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    1. This al egation was of course denied, but the net result

    2. This summarising process did however result in the generation of some

    3. Certain goals may no longer be attainable as a result of adverse situations

    4. right now that is creating the life that I have?” In this moment, at this time, what everyone has right now in their life is a result of how they are being

    5. comes as the result of experiencing unconditional love of

    6. Levels of digestive enzymes may be lowered as a result of taking various medication, poor eating habits or ageing

    7. Walking briskly on a daily basis not only results in calorie burning, it increases enzyme and metabolic activity that may result in increased calorie consumption for up to 12 hours after walking as little as 2 miles

    8. Couple this loss of needed activity with the dietary habits of modern man, and constipation, along with numerous other problems, is the likely result! In fact, today, it is common for people to report to hospital emergency rooms with terrible back and sciatic pain, only to be told that they are constipated and given a laxative, which frequently alleviates the back or sciatic pain

    9. This may result in less fiber intake causing bowel complications

    10. Sewer sludge can be processed correctly with an end result of good, clean, safe compost7

    1. What would I have done in this or that situation? How would I react if I found myself facing similar choices? Would I have been as bold as Menachem and entered into a passionate affair with an English woman, a civil servant, just as he had done? Would I have dared to chase a French politician through the streets of Paris to ask that one final question, a question that resulted in Aban spending three days in a French gaol?

    2. Nothing in her experience to date had ever taken her to a place like this, although various unfortunate incidents during her working life had resulted in similar stays in the healing facilities on Errd

    3. All of the prophets spoke against Jerusalem and the Temple – an act that was unlawful and almost resulted in Jeremiah’s death

    4. A huge dent resulted, and greenish slime seeped into it

    5. A quiet word with Gilla on the subject of feminine hygiene has resulted in a supply of the necessary articles being included in my baggage

    6. She looked long and hard at a telephone engineer who was working in the street, which resulted in her hurrying home in tears, her ears ringing with the sound of wolf whistles

    7. He stared so intently into her jet-black sunglasses that he completely missed the amazing comeback by his team's opponents that resulted in the match ending in a five-all draw

    8. telephone engineer who was working in the street, which resulted

    9. or a sudden realization and either was known to have resulted from

    10. This resulted in a court-ordered commitment to a psychiatric

    1. resulting in visible manifestation of His power or favor in

    2. Fracas ensues resulting in innocent woman falling into the path

    3. We can do a great service to society if our combined voice is raised resulting in some action to curtail such programmes

    4. In soil where the PH is too high it will not be able to assimilate certain minerals resulting in a trace mineral deficiency that invites a pest or disease attack

    5. So, while Betty and I drag the boxes of decorations out of the cupboard where they live during the rest of the year, the men bring in the barrel used for the tree which is kept in Fred’s shed for some reason I cannot fathom, and the tree itself which has been lying in my drive for the last two days resulting in me having to park in the car park but that was a minor inconvenience, though I didn’t think so when I left my mobile in the car and only discovered it an hour later by which time the rain was pouring down

    6. As a result of the recent eruption of Vesuvio, the sunsets are fantastic … deep reds streaking across the sky, interwoven with oranges and greens, resulting in the most amazing displays

    7. Once these so-cal ed harmful influences had taken so much effect in the skin, the resulting product would be numerous dermatological problems like wrinkles

    8. Although wrinkles are more associated with the dermatological clock of the skin, it is still considered as the resulting product of the greatest effects of harmful influences in the skin

    9. Dermal abrasion, or surgical planning of the skin, is done in selected patients with facial disfigurements from scars resulting from acne, trauma, tattoo, nevi, freckles, and

    10. facilitates the removal of waste and toxins, resulting in a better skin health

    1. Results of walking with God should reflect

    2. much stress in the Consultant’s delivery when viewing the results, as if he could barely believe them himself or, more likely, that it was a

    3. She would have had it sealed with the test results like the financiers want

    4. This results in cheers from the entire wall

    5. Walking briskly on a daily basis not only results in calorie burning, it increases enzyme and metabolic activity that may result in increased calorie consumption for up to 12 hours after walking as little as 2 miles

    6. If you are having tests or surgical procedures performed, you can safeguard against testing errors and also help ensure the best results with your surgery by following these steps:

    7. Ask who will interpret the results

    8. For best results, spray your lawn monthly with a liquid seaweed such as Superseaweed or Agri-Gro’s Turf Formula, or with Gardeners Supply’s Roots Plus for Lawns

    9. around you see the results

    10. We see the results of our actions within the insect and plant worlds

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