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  1. I did not detect them.
  2. But she could detect the lie.
  3. Unable to detect him as if.
  4. In fact they could detect no.
  5. I did not detect animosity.

  6. To detect collisions, IEEE 802.
  7. Neither did they detect water.
  8. I detect no heart beats within.
  9. If there be fallacy, detect it.
  10. So if you think that you detect.
  11. I detect no ships of this sort.
  12. We cannot detect dark forces at.
  13. I--I could detect it in his voice.
  14. Thankfully, she didn’t detect it.
  15. Your foes cannot detect you here.

  16. They couldn’t detect the settlement.
  17. Calorimeters could be used to detect.
  18. Once you no longer detect ammonia and.
  19. At least so far as anyone could detect.
  20. Could it detect Watney’s suit?
  21. Take note of anything unusual you detect.
  22. Did he detect a note of jealousy there?
  23. Do I detect a hint of British there?
  24. Because they can’t detect us, mister.
  25. But scientific instruments can detect them.

  26. The enemy used weapons we could not detect.
  27. If there is, I’m not able to detect it.
  28. I was surprised I could detect an increase.
  29. One can detect the bear in the whole affair.
  30. The infrared scanners detect a presence and.
  31. And these days, it’s pretty hard to detect.
  32. She could not detect a breath or a heartbeat.
  33. To the limits of my technology to detect it.
  34. I couldn’t detect any Russian accent at all.
  35. I detect honesty and integrity about you that.
  36. The nanoscanners detect something alive inside.
  37. But the mayor could detect the lie in his words.
  38. He glared closely, but could not detect a source.
  39. He could detect the smell of flowers in her hair.
  40. We were sure no one would be able to detect the.
  41. But, the effects are not generally hard to detect.
  42. We did not detect his evil, but his influence.
  43. They are accurate enough to detect large moves in.
  44. It does not al ow the character to detect someone.
  45. Only after I was able to detect and kill my three.
  46. In fact, what I did detect was no odour whatsoever.
  47. I could detect no fear or pain in Rebecca’s mind.
  48. There are probes in place to detect renegade comets.
  49. That and it has no protocol errors that I can detect.
  50. Calorimeters could be used to detect anomalous heat.
  51. Even from this distance, Halfshaft could detect the.
  52. Either can snatch command if they detect any problem.
  53. Invisible targets wil require special senses to detect.
  54. We can then recognize or detect the smell consciously.
  55. He can also detect hidden weapons and such at a glance.
  56. It is very hard to detect, but we know it is out there.
  57. In ourselves we detect this type of deviation from our.
  58. More often, what you will detect is a slight change in.
  59. Hal sniffed his arm carefully, but could detect no odor.
  60. The Fox's acute hearing would detect the familiar sound.
  61. There is no effective way to detect ovarian cancer early.
  62. Didn’t he know? Couldn’t he detect it? I had no fear.
  63. Dark impulse hides a crime but a light impulse detect it.
  64. X-ray machines were made to detect the density of objects.
  65. It’s set to detect frequencies of bugs and transmitters.
  66. Jerusalem I think it’s possible that I could detect any.
  67. The system can detect deviations and foreign particulates.
  68. Not even the most sophisticated equipment could detect it.
  69. I could detect it without even feeling his honoi pulse.
  70. Sometimes the most primitive enemy is the hardest to detect.
  71. Thus, some are best suited to detect tonic changes, while.
  72. It was dark and I didnt detect the presence of any humans.
  73. A young crewman responded to the captain, Sensors detect.
  74. He’d also given away his ability to detect even the most.
  75. His ear could not detect the harmony well enough to sing it.
  76. These psychopathic blockages are easy to detect by means of.
  77. Can you detect wildfires in time to avoid them, also?
  78. Even Onyx could not detect that Duplex was under our control.
  79. It did detect one unidentified possible reemergence in 420 B.
  80. From the corner of my eye, I detect that Anthony's face falls.
  81. Prey evolved to detect subtle evidences of danger around them.
  82. I even listened for Matti's breathing but could detect nothing.
  83. But in that brief moment I managed to detect crust on her eyes.
  84. The racers can only use short-range scanners to detect objects.
  85. Penelope can detect that Ben is protesting and asking questions.
  86. As one can detect the real aim of the DSA is to transform this.
  87. I wiped it away before he could look up and detect any weakness.
  88. At the center are the wavelengths that human eyes can detect.
  89. Nanoscanners are encoded and are harder to detect over nanoeyes.
  90. But let it be known that he has been able to detect the hollow.
  91. But she could detect that there were different colored segments.
  92. A faithful eldership would soon detect and remove a false teacher.
  93. He can detect vulnerabilities in security systems like no-one else.
  94. How should he detect so small a quantity missing? But we shall see.
  95. For now, assume the Magi hold it even though we can detect nothing.
  96. And then I detect it—the unmistakable stench of putrefying flesh.
  97. If the Niagara is anywhere nearby, we’ll be able to detect her.
  98. It can detect up to 3,000 kilometres away! He looked up at Otto.
  99. It can detect and pinpoint to within a few meters, the location of.
  100. Perhaps if they moved she could detect the motion… or perhaps not.
  1. Detecting him the passing horse.
  2. I scanned the area, detecting no.
  3. Detecting it, they are drawn to it.
  4. As I've evaporated it, detecting lies.
  5. Detecting! You have analysed, then.
  6. Detecting the same dynamic energies.
  7. The Duke detecting the smile took it.
  8. There is a way of detecting its presence.
  9. He was a human thought detecting machine.
  10. Detecting the mistake is simple because it is.
  11. Detecting the crude movements of Nyshifters, there was.
  12. The ignorant masses have difficulty detecting Communists.
  13. Predators evolved to single out prey by detecting movement.
  14. He then suspiciously scanned around him, detecting no others.
  15. They are, however, tried and tested means for detecting this.
  16. Detecting a deeper quality about him, an innocence generating.
  17. Ney was convinced that detecting Specialist short selling was a key.
  18. I was more than just ware of the importance there was in detecting the.
  19. It’s a very rare stone capable of detecting the presence of evil spirits.
  20. No doubt they had sentries posted or had other means of detecting intruders.
  21. Spider Detection: The process of detecting and ignoring automated spiders or.
  22. I took a deep sniff, detecting absolutely no gasoline or motor oil in the car.
  23. We are detecting high levels of radiation from unit one, said one of the.
  24. As Rachel suspected, they had little trouble detecting and destroying the drones.
  25. The interesting thing about detecting new species by means of radio transmission.
  26. This ruled glass plate is an alinement test plate for detecting defects in alinement.
  27. Detecting his emotion, Pearl clapped her little hands, in the most extravagant ecstasy.
  28. This chapter will provide the student/investor with some practical tools for detecting.
  29. He was an expert in the comprehension of human need, clever in detecting human longings.
  30. It is always a busy place at the end of each wet season, Brandor said, detecting a.
  31. Detecting nothing devious in his tone, it supported Hanor’s suggestion earlier that the.
  32. Paul couldn’t avoid detecting the sad look which flashed across the younger boy’s face.
  33. Detecting these errors usually requires special tools designed to analyze network traffic.
  34. Another method of detecting erroneous option prices is based on implied volatility estimations.
  35. It should be recognized that there is no single method that is capable of detecting all of the.
  36. Detecting the course change was easy enough, since he had been looking out the window when it happened.
  37. Today he was looking for the details of the instruments that were detecting the signals he was analyzing.
  38. Detecting a difference of 1 now becomes a task of detecting a difference of √n standard deviation units.
  39. Detecting the gleam of Governor Bellingham's lamp, the old lady quickly extinguished her own, and vanished.
  40. It is most useful in detecting instances where preferred stocks or bonds are not worth their market price.
  41. Detecting the concentrated curiosity in her stare, Jericho moistened his lips and began spilling the beans.
  42. She was lost without a heading until detecting the hint of streetlights through the foggy tangled branches.
  43. The energy was so slight that the most sensitive electronic instruments had great difficulty detecting the waves.
  44. I can assure you that we have scientific means of detecting such material and those means have been fully deployed.
  45. There would be no possibility of the enemy detecting their approach until they were well within the 61 Cygni system.
  46. The trees would ordinarily have crushed them, but showed no interest in them whatsoever, detecting no signs of life.
  47. Then, after detecting his dark hair, furry friend was no longer around, he started to yell, Midnight, come help me.
  48. If they were machines they wouldn't have pheromones at all would they? What he was detecting was probably only the staff.
  49. My detecting instincts were telling me that I was missing something important here about Malcolm and Maud’s relationship.
  50. Stay, stay in the corner!’ she said to Masha, who, detecting a faint smile in her mother’s face, had been turning round.
  51. The contrarian trader is emphatically not in the business of detecting high points or low points in the stock market averages.
  52. Nonetheless, the likelihood of detecting the Israeli naval lieutenant who was the object of this massive search was infinitesimal.
  53. We are detecting what seems to be the enemy amphibious assault force in the process of detaching itself from the main enemy fleet.
  54. As it is, we know how they’re detecting them, and they’re unlikely to have enough chemicals to spray every inch of the complex.
  55. Detecting no life or power output Grailem orders his navigator to another huge vessel of a similar size that orbits a large asteroid.
  56. The nanoscanners are detecting all kinds of energy particles and atoms moving in so many directions around the highly compressed area.
  57. The instruments that were still running on the Presidente Lula were capable of detecting a signature given off by an approaching starship.
  58. They will be quick sighted as eagles in detecting mistakes abroad, and yet blind as bats to fatal errors which are daily going on at home.
  59. Radar and other equipment and detecting devices are constantly scanning the air and the ground according to a list of all possible threats.
  60. Slinking into the shadows, he slowly passed one pillar at a time and drew nearer to his target that showed no sign of detecting his presence.
  61. I also detected that he has completely unique magical properties, and so I observed him without his detecting me, and allowed him to pass within.
  62. Recall that equal variances are necessary if we are to apply any of the methods we learned for detecting differences in the means of populations.
  63. Finally, our optical telescopes are not detecting any artificial lights on the surface of the Earth, as if a planet-wide blackout had been ordered.
  64. I am afraid that I have a bad news for you: our orbital stations are now detecting a second Morg armada emerging from the inter-dimensional tunnel.
  65. Your limbs are flexible and strong, you’re completely aware of them and every tiny, minute detail that your limited senses are capable of detecting.
  66. It was from Montgomery that I learned the importance of magazine cover stories for detecting information cascades and the associated investment crowds.
  67. Science will not tell you that their machines are only capable of detecting mechanical energy: not life-energy and not the energy of spirits and auras.
  68. If we were testing a food additive for possible carcinogenic (cancer-producing) effects, this would be the probability of detecting a carcinogenic effect.
  69. The ship’s computer was quite capable of detecting and analysing virtually any faults in any of its circuits but Peter had decided to check it over anyway.
  70. Europe on an expense account had been thrilling and exciting at first until the real work of detecting security leaks and tracking down agents really started.
  71. Familiarity with the methods of questionable finance should assist the analyst and perhaps even the public, in detecting such practices when they are perpetrated.
  72. This is an impressive, if somewhat extreme, example of the practical utility of security analysis in detecting discrepancies between intrinsic value and market price.
  73. The noisy unease from the animals attracted the attention of two solders, who were too preoccupied with their deep conversation to stand any chance of detecting her.
  74. Erik, always the cautious and forward-thinking man, also put on a set of night vision goggles, so that he could help Dean in detecting any sign of trouble approaching.
  75. If you don’t let them know, they may assume the worst, for example, that your sample size is too small and your survey is not capable of detecting significant effects.
  76. He had lost all hope of detecting the secret of the grotto; he consequently despatched his breakfast, and, his boat being ready, he hastened on board, and they were soon under way.
  77. Perhaps that was what had struck Feltus as being odd about this humble, devout man, though he had largely dismissed those thoughts as a result of his own suspicious, detecting mind.
  78. A beeping noise and small flashing red light on her control panel then made Sylvie straighten in her seat: the sensors of the spy probe were detecting something approaching the cave.
  79. The problem with these omnibus tests is that while they allow us to detect any of a large number of alternatives, they are not especially powerful for detecting a specific alternative.
  80. Their main tasks are scanning through solid objects, detecting threats’ defensive and offensive systems, opening subspace portals and guiding an EIS’s molecules through optic-warp.
  81. Yet, elevated as Madame Stahl's character was, touching as was her story, and exalted and moving as was her speech, Kitty could not help detecting in her some traits which perplexed her.
  82. Yet, elevated as Madame Stahl’s character was, touching as was her story, and exalted and moving as was her speech, Kitty could not help detecting in her some traits which perplexed her.
  83. As far as we can tell, it was not remote detonated, so it must have had some way of detecting the Presidential limousine, triggering its partner devices moments before it detonated itself.
  84. Since bullish crowds take so long to develop, the contrarian trader can often beat the market by detecting the communication process that is building the bullish crowd soon after it starts.
  85. The higher the significance level (10% rather than 5%), the larger the probability of making a Type I error we are willing to accept, and the greater the probability of detecting a real effect.
  86. Not incidentally, as we saw in Chapter 8, the optimal statistical test for an ordered response is quite different from the statistic one uses for detecting an arbitrary difference among approaches.
  87. That, he had been the prisoner's friend, but, at once in an auspicious and an evil hour detecting his infamy, had resolved to immolate the traitor he could no longer cherish in his bosom, on the sacred altar of his country.
  88. Even as a young man he would interrupt his reading of poetry in the park to observe elderly couples who helped each other across the street, and they were lessons in life that had aided him in detecting the laws of his own aging.
  89. How the hell did they do it? It was supposed to be impossible, wasn’t it? And what about all these ‘blips’ that Global Crossroads were detecting? In almost every case, they coincided with the illegal movement of funds somewhere.
  90. That original section (The Investor as Business Owner) dealt with shareholders’ voting rights, ways of judging the quality of corporate management, and techniques for detecting conflicts of interest between insiders and outside investors.
  91. How many times should we flip the coin to test the hypothesis that it is fair so that (1) the probability of making a Type I error is no greater than 10% and (2) we have a probability of 80% of detecting a weighted coin that will come up heads 70 times out of one hundred on the average?
  92. Infants rarely do more that gurgle their first year of life because this time is spent converting sensations into higher level perceptions, seeing objects instead of splashes of color and light, detecting sounds instead of chaotic air pressure vibrations, feeling a coherent touching sensation of a brush down an arm instead of disorganized touch receptor neurons firing wildly.
  93. Sub-Lieutenant Dyadenko, a young officer, who talked with a Little Russian accent, had a tattered cloak and dishevelled hair, although he talked very loudly, and constantly seized opportunities to dispute acrimoniously over some topic, and was very abrupt in his movements, pleased Volodya, who, beneath this rough exterior, could not help detecting in him a very fine and extremely good man.
  94. The very birds in the branches, being German birds, were no doubt singing it; the dogs, as they met her, scented misfortune and barked furiously, instantly detecting the alien, angered by her batteredness, discovering nothing in her clothes however diligently they sniffed that an honest German dog could care about; and when on a lonely stretch of the road she came to a tramp, instead of begging he offered her a drink.
  95. This was a tricky microscopic procedure, but with the help of his friend Professor Rom Pyett, an eminent neuro surgeon and resident of the citadel, and Rumbles ‘cell sniffer’ as he called the instrument for detecting the presence of cells, along with a Visual Reality scope and MRI micro scanner, they successfully removed two microscopic cells from Patty’s unborn infant causing no damage to either mother or baby.
  96. She was all alive again directly, and among the most active in being useful to Fanny, in detecting her to be wetter than she would at first allow, and providing her with dry clothes; and Fanny, after being obliged to submit to all this attention, and to being assisted and waited on by mistresses and maids, being also obliged, on returning downstairs, to be fixed in their drawing-room for an hour while the rain continued, the blessing of something fresh to see and think of was thus extended to Miss Crawford, and might carry on her spirits to the period of dressing and dinner.
  1. He was detected, my lord.
  2. Walter and I detected the.
  3. When detected, she was not.
  4. The heat can be detected with.
  5. It too obviously had detected.
  6. Otherwise, it will be detected.
  7. Corey detected the 'scents' of.
  8. On top of that, I detected the.
  9. I detected a strange, stale odor.
  10. However, we detected signs of a.
  11. These gamma rays are detected by.
  12. Her scent was detected by our dogs.
  13. Kenichi detected doubt in his voice.
  14. At least, little had been detected.
  15. I detected nothing in the stillness.
  16. They had detected radiation levels.
  17. Ralph detected bitterness in his tone.
  18. Would the missile be detected?
  19. I detected the scent of a good meal.
  20. We just detected them, Your Majesty.
  21. He detected the sarcasm in her voice.
  22. Thereby have villainies been detected.
  23. Rosemary detected a sadness in her aunt.
  24. Thankfully, I detected no other persons.
  25. Rich must have detected motion out of.
  26. Except when it is His will to be detected.
  27. All were unconscious, but I detected no.
  28. I detected no dangers but that didn’t.
  29. The Riaz have never detected one, which.
  30. Her extra senses detected a wizard around.
  31. Unfortunately I'd not detected any so far.
  32. Anna thought she detected sudden hostility.
  33. The Guardian detected confusion among his.
  34. We've detected impactors from this far out.
  35. It was then that I detected the sounds of.
  36. My command has detected high levels of.
  37. I detected it was a sorrowful thing for him.
  38. However, they have still not detected these.
  39. If the cell-phone detected a pre-programmed.
  40. The tongue of the man detected the falsehood.
  41. It isn’t detected by other people, just us.
  42. We have detected high levels of radiation.
  43. A lie, he guessed, would probably be detected.
  44. Gloria was certain she had never been detected.
  45. Again, I detected a great sadness as she spoke.
  46. I detected a hint of reservation in her answer.
  48. We have detected an enemy starship in the area.
  49. We detected a presence but couldn’t see it.
  50. Can detected sympathy in these words and answered.
  51. Any movement or presence detected nearby?’’.
  52. I detected a controlled irritation in these words.
  53. I took a deep sniff but detected no rotting odour.
  54. I detected a hint of slight disapproval about her.
  55. Researchers detected a fiery giant double helix in.
  56. A star that is detected in this way is known as a.
  57. As I backed into Space 126, I detected there was no.
  58. Matt was silent, but I detected he still had doubts.
  59. Indeed, these have often been detected and explained.
  60. Jason immediately detected the switch-off of interest.
  61. A short while later I detected faint treading on the.
  62. We’ve got to get in there without being detected.
  63. The security system should have detected an intruder.
  64. He sighed in relief as he detected a faint heartbeat.
  65. Soon, his sharp eyes detected a crack in the rockface.
  66. Barely a moment later I detected the faint sounds of.
  67. How are you going to link without being detected?
  68. Trask detected an un-natural tenseness in her attitude.
  69. Often times, the problem is detected at the dentist's.
  70. I detected it at once, and put my paw on it, looking.
  71. If we are detected they will attack us within minutes.
  72. I detected any variation in the vibrations around me;.
  73. As we rang off I was sure I detected a smile from Joan.
  74. If they had been detected, was escape even possible?
  75. It was as if I had been detected in a disgraceful act.
  76. Nothing had been detected as intercepting or targeting.
  77. The bear's raised nose shows he has detected the moose.
  78. Liverpool University they had detected a weak magnetic.
  79. As we were walking through the hallway, I detected the.
  80. Gillenormand fancied that he detected a faint frown on.
  81. I have detected the Texas with sensors, Tuvok said.
  82. What surprises me is the paranoid atmosphere I detected.
  83. While recovering in the garage, I detected the scent of.
  84. It so happens that Makar is detected by Aksionov in his.
  85. I detected a subtle twitch in Vlad’s eyes and a barely.
  86. But now, I consciously detected something in the air; the.
  87. The next morning I awakened and distinctly detected motion.
  88. At street level, listening for danger, he detected a scuff.
  89. They attacked the Hedgehogs as soon as they detected them.
  90. Surely, their escape couldn’t have been detected already.
  91. She detected an underneath feeling of weariness about him.
  92. The sensor arrays detected an astounding variety of debris.
  93. Your smart computer detected a problem with the shuttles.
  94. Yeah? I detected just a trace of anxiety in her voice.
  95. Drinking a beer in the club, I detected them and shot all.
  96. Any creature that tried to sneak up on me would be detected.
  97. Whoever it is can act from anywhere without being detected.
  98. For some reason, I detected that she didn’t want to have.
  99. Also one of the trackers has detected something in our path.
  100. In that instant, Harry's eyes had detected a familiar figure.
  1. It detects the electric.
  2. The autonomous nanoeye detects this.
  3. When the circuit detects a difference.
  4. The telescope detects one pulse for each.
  5. He hears no sound and detects no movement.
  6. A machine is built so that when it detects the.
  7. Standard space debris radar detects things out to there.
  8. The moment it detects that you are Angels, it will go off.
  9. You have to remain up-wind because if the animal detects your.
  10. As soon as the amygdala detects something it thinks could even.
  11. But before I can finish the process, my radar detects an incoming object.
  12. Another nanoscanner detects the ocean floor three miles in front of the ship.
  13. Functional MRI (fMRI) detects changes in the local magnetic field that occur as.
  14. Detects it—and if flame doesn't show within a few seconds, turns off the oil pump.
  15. So your mental experience is just as real as the physical thing it detects and pictures.
  16. When one of the telepaths detects a Magi scan passing through, you will see us all freeze.
  17. The test we conduct within 48 hours of birth only detects 40 percent of infected infants.
  18. It switches itself off if it detects a location beacon; then resets itself a few minutes later.
  19. If, as I believe, the spiritual presence detects our true feelings, anything less than unabashed.
  20. The occipital lobe detects the different wavelengths of light converted into electrical pulsating charges.
  21. This feature detects errors in the ATM header only; there is no error control of the payload at this layer.
  22. This character’s special senses will alert him to the presence of the thing he detects whenever it is nearby.
  23. A nanoscanner detects a seventy-five foot mother alien shark quickly swimming towards them a half a dozen miles away.
  24. In Appendix A, we created a JavaScript program called Hello Money! that detects when money is sent to a Bitcoin address.
  25. When an instrument detects the presence of a single electron it is simply because one aspect of the ensemble has unfolded.
  26. Both men knew the hunting instinct is so strong, that when a foxhound detects a scent it will follow it, sometimes ignoring commands.
  27. Now Jonah's Captain, shipmates, was one whose discernment detects crime in any, but whose cupidity exposes it only in the penniless.
  28. If she detects a problem, she stores information in one of her many memory banks and then re-routes her operations to a different area.
  29. Well, it actually did jump to October 15 of 1940 ‘B’, but you have to understand that our system only detects spacetime jumps and not normal travel.
  30. You can tell here that Lady Povon detects additional incoming Translocations, for she turns here, and a sixteenth of a second later the rest of the Six begin to move as well.
  31. A domain controller detects collisions by comparing the attribute values and property version numbers received during a replication event with those stored in its own database.
  32. In the van, Peter has set up a device that electronically detects the presents of vampires, so if it is a trap Peter can call one of us while we're still in the cab to let us know.
  33. The regression of indexes effectively detects distinctive peculiarities of the relationship between the criterion and the profit that remain hidden if absolute values are analyzed.
  34. Remote Differential Compression is a Windows Vista and 7 feature that detects file changes over a network, so that the changes can be transferred with minimal bandwidth usage instead of having to transfer the whole file after it has been moved.
  35. When a computer detects an index futures contract that is mispriced with respect to the index itself, the computer can send orders to either sell futures contracts and buy the component stocks (a buy program) or buy futures contracts and sell the component stocks (a sell program).
  36. Moist eyes of almond shape, smiling red lips, a little moustache well waxed, hair brushed in the latest fashion, a vulgarly pretty face,—what the women call ‘not bad,’—feebly built physically, but with no deformity; with hips as broad as a woman’s; correct, and insinuating himself into the familiarity of people as far as possible, but having that keen sense that quickly detects a false step and retires in reason,—a man, in short, observant of the external rules of dignity, with that special Parisianism that is revealed in buttoned boots, a gaudy cravat, and that something which foreigners pick up in Paris, and which, in its peculiarity and novelty, always has an influence on our women.

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