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    1. When a child breaks a clay doll we tell him not to cry and promise a new one

    2. The note was signed with her signature teddy bear face, this time a tear drawn below its little doll eye

    3. When your husband breaks down the door, he finds a smoldering corpse, like a doll made of ash

    4. He really was barely a match, especially mentally, for that simulated blow-up doll

    5. So baby doll, (that’s what my beloved Grandfather used to call

    6. “Well, doll, time to be on our way”, said the young busker and he lead his bride by the hand through the crowded and dusty city streets

    7. Speared me and tossed me aside like I was a rag doll

    8. Ken held her head in his arms and gently wiped her hot and sweaty fringe away from her fevered forehead, stroking her hair to try and soothe the poor young thing as she lay like a rag doll in his lap

    9. But what could I do? I just lay there, this little flesh and blood, inflatable doll, being the sexual whim of Joseph and his friends

    10. "Oh, yeah, yeah, Doll, I'm fine

    11. Chin up, Doll

    12. fell to his knees like a blow up doll that had just been deflated

    13. There it was; a rag doll handmade by her grandmother

    14. Sue picked up a rag doll that she saw on the floor and pushed her way through to the child

    15. “Is this your doll?” She presented Mr Snuggles to Li-Li

    16. Andrew looked at the picture and there was Bao-Yu with a rag doll she was making

    17. Nestled in the foul padding, an eyeless doll stared outward, her silk stuffing oozing down her face like maggots from a corpse's skull

    18. doll house attached to a string that young girls

    19. the middle of the doll section, at full retail price

    20. those doll houses have relocated to the clearance bin in the

    21. apples on the kitchen table (these, along with the doll

    22. she played with the little doll house

    23. opened the latch of the little plastic doll house

    24. Think: Real, but very small, living doll

    25. Thing: Doll comes to life when the doll house and closed

    26. Comments: Doll and doll house collected and packed in

    27. were a rag doll

    28. Kevin made me a stick doll once

    29. After looking over the prizes, Ashley chooses a new Barbie doll

    30. I dug the sewing tools out of the trunk and, using sail cloth for the body, I carefully cut out a shape that would make a doll that was about a foot and a half in height

    31. Once it was completed I laid the doll next to the sleeping girl, and then I too went to bed

    32. All of a sudden one of the sailors who were sat near to me pulling on his oar slumped over looking like a discarded rag doll

    33. There were spinning tops for Daniel and a doll for Leah

    34. She took one look, clasped the doll to her and hugged tightly

    35. She held them next to the doll she carried

    36. “These are so tiny, I thought they might fit my doll

    37. He was dangling on it like a kids puppet and then the machine guns caught him again and he looked like a rag doll with blood all over him, I’m sorry Sir but I couldn’t look any more Fred was a friend of mine”, he looked away and you could see the tears in his eyes

    38. Maureen picked up the doll from the bedside chair and tucked it in beside her

    39. This was her special sleeping doll

    40. This was the doll, the only doll, that shared Aoife's bed! And it had no name

    41. doll, while Harry sat in the sun cleaning himself and looking at us as if we were nuts

    42. “He called me doll, I love that!”

    43. Barbie doll had turned into the Abominable Snowwoman just that quickly

    44. Larkey delivered a ferocious punch to his midriff, causing him to expel all the air in his lungs and bend over like a paper doll

    45. "Well, what if she has?" said Marc at last looking up from the wooden cup he was carving for Marie's doll

    46. doll was a year older

    47. saying: "Now I think we have presents for every one: There's the doll

    48. wants when I was up yesterday, and that china doll for Mollie

    49. Her lifeless body seemed like a rag doll that could be put

    50. “Let’s get that foot bandaged,” he muttered, carrying her towards the stairs as though she weighed no more than a rag doll

    1. Aw, c’mon, fellas—way before some of you got all dolled up in white and stuck those silly poufy things on your heads, the gals invented bread

    2. Probably this one is here, all painted and dolled up, to see if she can pick up innocent boys

    3. So I dolled up and saw her--and she fell for it--a pretty good sized wad," he repeated, as though he wished some of it had stuck to his own hands

    4. I headed the conga line dolled up as Rio Rita; nobody knew who I was, which is the only way to have a good time

    1. who played with dolls

    2. smashed two of my dolls into a million pieces

    3. ceramic dolls, a cheerleader and a doctor

    4. tried sewing clothes for her dolls but kept poking her

    5. The monks of Auster were strewn about like rag dolls, their white robes covered in the dank color of dried blood

    6. Aoife was in her pajamas, playing on the sitting room floor with her dolls

    7. Almost overlooked in all the chaos, a consignment of sex dolls with Robotic-like brains had finally been categorised as computer

    8. The pig faced German made a sound like one of those mama dolls the kids have a kind of high pitched squeaking as the air left his body

    9. All the rest of the men and many soldiers laid scattered around like rag dolls

    10. the reckless children with their drums and dolls, their guns and toy

    11. “These dolls are for us? Thank you Daddy! We waited for you yesterday, where were you?” Nicole questioned her dad as though he failed to call home while away on a lengthy business trip

    12. “What’s going on in there?” called his pop from the living room, where Frew Cobbs was all wrought up about how the terrible wild fires in California impacted the illegal aliens getting driver’s licenses and port safety and recalls on dangerous Chinese-built Barbie dolls

    13. If a boy, in a prankish mood, angry at being forced to eat his Brussels sprouts, should take one of his sister’s dollies, take its clothes off, and put it with a boy doll, just back from years of combat? And if that boy doll should be in a state…of need…but wait a minute…these are dolls we’re discussing

    14. Edgar spent time every day in his study playing with dolls, at least that’s what he called it

    15. Living people became his dolls, funny looking stick figures with exaggerated features that often times brought him to laughter, but they served their purpose well

    16. “This is the shop of a cousin, the maker of beautiful dolls and doll houses, and other miniatures,” the creature in the front seat told them in his singsong fashion

    17. the open wagon with small dolls

    18. What was the point of creating a fuss when these people were so desperate to take everything? Anyway, I was thrilled that my children and I had at least a dozen Afghans, blankets and dolls at home in California, which Ma made especially for us

    19. Beds and a highchair for dolls, and their baby carriage (“pram,” a new word for me) extended its furnishings out into the centre of the room

    20. From the windowsill behind Sierra, two male dolls eyed Manda blankly as she walked across the carpet

    21. immediate recognition, dropping her dolls to the floor as she

    22. The top two shelves were filled with books, but on the bottom shelf was a row of the ugliest clothe dolls Manda had ever seen

    23. “Are those the Wanga dolls?” she asked

    24. had one bicycle, two balls, seven dolls, six pairs of shoes and a lot of toys; she didn’t

    25. Sierra’s dolls watched the tragedy with indifference from their seats around the room

    26. She needed to get out of the flat before she did something awful, like skewer one of those dolls

    27. I’m not sure if she was trying to replicate the momentum Kelly generated last night when she inspired us with her baby dolls, but it had a very different effect on the boys

    28. She reminded me of the French dolls that adorned the windows of high end boutique stores in arguably the most romantic city of the world, Paris in the late 1800s

    29. One section appeared to be an eating area with long dining tables while another was a play area with bookshelves, walls of toys, dolls, games and stuffed animals

    30. “A fella’s sure not safe with that many females in the house—tea parties, dolls

    31. One section was filled with multiple tables surrounded by chairs while another was a play area with miniature tables, bookshelves and walls of toys, dolls, games and stuffed animals

    32. Ma bundled Heidi and a series of soft dolls into her arms

    33. The popularity of his name was so widespread it was part of the song, “If I Were a Bell” in the Broadway musical Guys & Dolls, and a small diner in the Ithaca countryside displayed a parody of his sign in its window that read: drunken hines Cooks here

    34. Inside each of the dolls was a pig-bladder filled with pig-blood

    35. The young men who had hesitated, feeling pressured by their war-chief and the gaze of the others, all now did as they were ordered, poking into their dolls and spilling the hidden pig-blood inside

    36. Little black dolls in white dresses and red bows

    37. two of us so she made the actual dolls and the clothes while I dressed and decorated them and

    38. Toys wouldn’t just be a few scattered dolls and balls

    39. A little girl was playing with dolls and came over and said "Pop pop the kids just won't listen and I want you to go in and beat them"

    40. The coveted baby dolls filling the kitchen cupboards and anxiety in her eyes when I come to visit

    41. Her beauty was ethereal, of those that seem to come from another world, with golden curls swirled about the celestial eyes like those that carry the china dolls

    42. He made antique dolls and train sets

    43. There were life-size riding trains, dolls, stuffed animals and all the latest toys a child could want

    44. In Jane's room there were antique dolls and old doll houses

    45. She saw that all the other girls in the park who got dolls had white ones and she did not want to be different

    46. The other children had also to make choices in what toys and dolls they could bring with them

    47. Freddie stared across the rear of the compound for a few minutes and his mind conjured up images of Olivia when she was a little girl playing with her dolls in the back yard of their house in Fonteleza, he remembered her first Holy Communion and her first day at senior school

    48. dating fantasies, and dressing up dolls, especially Barbie dolls

    49. situations, on feelings, on safety, to play with dolls and to play "house

    50. Talking dolls in horror movies were one big exception

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