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Demigod в предложении (на )

You became a demigod.
The demigod, Alex?
She didn’t know it would make you a demigod.
No one has ever made a demigod that way before.
So if she’s a demigod, she’s not immortal.
Mortal, demigod, monstrous… We must be prepared.
If I claim the demigod then, why not the prophet?

An aloof demigod, secure in his realm, proud of his.
The demigod laughed as he prodded the coals with a long.
The monstrous, winged Demigod spewed acid flame from his maw.
Wotan and the rest of you, help me to contain this Demigod.
And he wanted me—the ageless vampire, the deathless demigod.
What about Mars? And now I hear there is a demigod in your Temple.
The last demigod was Hercules, and that was thousands of years ago.
There is a risk that the power-hungry Demigod and Behemoth Titan may return.
When you were created a demigod, Venus thought it might work in her favor.
Usually the powers a demigod form are closest to skills they have as a mortal.
The enchanted dragon sword thrust into the chest of the demigod, stopping her heart.
I understand that Thoth, the Demigod, has invaded Gaea after centuries of banishment.
I guess we’ll have to figure out what Venus’s plan was behind having a demigod later.
The history of Guardon’s spawning and the schemes of his Demigod father long have I studied.
The Demigod of Chaos was enraged at the presence of the silver dragon and clawed at her to no avail.
I’ve never put something that could fly into these, but I did have a demigod in one back in 516 B.
See, Temmy is one of probably a thousand demigod children Bacchus, the god of grapes and spirit, has fathered.
If Jupiter punished Psyche and Cupid for creating a demigod in their Temple, she might get some of her power back.
Both god and demigod vied for ascendancy within the same space but it started to become clear who actually held the advantage.
There is already controversy enough with us holding Mars, pending possible charges, let alone us accidentally creating a demigod.
None of us can surmise how long the forces of the Demigod, Thoth and Titan, Tiamat have waited for this moment to strike at the residents of the Higher Planes.
With the noble poise of his handsome head upon those broad shoulders, and the fire of life and intelligence in those fine, clear eyes, he might readily have typified some demigod of a wild and warlike bygone people of his ancient forest.

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