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Discord в предложении (на )

  1. The wrongdoers are in profound discord.
  2. Discord can be a root cause of problems.
  3. No echoes of that discord shall be heard.
  4. And he that soweth discord among brethren.
  5. The daughter of debate that discord aye doth sow.
  6. It never abides in peace but always remains in discord.
  7. Most disease originates from discord between the mind and body.
  8. Hell - it's the opposite state - fighting, separating, discord.
  9. As if sensing a discord within him, Hope added, And it could.
  10. Depression, anger and discord are the first symptoms of disease.
  11. The wives are sure to bring discord and divisions in the family.
  12. What is the cause of all lack, limitation, disease, and discord?
  13. Of course it was naught but a pretext to ignore the ongoing discord.
  14. On matters of faith, it is pride that causes error and discord among.
  15. Amid this marital discord, Don’s childhood had been filled with grief.
  16. His noble mission was not the reason beyond their disunity and discord.
  17. David became Saul’s son in law but the seeds of discord have been sown.
  18. After the revolution, Peruwas torn by internal discord rather more than.
  19. There was always this feeling of jangle and discord in the Leivers family.
  20. Perhaps the issue had been his discord and disharmony with his surroundings.
  21. Some waves oppose each other and bring about discord, disharmony and rupture.
  22. He sneered: and the demon of discord entered our paradise, to poison with his.
  23. Whence comes this discord! Has hell broke loose, that man should utter sounds.
  24. A smart notion, vociferated the clerk, thrown out as an apple of discord.
  25. There was marital discord; the couple was separated at the time of the incident.
  26. He almost sounded normal, but it was just off enough that Jess heard the discord.
  27. Emotional discord is the first symptom of a physical health problem (in your case).
  28. Carlyle hated the bad, and his life was a record of perpetual discord and inharmony.
  29. This terror came in from the shrieking of the tree and the anguish of the home discord.
  30. Conflicts, discord and arguments will certainly arise during the course of child visitation.
  31. When news of this spread around Moda there was discord between the black and white unicorns.
  32. This book, this little book is what will smite the nations for it will surely create discord.
  33. Beneath this apparent discord there is a great and a profound thing,—the French Revolution.
  34. By practicing a new behavior pattern, you are choosing not to use the ingrained pathway of discord.
  35. And so, the normal negative emotions did not arise; as a result, there was neither jealousy nor discord.
  36. We thus cannot afford to end this present conference in discord or without firm plans for the coming months.
  37. A minority of Indian Muslims with extremist views were called ‘delegates’ to create division and discord.
  38. In him the strictly practical instinct was in profound discord with the almost mystic view he took of his right.
  39. Second, as freedoms for those who serve those who have, to keep them moderately content to avoid social discord.
  40. But letters sent to friends a long way off do sometimes fall into their midst with a rather ghastly clang of discord.
  41. This the Muses affirm to be the stock from which discord has sprung, wherever arising; and this is their answer to us.
  42. If there's the hundredth part of a false note in speaking the truth, it leads to a discord, and that leads to trouble.
  43. If there’s the hundredth part of a false note in speaking the truth, it leads to a discord, and that leads to trouble.
  44. Also, the Americans have started to drop over every village pamphlets that encourage discord between us and the Chinese.
  45. Among the Christian nations there has for a long time ceased to exist any cause for discord, and there can be no such cause.
  46. One of them was the growing discord among the Democratic Party following the expulsion of President Truman from the White House.
  47. Children of single parent families also receive benefits beyond those that are provided when there is no discord around the house.
  48. All the songs had to do with and stopped with a discord as she remembered how heartrending that selection was death and parting and sorrow.
  49. The two spirits then when dwelling in the same habitation are at discord with each other and are troublesome to that man in whom they dwell.
  50. And any difference which arises among them will be regarded by them as discord only--a quarrel among friends, which is not to be called a war?
  51. The terrible discord that had filled the evening air wound down to nothing more than a faint hiss before falling into the deepest, darkest silence.
  52. Frustration and discord was contrary to the interests of not only the pharaohs and ruling families, but also to those of the influential priestly class.
  53. We have probably all committed in our life transgressions against others, such as, discord, jealousy, rage, selfish ambition, dissensions and envy etc.
  54. The evil Trinity has its chaos presented in dots not connected to stand for regression, disorder, discord and dissolution standing on bad reasons for belief.
  55. And that instrument of discord and deceit is aided in its course by the human desire for self aggrandizement that fully embraces the argument of competition.
  56. Had they mobilized with you, they would have added only to your difficulties, and they would have spread rumors in your midst, trying to sow discord among you.
  57. The apple of discord was a certain castle of sand which Master Jacky had built and Master Tommy would have it right go wrong that it was to be architecturally.
  58. Another concern, somewhat contrary to the first, is that there is increasing unrest and discord surfacing among the creatures once removed from their home planet.
  59. If it will not, some general arrangements will be the resort, which will leave open opportunities for discord; which on proper occasions will be improved by them.
  60. They were still in the first week of their marriage, and any discord which might arise during this period would likely have a negative effect on their marital bond.
  61. Commerce, which ought naturally to be, among nations as among individuals, a bond of union and friendship, has become the most fertile source of discord and animosity.
  62. For example, sometimes a child becomes ‘religious’ and tries to impose his or her religious beliefs and strictures on the rest of the family, which creates discord.
  63. Every action which is not in harmony with Truth, whether through ignorance or design, will result in discord and eventual loss in proportion to its extent and character.
  64. God says, Al’lah invites us to the house of peace…, rather than inviting us to the parting and sowing of discord between married couples as instructed by magicians.
  65. I have been mocked with the likeness of sleep, while sounds of discord have rent my ears, such as might manifest the fullness of time, and that nature had forgotten her harmony.
  66. She was continually tormented at the same time by remorse for having deserted Mitya, and in moments of discord and violent anger (and they were numerous) she told Ivan so plainly.
  67. What was new in them was a certain uneasiness and occasional discord, which there used not to be, and which, as Nicholas soon found out, was due to the bad state of their affairs.
  68. And so, the normal negative emotions towards the daughter-in-law did not arise after the marriage; as a result, there was no jealousy or discord between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law.
  69. If the thought is destructive, it will have within itself the germ of its own dissolution; it will die, but in the process of dying, it will bring sickness, disease, and every other form of discord.
  70. And the spirit of one who wants to watch the wonders of the magicians will join them, appreciating and glorifying them and finding itself desiring obscenity, aggression, discord, and prohibited deeds.
  71. The Messiah (cpth) is that who will resolve that discord which arose between the Jews and the Christians when he comes to them, because every messenger is charged to settle the differences among his people.
  72. For a second they stay like that, breathing heavily, eyes squeezed closed, the heat of their desire and the discord of their inaction building, drawing them together, making her fingers claw against his back.
  73. Many are constantly concentrating upon sorrow, loss, and discord of every kind; as thought is creative it necessarily follows that this concentration inevitably leads to more loss, more sorrow, and more discord.
  74. From that time until this day a long period had elapsed without any cleansing, and therefore the discord between the demands of his conscience and the life he was leading was greater than it had ever been before.
  75. Or the purpose is negative; that is, it aims to sow division and stir up discord and aversion between one person and another; in this case the effort focuses on untying a tie and unsettling an existing relationship.
  76. From the little jazz and folk clubs where he’d ridden out his twenties and thirties and from church basements and union halls issued new sounds that, rather than harmonizing what was discordant, made more discord.
  77. They selected people to attend this meeting and the topics to be discussed so as to exaggerate the differences and create discord amongst different groups rather than work towards a constitution for independent India.
  78. The situation was worsened by discord among the leaders of the Turkish Empire, who failed to agree on ways to supply their front line troops with all the necessary provisions and ammunition to fight such a terrible war.
  79. He also revealed the laws of divorce deriving them form the Holy Qur'an, and the way of fulfilling these stipulations and rules in case of recalcitrance (on the part of the wife) and rising of discord between the two mates.
  80. He also revealed the laws of divorce deriving them form the Holy Qur’an, and the way of fulfilling these stipulations and rules in case of recalcitrance (on the part of the wife) and rising of discord between the two mates.
  81. Nekhludoff remained in this room about five minutes, experiencing a strange feeling of anguish, a consciousness of his impotence at the discord in the world, and he was seized with a sensation like a rocking on board of a ship.
  82. Ramsay MacDonald, when he was a private citizen, exposed some of the tactics used by the British to create discord between Hindus and Muslims in India in two books, ‘The Awakening of India’ and ‘The Government of India’.
  83. He also revealed the laws of divorce, deriving them from the Holy Qur’an, and revealed the way to fulfill these stipulations and rules in case of recalcitrance (on the part of the wife) and the rising of discord between the two mates.
  84. This was the cause of constant discord with Captain Rosendo de la Rosa, because he had the superstitious belief that smoking naked brought bad luck, and at times he preferred to put off love rather than put out his inevitable Cuban cigar.
  85. For example, if the magician wants to stir up discord between a bewitched man and his wife by means of the object over which he spits, the devil will make this man disincline to his wife by sending deceptions and insinuations into his chest.
  86. It is impossible not to believe that the decisive interference of the Government in this respect would prevent a practice, the continuance of which must inevitably produce discord between two nations which ought to be friends to each other.
  87. If, during these months, the couple does not allow any discord to arise between them, the spiritual bond between both of them will grow faster and become more firmly entrenched so that it will never be affected by any weakness or dissolution.
  88. However, as the Quran had disowned the Jews and the Christians as if to bestow upon the Musalmans their Islamic identity, the discord of the faithful over Muhammad’s successor could have been the godsend for the Islamic separateness of the Iranians.
  89. Maybe, one cannot really fault them for their grand inaction, notwithstanding the alacrity with which they tend to issue religious decrees on all matters mundane for there is no guidance to be found to stop the divine discord either in the Quran or in the sunna.
  90. Yes, sir, we have been tortured, fretted, goaded, until at last, like some poor man driven from his family by discord at home, who says to himself, "any thing, even exile, is better than this," we have said that we will take war; we will take any thing for a change.
  91. Here we have two grand men, each intent upon achieving the same ideal, but one makes use of constructive thought and is therefore in harmony with Natural Law, the other makes use of destructive thought and therefore brings upon himself discord of every kind and character.
  92. It happened that among the serfs there were some very treacherous people who would falsely accuse their fellows of wrong-doing and sow seeds of discord among the peasantry, whereupon Michael would become greatly enraged, while his poor subjects began to live in fear of their lives.
  93. Whether animosity and discord will be fomented, and the zeal and union of the people to maintain the rights and indispensable duties of the community will abate; or, describing it under another aspect, whether it is the destiny of our country to sink under that of our enemy or not.
  94. The most intelligent of those aboriginal North American cultures: the Iroquois, were systematically exterminated and manipulated into first weakness, discord, and then extinction by their allies: the Algonquians, and all the neighboring tribes around them, with help by the white man.
  95. If you are satisfied with the old world, try to preserve it,—it is very decrepit and will not last long; but if it is unbearable for you to live in an eternal discord between convictions and life, to think one thing and do another, come out from under the whited mediæval vaults at your risk.
  96. Why, you see, there is a difference in the names 'discord' and 'war,' and I imagine that there is also a difference in their natures; the one is expressive of what is internal and domestic, the other of what is external and foreign; and the first of the two is termed discord, and only the second, war.
  97. The curate settled all amicably, and Don Fernando paid; though the Judge had also very readily offered to pay the score; and all became so peaceful and quiet that the inn no longer reminded one of the discord of Agramante's camp, as Don Quixote said, but of the peace and tranquillity of the days of.
  98. He feared lest, influenced by the hard and degrading circumstances in which she was placed on the journey, she should again get into that state of despair and discord with her own self which formerly made her irritable with him, and which had caused her to drink and smoke excessively to gain oblivion.
  99. They are opposed to divorce upon principle, as tending to excite family discord; as bearing hard upon the weaker sex, whom it is especially incumbent upon us to protect and to cherish; above all, as weakening the matrimonial tie, upon the sanctity of which depend all the charities of father, son, and brother.
  100. I never did believe the Federal party had any notion of joining Great Britain; but this nation, favored as it is, has yet not been clear of discord; and to say that there is not a man in the Federal or Republican parties who would wish a union with Great Britain or France, would be to say what I do not believe.

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  1. So when one of them spoke up demanding to know what was in the diary the others barely discorded with him.
  1. Without such discords.
  2. When the majority desires a world without such discords, they will create such a world.
  3. Discords in love – with friends or your current love relationship – can impact on your health.
  4. But in my opinion there should be a something exalted, something higher—untouched and unattainable by petty discords, or the ordinary conditions of life, between man and man.
  5. She filled up all blanks with unmanifested perfections, interpreting him as she interpreted the works of Providence, and accounting for seeming discords by her own deafness to the higher harmonies.
  6. What do you mean by alarming the citadel at this time of night consecrated to me? Do you think I am ever caught napping at such an hour, and that I have not got lungs and a larynx as well as yourself? Boo-hoo, boo-hoo, boo-hoo! It was one of the most thrilling discords I ever heard.
  7. Indeed, when Islam began, it seemed a strange religion, where our messenger Mohammed (cpth) set to call people whose solidarity was torn up by discords and tribalism, and they were disunited tribes and small states exploited by the greatest foreign states, and in their midst, there was a nation that showed superiority over them by what it had of the glorious past, and it implored God for victory as its sons believe that the coming of a messenger, whose name is Ahmad, (which means in Arabic the most praiser one from among the creation to Al'lah, the loftiest and more exalted one 'or: owner of the highest rank') has become imminent and by then, they shall triumph over the Arab, take their abodes and possessions, and become their masters.

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