again his upbraiding of me for having refused a warrant to apprehend the murderers—I was so.
  90. Leading this demented lad up to Jesus, he said: "What can you do for such affliction as this? Can you cast out devils?" And when the Master looked upon the youth, he was moved with compassion and, beckoning for the lad to come to him, took him by the hand and said: "You know who I am; come out of him; and I charge one of your loyal fellows to see that you do not return.
  91. Nick’s men, during a preliminary canvassing of the caverns directly beneath Kathy and Annie’s property, which they’d done in order to secure these premises from future invasions, found some diaries and journals down there, along with an extensive amount of surveillance and listening devices, which indicate that the demented reverend is most likely responsible for these crimes, as well.
  92. Although they had sense enough to understand the real causes of poverty, and the only cure for poverty, they were nevertheless so foolish that they entertained the delusion that it is possible to reason with demented persons, whereas every sane person knows that to reason with a maniac is not only fruitless, but rather tends to fix more deeply the erroneous impressions of his disordered mind.

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