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Execrable в предложении (на )

You have such execrable taste, my pet.
He stood at the desk, labouring in his execrable handwriting.
But the cooking deteriorated, and became execrable; the wine, which had always been bad, became fearfully bad.
The boy's handwriting was execrable, so that William, who did all things well, got into a fever of impatience.
Your Minister may perhaps be good as a Minister, but as a general he is not merely bad but execrable, yet to him is entrusted the fate of our whole country.
Whosoever could consider their lot execrable after being graced by such an august vision? Rather, Antarloka rejoiced as one and Lila tossed elysian flowers about gaily while the confluence exulted:.
At the lowest point is an ancient tannery where, in execrable stench, near naked, slim, brown young men up to their thighs in round stone vats full of steaming coloured dyes, knead with their feet the beautiful, soft Moroccan leather.

1 Since therefore we are a portion of the Holy One let us do all such things as pertain to holiness avoiding evil-speaking foul and impure embraces drunkenness disorderliness abominable desires detestable adultery execrable pride; 2 For God he says resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.
Me Mother was a prim Popish Heiress, me Father an agin’ Restoration Rake who would ne’er confess that the Age o’ the Wits had pass’d, an’ who sought to make our decayin’ Family Seat in Oxfordshire—a ruin’d Gothick Pile known as Wilderknoll—into a little Replica o’ the Court o’ Charles II, with ancient decayin’ Courtiers scribblin’ their execrable Verses an’ agin’ Belles playin’ nauseously at bein’ irresistible young Mistresses.
as to the thing itself, the less said of it was the better; but that though she might be suspected of partiality, from its being the common cause of womankind, out of whose mouths this practice tended to take something more than bread, yet she protested against any mixture of passion, with a declaration extorted from her by pure regard to truth; which was, that whatever effect this infamous passion had in other ages and other countries, it seemed a peculiar blessing on our air and climate, that there was a plaguespot visibly imprinted on all that are tainted with it, in this nation at least, for that among numbers of that stamp whom she had known, or at least were universally under the scandalous suspicion of it, she would not name an exception hardly to one of them, whose character was not, in all other respects, the most worthless and despicable that could be; stript of all the manly virtues of their own sex, and filled up with only the worst vices and follies of ours; that, in fine, they were scarce less execrable than ridiculous in their monstrous inconsistence, of loathing and contemning women, and at the same time apeing all their manners, airs, lisps, scuttle, and, in general, all their little modes of affectation, which become them at least better, than they do these unsexed, male misses.

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