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Curve в предложении (на )

  1. A curve in the circle.
  2. Sell ahead of the curve.
  3. On a curve, the inside Mr.
  4. Being Ahead of the Curve.
  5. Up ahead was a curve in.

  6. He slunk back in a curve.
  7. On a curve, the inside Mr H.
  8. I stroked the forlorn curve of.
  9. It’s called the Laffer Curve.
  10. Percentage of the Curve Covered.
  11. He stroked the curve of her cheek.
  12. Herod was way ahead of the curve.
  13. Corey threw a beautiful curve ball.
  14. In essence, the flat yield curve.
  15. Turning the curve he waved his hand.

  16. She rounded a curve and surprised a.
  17. For me, every curve of their female.
  18. They vanished around a curve, silent.
  19. The curve moves up or down constantly.
  20. His learning curve was really amazing.
  21. She composed herself in the curve of.
  22. Karimov proved to be capable to curve.
  23. The internet involved a learning curve.
  24. We stay far ahead of the curve so that.
  25. Therefore, the shape of the curve is a.

  26. She moved back into the curve of his arm.
  27. After a curve, the golden gates appeared.
  28. He threw a mean curve, but Joey nailed it.
  29. Life is constantly throwing us curve balls.
  30. She felt his lips curve against her throat.
  31. His chin formed a ragged, pixellated curve.
  33. A slight curve appeared on Arkaneh's mouth.
  35. The learning curve could be steep sometimes.
  36. Note the steepness of the curve in Figure 14.
  37. Then the curve descends down to its minimum.
  38. She had to reach the curve in the road ahead.
  39. Thus on a normal curve, if I have a mean of.
  40. There was a pronounced curve to his shoulders.
  41. Life has a way of throwing curve balls at you.
  42. You follow Vic as he negotiates the tight curve.
  43. It’s a steep learning curve, but a short one.
  45. And he’s already behind the information curve.
  46. They turned a curve in the path--and there it was.
  47. That’s what gives the bell curve its fat tails.
  48. The peak of the curve had become more noticeable.
  49. He ran a hand down the curve of her thigh and she.
  50. The education was fast, the learning curve simple.
  51. This book will shorten the learning curve for you.
  52. A real world example of what the Curve represents.
  53. But you don't want to be on that part of the curve.
  54. But then he threw the curve ball of all time at me.
  55. The men soon disappeared around a curve in the lake.
  56. The curve wasn’t factored in properly when you.
  57. Does the curve reach a maximum and then turn over?
  58. The long decks of the ship were beginning to curve.
  59. The record shows an exponentially rising curve, in.
  60. The way the two on the side curve out, Corey says.
  61. Tom turned a short curve, by-and-by, and exclaimed:.
  62. He ran a finger down the curve of her cheek and said.
  63. In this diagram, the whole curve is below 723 degrees.
  64. But how in the world do you know about this curve?
  65. If May turned, the Baron cut the inside of the curve.
  66. She moved her white hands in a curve before her waist.
  67. The old Jeep bounces around the curve and John breaks.
  68. He watched as they rounded the curve by the front door.
  69. The car leaves the curve of the earth and gets airlift.
  70. Four segmented whip antennas curve back along the body.
  71. But - if we combined our own yield curve with that of.
  72. In which case, all the vaults would have the same curve.
  73. Yield curve steepness is a noisy measure of either part.
  74. Lastly, some of the shape of the cost of capital curve.
  75. It was formed by the long curve of little Mannar Island.
  76. The corridor where the rooms are is on a slight curve.
  77. A door opened into this curve, and it gave under his hand.
  78. D -194-she had a slight inward curve to her hoof heels in.
  79. On the other hand, the cost of bankruptcy will be a curve.
  80. He ran his hand down the curve of her back aff ectionately.
  81. When C Curve is SUPER IMPOSED ON COOLING RATES , it.
  82. The normal curve theoretically covers an entire population.
  83. There was a curve in the stream where it descended rapidly.
  84. Maybe a grudging curve of the lips where a smile should be.
  85. Soros on Soros - Staying ahead of the curve — George Soros.
  86. Expressed as a logarithmic curve, the relationship is in a.
  87. A wooden cabin appeared from behind a curve of the riverside.
  88. A silver curve of the moon hovered already in the western sky.
  89. Inside this curve were Sherman Airfield and Chief Joseph Loop.
  90. The real utility behind the shape of the yield curve is that.
  91. In addition, my analysis of yield curve behavior in Section 9.
  92. The implications of two hypotheses about yield curve behavior.
  93. Secondly, the curve should emulate a risk-return tradeoff and.
  94. Below is a snapshot of the equity curve of the test - good eh?
  95. Notice also that while five percent of the curve is uncovered.
  96. The boat rounded a curve, and the town and the fort disappeared.
  97. Her breath halted as her gaze drifted to the curve of his lips.
  98. The equity curve is one of the most informative visualizations.
  99. Or the exquisite delicate thin curve of the new moon in spring;.
  100. Acceleration curve is plotted and on screen, Albert confirmed.
  1. In a cool curving world he lies.
  2. The 747 was making a wide curving.
  3. Where the rounding Pi curving lines.
  4. Even through we know that the curving.
  5. He stepped back against the curving wall.
  6. Curving curses fold on stretching vocal.
  7. At that point there can be no more curving.
  8. The curving blade was edged only on one side.
  9. What they had was a curving cone of probability.
  10. The torchlight bent around the curving walls as she.
  11. I could see the cruel smile curving her elegant lips.
  12. Its seven story curving glass wall faced Boston Harbor.
  13. He had long curving yellow teeth and a little short tail.
  14. Bring it on, Garcia said, his open hands curving into.
  15. She got close enough to reach for the curving brass handle.
  16. The Fife grinned, thin curving lips cutting into his cheeks.
  17. He shook his head the beginnings of a smile curving his lips.
  18. The angels had their wings vertical and curving over the lid.
  19. Sadly she twined in sauntering gold hair behind a curving ear.
  20. Now he turned suddenly, curving his procession into a circle.
  21. This means that the curving of space caused by the nearest star.
  22. But most of it is converted into the curving of space itself and.
  23. He saw no one as he approached a tall archway in the curving wall.
  24. To properly describe this curving one would have to use pi in the.
  25. When it comes to the fifth dimension the curving of space and the.
  26. Work? What work? he asked astonishingly curving his eyebrows.
  27. When the energy is converted to the curving of space itself, this.
  28. He turned into a long curving driveway lined with weeping redwoods.
  29. They rose up a curving road onto a wild moor that was parched and dry.
  30. The field is a flat field, not affected in anyway by any curving of.
  31. He knelt and lifted her off the floor, curving his arm behind her knees.
  32. It just keeps on curving until eventually you realise you're descending.
  33. Large bulbous lips flung wide open to reveal sharp, inward curving teeth.
  34. The fifth dimension is also a curving around an object and again in this.
  35. At the center of the moon the curving of space caused by the moon itself.
  36. The wide curving driveway was full of saddle horses and carriages and guests.
  37. Going up the curving hill towards the Perla Restaurent that panorama of high.
  38. A cobblestone path started at the back of the house, curving off into dense foliage.
  39. Joshua watched as the first few chariots came into view, curving away to the south and.
  40. In a curving mound of earth and rocks left by a retreating glacier stands a great stone.
  41. In the slowly curving corner sat a wabaw plant, shipped from half way across the galaxy.
  42. He tried to visualize Sloan walking that curving, almost invisible trail along the river.
  43. Brody reached for her, curving one hand around her waist, the other taking her free hand.
  44. Stones buried in the dirt nearby instantly formed a barrier curving up over Eilidh’s head.
  45. Cam’s eyes darkened, his lips curving into a hungry smile that had Norah’s toes curling.
  46. Now, she clasped her hands before her as she stared at Jesus, her lips curving into a smile.
  47. Wedge shaped apart from where the two walls converged to an arc of a circle, curving inwards.
  48. He reached for her, hands curving around her hips even as he said, But…you went to Denver.
  49. It ended in a curving staircase, with the commissionnaire's lodge in the passage at the bottom.
  50. The garden path began outside my window, curving up and east towards the boundary with the bush.
  51. We drove into town through curving streets flanked by slumping, desolate, vandalised canal homes.
  52. By the time he reached the curving wall surrounding the village, all that was left in him was hate.
  53. The key was gold and had five large teeth and ended with a globe inscribed with a simple curving line.
  54. Liege Lord Taliesin and his acquaintances followed a curving passage into the depths of the Under Earth.
  55. Curving her fingers around she pulled and found a closet filled with the Captain’s clothes and shoes.
  56. People would meet her there, parking their cars along the curving driveway and spilling into the street.
  57. It was high of stern, with a tall curving prow; broad in the waist, sloping beautifully to stem and stern.
  58. Uninviting rows of cloned brick-veneer bungalows still squatted cheek by jowl along their curving streets.
  59. I've seen it myself more than once from the decks of ships, at long range, curving in and out of the water.
  60. Later, DePriest looked out over the tracks curving gently across the hardpan, farther and farther to the left.
  61. Its head was rounded with a high, red backward curving crest that ran all the way down to the end of its neck.
  62. This patrol had just visited the curving gallery and the three blind alleys which lie beneath the Rue du Cadran.
  63. She wouldn't know who he was, would she? She lowered her head and gazed up at him, a smile curving over her teeth.
  64. It’s a two-lane curvy, hilly road, with dense trees curving inward as if bowing for the cars as they drive past.
  65. One stick had a strong branch curving out on each side, from which she had run a string to a nub on the main stick.
  66. His footsteps echoed on marble as he crossed to a great curving flight of stairs that led upward to the floors above.
  67. The curving of the lines in shading adds considerably to the force of the relief, and suggests much stronger modelling.
  68. Curving her neck to cup a hand over her pulsing ear, she drew her knees up and hooked her heels on the edge of the seat.
  69. It was long and slender, with a high, curving prow, and was black as ebony, with white skulls painted along the gunwales.
  70. Befitting his name the shaggy stone troll’s lower jaw stuck out with two, spiky teeth curving outward over his upper lip.
  71. He had an egg shaped head, a few wisps of ash colored hair, and a curving nose that looked like it wanted to touch his chin.
  72. Through the frosty vapor could be seen workmen in short sheepskins and soft felt boots crossing the rails of the curving line.
  73. When he came to, he wondered what was near his eyes, curving and strong with life in the dark, and what voice it was speaking.
  74. For just such emergencies, he always stored a good supply of canvas, strong sisal thread, and long, curving mariner’s needles.
  75. This was a very different city, the hangleaf fronds and numerous large canals curving with the dam were unlike anything on Earth.
  76. The drivers secured the chairs, returned the side-ramps to their respective boots and pulled away along the gently curving drive.
  77. Second: His eyes and the small smile curving his lips sent a jolt of recognition up her spine although she knew they’d never met.
  78. As Challenger climbed to safety one dart of that savage curving beak shore off the heel of his boot as if it had been cut with a chisel.
  79. Here in a clearing upon the green slope of a hill stood a long, low stone house, approached by a curving drive running through the fields.
  80. Its best feature was its large, curving living room with windows facing the ocean and wrought-iron balconies onto which French doors opened.
  81. Here, in a clearing upon the green slope of a hill, stood a long, low, stone house, approached by a curving drive running through the fields.
  82. The wall ran north and south as far as they could see, curving inward at the horizon, suggesting it ran in a colossal loop around the forest.
  83. And the dragon, curving gracefully at the top of his flight, gave a lazy flip of his wings and soared through a cavemouth into the morning air.
  84. Erik nodded once, then pointed at two condensation trails high in the sky: the trails were now curving towards the East and the Iran Air flight.
  85. She rolled onto her side and propped her head up on her hand, her black hair falling dishevelled across shoulders and curving round her breasts.
  86. When the mansion came into view, Dawn put her hand on the curving Perspex canopy, as though she could reach right through and touch the building.
  87. They drove up the canyon ridge toward the valley, but doubled back, curving around the amphitheater, and headed south, west of the chalky bluffs.
  88. After a time the boats came to a land where the thick jungle rolled to the river’s edge and stopped in a curving crest, like a frozen green wave.
  89. It was impossible, from that position, to see the fall, but I could see the curving path which winds over the shoulder of the hill and leads to it.
  90. The building was of grey, lichen-blotched stone, with a high central portion and two curving wings, like the claws of a crab, thrown out on each side.
  91. As they approached the side of the tunnel, a new part of the puzzle emerged – cages, row upon row of cages along the bottom of the high, curving wall.
  92. They sagged and bent, but they held, and he clambered up onto the narrow ledge which ran along the wall scarcely a man's length below the curving roof.
  93. Regardless, it doesn’t detract the breathtaking views of the large Z shaped track, the natural grounds, and the river curving along various thick trees.
  94. The curving ends of our Universe are trying to reach a 2-dimensional plane which is actually Infinite in Length and Width… but never quite getting there.
  95. He showed Sim on the nav-screen a spot on a meandering side trail, curving to the right between two artificial hills, all covered with shrubs and vegetation.
  96. But behind my uncle I could see a shining wall of glistening sea curving down to cover us and before I could make him understand, it hit us and he let me go.
  97. Walked hand in hand for some minutes along the curving and confusing streets of Garden City along the noisy traffic trying to remember where I parked the car.
  98. Now, she was in the bathroom, bathing their son, the smile that he had missed so when things had been so difficult curving up the corners of the rosebud mouth.
  99. But the ceiling was the great sky, with, two eagles ever so far up curving in its depths, and when they sloped their wings the sun caught them and they flashed.
  100. The flashing cascade of his mane, the curving comet of his tail, invested him with housings more resplendent than gold and silver-beaters could have furnished him.
  1. It was curved very slightly.
  2. A steep and curved mesa is.
  3. A tired smile curved her lips.
  4. His long eyebrows were curved.
  5. It curved round a large square.
  6. Space is curved not only in a.
  7. The handle was black and curved.
  8. The other end had a curved edge.
  9. Her lips curved into a sly smile.
  10. Not to mention large and curved.
  11. His scar curved as he smiled at them.
  12. Her body curved up into his, and she.
  13. The flare curved up and lit the canyon.
  14. It means the straight slightly curved.
  15. There was a shorter non curved one at.
  16. The Luggage had landed on its curved lid.
  17. Instead it is curved in a gradual manner.
  18. Everything you see attached to the curved.
  19. Charms curved and whistled through the air.
  20. Puller looked down the road where it curved.
  21. Even the closed door was curved to the wall.
  22. To the north, the beach curved out of sight.
  23. The path curved a few times, quickly hiding.
  24. It curved partway round a big traffic circle.
  25. And that her neck curved down in such a way;.
  26. Mitchell sized it up, noticing the curved end.
  27. It went in a straight line and then it curved.
  28. An impudent grin curved the corners of his lips.
  29. Pa drew a curved line in the air with his finger.
  30. Gerald’s lips curved as he sipped his Cabernet.
  31. But before they could start, Jim's mouth curved.
  32. He looked at her, his lips curved in a half smile.
  33. It is a tight, curved squeeze, but you are small.
  34. The Chevette curved over a valley outside of town.
  35. A metal spiral staircase curved in front of them.
  36. She found herself looking at a long curved cellar.
  37. Each individual lane is curved at two ends and the.
  38. Across a small road the trail curved to the south-.
  39. Despite his reaction, my lips curved upward slightly.
  40. The wallet was curved in the shape of his.
  41. It traveled another twenty feet, then curved upward.
  42. Her lips curved, So you have read the Bible!.
  43. In any gravitational field, space is curved and for.
  44. Her lips are curved and her face beams with happiness.
  45. The lines of that mouth were remarkably finely curved.
  46. It bowed its head at her and swam towards the curved.
  47. Even gloves with cruel, curved claws attached to the.
  48. Patrick holding a Shepards curved staff and a celtic.
  49. The globe surface is curved along two directions X & Y.
  50. The first thing they noticed was that the steps curved.
  51. His lips curved upwards again, But I have seen the.
  52. The narrow road at the bottom of the hill curved away.
  53. Immediately in front of the audience was a curved screen.
  54. But why should space-time be curved? Think of it as the.
  55. Curved daggers gleamed held by countless invisible hands.
  56. Any inner curved circle will reflect back to itself also.
  57. You point the hollow end at him and pull that curved bit.
  58. They had long curved arms with a ball-like head at one end.
  59. It curved slightly to the right and then again to the left.
  60. Curved lines have not the moral integrity of straight lines.
  61. Roll casts depend on the back cast forming a smooth, curved.
  62. They followed the far right hallway as it curved to the left.
  63. Though they were thicker and had curved wire for butt stocks.
  64. They sat at ease on curved marble benches surrounded by garden.
  65. It curved and disappeared from view behind some old buildings.
  66. A very nice boy,’ she said, and a sly smile curved her lips.
  67. Bassam approached us on the walking path and then curved into.
  68. Parmayan sat up against the inside of the curved console array.
  69. No universe can exists if none of it’s dimensions are curved.
  70. It curved away on their left northward, back towards the hills.
  71. Curved swords flashed, severing heads, slicing chests and arms.
  72. A curved plastic sword hung from a black sash around her waist.
  73. The first thing she saw was the weapon on the curved long table.
  74. Her face was sweet, and her body curved in all the right places.
  75. Gertrude walked striking her curved cane against the wooden floor.
  76. She had short blonde hair, and a curved body and mint green eyes.
  77. The walls curved outward at an angle to meet the outer edges of.
  78. And the bow held its curved shape with the vine dangling untidily.
  79. Annie walked with him to the curved driveway in front of the hotel.
  80. Some will have a straight shank and some will have a curved shank.
  81. Its barrel was short and silver, the trigger-guard curved forward.
  82. Her thin, shapely calves curved delicately into her dainty ankles.
  83. It can have curved tips or straight ones depending on your desires.
  84. Although the mouth was narrow, the cave itself curved high overhead.
  85. Elvery's Elephant house, showed them a curved hand open on his spine.
  86. When they finally stopped it was in a small chamber of curved steel.
  87. Their cab pulled under the hotel and a long curved stair rolled out.
  88. The jet curved and arched its way swiftly between the many bookcases.
  89. The dome had been made by riveting huge curved steel plates together.
  90. Each leg seemed to be a curved stick, he could see no joints in them.
  91. Frodo turned to watch the sleek necks of the water as they curved and.
  92. He stopped short, the goblet at his lips, which curved in a broad grin.
  93. It was a circular, wooden edifice with a curved roof and a watchtower.
  94. Up ahead, he caught sight of the curved outline of the private garage.
  95. Breastplates they wore, curved in the shape of atrociously muscular men.
  96. As the bank curved toward him, the lower wall was directly in his path.
  97. To me your hand is empty, though curved to hold something candle shaped.
  98. Mandy wasn’t doing much better, still fetal curved again on the ground.
  99. They were the kind with the big curved magazines hanging out the bottom.
  100. A high, golden crest that curved outward was the only flair added to it.
  1. The bold curves in Figure 3.
  2. Curves of Trisection, by Rev.
  3. She touched the curves of the.
  4. It’ll show off your curves.
  5. How to observe the Shape of Curves.
  6. Curves and turns were never sudden.
  7. His hands moulded ample curves of air.
  8. The dress had settled on her curves.
  9. Slow down on the curves over the surf.
  10. The road is dark, with lots of curves.
  11. I was always throwing curves at my boys.
  12. His hands began wandering over her curves.
  13. Map of the Magnetic Isodynamic Curves in N.
  14. Felt for the curves inside her deshabillé.
  15. Her curves were generous, soft and friendly.
  16. She had curves like an ocean in a windstorm.
  17. Curves his white bastions with projected roof.
  18. Angles had everywhere taken the place of curves.
  19. Ultimately it’s just a set of parabolic curves.
  20. I could feel all his hard line against my curves.
  21. Curves, how to observe the shape of, 90, 162, 209.
  22. I pulled her tight, felt her curves with my hands.
  23. While standing there (in the side road that curves.
  24. But when dealing with curves, all sorts of issues.
  25. HH2s have steep learning curves in the new business.
  26. Integration of the below curves does yield the $43T.
  27. His tires squealed a little as we rounded the curves.
  28. The color of the dress complimented my eyes and curves.
  29. A band saw is another saw designed to cut curves in a.
  30. Instrument for drawing Curves of Conic Sections, 368.
  31. Inside curves can be sanded by hand or with a spindle or.
  32. She smelled pretty and the curves of her dress said the.
  33. Lyconas was watching them, especially the ripe curves of.
  34. Note that curves on previous chart are straight lines here.
  35. The way the fore-hatch curves is like the back of the cap.
  36. It fell to the floor, exposing delicate curves, soft skin.
  37. In its practice the law drew curves inhaling then exhaling.
  38. And there it was, the curves matched and the machine beeped.
  39. His eyes beating looked steadfastly at cream curves of stone.
  40. It is of all curves the most perfect example of static unity.
  41. She’s got curves and she knows how to use them, Jennifer.
  42. If anything the road had become steeper and its curves tighter.
  43. He follows around the curves and increases the speed gradually.
  44. His hands traveled over my skin and explored my slender curves.
  45. Tess's face faded as white as the scene without, and its curves.
  46. Conic sections, new instrument for drawing the curves of, xv, 368.
  47. Private issuer curves in the money market tend to be much flatter.
  48. I was intoxicated also, and had my own sharp curves to worry with.
  49. They perfectly accentuated her curves and put everything together.
  50. And she had all the curves of a woman under the stark white sheet.
  51. Marilyn Monroe she has some curves to her she wasn't plus size but.
  52. The satin sheets are silky and the robe she has on hugs her curves.
  53. He sketched the options in the curves of the sunlit clouds to the.
  54. This is because the sunlight behind the boat curves around the boat.
  55. Amusing thing when you get drunk: sharp curves become a lot sharper.
  56. Rubbing my hands together for warmth, I pondered the curves of the.
  57. The moonlight pierced her chemise, revealing every one of her curves.
  58. I pinch my side, where a layer of fat used to hint at curves to come.
  59. Curves showing results of experiments with Grove's Battery, 391, 392.
  60. As miles swept by the hills became more rolling, the curves less sharp.
  61. Two vertical lines intersected by a line that curves, although not.
  62. At fifteen I lost a great deal of weight and developed womanly curves.
  63. A few sample curves that satisfy this equation are shown in Figure 7-2.
  64. Chevalier studied the curves and contours of her body while she bathed.
  65. He could see her hair, the outline of her curves and speaking of love;.
  66. Teller stretched out beside her and ran his hand slowly over her curves.
  67. Her closely fitted dress uniform also put in evidence her sensual curves.
  68. They slowly climbed the hair pin curves that led up the bluff to the top.
  69. He mounted her, touching her curves, memorizing the landscape of her body.
  70. Nature is never square or straight, it loves curves you see, just like Mr.
  71. Who this with you? he asked, his gaze sweeping over Kita’s curves.
  72. The car had rounded curves, a too-wide bumper—nothing for Claire to grip.
  73. What with the driver around, I had no go but to steer clear of your curves.
  74. The best she could think of was, Do you know about elliptic curves?
  75. I yanked the throttle open in the curves and made them as tight as I dared.
  76. The curves he saw dotted on the screen predicted a relatively mild descent.
  77. I paused my planning to take Jenny's curves in; it filled me with raw energy.
  78. The setting sun allowed the hills to cast shadows along the dips and curves.
  79. She was a beautiful woman, being light skinned and having symmetrical curves.
  80. It was a challenging job for a carpenter, for the curves had to be just right.
  81. The body fit tightly against hers, showing off the curves she hated so badly.
  82. She has soft curves, her body ghostly white against the clear blue and tiles.
  83. What light shone, its huge curves gave and the white stars haloed that group.
  84. The demand curves for this relationship are portrayed in the top panel of Fig.
  85. The curves of her breasts and the voluptuous ass connected by that tiny waist.
  86. He licked, suckled, nibbled and teased her while roaming the curves of her body.
  87. But the measurement of the segments with curves should be regarded as erroneous.
  88. Let us consider in the first place the balance between straight lines and curves.
  89. The hall curves back and forth and a single window pane makes up the outer wall.
  90. A red dress that fit tightly against the curves of her body, as soft as the skin.
  91. Be clear on this effect: straight lines on log charts are curves on linear charts.
  92. Two lines of huge dirty white curves arced over from out of the ground towards each.
  93. The former curves of sensuousness were now modulated to lines of devotional passion.
  94. She had the body of a dancer, lithe and limber with just the right amount of curves.
  95. As she reached into the catalog, both Richard and Bam admired her voluptuous curves.
  96. The shape of these curves corresponds to the theoretical scheme previously described.
  97. Bold curves correspond to portfolios based on combinations sorted by criteria values.
  98. The children moved closer with elaborate circuitousness, edging inward in long curves.
  99. That's when I, and the Manager, noticed a woman full of curves walking into his store.
  100. The hair and the curves told him it must be Honey and he ran towards her in sheer joy.

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