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Demolish в предложении (на )

However, I had to demolish the.
Allied bombs demolish the rail station.
Good, because you really did demolish her.
Our fathers at any rate had something to demolish.
Not to demolish whatever was out there, plant a few.
There are plans to demolish it and build a new one, a la.
We were glad that it was not necessary to demolish thefoundations.

I demolish the thoughtfully false construction of they that would.
What's certain, is that I have managed to demolish a dead bush with it.
It’s not unusual to demolish the top five hundred feet of a mountain.
F-28’s fly around you armed with enough firepower to demolish ½ the city.
I had once watched Bob Fitzsimmons demolish an opponent with a third-round knockout.
If Ron Paul III becomes president, won’t that demolish the separation of Church and State?
There is a foolproof test of an excuse: If you demolish the excuse, is another one immediately.
The plan was to demolish Pyramid House and erect on its site, which was unique, a super luxurious apartment building.
He cheats them by selling them food and he does know that it will demolish bodies, cause them illnesses and great pains.
They bolstered the pressure that their enormous cousins had exerted upon the Kinnaras, permitting those Danavas to demolish Indra’s battery.
It was evident to Levin that Sviazhsky knew an answer to this gentleman’s complaints, which would at once demolish his whole contention, but.
Twelve years ago, Merthin recalled, he had been asked to demolish the old fortress and build a new, modern palace fit for an earl in a peaceful country.
Not to demolish whatever was out there, plant a few trees, and rule that the land was liable for a mudslide if the trees weren’t planed in a certain way.
The council appeared to demolish anything older ten years in the name of progress, thus losing any link with history, and Chesford did have a very colourful past.
He listened quietly to what the convicts had to say, declared that the task he gave them was to get off four rivets unbroken, and to demolish a good part of the barque.
His mortars and thirty-pounders were effective enough in the open, but as Sympsyn had just pointed out, they weren’t powerful enough to demolish properly designed entrenchments.
Even though scientists were quick to point out that the research was still in its embryonic stage, these studies had helped demolish neuroscientific dogma that had prevailed for generations.
He was frequently the subject of so many neighborhood noise complaints that eventually there were only two choices: end the Johnny Guitar show, or demolish every house within earshot of the station.
They will next wish us to admit them into the Union before their population will authorize it; tell us that that Territory does not grow fast enough, and we must demolish the system for their convenience.
It was he who developed the "saturation" bombing technique, and with great passion and resolution he set out to demolish Germany from end to end with the intention of breaking the will of the German people.
Crass reached out his hand and took hold of the dish containing the `white stuff', but instead of passing it to the Semi-drunk, he proceeded to demolish it himself, gobbling it up quickly directly from the dish with a spoon.
No sooner would the Master do something to cheer the souls and gladden the hearts of his apostles, than he seemed immediately to dash their hopes in pieces and utterly to demolish the foundations of their courage and enthusiasm.
Other galleons’ captains had had the same idea earlier, but anyone who got close enough to use the short-ranged anti-rigging ammunition had to come close enough for Dreadnought’s six-inch guns to demolish his ship even more rapidly than he could take down her rigging.
It was evident to Levin that Sviazhsky knew an answer to this gentleman's complaints, which would at once demolish his whole contention, but that in his position he could not give utterance to this answer, and listened, not without pleasure, to the landowner's comic speeches.
In the days preceding the Hoar Frost King’s defeat, Margery enlisted Ryodan’s aid to tether a dangerous, drifting fragment of Faery that was about to demolish our abbey, and the price Ryodan called due from me the night I went to pay our debt was Sean filling in as a waiter at Chester’s for a time.
And yet in the midst of this turmoil, the Nautilus lived up to that saying of an expert engineer: "A well–constructed hull can defy any sea!" This submersible was no resisting rock that waves could demolish; it was a steel spindle, obediently in motion, without rigging or masting, and able to brave their fury with impunity.
They fabricate systems, they recast society, they demolish the monarchy, they fling all laws to the earth, they put the attic in the cellar's place and my porter in the place of the King, they turn Europe topsy-turvy, they reconstruct the world, and all their love affairs consist in staring slily at the ankles of the laundresses as these women climb into their carts.
If she had to time travel, why couldn’t she have gone back to when her mother was alive, when she and her parents lived in the yellow house with the red roses, when going to the zoo and seeing the tiger roar was the most terrifying experience of her life? When building a sand castle at the beach and watching the tide demolish her work was her biggest disappointment?
And where is your authority, where is your right to go home, invade, and break into a foreign territory, and there establish a slaughter-house for the brave sons of America; there spill your blood, and expend your treasure, destroy cities, and demolish houses, plunder the inhabitants, and waste the substance of the industrious and the innocent? Sir, there is no right but a Napoleon right, and that right is power, and not that which reason approves.
Bahorel was a good-natured mortal, who kept bad company, brave, a spendthrift, prodigal, and to the verge of generosity, talkative, and at times eloquent, bold to the verge of effrontery; the best fellow possible; he had daring waistcoats, and scarlet opinions; a wholesale blusterer, that is to say, loving nothing so much as a quarrel, unless it were an uprising; and nothing so much as an uprising, unless it were a revolution; always ready to smash a window-pane, then to tear up the pavement, then to demolish a government, just to see the effect of it; a student in his eleventh year.
Demolishing the old paint store.
This horror story is about demolishing Ukrainian.
Demolishing the wall between the small presses shop and.
A40 Demolishing the wall between the old finished prod-.
Demolishing the wall between the old finished goods store.
Demolishing a man’s house on his property after such a trag-.
He grew up demolishing them but only to realize that he had added.
Bullets flew in, demolishing the walls around us practically nonstop.
It seemed the patient was intent on demolishing everything within reach.
Bullets flew in, demolishing the walls around us practically nonstop.
Demolishing a man’s house on his property after such a tragedy was tricky.
I didn't want to be around when the graveyard attendant realized I was demolishing his cemetery.
There is nothing like the hand of the populace for building everything that is built by demolishing.
Indians and Chinese went on demolishing their temples to start a new temple called Buddah Image.
She declared she could never understand why the survey engineers ever talked of demolishing that old building.
Niles spent the better half of the previous day demolishing the interior of the isolated cabin, in search of his missing treasure.
It eventually mounted a pavement at the end of the road and went into a brick wall of a neighbour’s front garden demolishing the centre of it.
The central tower of the cathedral was covered by a bird’s nest of rope-and-branch scaffolding where Elfric was demolishing it from the top down.
In '93 a coppersmith had purchased the house with the idea of demolishing it, but had not been able to pay the price; the nation made him bankrupt.
The Imperial Charisian Navy had already shut down its eastern terminus by moving their armored bombardment ships into Silkiah Bay and demolishing the defending batteries.
The revolution had started demolishing all possible threats of opposition to its regime and Amy's family apparently conformed to their definition of threat and its wealth was duly sequestrated.
Then the fight for Guadalcanal and the Solomons had cost more precious ships and aircraft to the imperial forces, apart from demolishing the myth of the invincibility of the Imperial Japanese Army.
Spock and Stu sat outside in the large grounds at Thran’s, listening to the banging and crashing of men and machines demolishing and clearing unsafe buildings that were rocked and damaged by the explosions.
With every stroke they began to punish Cal, and Ulbrickson, and the sophomores, and anyone else who might doubt them, unleashing months’ worth of frustration, demolishing the course, hurling their backs into the oncoming wind and rain.
It was essential to blood the new Siddarmarkian formations—to give them actual battlefield experience, and the confidence which went with it, with their new weapons and their new doctrine—just as it was essential to demonstrate to the Army of God that someone besides Charis was fully capable of demolishing it in battle.
The inhabited parts of the country present a prospect still more pleasing; around the margin of those extensive rich prairies, numerous habitations are seen, withdrawn a short distance in the wood, from the winter's cold and summer's heat—their finely cultivated fields lie in the prairies, which yield at once to the plough, without the previous Herculean labour of demolishing the forest.
The enormous stump with its buttresses and gnarled roots was afterwards set on fire, and when darkness fell on the capital the blazing fetish houses and heaps of rubbish, with the black bodies of the levies as they rushed hither and thither, demolishing walls and throwing fresh fuel on the blazing piles, made a weird and striking scene, that will be long imprinted on the minds of those who witnessed it.
The wide-spread grunting drove came on in a surging mass, and without showing any respect for Don Quixote's dignity or Sancho's, passed right over the pair of them, demolishing Sancho's entrenchments, and not only upsetting Don Quixote but sweeping Rocinante off his feet into the bargain; and what with the trampling and the grunting, and the pace at which the unclean beasts went, pack-saddle, armour, Dapple and Rocinante were left scattered on the ground and Sancho and Don Quixote at their wits' end.
Halt! ill-born rabble, follow him not nor pursue him, or ye will have to reckon with me in battle! and suiting the action to the word, he drew his sword, and with one bound placed himself close to the show, and with unexampled rapidity and fury began to shower down blows on the puppet troop of Moors, knocking over some, decapitating others, maiming this one and demolishing that; and among many more he delivered one down stroke which, if Master Pedro had not ducked, made himself small, and got out of the way, would have sliced off his head as easily as if it had been made of almond-paste.
Forasmuch as there is made a finall good agreement betwixt us and our good brother the French King, and that all differences aswell betwixt our Crownes as subjects are settled by a mutuall and perfectt accord, and that amongst other particularytyes on our side, we have consented to the restitution of the fort and habitation of Kebec in Canada, as taken by force of armes since the peace, howsoever the Commission were given out to you during the warre betwixt us and the sayd King: We preferring the accomplishment of our royall word and promise before all whatsoever allegations may be made to the contrary in this behalfe, as wee have obliged ourselves to that King for the due performance thereof by an act passed under our great seale of this our realme of England, soe we doe by these our letres straightly charge and comand you that uppon the first commoditie of sending into parts and meanes for ye people to retoure yee doe give notice and order to all such subjects of ours which are under your Commission and government aswell souldiers which are in garrison in the foresaid fort and habitation of Kebec for defence thereof, as inhabitants, which are there seated and planted, to render according to the sayd agreement the sayd fort and habitation into the hands of such as shalbe by our said brother the French King appoynted and authorised to demaunde and receave the same from them, in the same state yt was at the tyme of the taking, without demolishing any thing of the fortifications and buildings which were erected at the tyme of the taking, or without carrying away the armes munitions merchandises or utensills which were then found therin.
The causeway was then demolished.
The outside wall 5 is demolished.
When she had demolished him, she.
The wall 6 is demolished, as well.
This temple was completely demolished.
The rich were being demolished, their.
Lawrence by a now demolished paper mill.
All such ties are demolished when there is.
They smashed the china; demolished the TV with.
We bought three houses and had them demolished.
The current Paint Store is demolished (4 – Fig.
The East Port building was subsequently demolished.
Not until he had an accident and demolished the car.
The facade of Corinthe, half demolished, was hideous.
The rear of the BMW demolished the front of the other.
A portion of this building has recently been demolished.
So that it was the house which demolished the coppersmith.
The old building was demolished and the new begun in 20 BC.
Enjoy this House (the Kaaba) for it was demolished twice.
When all boundaries are demolished, that which we refer to as.
Between us we’ve demolished half a loaf and most of the pâté.
Below us is a stretch of scorched ground and demolished buildings.
The last old high school building had been demolished around 1970.
He then walked over and further demolished the cooler with two kicks.
He found out the business closed some ten years prior and was demolished.
Sadly, this handsome Georgian house was finally demolished some years ago.
They almost demolished a tree as they fired so many bullets into the bushes.
It was all that remained after the home that once stood there was demolished.
Most of it was demolished, but I think the old roller coaster’s still there.
It was there that Nelson demolished Napoleon's fleet and cut him off from France.
At the most there was an omnibus wheel broken, and the old Anceau cart was demolished.
They have demolished the house that once stood there, so the sightline is unobstructed.
Rowena’s stately study has become a shambles of trashed furniture and demolished decor.
A short distance from these ruins is the site of a third temple now completely demolished.
In all the states where there was a direct fight with the BJP, the Congress was demolished.
After the outside wall is demolished the shop could be prepared for positioning the machines.
All the dividing partitions had been demolished, and the whole space was open to the stairs.
Andrew’s revelation about Tom’s past demolished the illusion that I had escaped from the.
The house that was hit was completely demolished, but miraculously, two people in it survived.
The fries were particularly good and he demolished the entire plate before starting on his beer.
Still casting black looks at me, he efficiently demolishes the camp.
They opposed, and sometimes with rare intelligence, conservative liberalism to the liberalism which demolishes.

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