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Superman в предложении (на )

  1. Superman sacrifices a lot to be a hero.
  2. Superman is the perfectly balanced man.
  3. This is one reason why I named him Superman.
  4. He would play superman with us, he would pop.
  5. He addressed that false superman as follows:.

  6. To her he was her superman, but she still seemed.
  7. Even his superman was only an attempt to encourage.
  8. I felt like Lois Lane, being rescued by Superman.
  9. Yeah, he played Superman, the first agent said.
  10. That's why it took Superman so long to marry Lois Lane.
  11. What about his health? Maybe he thought he was Superman.
  12. You're right, Professor, and your captain's a superman.
  13. Maybe it was a situation similar to what Superman experienced.
  14. Whatever the reasons, I never looked at Superman the same way.
  15. They held out their hands like Superman racing across the sky.

  16. I’m a lucky guy, Syd thought, to have teamed up with Superman.
  17. Then the idea of a God was replaced with the idea of Superman as a God.
  18. I’m off, slurred Superman as he waved goodbye to his drinking buddies.
  19. I bet even Superman or Star Trek’s Enterprise couldn’t achieve that speed.
  20. My mother, who was staring up at him as if he was Superman, cleared her throat.
  21. But then his kiss – it had rendered her powerless, like Superman and kryptonite.
  22. Superman and the X-men, is somehow similar to them in terms of possession of power.
  23. Superman had discovered he was no man of steel and there wasn't a speck of kryptonite.
  24. Every child has the right to be Superman or Wonder Woman, if you purchase it for them.
  25. The point is that someone told that joke, using Superman no less, to an eleven year old.

  26. No, these powers are not like Superman, but more like Batman, they are powers of the mind.
  27. He seemed to be a huge fan of Superman; under his posters there was a pile of comic books.
  28. He smiled to himself and shook his head; Gomes did not sound quite the same as Superman!.
  29. Therefore, any person on the way to becoming of Superman has big difficulties and suffering.
  30. What I do know is that we’re lucky your blue-eyed Superman spotted that cabin in the woods.
  31. I’m playing DJ, alternating the Theme from Star Wars with the Theme from Superman.
  32. How come Superman can stop bullets with his chest but always ducks when a gun is thrown at him?
  33. Those weird "Superman" moments of feeling returned and I was once again losing touch with reality.
  34. Superman and Batman would have been proud, but I had to remind myself that this was not the movies.
  35. I have thought that I was superman and tried to fly; I felt on my ass trying to climb up a ladder;.
  36. By surpassing and suppressing his humanity, Hitler became a distorted version of Nietzsche's "superman".
  37. I can't be the only one otherwise Superman wouldn't have found a pair of glasses such an effective disguise.
  38. Had He been a God of war and not of love, his divine Son would have changed into a Superman costume and 102.
  39. As Superman shared his woeful tale of his life with us, he revealed the kryptonite that very nearly killed him.
  40. The problem was, instead of seeing eight toll booths, he saw sixteen! No problem, our Superman said to himself.
  41. He was the kind of a guy that when he said Hello to you, he made you laugh, like Superman in the story above.
  42. He addressed the fake superman, saying, ‘Hey you, man! How can you hold that scorpion without being stung by it?’.
  43. Power implies service; inspiration implies power; to understand and apply the method of inspiration is to become a superman.
  44. Alright, Harry is far further along the path to fulfilling man's potential than the people around him; hell, he's superman compared to me.
  45. Superman became the first comic superhero with his own TV series when The Adventures of Superman, starring George Reeves (USA), syndicated in 1952.
  46. Smith-Hughes in his hotel room and makes it impossible for him to reach Washington in time to murder his wife, unless you can prove him to be Superman.
  47. That still makes me laugh to this day, picture clark kent ripping of his shirt to change in to a poster child for the obesity epidemic instead of superman.
  48. In the Superman comics, Bizarro is a twisted clone of Superman that perceives things backwards such as bad being good, up being down, and left being right.
  49. The true believer still aches for something to replace the failed image of the New Soviet Man, or the Ubermensch of the German Nazis, the Overman or Superman.
  50. His fair hair turned jet black and he was clothed in the famous Superman suit with cloak, brazen S printed across a broad chest, and underpants on the outside.
  51. He typed the addresses he had chosen on the envelopes, thanked the clerk, who was still absorbed in what Colling saw was Superman Comics, and returned to his quarters.
  52. With a budget estimated to be in excess of $270 million (£137 million), Bryan Singer’s (USA) Superman Returns (USA, 2006) is the most expensive film based on a comic character.
  53. From this moment on his plan was moving ahead, he now had to become his alter ego just like Bruce Wayne became Batman and Clarke Kent became Superman, Juan Sebastian Nunes became Gomes.
  54. She picked up the book, the title was Where’s My Mother? , and began paging through the glossy pages of green crocodiles with red button eyes, monkeys as blue as superman ice cream, and.
  55. Besides that they had many thousands more MIGs and would gain air superiority once our Mirages were shot down since no pilot is Superman himself being only able to fly when in a flying machine.
  56. Steven Kolter, bestselling author of The Rise of Superman and founder of the Flow Genome Project, defines flow as optimal states of consciousness, where we feel our best and we perform our best.
  57. Reeves’s Superman suit sold for $129,800 (£81,307) at the Profiles in History auction in Los Angeles, California, USA, on 31 July 2003, the most expensive costume from a TV series sold at auction.
  58. How could he fight a beast that was nothing but thousands of pounds of muscle and bad attitude? Jack sure might resemble Superman with his dark hair and blue eyes, but he sure didn’t have his powers.
  59. Every time and upon every occasion, Superman inevitably places the interest of others before his own; he does this to his own body, using it as a shield and letting society benefit from his superpowers and talent.
  60. He didn’t really like the idea but he wasn’t superman, he didn’t have the energy of a hero, therefore, a bit of a cut or bruise is surely a sign that he was half a hero – after all he stuck it out this long.
  61. All you guys,’ he indicated the other students, ‘are pale and hairless, but when I was ten I got pubic hairs and when I was twelve I started to get hairs on my legs, and I hate it! But I’m not as hairy as Jarek and he looks fantastic, like superman.
  62. This is why even though we human apes as a species, are millions of years old: only recently have there been super-entities called gods: who found a way to super-impose many, many ordinary energy-field entities into a super-god… A Superman: an accumulation of super-imposed energy fields that was supposed to create a ‘super’ intelligent being.
  63. Without his writing being sanctioned by higher authority he would never have been read and his all idiocy of the ‘overman’ or ‘superman’ would be exposed as the superficial shit which superman comics later sold to the masses, and other comic book heroes that brainwash young children into the evil of worshipping dead auras and the belief in super-powers.

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