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    1. When a child breaks a clay doll we tell him not to cry and promise a new one

    2. The note was signed with her signature teddy bear face, this time a tear drawn below its little doll eye

    3. When your husband breaks down the door, he finds a smoldering corpse, like a doll made of ash

    4. He really was barely a match, especially mentally, for that simulated blow-up doll

    5. So baby doll, (that’s what my beloved Grandfather used to call

    6. “Well, doll, time to be on our way”, said the young busker and he lead his bride by the hand through the crowded and dusty city streets

    7. Speared me and tossed me aside like I was a rag doll

    8. Ken held her head in his arms and gently wiped her hot and sweaty fringe away from her fevered forehead, stroking her hair to try and soothe the poor young thing as she lay like a rag doll in his lap

    9. But what could I do? I just lay there, this little flesh and blood, inflatable doll, being the sexual whim of Joseph and his friends

    10. "Oh, yeah, yeah, Doll, I'm fine

    1. who played with dolls

    2. smashed two of my dolls into a million pieces

    3. ceramic dolls, a cheerleader and a doctor

    4. tried sewing clothes for her dolls but kept poking her

    5. The monks of Auster were strewn about like rag dolls, their white robes covered in the dank color of dried blood

    6. Aoife was in her pajamas, playing on the sitting room floor with her dolls

    7. Almost overlooked in all the chaos, a consignment of sex dolls with Robotic-like brains had finally been categorised as computer

    8. The pig faced German made a sound like one of those mama dolls the kids have a kind of high pitched squeaking as the air left his body

    9. All the rest of the men and many soldiers laid scattered around like rag dolls

    10. the reckless children with their drums and dolls, their guns and toy

    1. Aw, c’mon, fellas—way before some of you got all dolled up in white and stuck those silly poufy things on your heads, the gals invented bread

    2. Probably this one is here, all painted and dolled up, to see if she can pick up innocent boys

    3. So I dolled up and saw her--and she fell for it--a pretty good sized wad," he repeated, as though he wished some of it had stuck to his own hands

    4. I headed the conga line dolled up as Rio Rita; nobody knew who I was, which is the only way to have a good time

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