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Damnable в предложении (на )

And that is a damnable doctrine.
And that’s the damnable misery of it.
The most damnable hangover I ever had…’.
He hoped the damnable Voice wouldn’t come again.
couldn't outperform that damnable old man and his magic.
Anyone who has followed stocks knows they are damnable.
Oh, life is damnable, life is wicked, as Rose Shaw said.

for this damnable treason and sacrilege, the wizard caused.
'And what is this damnable source?' demanded Conan irritably.
hearted Mabel burst into tears at the damnable thought Rochelle.
he did, he had damnable dreams where he actually watched Tobias.
who is the one that is so vicious that he resorted to such a damnable act?.
And the last thing we need is more controversy about that damnable convention center project.
This damnable place afforded him no real rest; it toyed with his fears, his doubts, and his ignorance.
Another sudden wave of pain washed over her, the unwanted sensation lingering with damnable intensity.
At least no one seemed aware of how broadly spread the damnable things had become … so far, at any rate.
'Tricked us with its damnable caterwauling!' raved Conan, swinging his great sword about his head in his wrath.
You're filled with an overwhelming, head-staving urge to flee from this damnable solidity we call the ground?.
He spent most of his spare time refining his weapons or simply retreating to his quarters and that damnable silence.
His performance in the bedroom had been spectacular but this damnable teasing left her wanting more, aching for more.
After he went to the iron Gate, for that must be opened too, but that Lock went damnable hard, yet the Key did open it.
Then, she’d stomped out with her damnable book in hand, the one so tattered from being read so often, and disappeared.
The process is repeated over and over until the newbie realizes there is no pot of gold at the end of the damnable rainbow.
Four bodies dumped in the dirt at an abandoned and decrepit farm somewhere in the nether reaches of this damnable, awful little island.
But being once past, Hopeful looked after him, and espied on his back a paper with this inscription, "Wanton professor and damnable apostate".
He hated the Patriarch with all his heart, but he hated himself even more for failing to do everything in his power to avert this damnable catastrophe unfolding before his eyes.
"Hold!" said David, perceiving that with this assurance they were about to leave him; "I am an unworthy and humble follower of one who taught not the damnable principle of revenge.

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