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Curl в предложении (на )

  1. Noses that curl so cute.
  2. His hands curl into talons.
  3. I believe I'll curl up on.
  4. Why wouldn't her hair curl.
  5. The curl of his lip is cruel.

  6. She wanted to curl her body.
  7. Over the curl of her short waist.
  8. Jack’s lips curl with amusement.
  10. I curl up on the bed in front of her.
  11. A hot bath, and then she would curl.
  12. I curl my fingers, slow my breathing.
  13. He wanted to curl up next to her and.
  14. I curl up onto the bed and hug myself.
  15. His lips curl with cruelty and disdain.

  16. Making my toes curl until they felt numb.
  17. That line still caused my stomach to curl.
  18. They had the same green eyes and curl to.
  19. One part of him wanted to curl up and cry.
  20. Scott felt Ingrid's arm curl around his waist.
  22. I loved that little curl of hair behind her.
  23. I wanted to curl up into a ball and roll away.
  24. She had wanted to curl up into a ball and die.
  25. The trees below me all curl out at different.

  26. A curl of white light crashed about the horizon.
  27. His arms curl around me as my legs turn to jelly.
  28. I just wanted her to let me be and curl up in bed.
  29. The edges of the bread are hard and starting to curl.
  30. In every black curl of his dog-hair he carried autumn.
  31. I stiffen and curl my toes as the caffeine and heart.
  32. I force my lips to curl, trying to conceal my irritation.
  33. Ah, wanted to go upstairs, curl up in a ball on the bed.
  34. The singing ends, and Stallman's lips curl into another.
  35. He brushed away a stray curl from his forehead and rested.
  36. She only continued to curl and uncurl her toes in the water.
  37. They pass the pipe, and then curl up in their sleeping bags.
  38. All I need to do is curl up under the covers and I’ll be.
  39. The waves swirl up and each curl swirls away some more of land.
  40. Guys, scale that tree over there, each of you curl up into.
  41. He gazed at a curl of wayward hair over her right ear and was.
  42. Curl your toes down over the edge, and grip as hard as you can.
  43. She reached a hand up to curl some of her hair back over an ear.
  44. As I planned earlier, the corners of my lips curl to form a smile.
  45. A sparkling white crest appeared as its top rolled over into a curl.
  46. Rich added a curl to the hair that fell in the center of her forehead.
  47. He glances at me and shakes his head while my lips curl up with delight.
  48. I want to surrender, to remain still, to curl up into a ball and sleep.
  49. Have a drink or two and we’ll tell you stories to make your paws curl.
  50. She bustled around pulling this curl, pinning that one, spraying another.
  51. After an hour and a half of searching, Louie spotted a curl of gray smoke.
  52. I broke the cookie shell and pressed the warm curl of paper out to read:.
  53. I thought I could see his mouth curl into a sneer as he raised his handgun.
  54. He watched Flint's lip curl a little and then a conceding nod with the frown.
  55. I curl up into a ball, clenching my head, waiting for the beast to approach.
  56. One thing was for certain, Duncan was definitely the guy making my toes curl.
  57. Geez Carl (it sounded like Curl) that was quick, I owes ya, the man said.
  58. Daphne had fallen in a heap on the floor and had wanted to curl up and die, too.
  59. Athene at last relaxed and showed the fainted curl of a smile at the suggestion.
  60. There was no sign of smiles or laughter - not even the smallest curl of the lip.
  61. It is wonderful to curl up with a good book and just enter the writer’s world.
  62. In the middle of the floor a green and rust rug edged in square and curl patterns.
  63. It touched a curl of hair on Lena's neck, oh Lord, how softly, softly it touched.
  64. Even Nero had given up barking at Scout, settling for a minor growl and a lip curl.
  65. He stared at the television screen and felt the excitement curl deep inside his gut.
  66. Ludwig shook his head with no hint of good humor other than a slight curl of his lip.
  67. I’d already met two guys who made my toes curl but I wasn’t about to tell her that.
  68. But what? She twirled a long blond curl around her finger as she watched her new owner.
  69. The overarching curl blotted out the sun as it raced over Moshe's head, breaking into a.
  70. The temptation to just curl up on the seat and go back to sleep was nearly overwhelming.
  71. Smoking fog began to curl from the ground, shredding as the speeding car blew through it.
  72. With a curl of its lip, it eased itself toward the compartment and disappeared inside it.
  73. To curl your eyelashes, one of the things that you can make use of is the eyelash curler.
  74. She shook her head as if to caste aside the recall of that event, and that blonde curl fell.
  75. The next workout, you might target the biceps by doing a wave with the biceps curl and so on.
  76. When she looked over to see Rachel fingering a curl at Gabriel’s collar, she’d had enough.
  77. I would rather curl up on the couch with a book than go out which also means I’m not into the.
  78. I returned to the bed where I wanted to curl up and go to sleep then wake up from this nightmare.
  79. They lay, she very straight, very rigid, he in a half curl, like a hand relaxed, half bent inward.
  80. But it was the look of disgust that made me want to curl up and disappear from the world forever.
  81. It was one of those winds that made your hair curl and made your nerves leap and your skin prickle.
  82. He didn’t give much away besides a slight flaring of his nostrils and a pained curl of his mouth.
  83. Lust and mystery sparkled in her scintillant eyes, cruelty lurked in the curl of her full red lips.
  84. Leave the hair to cool completely before you give it a final brush, or you will brush out the curl.
  85. Use your abs to curl your upper torso off the floor and rotate your right shoulder toward left hip.
  86. Who will lie on her back and let her last breath curl up to the ceiling as a curse upon the invaders.
  87. After all, what could one expect at her age? Many a husband had had worse shocks than a curl coming off.
  88. Arkady made haste to open the paper: it was Liza's curl of black hair, from which Vasya had never parted.
  89. He plunked down a copy of Stadius‘ Ephemerides on one end of the scroll so that it would not curl back.
  90. The curl and wget commands can be used to download a webpage or anything that is available on a web server.
  91. She shook her head, tucked a stray blonde curl under her cap, and made her regular scan of the instruments.
  92. When confronted by an enemy fighter on their tail, they can’t curl up in a ball and hide in the fuselage.
  93. I am really appreciating this chance to curl up with a 'nothing special, just one of the natives' type guy.
  94. In fact, a person using this arm can curl more than 300 pounds! A giant improvement on the past technology.
  95. Concentration curl is the most effective in building bicep peaks, giving arms a more attractive appearance.
  96. The question made her curl her toes and she set her teeth hard in her lip as to make sure no words came out.
  97. I watch the wash of surf, the blue and white –flecked ocean, The curl of the bombora rolling in slow motion.
  98. I feel the heft of a gun in my hand and curl my fingers around it, slipping my index finger over the trigger.
  99. The very thought of what good it might do at this close range brought an involuntary upward curl to her lips.
  100. Both girls looked as Melony’s intestines began to curl back into her body, like a snake with a mind of its own.
  1. Curling up his nose in.
  2. It has many curling reasons.
  3. You will be curling the top.
  4. Mum plugged in the curling iron.
  5. Then, Tori had started curling.
  6. The wildly curling crest sailed.
  7. Curling his lip, he faced the man.
  8. The forest haze curling round her in.
  9. She saw the severed toes curling slowly.
  10. Whіlе curling the fооt уоu will also.
  11. A wisp of smoke was left curling in mid-air.
  12. She is alone, curling and uncurling with hunger.
  13. She screamed, her foot curling against the pain.
  14. Curling herself into a ball to prepare for the.
  15. My power spun around her curling through the air.
  16. I swear that smoke was curling from my ears as I.
  17. Curling streets of colorful, restored town houses.
  18. He nodded slowly, a gradual smile curling his lips.
  19. A thin wisp of smoke was curling up out of its barrel.
  20. While curling the foot you will also end up pressing.
  21. Smoke was curling up lazily from the electrical wiring.
  22. Oh ho, smoke’s curling out of your forehead, Sugar.
  23. No, he’s not my brother, he said, curling his lip.
  24. Far behind them a dark smoke rose in thin curling threads.
  25. Ah! you are afraid of yourself, he said, curling his.
  26. Libby stared at the dark hair curling into his strong neck.
  27. Ali Cross, the boy said, sniffing and curling his nose.
  28. He had long blue-black hair curling over his uniform collar.
  29. Curling into the fetal position, my only option now was to.
  30. In a spectacle of curling dark smoke and light they were gone.
  31. She had a way of curling and lying on her side, like a child.
  32. It was a good night, very dark, with big curling black clouds.
  33. Naked on the bed he lays, his manhood erect curling her Bible.
  34. Lucien turned from the statue, his lip curling with disgust at.
  35. The sodden walls of the curling tunnels flickered mysteriously.
  36. Shaw and I have been curling together for close to ten years now.
  37. They wrapped each pendant, adding a waterfall of curling ribbon.
  38. Horns grew from the top of the head, curling in menacing spikes.
  39. Curling his lip, Darek grunted, That Windzer! He tricked me!.
  40. Miss Dandy was curling on her finger her oily, rough, black hair.
  41. He turned on his side, curling to conserve the warmth of his body.
  42. Curling up with a good book has always been a personal joy for me.
  43. She found a curling iron and wrapped it with a towel and decided.
  44. Like a cold scythe curling slowly around your neck, pulling you in.
  45. It looked as if the ends of her curling red hair had been chewed off.
  46. What was so funny about her curling up with the dogs? Chica wondered.
  47. Even then he almost missed it: a curling at the edges of understanding.
  48. Then the thing moved, the loop of black pipe curling against her calves.
  49. A cigarette dangled from her lip with the smoke curling around her head.
  50. He dreamed of curling up in a pouch, hearing a constant but strange sound.
  51. On two sides black curling clouds of smoke rose and spread from the fires.
  52. Jesus Christ! Lydia could see the fire curling the paint off the walls.
  53. Now she kneeled in the grass and did as Cinder had done before, curling her.
  54. This time, he pitched backward, hitting the street and curling onto his side.
  55. She was curling them between the fingers and showing attention and curiosity.
  56. And that someone is you? He arched an eyebrow, his lips curling upwards.
  57. Drew had slipped his boxers back on before curling up on the living room floor.
  58. His face shines flawlessly and his hair bounces in place, curling at the tips.
  59. There are hairstyles that necessitate the use of curling iron or a flat iron.
  60. One charged at her, its curling tail held high above the ridgeline of its back.
  61. Norman watched, as usual, as the curling mist bathed the pastures and orchards.
  62. Curling up once again, Hamilton cleared his throat a couple of times and coughed.
  63. She put it over the cabinet handles and kissed him before curling up in his arms.
  64. Shoop turned and shook his head, clenching his teeth, his lips curling back over.
  65. Her very hair left off curling, and was as limp and depressed as the rest of her.
  66. She heated up some milk and made toast, curling up on the recliner before the fire.
  67. Sailing vessels were stopped on the main, the curling waves at their prows, frozen.
  68. By curling her left leg behind his knees and using her momentum, the man fell back.
  69. He had a pipe hanging out the corner of his mouth, with smoke curling from the top.
  70. She brushed the curling hair off his cheek, startled by the sweat coating his skin.
  71. Brendan stood, poking around in his gym bag, with smoke curling out of his nostrils.
  72. Canada has won the World Curling Championships more times than any other nation.
  73. He reached up and touched my hair, curling it around his finger as I had done earlier.
  74. Snip-snip-snip went the shears and masses of curling gold began to fall to the ground.
  75. Davis stared at the small crack, curling his eyebrows as the fissure spread around him.
  76. He was a strongly made man with dark curling hair, from forty-five to fifty years of age.
  77. Mya gave a short curtsy and turned around and returned to the pillow on the bed curling.
  78. Curling hot steam rose toward the ceiling from the chipped and scratched white porcelain.
  79. Mac saw gun smoke curling upward at the pass through window from the kitchen to the shop.
  80. What about me? said Lloyd, who was curling two-and-ahalf-pound weights and struggling.
  81. Cam’s eyes darkened, his lips curving into a hungry smile that had Norah’s toes curling.
  82. She stared at me for all of two seconds before bursting into tears and curling in on herself.
  83. The tongue was spitting as it moved slowly in a circle, its long body curling then uncurling.
  84. He snorted in appreciation before curling his parched tongue into the refreshingly cool water.
  85. Ain’t crops we’re harvesting, said Jed, lips curling again into that snarl of a grin.
  86. Suddenly the updraft of air rising up the mountain and curling over the plateau, hit the craft.
  87. Yes! he cried, stepping forward, hands instinctively curling as he started to breathe fast.
  88. Dorian’s hands on my back sent tendrils of heat curling through me even in my half-frozen state.
  89. The ends of my hair have combusted, the red curls turning into the delicious heat of curling flames.
  90. Small toes curling in anxiousness as she reached a tentative hand to the embracing Flower and Candy.
  91. The Inn was strangely warm and inviting, cozily lit with spirals of smoke curling from the chimneys.
  92. Another time I unplugged my curling iron when I went to town, but when I got back it was plugged in.
  93. I shrieked in agony as my bones twisted and snapped, shrinking and curling into the shape of the raven.
  94. Her flushed face, fringed with soft curling hair under her night cap, was radiant with joy and courage.
  95. Emily ignored his hint and set the bowl of fruit where he'd patted and then sat on his lap, curling up.
  96. An old copy of the Philadelphia Ledger was on the floor against the wall, its pages yellow and curling.
  97. She gyrated on top of him as he played with her nipple in his mouth, curling his tongue around the ring.
  98. Curling tendrils framed my face, and others were pinned into a complicated style at the back of my head.
  99. Maggie is on her third large brandy and she can feel the edges of her thoughts curling up like dry leaves.
  100. He waited for the cab to disappear before curling his hands into fists and swinging his arms by his sides.
  1. It was curled up and.
  2. A grin curled his lips.
  3. Curled up in a bal , jaw.
  4. He curled up his left hand.
  5. Mrs Houston curled her lip.
  6. Ruby was curled next to me.
  7. Blood curled down his chest.
  8. Way out, a huge wave curled.
  9. His hands curled into fists.
  10. She was curled up in a ball.
  11. The puppy curled up in her.
  12. Curled waves swirl into bays.
  13. Her lips curled into a smile.
  14. Excitement curled in his gut.
  15. A smile curled up on my lips.
  16. One side of his mouth curled.
  17. A grin curled across his lips.
  18. His lip curled as he read it.
  19. He curled up in the armchair.
  20. Her fists curled at her sides.
  21. My stomach curled into a knot.
  22. Curled his arm under his head.
  23. Her lip curled back, and she.
  24. My eyes skip to his curled lips.
  25. She thought she was curled up.
  26. He curled up, his mind at ease.
  27. Ewok curled up in a fuzzy ball.
  28. Mist curled off the filthy water.
  29. He fell on his side and curled.
  30. Smoke curled from every chimney.
  31. His beard was trimmed and curled.
  32. Dominic fists curled at his sides.
  33. His hands were curled into fists.
  34. His arm curled around my shoulders.
  35. Her lips curled into an ugly scowl.
  36. Sammy was curled up by Will's legs.
  37. Emily curled up with Allen to sleep.
  38. Buddha was curled up in the corner.
  39. Huff curled into a ball at his back.
  40. At night sleep curled up around it.
  41. Salamander lay curled on his straw.
  42. Then he curled up and shut his eyes.
  43. Sebastian’s lip curled at his tone.
  44. I went home and curled up with Elvis.
  45. As the storm subsided, Emily curled.
  46. He curled into a ball to best avoid.
  47. His lips curled again at that thought.
  48. Louie curled up under the paper sheets.
  49. The tunnel curled upward for some time.
  50. As he did so, he curled his legs and.
  51. She curled her hands to fists instead.
  52. Hands curled up in front of his chest.
  53. Meanwhile, I was curled up on her chest.
  54. Her toes curled around the wooden frame.
  55. His hand was still dangerously curled.
  56. He sat down and Emma curled up into him.
  57. Most of my hair was left down and curled.
  58. He’s practically curled up into a ball.
  59. Tracey flinched and curled up into a ball.
  60. She curled up on the hard bench seat and.
  61. Smoke curled around us as she held my gaze.
  62. Then she curled her knees up to her chest.
  63. Grace sighed, and her breath curled white.
  64. A faint smoke curled above it, as if fire.
  65. I grabbed it and curled up on Toria’s bed.
  66. He curled his long, golden tail beside him.
  67. We sat in Jill’s den, curled up on couches.
  68. A tiny smile curled the corners of his lips.
  69. Theakston jumped on the couch and curled up.
  70. She moaned and curled her thighs around him.
  71. When he sat her down, she curled up on her.
  72. To my dismay, my lips curled with bitterness.
  73. High-heeled sandals, curled hair, gold hoops.
  74. Ali nodded, sniffed and curled his nose again.
  75. Norah curled her hands around his and squeezed.
  76. My fingers curled around the Minotaur’s horn.
  77. After he ate, though, he curled up in her lap.
  78. First, AWOL was curled up in a ball on the bed.
  79. My stomach curled, and my pulse began to race.
  80. His long bony fingers curled around the staff.
  81. One corner of his mouth had curled up just so.
  82. She fell in and curled up in the cramped space.
  83. Instead the child is curled in fetal position.
  84. Lynch lifts the curled caterpillar on his wand.
  85. Vanessa reiterated that I had to stay curled up.
  86. With lips curled back the dog snapped his teeth.
  87. His lip curled, and he turned towards the door.
  88. His lips always curled to the left when he did.
  89. He curled into a ball, but Akstyr kept kicking.
  90. Massie curled up into a ball and began to weep.
  91. She curled up into a ball, expecting a kicking.
  92. Joseph and Rusty were both curled up in her lap.
  93. The next morning James woke up curled around her.
  94. Emily spent the rest of the day curled up in bed.
  95. He laid her on the bed and she curled into a ball.
  96. Theakston was curled up on a blanket by her feet.
  97. She curled up beside her sister in a catlike way.
  98. The line curled, tangled, knotted and tripped me.
  99. Then he calmed, and curled his lips into a smile.
  100. Chevalier curled up next to her and shut his eyes.
  1. The way your hair curls.
  2. Her mouth curls into a smile.
  3. Red curls bobbed in front of.
  4. Loki’s lip curls into a sneer.
  5. Breath curls above thick scarves.
  6. Amid the meshes of those baby curls.
  7. She whimpers as she curls up tighter.
  8. Her free, fine curls tickled his face.
  9. My belly curls at the thought… oh my.
  10. Black curls which to his shoulders hung.
  11. Fresh curls spring from the baldest brow.
  12. Curls of smoke still rose from the ruins.
  13. She listens amid coils and curls of hair.
  14. Wisps of gray curls peeked around her face.
  15. He loved the long soft black curls on the.
  16. They fall unheeded on that mass—his curls.
  17. Now it was long and thick and full of curls.
  18. The girl’s red curls bobbed at the motion.
  19. He usually has a smoke then curls up asleep.
  20. He pushed away her curls and nuzzled her neck.
  21. The grass curls green in the bathing witchery.
  22. Gently pulling on the curls of his dark hair.
  23. Her full brown curls almost covered her face.
  24. She got the curls from me, believe it or not.
  25. A halo of ebony curls encircled his tiny head.
  26. He saw nothing except the baby’s dark curls.
  27. He peered down to see her curls and a white form.
  28. Garnish with whole cherries and chocolate curls.
  29. Petra put her hand on top of Zoe’s orange curls.
  30. Shrugs and wrist curls are good examples of this.
  31. His wig formed a mass of curls which reached his.
  32. Putting together the Breathing and Abdomen curls:.
  33. Ciere’s hand drifts to her shoulder-length curls.
  34. Brown curls were starting to flip up at his collar.
  35. Her long auburn-gold curls tumbled off her head and.
  36. He had a big forehead and a dome of light grey curls.
  37. Blood spills over her lips and curls around her chin.
  38. Her hair sprawled around her with long waves of curls.
  39. Instinctively, Mary curls her hands into two tiny balls.
  40. The dead river curls around the building and disappears.
  41. Brandon nodded, his walnut curls bouncing with the motion.
  42. She had dirty blond hair twisted in wispy princess curls.
  43. She touched a couple of curls on her forehead, and then.
  44. His chestnut curls were held back by a thin leather band.
  45. Gone were the bedhead curls that had become her trademark.
  46. He remembers a girl with pale blonde curls and deft hands.
  47. She nods slowly, her chestnut curls floating about her face.
  48. Cover with whipped topping and garnish with chocolate curls.
  49. Venna was lost in her mop of rowdy copper curls in his arms.
  50. She bent timidly around till her breath stirred his curls.
  51. She ran her fingers soothingly through his damp black curls.
  52. As the chip curls up, it also rubs on the tool, generating.
  53. Her curls were briefly silhouetted in front of lighter rock.
  54. She grabbed a fist-full of curls and stuffed it behind her ear.
  55. Sometimes hair curls round and enters the skin at another place.
  56. His dark hair had unruly curls that were cut close to his head.
  57. Anne shivered and tried to keep her hood up over her brown curls.
  58. He smiled, his face changing, the curls under the beanie moving.
  59. He saw the brown, humble nape of her neck under its black curls.
  60. This is followed up by 1 set each of Leg Extensions and Leg Curls.
  61. Caleb yelps as the net curls around his body and then straightens.
  62. She had pale skin and blonde rogue curls falling from a high bun.
  63. She steps off in him and he curls into a ball as his lungs wheeze.
  64. Her teeth were pearly white and her hair was a mass of shiny curls.
  65. She removed the pins and my curls fell in black waves to my waist.
  66. His hair was a mass of curls and he wore thick horn rimmed glasses.
  67. Elly's Goddaughter was a cherub of a girl with Shirley Temple curls.
  68. The only billow of black curls like that in these parts was Marcue.
  69. Cinderella’s coiffed head of blond curls bobbed along ahead of us.
  70. To me it seemed as though she must have been born with those curls.
  71. She was sleeping in minutes with her curls all the way down his arm.
  72. Her fingers grazed through, taking in the silk feeling of his curls.
  73. His mouth continued to twitch unspeaking in nervous curls of disdain.
  74. It’s the likeness of Cherrie, masked in blond curls and blue eyes.
  75. Her face was made up and the little sausage curls were all in place.
  76. I saw hundreds of curls I hoped were yours for the first two decades.
  77. Uncle Dylan lays the Necro down and he curls into the fetal position.
  78. The tingling breeze in her hair whipped out the short, springy curls.
  79. Her hair was long before, but now it hung to her thighs in wild curls.
  80. What’s that face for? Jeremy asks, scratching one of his curls.
  81. She was a pale, thin beauty of twenty-five with a cloud of fair curls.
  82. White blonde tufts of curls shot out from every direction of his head.
  83. Cable Preacher Curls are an example of a very effective bicep exercise.
  84. Jacques held her head a planted a kiss amongst the curls on her forehead.
  85. Vince took a lock of her auburn curls and twisted it between his fingers.
  86. Billy winces slightly as the coffee curls around the back of his tongue.
  87. Soft blue highlights gathered in her curls where the light touched them.
  88. He was armed and armoured, a shined helmet over his tangled black curls.
  89. In Dad’s office, Hubert curls up under a cabinet or on some high perch.
  90. She had a wild look on her face and her black curls had turned fiery red.
  91. In the garden, I saw a girl with a mass of red curls sneaking out with a.
  92. She’d seen Lana’s auburn curls flash into her periphery, then disappear.
  93. Once we’re inside her room, Glacia grabs a pillow and curls up on the bed.
  94. He follows my look and a slanting smile curls about the corners of his mouth.
  95. Nathalia's white orbs rolled into her head while she shook her golden curls.
  96. A lot like his father, big, blond, and rugged but with Desa's curls and eyes.
  97. His hair was chestnut also, but it was thick and lay in curls on his temples.
  98. My father? mocked the mermaid, running her white hand through her curls.
  99. A bushel of dark curls bounced on her back as she scurried through the garden.
  100. Her hair was done up in curls, her eyes sparkled, a smile beamed on her face.

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