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    1. What was a surprise to her, although not disquieting, was her father's determination to no longer occupy her childhood home

    2. Jodie still found it disquieting that her thoughts could be read so easily

    3. With disquieting ease he shoved it back onto the rack

    4. It ducked with a disquieting ease

    5. As I was polishing it up, I had a disquieting thought

    6. The white men also met with almost disquieting receptions if they ventured in the “Quartier Fanti

    7. There was something disquieting about his behaviour

    8. Had Mike Henderson beaten him, sending him off on this wild goose chase that would destroy his career and life? The thought was a disquieting one that caused restlessness: he twisted upon his seat and it gave way under him in a crash of charred planks

    9. Though I have recently entertained disquieting doubts of traveling to Spain for no other reason than the substitution of the peseta by the “euro”, I hope to do it, God willing, next summer, for, in reality, love for my land is infinitely stronger than my aversion to the “euro”

    10. There have been some very disquieting things happening here in the last few days that should be of concern to you and your village as well as your guests

    11. There have been some very disquieting things happening here in the

    12. His howls of despair as each unhappy hopeful was hustled out were disquieting

    13. It was even more disquieting to discover that my other four travelling companions were young women from ‘good’ homes and the sort of schools where they wouldn’t have been allowed out the gates without panama hats at the correct angle, gloves, ties, blazers, neatly aligned stockings and polished shoes

    14. It was a disquieting experience

    15. Despite the ‘happy’ ending, it was a most disquieting experience

    16. It was very disquieting, so I went out to pick Jon"s brains

    17. There was, indeed, something disquieting about the calm tranquility of its aspect, a suggestion of more than human knowledge, of a profound certitude beyond human assurance

    18. He found their steady gaze disquieting, though there was no hostility in it

    19. There was a disquieting familiarity about that carven mask, and with something of a shock he realized what it was; there was a startling resemblance between it and the face of the girl lolling on the ebon couch

    20. Some were only half the length of the longest, giving the thing a chaotic, disquieting look

    21. But it was her spirit, a something moving within, a something her, a something more that was disquieting her the most

    22. Inside the limousine, Joel was leaning back against the leather head-rest of his seat, uneasily thinking about his last, disquieting glimpse of Kathy at the airport

    23. Often she had suspected they were not thoughts at all but just feelings, and that depressed her, for it made her drop, she feared, to the level of the insect world and enter the category of things that were not going to be able to get to heaven; and to a bishop's daughter this was disquieting

    24. The gardener was mowing the lawn, and one of the smells was of the cut grass; Miss Entwhistle had been out for a walk, and found some windflowers and some lovely bright green moss, and put them in a bowl; the doctor had brought a little bunch of violets out of his garden; the afternoon sun lay beautifully on the hills across the river; the river slid past the end of the garden tranquilly; and Miss Entwhistle, pouring out Lucy's tea and buttering her toast, felt that she could at that moment very nearly have been happy, in spite of its being The Willows she was in, if there hadn't, in the background, brooding over her day and night, been that very odd and disquieting silence of Everard's

    25. He just remained quiet, but the way he looked at Fred was disquieting nonetheless

    26. and a disquieting one at that

    27. While he was having such unworthy thoughts, his job as a teacher kept him busy with all kinds of just as disquieting questions

    28. is is most disquieting,” said the doctor

    29. In the background, there was another disquieting development, but not many heard about it

    30. recognition from Hanor was obvious, it was disquieting to say the least

    31. detachment, a disquieting silence descended on the region as if it too could register a

    32. � In that class, he watched her most of the time, and he let the class talk without his disquieting interruptions

    33. But a picture composed entirely of rich, rolling curves is too disquieting a thing to contemplate, and would become very irritating

    34. Rose later recalled that during this time, however, “disquieting symptoms began to develop

    35. He had charged them with a disquieting light, and Balder could not rid himself of the thought that August had wanted to say something more to him than: Look what I can do! For the hundredth time he stared at the drawings and it was as if a needle had gone into his heart

    36. She lost her fear of his betraying her taking Scarlett riding in his carriage, escorting her to danceables and bazaars and secret, but there always lurked in the back of her mind the disquieting memory that he had seen her at her worst and knew the truth about Ashley

    37. ” In fact, a much better one than his own and the knowledge was disquieting

    38. That locality was always vaguely disquieting, even in the broad glare of afternoon, and now I turned my head as though I had been warned of something behind

    39. The wind was so nipping that the ivy-leaves had become wizened and gray, each tapping incessantly upon its neighbour with a disquieting stir of her nerves

    40. The tone of the young girl struck terror to Charles's heart, and he followed his terrible uncle, a prey to disquieting thoughts

    41. At times they heard disquieting laughter

    42. That name the hobbits only knew in legends of the dark past, like a shadow in the background of their memories; but it was ominous and disquieting

    43. 4 This may be taken as a rather disquieting sign that stock prices have been growing more irrationally sensitive to temporary fluctuations in business—a fact that we are inclined to ascribe to the disappearance of the old-line distinctions between stock investors and stock speculators

    44. While, taken as a whole, they may work out somewhat better in terms of overall return than the first-quality issues, they expose the owner to too many individual risks of untoward developments, ranging from disquieting price declines to actual default

    45. One of the most disquieting developments of the period in which we write this revision has been the financial embarrassment—in plain words, bankruptcy or near-bankruptcy—of quite a few New York Stock Exchange firms, including at least two of considerable size

    46. However painful it may be to me, should the Almighty lay the duties of wife and wife and mother upon me I shall try to perform them as faithfully as I can, without disquieting myself by examining my feelings toward him whom He may give me for husband

    47. But latterly, when more and more disquieting reports came from the seat of war and Natasha’s health began to improve and she no longer aroused in him the former feeling of careful pity, an ever-increasing restlessness, which he could not explain, took possession of him

    48. Thus, in spite of all his reserve and all his prudence, he had preserved the Bishop's candlesticks, worn mourning for him, summoned and interrogated all the little Savoyards who passed that way, collected information regarding the families at Faverolles, and saved old Fauchelevent's life, despite the disquieting insinuations of Javert

    49. One left them children but yesterday; today, one finds them disquieting to the feelings

    50. As he was on the point of mounting the staircase, he perceived, on the other side of the boulevard, near the deserted wall skirting the Rue De la Barriere-des-Gobelins, Jondrette, wrapped in the "philanthropist's" great-coat, engaged in conversation with one of those men of disquieting aspect who have been dubbed by common consent, prowlers of the barriers; people of equivocal face, of suspicious monologues, who present the air of having evil minds, and who generally sleep in the daytime, which suggests the supposition that they work by night

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