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Demolish in a sentence

However, I had to demolish the.
Allied bombs demolish the rail station.
Good, because you really did demolish her.
Our fathers at any rate had something to demolish.
Not to demolish whatever was out there, plant a few.
demolish that house which Herod the Tetrarch had built.
There are plans to demolish it and build a new one, a la.

other poem comes along later to demolish my doubt with the.
predicted to sweep by the city and demolish its food supplies.
more, till it threatened to demolish the entire mechanism of the.
We were glad that it was not necessary to demolish thefoundations.
I demolish the thoughtfully false construction of they that would.
What's certain, is that I have managed to demolish a dead bush with it.
It’s not unusual to demolish the top five hundred feet of a mountain.
F-28’s fly around you armed with enough firepower to demolish ½ the city.
I had once watched Bob Fitzsimmons demolish an opponent with a third-round knockout.
If Ron Paul III becomes president, won’t that demolish the separation of Church and State?.
There is a foolproof test of an excuse: If you demolish the excuse, is another one immediately.
demolish the town and rebuild over the land, so they had built the modern city apart from it instead.
The plan was to demolish Pyramid House and erect on its site, which was unique, a super luxurious apartment building.
He cheats them by selling them food and he does know that it will demolish bodies, cause them illnesses and great pains.
They bolstered the pressure that their enormous cousins had exerted upon the Kinnaras, permitting those Danavas to demolish Indra’s battery.
It was evident to Levin that Sviazhsky knew an answer to this gentleman’s complaints, which would at once demolish his whole contention, but.
Twelve years ago, Merthin recalled, he had been asked to demolish the old fortress and build a new, modern palace fit for an earl in a peaceful country.
Not to demolish whatever was out there, plant a few trees, and rule that the land was liable for a mudslide if the trees weren’t planed in a certain way.
The council appeared to demolish anything older ten years in the name of progress, thus losing any link with history, and Chesford did have a very colourful past.
His mortars and thirty-pounders were effective enough in the open, but as Sympsyn had just pointed out, they weren’t powerful enough to demolish properly designed entrenchments.
Demolishing the old paint store.
stop a machine capable of demolishing your house.
This horror story is about demolishing Ukrainian.
over his shoulder, demolishing the ground in front of.
upon themselves; for the Jews, by demolishing the tower.
Demolishing the wall between the small presses shop and.
A40 Demolishing the wall between the old finished prod-.
Demolishing the wall between the old finished goods store.
demolishing of cities; nay, the sedition at last increased.
Demolishing a man’s house on his property after such a trag-.
He grew up demolishing them but only to realize that he had added.
ƒ Demolishing the existing outside wall (activity 21 – duration 2).
Bullets flew in, demolishing the walls around us practically nonstop.
It seemed the patient was intent on demolishing everything within reach.
org Web page, especially a seminar they did called Demolishing Strongholds.
Bullets flew in, demolishing the walls around us practically nonstop.
Demolishing a man’s house on his property after such a tragedy was tricky.
I didn't want to be around when the graveyard attendant realized I was demolishing his cemetery.
There is nothing like the hand of the populace for building everything that is built by demolishing.
Indians and Chinese went on demolishing their temples to start a new temple called Buddah Image.
ƒ Demolishing the wall between the small press shop and large press shop (activity 31 – duration 1).
She declared she could never understand why the survey engineers ever talked of demolishing that old building.
ƒ Demolishing the wall between the old finished goods store and the raw material store (activity 47 – duration 1).
Niles spent the better half of the previous day demolishing the interior of the isolated cabin, in search of his missing treasure.
ƒ Demolishing the old paint store (activity 2 – duration 3) Cleaning up and levelling of the building site (activity 7 – duration 4).
"Christmas is a season of peace on earth," he had told himself, while demolishing the logs of a sinister deadfall with his axe; and now the.
It eventually mounted a pavement at the end of the road and went into a brick wall of a neighbour’s front garden demolishing the centre of it.
The causeway was then demolished.
The outside wall 5 is demolished.
When she had demolished him, she.
The wall 6 is demolished, as well.
and the whole structure is demolished.
demolished so many times in the past.
be demolished – and a new one built.
be demolished to the ground after his.
The rich were being demolished, their.
Lawrence by a now demolished paper mill.
5) is demolished and the wall 7 is erected.
'The Earth was demolished a short while ago.
All such ties are demolished when there is.
We bought three houses and had them demolished.
They smashed the china; demolished the TV with.
The current Paint Store is demolished (4 – Fig.
The East Port building was subsequently demolished.
demolished a section of the bridge and sunk the boat.
The facade of Corinthe, half demolished, was hideous.
Not until he had an accident and demolished the car.
A portion of this building has recently been demolished.
The rear of the BMW demolished the front of the other.
before the whole casino was demolished with everybody in.
was up! Most of the old mine entrances were demolished or.
The old building was demolished and the new begun in 20 BC.
So that it was the house which demolished the coppersmith.
Enjoy this House (the Kaaba) for it was demolished twice.
demolished because--like in the Bible--my bird house was an.
When all boundaries are demolished, that which we refer to as.
demolished the miniature sailor along with a dozen other shabti.
Still casting black looks at me, he efficiently demolishes the camp.
2005: Sharon pulls Israeli troops out of the Gaza Strip and demolishes Israeli settlements.
They opposed, and sometimes with rare intelligence, conservative liberalism to the liberalism which demolishes.

Synonyms for demolish

demolish pulverise pulverize consume devour down destroy