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    1. Consider the phrase “slippery as an eel” to mean someone who escapes responsibility or culpability

    2. For the Nord could not shake a sense of responsibility, of culpability when it came to the Breton’s most current plight

    3. The War on Terror is encountering a great deal of opposition from the (hard) Left who continue to advance the notion of American Moral Culpability; that is to say, that America is the (historical) root cause of (all) worldly grievances and should therefore make every conceivable effort to redress certain points of contention that have evolved from its own (alleged) transgressions; thereby giving (justifiable) cause to the underlying motives that led up to the events of 9/11

    4. Tell me: are you in here to avoid prosecution in the event your culpability is uncovered?”

    5. Truman had lived with his own sense of culpability for what had happened on that dreadful night, safely masked behind a burning wall of anger towards his cousin

    6. knew that he carried some culpability because I had told him “no”

    7. reach the complete purification of the soul of every type of culpability, great or

    8. There is a culpability buried deep in the

    9. culpability, I will have to negate it, or displace it and project it onto others

    10. - The recognition of culpability on the part of women;

    11. same ideas as Sophocles), Oedipus was a hero who had no culpability

    12. have thought of travelling and experiencing the world as a culpability or a

    13. He was screwed blue and the length of his prison term would only hinge on the extent of his culpability

    14. Both Alistair’s and Bob’s comments attested to their culpability in a conspiracy to illegally export munitions, murder and attempted murder---as in my case

    15. concerns about the culpability of the Islamic involvement in the series of

    16. Freud's failure to recognize in the Oedipus myth the culpability of the father was tied to his failure to recognize bis own father's reputation as a Don Juan

    17. � The way she tried to flee when she saw Miss Harlow, who was interned in Neuengamme, was by itself a confession of culpability

    18. avoid all culpability for this assault but acted with total lack of compassion towards

    19. Again the issue is perceived culpability

    20. And for double-indemnitied insurance purposes, they threw in God’s culpability

    21. “But when we call perpetrators of mass carnage weapon-wielding, incomprehensible deranged monsters, we give ourselves the convenient excuse of calling someone mad, thus absolving ourselves of any culpability in the comformication of our children, citizens, consumers and clients

    22. Guilty feelings do not have to do only with a culpability that is either only imagined or acted out

    23. culpability, not to mention how the public exposure could affect the senator

    24. Culpability lies with the corporate structure of society

    25. We are faced here with a terrible moral dilemma; do we have a right to punish someone when they were not fully conscience when committing these acts of savagery, or to put it another way, when the human conscience was totally numb and inactive? To punish someone in a law of court, culpability must be proven first

    26. So, there was really no way to discount the culpability of such a document

    27. Guilt, culpability was another matter

    28. The unmistakable clue of Franz Joseph’s undead ancestors culpability in the plot to kill him in Sarajevo is obvious: he was killed because his car made the wrong turn onto Franz Joseph Street which is behind the Appel Quay which was the route that was supposed to be used

    29. This is where the culpability of Manchester United Football Club comes into play

    30. Good Miss Pross! As if the estrangement between them had come of any culpability of hers

    31. In handing down his sentence the judge noted that the defendant’s moral culpability was at the lower end of the scale for this type of offense

    32. And it left Lywys Gardynyr face-to-face with the horror of his own past blood guilt, the hideous prospect of culpability in yet more acts of murder, and the terrible decision about what to do about it

    33. She cried only in rage, above all if it had its origins in her terror of culpability, and then the more she cried the more enraged she became, because she could never forgive her weakness in crying

    34. Any culpability which had been imputed to him for negligence and irregularity was removed by the resolution

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