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    1. Trying not to appear bothered by Joris’ deduction, I laugh and admit he is right

    2. deduction to determine when the trapped emotion

    3. use the process of deduction

    4. Further inspection and a little logical deduction persuaded her it was Chas’s grave

    5. His rent makes the first deduction from the produce of the labour which is employed upon land

    6. This profit makes a second deduction from the produce of the labour which is employed upon land

    7. The produce of almost all other labour is liable to the like deduction of profit

    8. might perhaps be considered as a clear gain, without any other deduction besides the expense of management

    9. Still, what seemed like a rational deduction to her was hardly a thought process for Mercer now

    10. For the value which remained after this small deduction was made, it gave a credit in its books

    11. But if, at any time, this deduction or abatement of customs, which is to be made as aforesaid, shall in any manner be attempted and prejudiced, it shall be just and lawful for his sacred royal majesty of Portugal, again to prohibit the woollen cloths, and the rest of the British woollen manufactures

    12. ‘That’s an interesting deduction, Harvo

    13. A much more sober and judicious writer, Mr Anderson, author of the Historical and Chronological Deduction of Commerce, very justly observes, that upon examining the accounts which Mr Dobbs himself has given for several years together, of their exports and imports, and upon making proper allowances for their extraordinary risk and expense, it does not appear that their profits deserve to be envied, or that they can much, if at all, exceed the ordinary profits of trade

    14. ‘Of course, it is a logical deduction that I am the one responsible,’ he said flatly

    15. When the proprietor cultivates his own lands, they are valued according to an equitable estimation, and he is allowed a deduction of one-fifth of the tax; so that for such land he pays only eight instead of ten per cent

    16. Deduction and Induction, n

    17. Hillary Rodham Clinton, in a recent tax audit, was able to recall 14 years after the fact, $1 dollar (each) deduction for ―worn out‖

    18. Silly deduction that was for policemen tend to shoot themselves in the head which is the safest way of ensuring you die without too much unpleasantness

    19. ” Amaranthe decided not to mention the intervening clue she had needed to make the deduction

    20. There is no way past this and we can make a familiar deduction from it

    21. Having little choice, except to trust this deduction, Thesa stopped a passing badger and muttered an order into his ear

    22. The reason is that mortgage rates are often very low—and, importantly, mortgage interest payments are deductible from federal income taxes, a deduction that will be difficult to eliminate politically, so you can pretty much count on that continuing

    23. 9% payroll deduction with Social Security

    24. increase the deduction which is typical of our Congress

    25. 9% deduction will be inadequate by 2024 but at

    26. this time the deduction should be sufficient to take care of the costs

    27. I had a house in Charlotte and the tax deduction that went along with owning it

    28. Which further muddies the waters, since it throws our earlier deduction that it was cast by human wizards into doubt, since a faked human quality may have been left as a false trail

    29. His perplexed subordinates stared in wonder until he told them his deduction

    30. Students who are paying for all or part of the Executive MBA education should check with their accountant to determine whether their tuition payments qualify as a tax deduction

    31. And though he was skilled at deduction, he had a difficult time keeping focused on the game

    32. (abduction, induction, deduction); and (2) in an informal sense, it refers to the practice of developing,

    33. Next was logic and reasoning which carefully side-stepped religion while using logical deduction and induction methods to reach conclusions

    34. entitled to a tax deduction for the cost of setting up your book with us, i

    35. be entitled to a tax deduction for the direct and legitimate expenses to come

    36. Travis counted the stack then took out a deduction from the pile

    37. assertion and more about deduction

    38. when they prayed, as did the heathen; and from that text the deduction has

    39. If you have yet to make the deduction, he is not my real father but instead my commander

    40. "It's a natural deduction

    41. That he had been photographed was a certainty; as was the deduction of the fare from his account

    42. legitimate tax deduction to offset their

    43. research carefully and use logical reasoning and deduction, you will find a scientific explanation behind the story

    44. “That's not a bad deduction,” said Owen, “so, all of the

    45. The more you spend for the home, the bigger the deduction, but you could default on the mortgage and lose the house

    46. It’s true, eventually you’ll have less of a tax deduction, but no one wants a hundred-year mortgage, even if the banks are dumb enough to offer them – yeah, they are that stupid

    47. One deduction from the idea that space-time is a unification and places-times coexist is:

    48. upon thorough consideration and logical deduction, would readily

    49. process of deduction, again, tells me that the most likely culprit is

    50. only a child's superior deduction, he had reasoned that he could

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