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    1. It was not intended to promote arbitrary designs by prejudicial jurists with political axes to grind

    2. Whenever a group of individuals gather around to establish a community, it is effected with the explicit understanding that each member is expected to surrender a portion of his or her (―natural‖) freedoms; duty bound to impartially support, in a manner that is not prejudicial to any (single) individual, community laws ratified by popular consent for the benefit of every member of that community, without exception, lest unyielding power and influence fall into the hands of the Quick and Strong

    3. The confrontation resumed later in the bar, when he strode directly up to Edgar’s booth to go on with his prejudicial abuse

    4. Based upon what I heard her say in the past, I know with all certainty my boss Priscilla had a prejudicial negative idea of black people, which made her sound ignorant

    5. With this new information, had she been viewing the situation from a prejudicial standpoint of a woman confronted with a cheating husband? If his remarks were indeed factual, it would put an entirely different look on the matter and force her to reconsider her sentiments towards him

    6. prejudicial to the case

    7. Those things, in addition to being clichéd and prejudicial, are surface

    8. Yes, theoretically, “Justice” should be blindfolded, weighing in the balance only the evidence presented, with no prejudicial knowledge that might tip her scales unfairly

    9. Google is a better parent; more honest, obliging and without censor and prejudicial error (but not without framing bias)

    10. file sharing is either advantageous or prejudicial

    11. The druggist was indignant at what he called the manoeuvres of the priest; they were prejudicial, he said, to Hippolyte's convalescence, and he kept repeating to Madame Lefrancois, "Leave him alone! leave him alone! You perturb his morals with your mysticism

    12. I fancied it could not be very prejudicial to Mrs

    13. There was no deep insight into causes and effects necessary to foresee that such a situation of things was likely to prove highly prejudicial to their future movements

    14. The witness’s uncalled-for remarks are her opinion as well as irrelevant and prejudicial

    15. However, I was enabled to bridle and rein in this prejudicial humour, and answer him in his own way

    16. I fear that the incident must have a very prejudicial effect upon his career

    17. leg, made him a striking figure; but his suit of black, rather shabby at the edges, caused the prejudicial inference that he was not able to afford himself as much indulgence as he liked

    18. The true Royal Chymical Wash-Ball for the beautifying of the Hands and Face, as it is from the first Author, without Mercury or anything prejudicial, largely experienced and highly recommended by all that use them, and that for making the Skin so delicately soft and smooth, as not to be parallel’d by either Wash, Powder, or Cosmetick; and it being indeed a real Beautifier of the Skin, by taking off all Deformities, as Tetters, Ringworms, Morphew, Sunburn, Scurff, Pimples, Pits, or Redness of the Small Pox, keeping it of a lasting and extream Whiteness

    19. Beware of Counterfeits which may prove very prejudicial

    20. This is hearsay and it is prejudicial

    21. The witness’s remark is hearsay on its face and highly prejudicial

    22. Thus, for example, Trifon Borissovitch made a great impression, of course, very prejudicial to Mitya

    23. ) "Thinking the matter over, I've come to the conclusion that the projected murder is not merely a waste of precious time which might be employed in a more suitable and befitting manner, but presents, moreover, that deplorable deviation from the normal method which has always been most prejudicial to the cause and has delayed its triumph for scores of years, under the guidance of shallow thinkers and pre-eminently of men of political instead of purely socialistic leanings

    24. Men who hold the social life-conception consider such a course not only useless, but even prejudicial to the object in view,—the deliverance of mankind from slavery

    25. Men of the state conception of life are of the opinion that to act in that way is not necessary, and is even prejudicial to the attainment of their object, the emancipation of men from slavery

    26. I contend that their measures have not answered the purposes of protection, but on the contrary they have been prejudicial to it; and I trust in their candor that they will join us in giving elasticity to commerce, and removing this pressure

    27. It depends upon compacts with other nations, and whether they are beneficial or prejudicial depends not so much on the reciprocal interest of nations as upon their capacity to defend their rights and redress their wrongs

    28. Let the price be what it may in foreign markets, the merchant is regulated by it, and can only be affected by sudden changes in those markets which may be prejudicial or advantageous to him

    29. Cheves) has complained he has had to meet this subject encumbered with much error and many prejudices; among which is the idea that a naval system is prejudicial to civil liberty

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