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    1. The entire medical profession is trained to keep people alive, rather than keeping people comfortable so that they can die with dignity

    2. Al Snafu turns his attention to the teachers at the bottom of the staircase, clears his throat, tries to reclaim some air of dignity

    3. It was considered a matter of modesty, dignity,

    4. These religious boys gave us back our dignity

    5. Freedom is a right and without it the dignity of man is violated

    6. The photographer did at least have the dignity to let her change out of her dressing gown and slippers, but everything was still rushed and she looked as if she’d just gone three full minutes with a welterweight boxer

    7. His high forehead had just enough texture to show wisdom and dignity, his halo of greying wool neatly trimmed a curl and a half deep

    8. Lord Boras left the Hall with a sigh of relief and as much dignity as he could muster; Naria had left him precious little

    9. attempt to keep up some semblance of dignity in the most trying of

    10. have the dignity to let her change out of her dressing gown and

    11. She had to perform with dignity

    12. To perform with dignity was the best she could hope for

    13. dignity, and the rich sit in a low place

    14. You will be treated with dignity and respect here

    15. When the day finally comes, when Jock's liver gives up the ghost, he wants to come home with a sheepish grin all over his face, rattling on about dignity, all the while thanking every bone in his body for the National Health Service

    16. for pride or dignity, and he wasted no time in mounting his

    17. most objected to was his loss of dignity

    18. There are Men who would trade their dignity to be with a beautiful, wealthy yet immoral woman

    19. There are Women who would trade their dignity to be with a beautiful, wealthy yet immoral Man

    20. I shall not let the dignity of Malvern waver for an instant

    21. herself with such pride and dignity that they were all in

    22. of the courtroom with as much dignity as she could

    23. attempted to raise the wages of curates, and, for the dignity of the church, to oblige the rectors

    24. lifted her chin, trying to recover her dignity

    25. The mayor at the end of counting stood up and with great dignity announced the result

    26. Jesus Christ gave us the dignity to stand

    27. Christianity gave us the humanism and the dignity, not

    28. It’s that her reading lacked the dignity I need

    29. He was a man of dignity

    30. He treated her with dignity and respect as her tutor, keeping his distance

    31. Who cared about a slave girl’s feelings or her dignity?

    32. “This is the interpretation, Your Majesty, Sovereign of this mighty city, Babylon: You, O king, the king of kings – you to whom the God of Heaven has given the kingdom, the might, the strength and the dignity – you yourself are the head of gold

    33. He seemed to gather his dignity and slowly approached his proper seat

    34. This will seriously offend Bob's dignity

    35. shorn of her dignity

    36. in rank and dignity the second parliament of the kingdom, amounts only to 150 livres, about £6:11s

    37. In the extent of its dominion consists, in a great measure, the pride and dignity of that power ; and it is not very likely to fail in attention to what is necessary for the defence of that dominion

    38. Or is it better to put him out of his misery quickly and with dignity with one quick shot to the head which is the only pain killer we have at the moment?” Every man agreed that what the Captain had done was both honourable and humane and he had been left with little choice given the situation we found ourselves in

    39. In consequence of these alterations, the courts, both of the proprietors and directors, it was expected, would be likely to act with more dignity and steadiness than they had usually done before

    40. Deanna was woken by the orderly with that same characteristic disregard for what remained of her dignity

    41. Nothing but exemplary morals can give dignity to a man of small fortune

    42. Of the Expense of supporting the Dignity of the Sovereign

    43. Over and above the expenses necessary for enabling the sovereign to perform his several duties, a certain expense is requisite for the support of his dignity

    44. The expense of defending the society, and that of supporting the dignity of the chief magistrate, are both laid out for the general benefit of the whole society

    45. And finally blocking the past so that they could maintain their separateness and their dignity

    46. “Might I request that you pass a message to her from me?” he asked with some manner of dignity

    47. respect and dignity for all

    48. The rest of the camp was a scene of men and women going about their business, or following strict orders, servants bustling left and right with arms burdened with bundles, armoured soldiers marching in small groups carrying swords or shields towards the outer defence lines, Alit’aren strolling with an air of pride and dignity, often trailed by a host of Ael Tarael like motherly foxes patrolling after potentially rabid wolves

    49. As he crossed the Shenandoah’s rail, he did so with the dignity of an admiral and stood tall and straight and was an impressive figure

    50. He took his unavoidable capture and certain loss of his ship with a dignity and honor that quickly won Waddell’s respect

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    dignity self-regard self-respect self-worth gravitas lordliness honour rank status position prestige significance nobility distinction culture