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    1. will never detect when we have wrong motives

    2. He had to fiddle with the edges and shift the settings around slightly to detect body heat

    3. It is a great this means is that cockroaches will detect pesticides and natural product to use for the laundry but this product avoid the area

    4. to detect pesticides used against them

    5. He might be here as soon as an astronomer could detect that Kortax had passed zenith

    6. there is not a man who can detect the operation of faith in a hu-

    7. " She was sitting in Alan's childhood habitat, the camera could not detect that there was hard vacuum in here at this time

    8. "You're kidding me? And we couldn't detect that this planet had a data system?" she asked

    9. "As soon as they start it we'll see it," Ava said, but as long as it's off, it's way too cool for us to detect by now

    10. As they watched these events unfolding on the planet's terminator, a remote probe in low orbit got thru on a laser-beam and brought them closer, close enough that its scope could detect the dots that were people on the ground, even without enhancements

    11. "They are probably trying to contact us now but we have no sensors coming in from the direction of Sol to detect if they are

    12. " And I detect the slightest hint of concession from her

    13. If my suspicions are true, then I don’t need to worry about getting one which can detect pregnancy in the very early days …

    14. " Nathan laughs, and you can detect a slight hint of anxiety, "Okay, well where are they?" Sabrina's voice changes in tone when she replies

    15. A faithful eldership would soon detect and remove a false teacher

    16. The native astronomers didn't detect the ship, Elond never mentioned the asteroid collision articles and forgot about the incoming starship when no actual threat materialized and everyday life went on

    17. She wondered if they would ever know, she doubted there was a soul on what remained of Gordon's Lamp that was half as competent with silicon as that avatar was, certainly none that would be able to detect what she had actually done

    18. "I told you about how they wanted to remain secret didn't I?" Alan said, "Besides that, they have no idea how to detect a center of learning

    19. " She didn't think their remote sensors were very good if they couldn't detect an urban complex of a hundred million, but as he said, they weren't looking for the right things

    20. ‘I hope you won’t take it the wrong way, Karal, but I keep expecting to detect something alien … and failing

    21. Initially she dismissed it, there were so many people around that it would be virtually impossible to detect someone following her … all the same, the prickly feeling in the back of her neck persisted and she started taking it seriously

    22. If Alan isn't with the people, is he out in the wilderness? There's ten or twenty thousand square miles of it that he could have reached by now, how easy is it to find a human in that? By looking at it so a square mile filled his view he found he could not detect a human

    23. "That sensor would detect an exothermic life form exerting enough energy to subdue Alan and the two women he was with," Alfred told her

    24. “You had us so worried, damn, you look great!” He elbowed Daniel and said slyly, “Do I detect a certain look of contentment? ”

    25. "Do I detect that you're not happy with that?"

    26. Think about it," she said, "If one guy, Thom, by himself while on expedition, can detect them as a hobbyist, what have the remainder of mankind's universities, governments and corporations discovered in the two hundred years they've been working on it full time with teams and budgets?"

    27. Besides, if they can even detect these state transitions, they could be thinking the very same thing about us

    28. So far there had been no real fear of encountering a hostile alien power out among the stars, but that confidence was groundless, based on the presumption that any civilization capable of space flight would broadcast signals that human science could detect

    29. Now human science can detect quantum signals that could not be detected when they left

    30. However, if they are using quantum entanglement to communicate, only Thom’s instruments would detect it

    31. That and it has no protocol errors that I can detect

    32. “To the limits of my technology to detect it

    33. She was quite apprehensive over what she might encounter, but the facts were she would almost certainly never detect the entanglement at all

    34. More often, what you will detect is a slight change in

    35. I was hoping there was some chance I might be able to detect some effect

    36. that using a surrogate will make it easier to detect the

    37. “We could detect nothing of Kassidor but its presence,” Daedelus said, “until Yellelle brought back the detailed records from your ship, but we do know that the space occupied by the souls from Kassidor is about four times as large as that occupied by souls from Earth

    38. She could not detect a breath or a heartbeat

    39. State changes their instrumentation would forever remain unable to detect

    40. She had to make some assumptions about how a fourth order condensate detector could be modified to detect fifth order, but she hoped it was a straightforward extrapolation

    41. We will detect their presence, and any copy that is made, just as the fourth order condensate detector discovered the copies of information being made when free will was in operation

    42. Sometimes the most primitive enemy is the hardest to detect

    43. They couldn’t detect the settlement

    44. Kallo’s high intensity shield was very good, even I couldn’t detect him! I made my way to the other room, were two agents were seated

    45. “You told me that radar could only detect an object less than a couple of hundred clicks

    46. It can detect up to 3,000 kilometres away!” He looked up at Otto

    47. The booth with the glowing butterflies was a really nice effect, Alan couldn't detect that they weren't real, but Desa warned him off the drug they sold

    48. The probe was not able to image video or detect audio, so she had no idea what actually happened other than the probe was moved and it was soon deactivated

    49. mind to dismiss the delusion that I could detect a faint

    50. LeCynic felt briefly uneasy, unable to immediately detect the presence of his advisor

    1. After eight hours none of the automatic scanners had detected the proton signature of a cooling coiled furball from the planet below

    2. Unlike the earlier missions, this ship did not underestimate their enemy and was careful that it was not detected in its approach so it could strike without warning

    3. There was no instrument yet that had detected the presence of an electromagnetic signal from the planet ahead

    4. It detected the output of a data feed that Brazilian intelligence had secretly attached to all outgoing starships

    5. Its flares would be detected by the Kassikan in a few years and they would also be welcomed

    6. "We have detected an enemy starship in the area

    7. That could be just because he knew her better, but he detected the chance that Luray would remain somewhat more aloof and never be quite as open with him as Desa

    8. Their instruments had detected the possibility of naturally occurring condensates but they had not done entanglement studies

    9. "We've detected impactors from this far out

    10. Darryl Yorkham had detected bodies that were destined to pass close to Sol's environment, and careful position measurements and calculations showed that they were undergoing course corrections to aim them at specific targets within the system

    11. Bodies the size of the smallest impactors could be detected to a range of only a hundred million miles or less, depending on their size

    12. There was another starship detected on a parallel course to their own and that was of great concern to the captain

    13. The data flow levels he had detected required a thirtieth of a percent of the mass of the larger bodies to be in He4 condensates

    14. Now human science can detect quantum signals that could not be detected when they left

    15. pathology could be detected in the energy field of the

    16. Super Sensory Anything which is not detected through a sense (such as

    17. Adept Tometahin had detected the gate to the silicon realm was open, and she should begin centering herself for the journey

    18. We could think of it as a creature that has detected a tumor growing in its body and its immune system is at work excising the tumor, or we can think of it as an OS that has detected a competing OS

    19. “Other than electromagnetic radiation, which biology caused as much emission of as we did, how were we detected by this thing?”

    20. Tom thought he detected a suggestion of a strong, untamed nature

    21. He wondered if he detected a trace of disappointment in her voice

    22. In fourteen decades, he had never detected Athnu to have an interest in women

    23. However, we detected signs of a

    24. The distant land could barely be detected, Kortrax couldn’t quite meet his reflection, there was the tiniest line between them

    25. Jarvis detected the air of desperation appearing down the telephone line with satisfaction

    26. She detected a sense of sorrow in his voice, so refrained from questioning about the separation

    27. The best astro-prospector remotes had been used to examine Gordon's Lamp itself and only the potassium known had been detected

    28. More seriously, it could mean that the virus had detected the interest of the souls in the potassium balance and was trying to cover it’s tracks

    29. This time his frustration and agitation were too much, they detected something as soon as he entered the channel

    30. His general purpose sniffer detected lubricating oil and lots of cosmetics and cleansers on the clothing

    31. He was interested to know that the only planets that could be detected at so large a star were too big and cold to harbor life

    32. By all appearances, it seemed like Emily ignored him, standing gracefully and walking to the front of the class, through his years of training and an overly acute eye for detail, Brice detected a hair thin thread of blue leave her body and work its way toward Tetloan's sandals where it rapidly tied his laces into knots

    33. Not only do each of our ships have the same signature, but that signature can't be detected except by our own sensor-scanners

    34. “No mother-ship detected in the sectors already investigated, Captain,” Elenir volunteered from the science station as she rose and crossed to her nav post, transferring the sensor and scanner data to her own station

    35. The young man’s presence is detected and, aroused from its sleep, the dragon’s eyes open

    36. ‘Your presence has been detected

    37. ’ He still detected a certain reservation in her voice

    38. In the clinical white-greyness of the observation room Torbin once again poured over the monitor logs, despite the b’tari technician’s insistence that if any anomaly had occurred it would have been detected

    39. No malfunction could send them so far off that they can’t even be detected

    40. ‘And just disintegrated? Shouldn’t something have detected it – a telescope

    41. On a basic portable device – with its screen display that only allowed him to observe – he noticed the probe’s sensors had detected a spatial field anomaly: space was being warped

    42. But since the probe was showing no accordant sign of acceleration towards anything, this effect did not seem to be produced from a source that could be detected

    43. Prior to that it appeared that it had not been transmitting, surely they would have detected it years before if it had been?

    44. A chill ran through him when he realised that the block must therefore have been sat waiting, not reacting until it detected the colony radio transmissions

    45. Whoever it is can act from anywhere without being detected

    46. Had Zardino been detected, prevented? Or had he no intention of delivering on the only logical course of action? Roidon’s broken mind could not possibly determine

    47. ‘This is our technology, it is how we detected your craft

    48. Zardino said, ‘You reasoned that one day the TE wave would be detected and then its nature comprehended

    49. Rosemary detected a sadness in her aunt

    50. This observation, however, may very probably be the mere suggestion of fraudulent dealers, whose smuggling is either prevented or detected by their diligence

    1. There would be no possibility of the enemy detecting their approach until they were well within the 61 Cygni system

    2. The instruments that were still running on the Presidente Lula were capable of detecting a signature given off by an approaching starship

    3. ‘What now?’ I asked, as we pause in the shadows of a building, ‘It would be impossible detecting our … our ‘friends’ in that crowd

    4. Today he was looking for the details of the instruments that were detecting the signals he was analyzing

    5. "Make sure he knows that there is good reason to believe that the cause of the signals you are detecting is the cause of the impactors that are destroying our civilization," Warren said

    6. detecting the vibrations of your thoughts

    7. is along the same lines as detecting the vibration of

    8. If they were machines they wouldn't have pheromones at all would they? What he was detecting was probably only the staff

    9. The ship’s computer was quite capable of detecting and analysing virtually any faults in any of its circuits but Peter had decided to check it over anyway

    10. As far as we can tell, it was not remote detonated, so it must have had some way of detecting the Presidential limousine, triggering its partner devices moments before it detonated itself

    11. Radar and other equipment and detecting devices are constantly scanning the air and the ground according to a list of all possible threats

    12. As I've evaporated it, detecting lies

    13. thoughts, his ears detecting them even over what was now a

    14. “We are detecting high levels of radiation from unit one,” said one of the

    15. The nanoscanners are detecting all kinds of energy particles and atoms moving in so many directions around the highly compressed area

    16. Their main tasks are scanning through solid objects, detecting threats’ defensive and offensive systems, opening subspace portals and guiding an EIS’s molecules through optic-warp

    17. I also detected that he has completely unique magical properties, and so I observed him without his detecting me, and allowed him to pass within

    18. It’s a very rare stone capable of detecting the presence of evil spirits

    19. The noisy unease from the animals attracted the attention of two solders, who were too preoccupied with their deep conversation to stand any chance of detecting her

    20. ed by first detecting the microwave glow, then tracking

    21. there could be indirect ways of detecting dark plasma life forms

    22. visual sighting could be predicted by first detecting the microwave glow, then noting its evolution

    23. visual sighting could be predicted by first detecting the microwave glow, then noting its

    24. can be used for detecting the presence of aC mains

    25. sistor BFW11 (T1) for detecting the presence of mains

    26. can be employed for receiving and detecting the trans-

    27. Infants rarely do more that gurgle their first year of life because this time is spent converting sensations into higher level perceptions, seeing objects instead of splashes of color and light, detecting sounds instead of chaotic air pressure vibrations, feeling a coherent touching sensation of a brush down an arm instead of disorganized touch receptor neurons firing wildly

    28. Your limbs are flexible and strong, you’re completely aware of them and every tiny, minute detail that your limited senses are capable of detecting

    29. The energy was so slight that the most sensitive electronic instruments had great difficulty detecting the waves

    30. This was a tricky microscopic procedure, but with the help of his friend Professor Rom Pyett, an eminent neuro surgeon and resident of the citadel, and Rumbles ‘cell sniffer’ as he called the instrument for detecting the presence of cells, along with a Visual Reality scope and MRI micro scanner, they successfully removed two microscopic cells from Patty’s unborn infant causing no damage to either mother or baby

    31. He was an expert in the comprehension of human need, clever in detecting human longings

    32. Ney was convinced that detecting Specialist short selling was a key

    33. Europe on an expense account had been thrilling and exciting at first until the real work of detecting security leaks and tracking down agents really started

    34. Detecting no life or power output Grailem orders his navigator to another huge vessel of a similar size that orbits a large asteroid

    35. As Rachel suspected, they had little trouble detecting and destroying the drones

    36. I took a deep sniff, detecting absolutely no gasoline or motor oil in the car

    37. detecting the scent of beef jerky

    38. I scanned the area, detecting no

    39. The Duke detecting the smile took it

    40. As it is, we know how they’re detecting them, and they’re unlikely to have enough chemicals to spray every inch of the complex

    41. A beeping noise and small flashing red light on her control panel then made Sylvie straighten in her seat: the sensors of the spy probe were detecting something approaching the cave

    42. Spider Detection: The process of detecting and ignoring automated spiders or

    43. Perhaps that was what had struck Feltus as being odd about this humble, devout man, though he had largely dismissed those thoughts as a result of his own suspicious, detecting mind

    44. He then suspiciously scanned around him, detecting no others

    45. This chapter will provide the student/investor with some practical tools for detecting

    46. measurements, realizing that the emphasis should be on detecting movement toward an

    47. proficient that the tiny brain of a mosquito coordinates all its activities; including finding food, shelter and a mate; and detecting and avoiding physical threats, such as the swat of a hand, while stealing a meal

    48. making predictions and concentrates on detecting an environment that is conducive to

    49. Erik, always the cautious and forward-thinking man, also put on a set of night vision goggles, so that he could help Dean in detecting any sign of trouble approaching

    50. We are detecting what seems to be the enemy amphibious assault force in the process of detaching itself from the main enemy fleet

    1. Standard space debris radar detects things out to there

    2. He hears no sound and detects no movement

    3. Remote Differential Compression is a Windows Vista and 7 feature that detects file changes over a network, so that the changes can be transferred with minimal bandwidth usage instead of having to transfer the whole file after it has been moved

    4. It detects the electric

    5. When one of the telepaths detects a Magi scan passing through, you will see us all freeze

    6. A machine is built so that when it detects the

    7. The autonomous nanoeye detects this

    8. A nanoscanner detects a seventy-five foot mother alien shark quickly swimming towards them a half a dozen miles away

    9. Another nanoscanner detects the ocean floor three miles in front of the ship

    10. So your mental experience is just as real as the physical thing it detects and pictures

    11. Both men knew the hunting instinct is so strong, that when a foxhound detects a scent it will follow it, sometimes ignoring commands

    12. “You can tell here that Lady Povon detects additional incoming Translocations, for she turns here, and a sixteenth of a second later the rest of the Six begin to move as well

    13. As soon as the amygdala detects something it thinks could even

    14. When an instrument detects the presence of a single electron it is simply because one aspect of the ensemble has unfolded

    15. "Detects it—and if flame doesn't show within a few seconds, turns off the oil pump

    16. The telescope detects one pulse for each

    17. equipment that detects earth movements far below the

    18. If she detects a problem, she stores information in one of her many memory banks and then re-routes her operations to a different area

    19. It switches itself off if it detects a location beacon; then resets itself a few minutes later

    20. “Well, it actually did jump to October 15 of 1940 ‘B’, but you have to understand that our system only detects spacetime jumps and not normal travel

    21. In the van, Peter has set up a device that electronically detects the presents of vampires, so if it is a trap Peter can call one of us while we're still in the cab to let us know

    22. uncertain is the length of the moving averages that detects the stock movement

    23. “The test we conduct within 48 hours of birth only detects 40 percent of infected infants

    24. sophisticated tool which detects different light wavelength across the light

    25. You have to remain up-wind because if the animal detects your

    26. test which detects ionic (mostly inorganic) contaminants replaced, with the exception of the test

    27. If, as I believe, the spiritual presence detects our true feelings, anything less than unabashed

    28. detects these coded messages

    29. When the circuit detects a difference

    30. The moment it detects that you are Angels, it will go off

    31. The occipital lobe detects the different wavelengths of light converted into electrical pulsating charges

    32. This character’s special senses will alert him to the presence of the thing he detects whenever it is nearby

    33. what it detects either from the list below or anything else approved by the GM, and write it as part of the Power's name IE:

    34. "That is the truth," replied Anselmo, "and relying upon that I will tell thee, friend Lothario, that the desire which harasses me is that of knowing whether my wife Camilla is as good and as perfect as I think her to be; and I cannot satisfy myself of the truth on this point except by testing her in such a way that the trial may prove the purity of her virtue as the fire proves that of gold; because I am persuaded, my friend, that a woman is virtuous only in proportion as she is or is not tempted; and that she alone is strong who does not yield to the promises, gifts, tears, and importunities of earnest lovers; for what thanks does a woman deserve for being good if no one urges her to be bad, and what wonder is it that she is reserved and circumspect to whom no opportunity is given of going wrong and who knows she has a husband that will take her life the first time he detects her in an impropriety? I do not therefore hold her who is virtuous through fear or want of opportunity in the same estimation as her who comes out of temptation and trial with a crown of victory; and so, for these reasons and many others that I could give thee to justify and support the opinion I hold, I am desirous that my wife Camilla should pass this crisis, and be refined and tested by the fire of finding herself wooed and by one worthy to set his affections upon her; and if she comes out, as I know she will, victorious from this struggle, I shall look upon my good fortune as unequalled, I shall be able to say that the cup of my desire is full, and that the virtuous woman of whom the sage says 'Who shall find her?' has fallen to my lot

    35. This feature detects errors in the ATM header only; there is no error control of the payload at this layer

    36. A domain controller detects collisions by comparing the attribute values and property version numbers received during a replication event with those stored in its own database

    37. But before I can finish the process, my radar detects an incoming object

    38. Functional MRI (fMRI) detects changes in the local magnetic field that occur as

    39. When a computer detects an index futures contract that is mispriced with respect to the index itself, the computer can send orders to either sell futures contracts and buy the component stocks (a buy program) or buy futures contracts and sell the component stocks (a sell program)

    40. In Appendix A, we created a JavaScript program called Hello Money! that detects when money is sent to a Bitcoin address

    41. The regression of indexes effectively detects distinctive peculiarities of the relationship between the criterion and the profit that remain hidden if absolute values are analyzed

    42. "Now Jonah's Captain, shipmates, was one whose discernment detects crime in any, but whose cupidity exposes it only in the penniless

    43. Moist eyes of almond shape, smiling red lips, a little moustache well waxed, hair brushed in the latest fashion, a vulgarly pretty face,—what the women call ‘not bad,’—feebly built physically, but with no deformity; with hips as broad as a woman’s; correct, and insinuating himself into the familiarity of people as far as possible, but having that keen sense that quickly detects a false step and retires in reason,—a man, in short, observant of the external rules of dignity, with that special Parisianism that is revealed in buttoned boots, a gaudy cravat, and that something which foreigners pick up in Paris, and which, in its peculiarity and novelty, always has an influence on our women

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