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    1. actual y chose to be in this position

    2. Jorma was much more familiar with sail than power boats, but had wrestled these pumps into position on more than one big plantation down on Sinbara Point Flats

    3. position that he reached very rarely

    4. What have other patients in my position done?

    5. with who you are, or your position, and how big or small

    6. · Use natural lighting where possible, and position light sources in ways that don't produce shadows

    7. Nancy started using the wall to push herself back up to a standing position

    8. He could see his initials in nine spots but with one blank spot at the bottom 10th-place position

    9. She tried to roll back up to a standing position, but he kicked her before she could move

    10. I am in a position to help

    11. Today the young are caught up with their careers, the middle-aged with position and prestige and everyone with competition and resultant insecurity

    12. The team not only makes a study of the market but also is in a position to closely monitor the chosen companies to assess their present and future prospects

    13. His current position as a television personality has caused researchers to question the validity of previous records, or whether this Wolf Blitzer is the “real” one

    14. Old People’s Associations can help to restore the position of elders in village society

    15. The real strength was waiting patiently for her return wasn't it? As well as letting her know that he would be fine until then, and letting her know that her position with him was secure, though it was filled by a temp till then

    16. Upon seeing the eyes of the little beast, Topher whipped the door into a closed position, silencing the violent wind, though the child’s greedy finger, writhing like a serpent, burrowed its way into his thoughts

    17. The question then arises: How shall we sit? Is the cross-legged attitude the best, or shall we kneel, or sit, or stand? The easiest and most normal position is the best always

    18. They scurry over and grapple with the door, wresting it back into position

    19. shopping trolley back into position in front of her

    20. Only Mirielle was in a position to have and to share this information with him

    21. "Because they think only in terms of hierarchal position, they don't see how to do that in our society

    22. in my position has to be careful

    23. You relied on stealth and cruelty to maintain your position and your way

    24. Despite his well paid position and generous expense account his taste or quality and preference for excellence meant that he was always running just behind his ability to pay

    25. There were large observatories and they were doing very precise plots of the body's position and making calculations from that

    26. It was useful to be paranoid in her position, and to trust no one

    27. ‘I’m sure we could hold this conversation much better in a horizontal position

    28. He shouldn't complain, he occupied a position a bit above common status here in the afterlife, as he had in life

    29. This is exactly what the male-vampire offers the woman: A social position (as his wife or mistress) and an acceptable reason to leave (satisfy him sexually and have his children)

    30. (19) The preacher is in a unique position to be able to instruct the men of the

    31. By edging my way along the mattress I could position myself opposite where I thought the bucket should be and then I shuffled forward onto the rough concrete floor

    32. "Belay that! Hold position and secure that load!"

    33. "Oh god," Parker said as Horcheese’s now-removed left arm contracted into a default position

    34. I, for one, cannot understand how a man in the church can have any position

    35. I fear our position is more precarious than we think

    36. I sat back in my usual submissive position on the mattress, coughed and waited for the door to open again

    37. While an already crackling Tipperary settled in position just 2Ks from the point in the vacuum where she would breach space, Jordo zoomed in with his flight helmet and interrogated the closing alien warships one more time

    38. Man is given the leadership position in the church because he is first in order of creation and he was not deceived as was Eve

    39. exchange their distinctive position and functions

    40. He wished he were in a position where he could make the decisions

    41. Then the next spring arrived and word came that she was applying for the teaching position at the school

    42. No doubt there were hushed meetings where the trend of its position was noticed even now and debates over who would be first to publish

    43. He spent those three years talking to each of them, trying to mold their position into something that would make Herndon agree to join them within a boundary

    44. The current chip installed was sold under the tag 'Seventh Level Black Sorcerer' and was guaranteed not just to work, but to retain its competitive position for a decade

    45. It was probably the captain's position in the top cabin that doomed his chances of revival

    46. "Oh it's no problem now, Oliar's doing well today, he hasn't paid attention to his finances and hasn't got the fortune that a lot of the old wizards do, but he's had a comfortable research position at Pinnacle Labs in Yondure since the 43rd century

    47. Alan turned toward her and the phone was brought into a position where her face filled the field of view

    48. I was in a position where I couldn't see the remainder of the ship

    49. So what are the facts? An operation arranging illegal immigration of undesirables (according to Renald Forhamm) ostensibly organised from Earth with well-placed contacts across on Errd, a suspicious Errdian in a position of some power in London, Earth, who is upset by the arrival of an agent of the Secret Guild on his patch … and come to think of it, he’d not liked the fact you were coming to this part of the country

    50. Kara stared with interest at the various knobs and levers in the driver’s position

    1. The brain has to integrate sensory information from the inner ears, from vision, from proprioceptors (sensors in muscles, tendons and joints that tell the brain where the limbs are positioned) and from pressure sensors in the soles of the feet

    2. The earpieces of the glasses had tiny in-ears hanging from them, she got them positioned so she could hear and requested a voice channel to her clone sister in heaven

    3. Ants are uniquely positioned in the insect kingdom

    4. The two patrol cars are positioned to block the drive

    5. They were positioned as they would be if the house was where the magic carpet was but she still let only the carpet show to anyone on the beach

    6. stopped at the rocky base of the pool, which was positioned on the top of a

    7. On either side of the first step a few young scallywags had positioned themselves in such a way to have a clear view up the skirts and dresses of any visiting females

    8. They positioned themselves under each wing and prepared to carry him to the heights

    9. They had everything positioned in such a way that Collin and the White were hidden from view behind the canvas

    10. and Harry were now positioned on either side of the doorway

    11. Now that you have your fingers positioned correctly,

    12. He took two of the crates and positioned them and

    13. positioned between the two men, as they trudged

    14. This time he positioned them such that they covered narrower stretches of the deck and had to start a new direction more frequently

    15. The cable was less than a foot off the ground, positioned to catch the

    16. the couch and a small TV was positioned so you could see it from either seating

    17. Classical music played from the speakers positioned in the corner of his office

    18. Roman sat on one of the benches at the end, positioned with his hands in

    19. Where the kids had positioned the bell to toll, every hour on the hour, keep her wondering throughout the night

    20. He knew Argos had a sensor positioned in the far corner and he faced it with all his rage

    21. At its shortest point, the wall was over ten stories high – nearly twice that if one included the four primary towers, positioned at the north, south, east and west ends of the wall

    22. Positioned at the head of the table he stood for a moment and cast a grin toward every one of the council members

    23. Whilst I ate I pondered what the slide on the watch was so I reopened the rear covers and checked the where abouts it was positioned only to discover one of the half pates covered any chance of investigation

    24. While the rest of the defenders were positioned along the city's outer wall, Nathalia had chosen to await the undead within the Archenon

    25. The massive stones that were to rebuild the gap in Lock Core’s northern wall were being positioned around the Rift instead

    26. Of course, he’d intentionally positioned her in profile

    27. In the center of this latest room was a colossal figure, positioned within what looked like a strange portal that very nearly seemed to connect to its body at various points

    28. He knelt down, his already bloody palm smearing the sharp boulders as he positioned himself nearer to the water and the smiling face

    29. The king entered the hall first, dressed to the hilt in his full royal garb, his shining crown neatly positioned on his head

    30. The new energy that enters your body do not just random fall into place they are positioned there by an

    31. Reia countered, “That wasn't necessary! We're just a trying to do our duties as well as the next of them that has the honor to serve!” She positioned herself carefully between the lackey and Jista and kept up a running monologue about the privileges of service, how they'd risen to this lofty level of responsibility

    32. As the team made their way down the hill the orb positioned herself in the middle of a stream some few inches deep

    33. He pushed the grand structure effortlessly, positioned it and then climbed to the top of the ancient staircase

    34. ready for the next to be positioned next

    35. I might be able to find some very useful supplies here as it looked like the vehicles were positioned to attack, or possibly to hold something off

    36. ” said Hugh as he pulled back the catches, both positioned on one side of the hatch

    37. Positioned at the front, just above the waist belt, it was a large, zip-topped pocket for storing small items within the three outer layers of the HEPO

    38. Then positioned himself to face where he estimated the figure would be

    39. Using his momentum, she thrust her weight against his, she rolled him and positioned herself on his chest, pinning him beneath her

    40. Spent and relaxed, Sebastian positioned Aspen against him in bed, cradling her back to his chest

    41. They bolted the doors and ran to take up places beside the Guardians that were positioned at each window

    42. And yet, when he positioned himself on the pilot’s seat and simply requested a link-up, it complied

    43. She positioned herself next to Parmayan, trying so hard to appear relaxed, but not really succeeding

    44. I positioned my rifle again and thought to myself that he had probably sighted on the foolish Lieutenant again and I was right

    45. Without even looking back at Zardino Torbin stepped into the pod, positioned himself on the seat, staring in awe at the array of raised buttons

    46. D: -- All of the information contained in the book is ordered in such a way that the text ends up demonstrating amazing numerical, structural and chronological features when analysed - the design structure demonstrating that every letter’s placement was carefully planned, positioned and anchored

    47. and positioned the back so that she could see the stars

    48. Where humans are positioned at the top of creation, being the most advanced of all beings, they take over and make their own rules as they please

    49. positioned high on a platform near the top of the main mast

    50. positioned on the leeward and north side of the Desertas

    1. Because she was looking at the limb of the world with the main scope, she could see a fifty mile wide swath of land at once, and could scan fifty miles in each direction with some fine adjustments to the scope positioning

    2. Since we can't bring the positioning coils on the attractor into cal, we could drop that again

    3. The drive itself is relatively long, running from the road to level with the back of the house where there is a fence dividing the drive from the back yard where I have a washing line and small shed, but the drive is not very wide and I have become adept at positioning the car in just the right place so I have room to get out without having to clamber through the hedge which separates this property from Sally’s

    4. Satisfied with the positioning, the agent walked backwards eyeing the

    5. Many bots crowded around, pulling stanchions into position, pulling covers out of the way and positioning sensors required to ensure correct alignment

    6. Ben steered his front carriage by positioning his weight from side to side and occasionally tugging at the hand rims on the wheels

    7. He hit enter and a video obviously based on GPS positioning outlined a broad red line that began where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers met, known locally as the Point and also the beginning of the Ohio River

    8. His leg was in between hers, positioning his body over hers on the mat

    9. positioning at least one warship there and perhaps intercepting

    10. Occasionally when doing the Reiki and positioning

    11. After positioning myself (I wanted to be able to pick up the cane more easily if it came to that), I dropped the cane two more times in that store, once in a grocery store, and once more in another department store

    12. The positioning of the three beach houses, each with a laptop, one of which is George's old one, will form a triangle pointing directly to Mt Beerwah in the Glass House Mountains, the home of Brownie’s ancient ancestors from dreamtime

    13. The rendezvous with the two wagons on the road was repeated, and after positioning his own wagon, Colling uncovered the Zundapp and rode to the place overlooking the camp where he and Kwonowski had hidden themselves two days before

    14. “We are now working to get to the next step, positioning our real self, our spirit, over our mind

    15. The men began trickling in and I started positioning them

    16. up, it almost looked like he was positioning his lips

    17. Elena could feel the position of every shadow as she was now connected to them and, when she was pleased with their positioning, she communicated with Kali and Akira, through their minds, to inflict pain on every titan that was there, but she told them to leave out Isodor

    18. This has a lot to do with positioning

    19. to those we are judging, positioning ourselves as

    20. red’ have an identical meaning between people, as the spatial positioning of elements, with

    21. Positioning as required

    22. And positioning it

    23. Even before positioning themselves over the village, the Love Spirits piloting the ships had desired that all weapons systems of the Evil ships stop working

    24. edge of 10-to 12-inch-round pizza pan, positioning top half of each triangle so that it is hanging

    25. Positioning herself behind him Leora rested the child’s head on her lap, and began to sing her voice carried upon the wind

    26. In other words, the formula took into account the value of the company to an outside buyer by positioning me as an outside buyer at the time, and the logic was irrefutable

    27. soldiers stepped in front of him, positioning their spears at the ready

    28. The team had sounded out external security measures, determined the internal layout and positions of defenses, ammo storage, airplane positioning, and officer bunkers in order to determine where to place the aiming stakes and position the rockets and mortars


    30. (during possible weathers) and positioning all the coverings to

    31. Counting the number of agents there were, their positioning, and weapons, even she realized that they were outnumbered

    32. Robinson published an article critical of the base communications procedures and the absence of electronic positioning radio beacons (EPIRBs) in the 22-foot rigid hull inflatable patrol boats

    33. down, positioning herself to better inspect the pages

    34. While he and the others had been busy, Pellew had finished positioning everyone in their most tactically ideal places and set up all the defenses he could

    35. agency that defines the pathways of molecular transport and positioning,

    36. The first P stands for Positioning and Packaging

    37. offer page or wherever you’re positioning your product, you can put a logo that says ‘As featured

    38. This was priceless positioning

    39. It is about relative positioning

    40. It was surmised that because of the positioning of the bones and antlered skull, the stag had been sacrificed

    41. This is a way of positioning yourself and what you know so that

    42. While this heat map is useful as a positioning guideline, we strongly recommend putting your users first when deciding on ad location

    43. We are forced to devise relative positioning systems based on relative locations from any arbitrary three celestial points

    44. “Anything you want, Daddy,” she obeyed getting off his manhood and positioning herself with her knees pressed on the bed getting into position for Xavier to enter her from the back

    45. Legs crossed: The leg positioning seen in the Hanged Man card is used for suspension to uncross

    46. Circumstance was her photographer, posing her, positioning, then clicking and capturing echoes of her light, tugging at the essence behind it

    47. My positioning has brought to the foot of my door many an uncanny individual, and I have made it my mission to help those that cannot help themselves

    48. Execution: Maintaining stability, bring DB's to shoulders and press up positioning DB's above the chest with

    49. Positioning the Product in

    50. Positioning works in two ways, first where

    1. their firm young bodies gleamed in the candle light, they adopted poses and positions

    2. Abdullah and Akbar take up positions on opposite sides of the Rover

    3. be in their positions of service today, many churches would not be in existence, and most congregations would languish! Women have taught other women, their own children, and

    4. Bodies in shadow take new positions on the stage

    5. This is considerably easier than either the Lotus or Half Lotus positions

    6. You have a choice of two positions

    7. They stood over me in their authoritative positions asking my parents if I wanted to press charges and asking if I was on drugs then pressing the question again in disbelief that I wasn't

    8. “Not times, places, and positions, if that’s what you think I’m asking, I never even visit this flesh pit you’ve dreamed up,” he said as his eyes took in the forested sides of the vale

    9. companies have put these in place resulting in people loosing their positions

    10. Those in senior positions

    11. machine the security unit covered each other, took up positions,

    12. Avoid being placed in positions that would harm you

    13. the other women were given positions of authority

    14. But it was the same in their heaven, people working for Heavenly Talstan were found in positions of power within the League every year

    15. She remembered waking up as the staging material for many of those positions back when they used to share a home bed

    16. From there I applied for full-time positions and worked 20 years for the Department of Transportation, selling Hauling Permits to truckers or trucking companies, billing companies for Outdoor Advertising, and later I paid the bills to State Contractors

    17. His body jerked as if shocked with electricity, his muscles contorting into seemingly impossible positions

    18. Once he was satisfied of their plumb he wedged their positions with rocks jammed and tamped down into the narrow spaces between the poles and the hole walls

    19. All of them were always so tardy to meetings that they often had to hold them during sleeps and the interlocking positions let them hold two or three meetings at once to catch up

    20. She hoped she was right, she had trusted him with much more than she should considering what might have happened and the positions of people who might have been involved

    21. Once he had settled for himself their relative personal tastes and positions in society and industry, he listened more attentively to the banter with which the three men were engaged

    22. defensive positions around the causeway

    23. He skirted its shores and noticed several good positions from which he might wet a line casting for fish

    24. The two girls placed their shoulders, arms and feet into the indicated positions, and as one, they extended their legs and quickly hopped their feet back under themselves, ready for another push

    25. ” He paused to allow them sufficient time to digest their new positions

    26. She then motioned the others to back up and hold their positions

    27. Even when she moved on to working in the motel, that secret got her more leader positions than she wanted to count

    28. Immediately he reversed their positions and held her close to his body

    29. same thing had their positions been reversed

    30. They talked about their ascents to their present positions,

    31. “What about research, are there any good positions in that?” Desa asked

    32. Otto and the team sat down with the captain and his wife, the chief engineer and first officer and other officers at appointed seating positions

    33. We are still too high to be in arrival positions aren’t we?”

    34. 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions around him

    35. Servants often times have strong deliverance ministries, and they are often in positions as worship leaders, lifting up the body through worship

    36. The soldiers took positions behind the startled council members and froze in place gauntlets gripping the hilts of the jagged edged swords hanging at their sides

    37. positions, for many have been led astray in this way

    38. He was an ex-supermarket packer who killed teenage boys, dressed them up in tuxedo and top hat and then, under the cover of night, posed them in various positions in public places to be discovered by the next morning’s commuters

    39. He was glad to see that the majority of them had already made it to the ground and were hurrying to take up positions on the city's rooftops

    40. Now latecomers rushed in, jostling for positions at the back

    41. positions, me and my friend

    42. There was a hubbub of activity and some sentries of the Royal Guard were already placed in strategic positions on the plain

    43. need to reconsider the logic of their positions if they believe in eternal torture

    44. After pondering the question for a moment, Darniil respectfully requested of the king that his faithful friends, Shaedrak, Micheq and Abedniko, assist him in administrative positions over the jurisdictional district of Babylon

    45. To dream that you are climbing a tree signifies achievement of your career goals and attainment of higher positions in life

    46. Helda knew that their appearance was deceptive as they were also well trained in hand-to-hand combat and they were carefully selected for their positions

    47. “There! It is moving and,” she glanced at the progress display floating above the helm of their relative positions and those of their probes---all in the three dimensional holo-depiction, “it's headed toward the probe itself

    48. One of the slave girls led them to their chairs and the rest of their guests took their positions behind the benches, remaining standing

    49. The slave girls then took up their positions in a row and a silence fell on the crowd as they awaited the king’s signal that the banquet could commence

    50. Lying-down positions are also common, and I will discuss those in the next chapter

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