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    1. Why they would disguise the aluminum as gold was strange, unless they were trying to hide its true value? But then why do such a bad job of it that you can see the aluminum thru the gold?"

    2. "And you won't, they'll never appear on the public streets except in disguise

    3. The job in the bank was just a disguise to

    4. If he settled down with his girlfriend in the native lifestyle any one of the millions of places he could have reached by this time, his disguise is impenetrable

    5. Oh, how the Greeks love their kitsch - that is, whenever they can afford it, yet no matter how hard they tried, still they could never disguise the heady smell of diesel

    6. majestic ways, robbing you of the possible blessing in disguise

    7. Her false bravado and self-confidence was a cleaver disguise to hide the fact that she was always, totally alone

    8. She all but leaped up; then she began to chuckle, in a deep lusty voice realizing that Duncan had seen thru her little disguise

    9. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise

    10. “It’s a disguise,” he said bluntly, “And, as it happens, I am

    11. with his questions in order to disguise his true concern

    12. disguise the astonishment on their faces

    13. could barely disguise his disapproval, but seemed to have

    14. Jean couldn't disguise his concern

    15. ’ Rene was unable to disguise his

    16. Mr Pinscher could not disguise his dismay, as the animal proceeded to tear it apart

    17. She just kept at it until her friends hadn't a shadow of a doubt: the Elf was the absolute master of disguise beyond the greatest any Lascor had ever produced

    18. Song commented wistfully watching the Elf and Dena head toward the Trade Guild levels with Mim and Yula as vanguard, “It'd been more impressive if she hadn't insisted on the disguise

    19. He actually thought the freak I was using as a demonstration was a friend in disguise

    20. One more thing, as I was talking away just now, I realized that the irony is what you have done may be a blessing in disguise for Atlantica,” she said to Kurt

    21. ‘A pathetic pretence perhaps,’ he said, ‘but it works as a disguise

    22. effective investigator trying to disguise himself as a bumbling old man

    23. to disguise his height and lanky walk, though that wasn't easy

    24. fifteen for the yank in disguise

    25. Nightshade was the name for the flows of the Power that were used to disguise his Hero Chains

    26. Not all wore the sigils of their own Houses however, as the mask was supposed to serve as a disguise, so that the wearer could be free to join in the celebrations without fear of how it would affect their standing in the days that followed

    27. Is he truly the abominable snowman, or merely Obama in disguise, or should I say in white face?

    28. Sometimes they disguise it as witty humor, but you know what's really going

    29. to make here is that we dress up or disguise what really are bribes, whereas in Mexico they are more open about it

    30. Amazing isn’t it? I am of course appreciative that they transformed and discovered that they were longhaired liberal in disguise because I suspect that I might be one also, but none the less, they should be grateful to SAP COIN for their education

    31. They splashed about in the beginner’s pool as an increasingly frustrated instructor tried to teach them the basic principles of swimming, all to no avail as they were “obviously f commies and longhaired liberals in disguise incapable of f learning to swim

    32. He must have been a long haired liberal in disguise anyway

    33. He would still be running and apologising for being a communist in disguise and arrested for damaging State property, that is one tree

    34. The long hard days were a blessing in disguise

    35. I smiled weakly trying to disguise my gaffe

    36. “Neat disguise eh?” he said with a self-mocking chuckle as he pulled the red light in through the driver"s window and started the car

    37. Whoever it was that said the devil wears the disguise of the most beautiful must have been well acquainted with Caroline Steepleton

    38. The pills had a rapid effect, but nothing could disguise the toll of the previous evening

    39. He reminded himself to be wary though; perhaps the pale man was a ruinous force in disguise, a servant of those that would always be evil, seeking to corrupt men and everything good and wholesome that the Pilgrim tried to protect from their rotting grasp and their insidious machinations

    40. In the process, he found a dirty slouch cap that he pulled on as a further addition to his disguise

    41. And it wasn’t a disguise

    42. Their disguise was necessarily impromptu, and they carried no papers

    43. The Russian pistol he had promised Elizabeth was still in Hermann’s possession, as part of his disguise, and he noticed she watched carefully when he replaced the Luger in its hiding place

    44. “With all this bad timing, I thought it was a blessing in disguise that you simply ran onto him

    45. Generation of Income for Totality of the People, Organizations and Countries obligates each organization to have diverse departments or specialists, even under the disguise of the outsourcing with its thousands of stored material resources that deteriorate or consume enormity of invested money (maintenance cost)

    46. I thought he was reassuring her, because that’s what selfless people do, but now I wonder if he was repeating something he had studied; if all his Abnegation tendencies were just Erudite traits in disguise

    47. Who’d ever think a stevedore could be a business tycoon in disguise”, Nick commented as he looked over at his son, with a thin smile

    48. 30 And the king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat, I will disguise myself, and enter into the battle; but put you on your robes; And the king

    49. We were given some time to say goodbye and while my wife was at Sheila’s cage, crying her eyes out, I was in the waiting room, doing everything a man can possibly do to disguise his tears and sadness

    50. These patients in disguise, on average, continue to hospital for three weeks, and no one is considered by medical staff as normal

    1. Eventually, over a bowl of thinly disguised gruel, he said, “Look, love, this won’t do

    2. The file was disguised as toiletry experiments, but was way too big to be what it pretended

    3. about them with the politely but barely disguised relish that the

    4. Eventually, over a bowl of thinly disguised gruel, he said,

    5. heavily disguised since his last experience in Aix-en-Othe,

    6. disguised triumph in his eyes, and he swung around and

    7. She then strapped micro cameras and microphones to them disguised as a vaguely worded prayer offering to the inglethor god

    8. And yes, you are right, I am disguised in the android of Morgan Evans, but I am Glenelle Mason, I am from YingolNeerie, 'Sol' is our name for the star

    9. Desa didn't see them as three humans sitting across the coach, she saw three machines disguised as humans that might be communicating with the ghosts of human souls in the starship high above Narrulla

    10. It got a little scary when the starship itself attacked, but these machines disguised as humans and haunted by ghosts, this was horror on the level of man-eating toilets and assassin dactyls

    11. who stole into Troy disguised as a beggar, and stole the Palladium

    12. Of how he disguised himself as a beggar at Ithaca, learned of the suitors’ perfidy, allied with Telemachus to slay them all, revealed himself to Penelope, destroyed the household of the traitor Antinous, and restored peace to the kingdom

    13. He dug his heel into my foot with thinly disguised vindictiveness

    14. on his way to Earth again disguised as a

    15. She stood there, a thinly disguised look of trepidation

    16. The raising of the denomination of the coin has been the most usual expedient by which a real public bankruptcy has been disguised under the appearance of a pretended payment

    17. „The pages reek with your self-pity so poorly disguised as regret, with the phoniness of your self-condemnation, with that insidious quality of your contrition, which is that of a materialist who cares not for God and is therefore not contrition at all, but only despair for the consequences of your actions

    18. Zeradas, her alien assistant, provided her with the virus disguised in the form of a subroutine the erstwhile computer would – hopefully – not be able to distinguish from a background monitor program

    19. The walls were cleverly disguised to appear as outcrops of rock

    20. He often did not thank us, the disguised communist, should have been grateful for the lesson in life and good manners

    21. Or they give cars and other valuables which are disguised as a lease or birthday gift

    22. We find that the fraud or scam is almost always disguised as a business transaction which went wrong

    23. Buried under the fishing nets in the bottom of his boat were twenty-five kilos of ninety-three percent pure cocaine, disguised as packages of surgical bandages

    24. He got out and began walking at a moderate pace, disguised by the occasional stumble or drift to the side

    25. A cleverly disguised trap had been laid, with a false floor masking a deep, open, pit

    26. “Then, reappearing with his ship disguised, he did not reveal his reasons to the officers who questioned him

    27. He referred to his disguised ship as ‘scrap,’ and offered this as his explanation, and I quote: ‘try to see what it’s worth

    28. However the disguised Lords refused to consume

    29. 38 So the prophet departed, and waited for the king by the way, and disguised himself with ashes on his face

    30. I think of how he disguised that part of himself, wedging books between his headboard and the wall in our Abnegation house, until he dropped his blood in the Erudite water on the day of our Choosing Ceremony

    31. Nevertheless Josiah would not turn his face from him, but disguised himself, that he might fight with him, and listened not to the

    32. Disguised as a woman

    33. The colony was a prison disguised as a psionic research center disguised as a bioresearch lab? No wonder they seemed a bit reserved with me

    34. He informed me with a barely disguised smirk that the place was called Khereekhot

    35. Malicious bots are used to spread links to malware which are often disguised as shortened links so that the malicious link itself is obscured from view by the shortened link

    36. I believe Satan is behind all of this—a scheme to send fallen angels back to Earth disguised as aliens

    37. Within minutes, those same faces clouded with doubt when he shared his suspicion, fallen angels disguised as aliens returning to Earth to plot deception and usher in apostasy

    38. Because they frequently use patriotic-sounding names, or names indicative of high civic purpose, their true nature is disguised

    39. “After the last war with the Sylvan, I disguised myself as one of them, and spent about fourteen years on Serminak, living among them

    40. “They will be obscured by Illusions, or disguised as something else in that way

    41. iceberg, as the exact subsidy figures are disguised within the EU‘s maze of bureaucracy

    42. From his pocket he pulled an English-made watch disguised as a cigarette lighter, another Christmas gift

    43. We believe that the assassins might have disguised their psionic imprint while casting the spell, to prevent their identification by that method

    44. ) The disguised men -- Haki was one of them, in bear-mask and bear-furs, and Atli, in owl-mask and a suit covered with thousands of sewed-on owl-feathers -- stomped with high kicks into the hall, chanting, "Yule! Spin back the sun for spring! Yule! Spin back the sun for spring!"

    45. Dimarico had accused him of being too logical—a compliment disguised as a criticism, part of the man's use of flattery as a leadership tool

    46. But what of the solutions offered – pabulum disguised as reform that does not

    47. Because such a state dare not breathe its true name, such measures will be disguised under snappy slogans such as “ensuring each child reaches its full potential” and “granting equal opportunity to all children”

    48. A 'right' to jobs is a thinly disguised 'right' to have the intelligent and able thrown out of their jobs, by force, in order that the ill-trained, ignorant and inflexible might have jobs 'on demand,' regardless of ability

    49. Some brokers have disguised offers which entice new clients to sign up

    50. Bill: My ex-supervisor, the father of executed murderer Jeff Dillingham, at the behest of his evil corporate overlords laid me off--ostensibly due to program budget cuts but it was actually a case of cleverly disguised age discrimination and managerial hatred

    1. of Christ in one of His more distressing disguises

    2. He who hates disguises it with his

    3. She and Mark bowed ornately, resumed their disguises without the Unseen spells, then followed Reen out into the entrance hall

    4. I’ll agree it would have been wise for them to change their disguises before we left the palace, but I think it’s a minor point, as I’m aware of the precautions being taken to prevent any danger

    5. The gods had taken to using the subtlest of disguises

    6. Hair of Gold Valys disguises herself as a boy to join a treasure expedition… and then they discover her sex

    7. Throughout history innocent men and women have been imprisoned, tortured, beaten up and killed by the state under various disguises - and it is still happening today

    8. Jesus said, “Slavery in many forms and in many disguises exists all over the Earth

    9. Meanwhile we practised our walks, stuffed cotton wool into my cheeks and under Jon"s top lip, giving him a slightly buck-toothed look, slung a small rucksack over his shoulder, filled both it and my baggy pockets with „could be useful" paraphernalia, and our disguises were complete

    10. He disguises his real self from you,

    11. He’s seen it all too often, in various shapes and guises and disguises

    12. Her cheap incense barely disguises it and she fears that someone will notice the odor

    13. Scorpio is the ruler of Libra’s solar 2nd house of money, giving Libra unusual insight into financial matters – and the power to focus on these matters in a way that disguises a seeming indifference

    14. She was of course not alone on this trek down the west coast of Italy: the research ship BABYLON was flying high above her under cloak, controlling the many reconnaissance probes accompanying her and the eight other Time Patrol field agents sweeping northward in pairs under various disguises

    15. Later that night, Mitchell found himself browsing through a retail outlet store that specialized in surveillance and disguises to the general public

    16. " Jose started rummaging through his small white backpack that was filled with various disguises he had brought from Florida

    17. �� Furthermore, spies needed money so they could travel, buy new clothes to change disguises and so on

    18. Max agreed and they prepared their disguises in case the FBI were still snooping around

    19. Let’s put our disguises now, for what they will be worth

    20. Singapore wearing a myriad of different disguises when they received the

    21. disguises were marvel ous, a great many of the watchers had trouble figuring out

    22. in the bunker that housed a col ection of disguises

    23. the room that Shoop had mentioned, the one with al the disguises in it

    24. Shoop kept a few elastic band disguises on him most of the time as he

    25. There are only so many disguises that could be

    26. could do any of that they had to acquire disguises

    27. They claimed to have left Paris in 1959 and had very convincing disguises and

    28. We clashed with them in Palestine, shooting down six of their planes and sinking one of their heavy cruisers, while they launched a night commando attack against our base in Ramat David, even though they wore disguises and refused at first to identify themselves

    29. If this woman was so good with disguises, couldn’t she disguise her build, age and height so that she might even appear to be a man? Granted, she couldn’t add significant height without resorting to ludicrous looking built up shoes, but she could add a couple of inches here and there

    30. Thinking about the serial killer’s disguises, she would have to get her supplies from somewhere

    31. “No, but I think she is getting cannier by choosing male disguises now

    32. Her skill with disguises suggests a theatrical background and it’s likely she has more than one alias

    33. �Yes, it�s one of the few disguises that allows me free roam here

    34. I’m so tired of trying to communicate with folks through their doppelgangers—those ghost-shadow replicas they use to avoid having their true, inner-person revealed to anyone, least of all to themselves! No one seems to know what he or she is really like without the camouflage and disguises they bury their core self in

    35. The disguises they wore were decent at best, and walking through the guard-infested lobby was a nerve-wrecking nightmare

    36. “The next shipment is in five days, I suggest you check it out, I’ll monitor you from here, Oh and Jack you might want to do your reconnaissance in a more subtle manner,” Max then added pointing to a box of disguises that Jack had ordered

    37. As they readied their dray Caesar stood back to admire the disguises in the dying light of day

    38. “A lot of Seconds can create very convincing disguises

    39. Stu told Akhim an elaborate story of how Pon had stolen the relic and together, with the help of some inside help at the palace, had joined them at the airport, and boarded a plane under assumed names and disguises

    40. “Me? Of course not, I love disguises

    41. He returned to the duke's castle and told him all, what the conditions of the combat were, and how Don Quixote was now, like a loyal knight-errant, returning to keep his promise of retiring to his village for a year, by which time, said the bachelor, he might perhaps be cured of his madness; for that was the object that had led him to adopt these disguises, as it was a sad thing for a gentleman of such good parts as Don Quixote to be a madman

    42. I had to get our disguises prepared

    43. Signor Pastrini had already set about procuring their disguises for the morrow; and he assured them that they would be perfectly satisfied

    44. At half-past one they descended, the coachman and footman had put on their livery over their disguises, which gave them a more ridiculous appearance than ever, and which gained them the applause of Franz and Albert

    45. The fact that several rough-looking men called during that time and inquired for Captain Basil made me understand that Holmes was working somewhere under one of the numerous disguises and names with which he concealed his own formidable identity

    46. Donovan visited a few times, always changing disguises; he loved the cloak-and-dagger stuff and thought he was a real genius at espionage

    47. But you would never know it was him because of the disguises

    48. Charlie liked beer as much as the next guy, but the heap of crumpled cans outside the driver’s-side door seemed to puncture the plausibility of their disguises

    49. But then, what if this isn’t the law, and his search for William has just been one more projection? What if it’s really him they’ve been after all along, these powers in their various disguises?

    50. They had never, I think, wanted to do so many things for their poor protectress; I mean—though they got their lessons better and better, which was naturally what would please her most—in the way of diverting, entertaining, surprising her; reading her passages, telling her stories, acting her charades, pouncing out at her, in disguises, as animals and historical characters, and above all astonishing her by the "pieces" they had secretly got by heart and could interminably recite

    1. disguising the brutal truth

    2. The droning was constant, but once again we had help disguising our noises by tanks moving along nearby roads

    3. ” This is a form of sin that literally tries to promote sin, while disguising itself as being from God

    4. Wolves disguising themselves as sheep

    5. Disguising it in such a way as to make it seem like she had won a competition, he sent the tickets to his sister

    6. Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth, eh? Let’s wait and see what he says UVS’s long term plans are for this place,” said Roger calmly, disguising the rage he felt towards Nick at that moment

    7. I don’t have her patience, her ability to forgive and forget, her ways of disguising her sorrows with a smile

    8. But Aureliano, Segundo, excited at the caprice of disguising himself as a tiger, brought Father Antonio Isabel to the house in order to convince Úrsula that the carnival was not a pagan feast, as she said, but a Catholic tradition

    9. Ten dollars got them a cup of coffee and access to a computer, Shirl soon had the computer up and running, Murray sat in the background his calm exterior disguising the turmoil that was going on inside, forcing himself to wait for more information he was going over and over the events of the past couple of weeks, especially everything relating to the robbery, did Mr Hawk or Mr Crow leave something of Murray’s in the house? Even if they did where’s the connection with Shirl

    10. By disguising the detonator as parts of the Bible‘s spine, he hoped to avoid detection

    11. " Marty adjusted his shades, then proceeded to glide into some flowing 'S' turns, his long jacket and baggy trousers disguising some of the fluid movements his knees and hips were making

    12. cemetery to the disguising of his van at the car wash

    13. There was no disguising the fact that he had been beaten, but his face did not look so alarming

    14. “Know why she didn't tell me?” Faith looked for the Hope she once had known, but could not find among the billions of pretenses disguising themselves as her

    15. Disguising her secreted emotions, Anne looked

    16. In many countries we see magicians hiding themselves and disguising themselves by being colored with an Islamic stain

    17. While Johnny dug and Caesar kept watch, Mary continued disguising the dray

    18. A few days later she said, equally without supplying him with the context, "It's blessing disguising itself, that's what it is

    19. Nacho didn’t take the time to make a show of child-like expressions disguising his sadism but just answered frankly for once: “The worst that can happen to the safe is that it will open up

    20. He escaped the police by disguising himself as a laborer, a chauffeur, a janitor

    21. And he had finally finished disguising the real mine shaft that lies below the empty, abandoned-looking gold mine that still, to this day, rests above his cabin on the land that he legally purchased from the United States government

    22. Forever disguising greed as altruism

    23. Especially when a fresh breeze is blowing, cooling you off, disguising the relentless roasting of your skin

    24. Having effected this, although the others had gone on ahead while they were disguising themselves, they easily came out on the high road before them, for the brambles and awkward places they encountered did not allow those on horseback to go as fast as those on foot

    25. with his sash, and, disguising himself as an old woman, he took a sabre, which

    26. Nisha Gandhe, mid forties, head-turningly attractive, even dressed down in cotton shirt, T-shirt, and jeans, marveled that her boss could be an investigative genius and still not know that breath mints were useless at disguising the smell of whisky

    27. Surrounded by the screaming children the mummers, covering their faces and disguising their voices, bowed to their hostess and arranged themselves about the room

    28. Brave as a grenadier, courageous as a thinker; uneasy only in the face of the chances of a European shaking up, and unfitted for great political adventures; always ready to risk his life, never his work; disguising his will in influence, in order that he might be

    29. “This man is the punishment of God in your life,” she told Marilyn, disguising neither her contempt for him nor her disapproval of their relationship

    30. During the ceremony, and later at the reception, she wore a smile that seemed painted on with white lead, a soulless grimace that some interpreted as a mocking smile of victory, but in reality was her poor attempt at disguising the terror of a virgin bride

    31. • Padded mailing bags – one of the most widely used and ideal ways of disguising an explosive device

    32. The young man had listened without disguising his boredom, had rudely yawned, had vouchsafed no word of praise; but on leaving had asked for the manuscript that he might form an opinion of it at his leisure, and Andrey Antonovitch had given it him

    33. The best plan would be to fetch him here secretly, in a friendly way, to your study and question him without disguising the facts

    34. " Only fancy, this was two years after his insult to me, and my challenge would have been a ridiculous anachronism, in spite of all the ingenuity of my letter in disguising and explaining away the anachronism

    35. Our Life has Reached the Extreme Limit of Misery and Cannot be Improved by any Systems of Organization—All our Life and all our Institutions are Quite Meaningless—Are we Doing what God Wills of us by Preserving our Privileges and Duties to Government?—We are put in this Position not Because the World is so Made and it is Inevitable, but Because we Wish it to be so, Because it is to the Advantage of Some of us—Our Conscience is in Opposition to our Position and all our Conduct, and the Way Out of the Contradiction is to be Found in the Recognition of the Christian Truth: Do Not unto Others what you Would Not they should Do unto You—As our Duties to Self Must be Subordinated to our Duties to Others, so Must our Duties to Others be Subordinated to our Duties to God—The Only Way Out of our Position Lies, if not in Renouncing our Position and our Privileges, at Least in Recognizing our Sin and not Justifying it nor Disguising it—The Only Object of Life is to Learn the Truth and to Act on it—Acceptance of the Position and of State Action Deprives Life of all Object—It is God's Will that we should Serve Him in our Life, that is, that we should Bring About the Greatest Unity of all that has Life, a Unity only Possible in Truth

    36. Undeniably she was a pretty girl, despite the disguising veil

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