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    1. He mustered the ‘moral’ minority to form an action group claiming that the presence of, and I quote, ‘all those wanton women’ would have a detrimental effect on the neighbourhood and all the families living round there

    2. Of all the detrimental, idiotic and ill-conceived advice in the world, and there is much advice in the world that is detrimental, idiotic, and ill-conceived, perhaps the most detrimental, idiotic and ill-conceived advice in the world is to

    3. The phrase, to count your blessings, can therefore quite confidently be confirmed as a useless adage, yet it has somehow managed to survive the test of time, even though the advice in question is most clearly totally detrimental, totally idiotic and totally ill-conceived

    4. It is so detrimental, idiotic and ill-conceived that it is simply baffling to think that it has survived for so long without anybody stepping forth to question it, 'it' being the advice, the advice in this case being the advice to 'count your blessings', a phrase which simply means to check your privilege and look at how lucky you are, even though the advice does nothing to stop your current trouble

    5. Are there any associations that are detrimental to

    6. This study also included an in-vitro portion, which compared tissue cultures of cells exposed to various combinations of lutein and detrimental, low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which is known to promote atherosclerosis

    7. “My theory is that going for years without touching the Power could be as detrimental as being permanently severed from it

    8. Such outcomes oftentimes reflect a convenient form of denial advanced by thoughtless/reckless individuals who, although aware of the potential consequences of their designs, gave willing consent to forceful expressions in a manner detrimental to their own (personal) well being as well as the well-being of others

    9. In fact, it not only is detrimental; it could be the cause for the Tug-A-War with your children in the middle

    10. The potential risk associated with legalizing drugs is understood as a possible endorsement (perhaps) of other forms of aberrant or anti-social behavior under the specious argument of an individual‘s right to choose; however detrimental to the moral and spiritual well-being of that individual or society, for that matter

    11. running amok issuing rules and regulations that are not needed and in fact are detrimental to our country

    12. The court finds that this sad dynamic was detrimental to the Allerton children

    13. this is bound to have some detrimental effect on the Company

    14. In the meantime, Josie’s move to Ventura with Agatha and two of her children was having a detrimental effect on Chad and Manuel

    15. We have been blessed with an abundant supply of water but even that has a limit and the use of corn to make gasoline could have a very detrimental effect on our water supply

    16. That would speed- up the construction process and save us lots of money and would not have a detrimental effect on our environment

    17. I’ve been under a bit of stress lately, and I can only think it must be affecting my behavior in a detrimental manner

    18. However, the most detrimental effect this ingredient has on our bodies when it comes to weight loss is the effect it has on our insulin production

    19. ’ The concepts espoused now by the conservatives have the progress of the country and individual activity as their goal, but they are often attacked and falsely accused of being detrimental by the so-called “class-envy” assault

    20. And it is very important that we must recognize the detrimental attempts to weaken the departments of the armed forces, Homeland Security, the FBI, and the CIA

    21. •Comfortable to wear - your child will need to wear this alarm nightly for a few months, anything that digs into your child, prevents sleep or has sharp edges could be detrimental

    22. Without a doubt, researchers publish studies on the detrimental effects of television just to torture parents

    23. The maverick Summoners have been defeated and the detrimental breach to the Plane of Chaos sealed

    24. The previous examples describe relatively minor versions of enabling and its consequences, but this behavior can become detrimental to a teen when it subtly encourages damaging behavior

    25. I’m going to suggest that if you spend too much time with your partner then it could have a detrimental impact on the desire that you feel for each other

    26. In radical and total hysterectomies, for example, the ovaries are removed which can be detrimental to sex drive because the ovaries function to secrete estrogen and androgen (a hormone linked to sex drive)

    27. This would take a crew of three about an hour to do, and he knew this lost production time would have a detrimental effect on that shift’s yield

    28. Failing to do this will have a detrimental

    29. This means that incentives constitute an instrument created to push the individual to do what is considered to be correct (and is good), pushing him away from what is considered to be detrimental (and which is bad)

    30. ultimately detrimental to the public

    31. Anything that keeps you from enjoying your life as well as others is detrimental to your psyche

    32. Could it be true that the spells were taking away Power without me noticing? That could be detrimental when trying to protect myself from other powerful spell casters

    33. was tomorrow, it should be not detrimental to his health

    34. Mothers realized that sending their offspring to school at such a young age was actually detrimental to the children

    35. All should love each and through the physical form, more is often associated with love through sexual acts, there is nothing negative or detrimental to the spirit or soul by any form of sexual experience that they may undertake

    36. An athlete will not constantly ingest those things which are detrimental to their performance, should you wish to develop as a healing channel you should do those things which serve your highest good and your physical body

    37. The concern is not to be discounted because of the area but consider for a moment your concerns and ponder internally if your concerns for your own children, or the children in your country, if these concerns are legitimate or if they are simply concerns because you have nothing more tragic or seemingly detrimental to fear because you live in a less violent area

    38. This process can produce results that are counterproductive to your behavior in this lifetime and it can be detrimental to you

    39. For much it is just clever phrasing to offer the view that something is better or healthier when it is truly more detrimental or at least neutral to you

    40. Often times we cling to things that were not detrimental but have become now less supportive because our view of life has changed or our purpose has realigned, or what we are doing and who we have become is simply different then what it was previously

    41. The marriage of corporate America with the computer has been very detrimental to the health of the nation

    42. Though he realized that it was just her breeding that had instilled that superiority in her, Feltus felt quite uncomfortable around her due to her mannerisms but also as a result of the way she suspiciously observed everyone who came into contact with her; it was as though she was quite untrusting and extremely cautious which had on many occasions proven detrimental to a person’s character and position

    43. What was detrimental in all of this most negative

    44. What traits do you have that are detrimental to this business?

    45. That kind of bad publicity could be detrimental to the committee and the entire project

    46. There was and is a danger that the owners of the Versailles could build their own resort on that land, which would be detrimental to the convention center

    47. Sensing the rising tension, Barkley mediated, “I think Ed is trying to say that any undue publicity could be detrimental to the committee

    48. Polio did help me to see that I could get along without so many people around me, but still can have a detrimental effect in the rules of relationships, as far as my boy-hood years was concerned

    49. No one has lived a ‘good’ life, no one is without a detrimental past, all have sinned, but the past can lie where it is, in the past

    50. But at the time the United States was in a detrimental trap of forging unhealthy alliances and creating new enemies by insisting on using every opportunity to oppose an old enemy

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