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Doctor в предложении (на )

  1. Are you a doctor Mr.
  2. The lady is a doctor.
  3. The doctor said to me.
  4. The doctor, and to a.
  5. Of course I do, doctor.

  6. Frank is a good Doctor.
  7. The monk doctor was torn.
  8. She looks at the doctor.
  9. His mother was a doctor.
  10. I know the doctor was.
  11. My brother is the doctor.
  12. The doctor bowed his head.
  13. The Doctor shook his head.
  14. I was sent by the doctor.
  15. That is why your Doctor.

  16. The doctor looked at Hiro.
  17. The doctor told me that.
  18. Josh glared at the doctor.
  19. Yes you are Doctor Rhine.
  20. The doctor shook his head.
  21. That will be fine, doctor.
  22. You are the doctor, Abbot.
  23. You will see my doctor.
  24. Let's get you to a doctor.
  25. He calls himself a doctor.

  26. For the Doctor called and.
  27. He told the doctor then:.
  28. The doctor is with her.
  29. Ruth stepped by the doctor.
  30. And that doctor son of his.
  31. The doctor, visiting on a.
  32. I need to call a doctor.
  33. The doctor left a few signs.
  34. Not just any doctor either.
  35. I know the story, doctor.
  36. The doctor thought a moment.
  37. A record lists the doctor.
  38. Check with your doctor or.
  39. He was a doctor first and.
  40. The doctor will help you.
  41. But for now, Doctor, please.
  42. I see, the doctor said.
  43. The doctor has slipped here.
  44. You need to see a doctor.
  45. That's so unlike the doctor.
  46. Oh my! said the doctor.
  47. The doctor told you to rest.
  48. Doctor Jurak should go, too.
  49. The doctor would be fooled.
  50. The doctor was not convinced.
  51. Just go and see the doctor.
  52. The doctor nodded back at him.
  53. She looked like a mad doctor.
  54. Doctor deGuire wiped his eyes.
  55. Just what the doctor ordered.
  56. No, but thank you, Doctor.
  57. The doctor had nothing to say.
  58. We better get to that doctor.
  59. He said to the doctor then:.
  60. The doctor put his torch down.
  61. The Doctor heaved a long sigh.
  62. The doctor cleared his throat.
  63. The doctor had to come again.
  64. The doctor paid the money.
  65. She’s in with the doctor.
  66. Doctor Crusher was not amused.
  67. Doctor Misan, I support the.
  68. The doctor applied a set of.
  69. The doctor noticed my concern.
  70. Because my doctor told me so.
  71. The doctor returns to his work.
  72. At ten o'clock the doctor came.
  73. The doctor pointed to the nubs.
  74. With him? Doctor Tobie, Major.
  75. The Doctor nodded her approval.
  76. An ensign ran up to Doctor Chu.
  77. The doctor, with his command.
  78. We were approaching the doctor.
  79. Does she know that, doctor?
  80. The doctor cuts in immediately.
  81. The Doctor inspected the arrow.
  82. I’m afraid she did doctor.
  83. The senior doctor called out.
  84. The doctor came in to see her.
  85. How can I help you, Doctor?
  86. He‘s alright, that Doctor C.
  87. The doctor and the journalist.
  88. This doctor isn’t a dentist.
  89. Thank you for calling, doctor.
  90. A what? the doctor asked.
  91. Both as a doctor and as a man.
  92. The doctor paused for a moment.
  93. The Time Patrol does, Doctor.
  94. Daddy wants to select a doctor.
  95. Doctor C scoped the rays, and.
  96. Donovan’s father was a doctor.
  97. Sneha wanted to become a doctor.
  98. But his doctor wanted fun,.
  99. Can a doctor save the soul,.
  100. Cause The Doctor Has Plans,.
  1. I know a bit of doctoring.
  2. Louie began doctoring Pillsbury’s wounds.
  3. Such doctoring will not heal the wounds of our Zion.
  4. I've done considerble in the doctoring way in my time.
  5. The sight of cowboys branding, doctoring, and herding.
  6. I took off my boots and sat down, doctoring my chawed-up feet.
  7. Here there’s been a general rush to him, and he’s begun doctoring everyone.
  8. After doctoring his dogs for a week, John found they were recovering rather quickly.
  9. All her illness and treatment struck her as a thing so stupid, ludicrous even! Doctoring her seemed to her as absurd as putting together.
  10. Mawmsey had the poorest opinion on all other points, but in doctoring, he was wont to say in an undertone, he placed Gambit above any of them.
  11. All her illness and treatment struck her as a thing so stupid, ludicrous even! Doctoring her seemed to her as absurd as putting together the pieces of a broken vase.
  12. On my third day out from Sierra City, as I sat hunched near the open door of my tent doctoring my blistered feet, I realized the day before had been the Fourth of July.
  13. This was typical Modi-style ‘rajniti’—ingenious spin doctoring, seizing the words of the opponent to turn the tables on them and capture the political advantage in a flash.
  14. Whenever the public has discovered that food companies have been doctoring and changing their products by adding genetically altered food into it, they have without exception risen up in protest or simply refused to buy the tainted products.
  15. My dear Sir Thomas, if you had seen the state of the roads that day! I thought we should never have got through them, though we had the four horses of course; and poor old coachman would attend us, out of his great love and kindness, though he was hardly able to sit the box on account of the rheumatism which I had been doctoring him for ever since Michaelmas.
  1. They provided the doctored photos.
  2. The doctored cricket pads and itching.
  3. Life re-routes constant purgeries doctored exit highways.
  4. Chin had some doctored documents of his own pertaining to.
  5. The original picture, aside from being doctored, was actually taken last May.
  6. He ordered up his standard oral hygiene rinse and tooth brush, already doctored with.
  7. He was canned shortly after he began because the consulting firm doctored his credentials.
  8. So not only has the guilty party doctored the papers between the Purchasing Office and the.
  9. Chin had some doctored documents of his own pertaining to the Holiday Park River Bend Racetrack.
  10. Why should they risk losing their highly paid jobs, or being tortured with the doctored cricket.
  11. As the doctored wine filled my stomach, my eyes and limbs grew heavy and I slumped to the ground.
  12. Jo disgraced herself by nearly fainting away, and had to be doctored by Laurie in the china closet.
  13. She said she was going to the wise woman; her boy had screaming fits, so she was taking him to be doctored.
  14. Our technical experts concluded that two of the individual reports had been doctored, that is, rewritten.
  15. The results were now showing poor performance and matched the doctored patient records from The Organization.
  16. The first doctored shot had been of her uncle Lee, sat on Sihanoukville beach with a menacing figure stood behind him.
  17. The fact was, Lefty had given Georgia the doctored paperwork he’d made up through Big Jim so that I could be sealed to Georgia.
  18. Bridges goes down for the fraud, all the evidence is doctored to show he has done it then you pay me my second fifty thousand pounds.
  19. She took her old manual yandrille and left it with Varniss, one of the owners of Myimpaden, while she lightly doctored the first keg.
  20. Now when the program abends and has to go to the backup, it would use Ed's doctored file as backup and then the fireworks would began.
  21. They soak water, they do; and of course get rheumatic, and have to be doctored (SNEEZES) with washes and lotions, just like live legs.
  22. They hadn't needed to touch his "doctored" backup tape, and the Operations staff had been unwilling to use it until the situation was clearer.
  23. The rarity of finding any historical accounts that have not been doctored and censored into near-total fiction is damning evidence in and of itself.
  24. Somewhere along the line, things got doctored, maybe by throwing out really low tests, maybe by not counting certain kids, maybe by not having absentees make up tests.
  25. He had his own business in the security industry, and was both a Finnish and Russian citizen, and a resident of Helsinki; no doubt someone had doctored his government records.
  26. I like being doctored too; in the spring there was an outbreak of smallpox and I went and was vaccinated in a foundling hospital—if only you knew how I enjoyed myself that day.
  27. As she left, intent on putting the cash into her purse, Robin put his doctored card into the machine, and from the menu that appeared, selected to take out the maximum sum permitted.
  28. Ignoring my protest, he carefully placed the doctored drink on the tray, and after pig-boy had pushed his way back to his seat, Uncle Hobart smiled at him sweetly, patting him on his head.
  29. In the streets of the town the Magistrate stood as usual, addressing the crowded market square; his duty was to relay somewhat doctored information down to the population, and maintain the morale in the city.
  30. Her principle role was to ensure that I was kept in the dark and that records in the department were appropriately doctored … poor woman, she’s been living in terror since you appeared at the offices that day.
  31. Thierry Mulch, here to see the principal, he said, handing her a flawless forgery of a California driver’s license that featured a photo from Preston Elliot’s school ID doctored up with a red wig, red eyebrows, and the Lincoln beard.
  32. Gerard takes him to the hospital out of town, fills in the papers for him, displaying a doctored driver’s license that indicates it has expired, and referring to a medical plan number whose file exposes his past excesses and criminal behavior, but in Gerard’s old name.
  33. All processed information that is doctored, and manipulated, and put through an industrial grinder: takes out all nutritional information, and adds poisonous artificial normalities, and trace elements of trivia, and toxic deadly moral, ethical lies and poisons: before it reaches you.
  1. But I know doctors lie.
  2. The doctors said that E.
  3. So the doctors tell us.
  4. The doctors said that Mr.
  5. I asked the doctors and.
  6. I know what doctors are.
  7. You know how doctors are.
  8. The doctors had to do a.
  9. Doctors have to be told.
  10. That is what doctors do.
  11. The doctors had given her.
  12. The doctors had told them.
  13. I entered the Doctors and.
  14. The doctors and staff of St.
  15. The doctors nod their heads.
  16. Don’t ask to what doctors.
  17. The doctors came in the room.
  18. I got upset with the doctors.
  19. But, doctors have been wrong.
  20. Sophie asked the doctors if.
  21. The two doctors backed away.
  22. Doctors in the TMM have two.
  23. Her doctors had stopped all.
  24. He's one of the local doctors.
  25. And don't believe the doctors.
  26. The local doctors were baffled.
  27. The doctors have Matt on life.
  28. We made the rounds of doctors.
  29. Doctors must learn to use the.
  30. He hated doctors and hospitals.
  31. The doctors say that’s normal.
  32. I refused what the doctors said.
  33. Several local doctors had even.
  34. Just as doctors give different.
  35. The doctors checked out his heart.
  36. The doctors paint a grim outlook.
  37. Both doctors ran to the infirmary.
  38. Where are the two doctors?
  39. Doctors have been using it since.
  40. Doctors dissect the physical body.
  41. One of the doctors at the clinic.
  42. The doctors who remained working.
  43. Doctors have accepted this symbol.
  44. Family, friends, and the doctors.
  45. The doctors said they were sorry.
  46. In 1988, the doctors said he was.
  47. None of her previous doctors had.
  48. Specifically, the Doctors need to.
  49. The doctors think she will recover.
  50. However, doctors believe that the.
  51. But why would doctors need physics.
  52. The doctors found a herniated disk.
  53. Her doctors had taken a new x-ray.
  54. Perhaps these were the doctors of.
  55. They both should not be my doctors.
  56. Then the doctors finally tell him.
  57. The doctors are in God’s hands.
  58. I’m not here because of my doctors.
  59. The doctors were amazed at the story.
  60. Doctors and scientists have proven.
  61. Taxi drivers made more than doctors.
  62. I went to the doctors before I was.
  63. That’s what I told the doctors.
  64. What about the other doctors?
  65. You need two doctors to sign off.
  66. Not all doctors are honest, ya know.
  67. The doctors on TV said that already.
  68. Have the doctors said any more?
  69. The doctors are responsible for that.
  70. Four of the other doctors were there.
  71. The doctors cannot correct her back.
  72. At 6:30 PM, 4 doctors came in I had.
  73. The doctors locked me up for a while.
  74. The doctors step out into the hallway.
  75. The doctors had to put her in an ICU.
  76. Doctors here are calling it Gnaritis.
  77. As a result, most doctors agree that.
  78. This was one of the head army doctors.
  79. You think them doctors is honest?
  80. Doctors frequently suggest a quarter.
  81. The doctors blamed it on coffee and dip.
  82. Doctors refer to it as atherosclerosis.
  83. He gave me one of those looks doctors.
  84. Doctors and technicians flooded inside.
  85. However, doctors couldn't explain the.
  86. She begged the doctors to end her life.
  87. Your doctors did all those tests on me.
  88. Now, doctors know that it’s not true.
  89. Doctors, Care Providers, and Therapists.
  90. Doctors told me that she certainly was.
  91. The doctors, anxious for my lungs, had.
  92. The doctors checked me and Jonathan out.
  93. I'm ordered exercise by the doctors too.
  94. Until one of the doctors noticed me and.
  95. Several doctors spoke to Cindy and Thomas.
  96. The doctors think he has a week or two.
  97. Some doctors recommend that people with.
  98. At first, doctors believe Reagan may die.
  99. Several of the doctors have already won.
  100. However, doctors rarely take a thorough.

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