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Skirt в предложении (на )

  1. That skirt is too short.
  2. The skirt fell to the floor.
  3. But the skirt showed no rent.
  4. In the left hand was her skirt.
  5. He was a terrible skirt chaser.
  6. She tried to pull the skirt up.
  7. Toria adjusted the skirt of her.
  8. She wore a blue skirt and blouse.
  9. Her skirt was tight around her ass.
  10. It means, ‘she of the jade skirt.
  11. I motioned at the side of my skirt.
  12. And I had on my grey coat and skirt.
  13. Elsing caught her skirt and held her.
  14. She made a plunge and seized a skirt.
  15. Skirt around the edges of the garden.
  16. She wore a black pencil skirt with a.
  17. Where’s the rest of your skirt?
  18. One grabbed her skirt and pulled it up.
  19. We were afraid you’d skirt the issue.
  20. She was the one who had shed her skirt.
  21. Her skirt crossed well above her knees.
  22. Off came her blouse and then her skirt.
  23. He pushed the skirt higher up her thigh.
  24. Her small top and skirt was a deep teal.
  25. They were supposed to skirt these areas.
  26. She had worn a long maroon skirt and a.
  27. She was holding up her long black skirt.
  28. And it had a simple flowing satin skirt.
  29. Or their skirt behind, placket unhooked.
  30. She was wearing a black mini skirt and.
  31. The servant was holding her by her skirt.
  32. Her hands clawed at the hem of her skirt.
  33. She smoothed down the edges of her skirt.
  34. It was situated at out skirt of the city.
  35. Cherry insisted that they skirt round it.
  36. That skirt should gape from girdle to hem.
  37. Her skirt again reached only to her ankles.
  38. She stood up, adjusted her skirt and then.
  39. There was a flick of skirt and she was gone.
  40. The skirt is cute and the leggings are cute.
  41. It felt good to toss her skirt and lay down.
  42. Sanders to pull down her skirt and shut her.
  43. Her skirt was pulled up to expose her upper.
  44. Layne… in a designer outfit! And a skirt?
  45. It took them several hours to skirt Crow Hill.
  46. Zion pulled up her skirt and had sex with her.
  47. She crossed her legs and spread out her skirt.
  48. His hand is coming up my thigh under my skirt.
  49. The way her crooked skirt swings at each whack.
  50. She had on a navy skirt, white blouse, boaters.
  51. Sophia, honey, here are your blouse and skirt.
  52. But Kathleen gathered in her skirt and said: Now.
  53. Felicia wiped her hands on her skirt with disgust.
  54. Dressed in her skirt suit combo with black heels.
  55. Now as she smoothed down the pencil skirt she had.
  56. Isabella does the same from the hems of her skirt.
  57. Bending, she nipped a peak of skirt above her knee.
  58. Her skirt was the most elaborate she had seen yet.
  59. The crooked skirt swinging, whack by whack by whack.
  60. Kristen barely had an idea what a bubble skirt was.
  61. She ran barefooted, only dressed in a skirt and bra.
  62. D'Oliya had reached back under the slit skirt, and.
  63. Jacqui slid off her stool and straightened her skirt.
  64. But this skirt of yours is too small for your height.
  65. Henrietta was just wearing a white blouse and a skirt.
  66. My arms were bare and the skirt flared from my waist.
  67. The skirt of her satin dress was slim and restricting.
  68. She was wearing a school uniform, the pleaded skirt.
  69. She was wringing the water from the skirt of her suit.
  70. Put a skirt on a broomstick and he'll want to hump it.
  71. Wade’s fingers were in her skirt in a terrified grip.
  72. Mansour (Al) was also a much less active skirt chaser.
  73. It was an out skirt area with newly constructed homes.
  74. Freydis ran over to her mother, hiding behind her skirt.
  75. Bra, long skirt, blouse, sweater, socks and shoes again.
  76. Rodolphe and Emma thus went along the skirt of the wood.
  77. She puts the skirt down, says to me, What do you think?
  78. She raises her skirt and lays back on one of the tables.
  79. LIBBY hung the boxed pleat skirt she had not previously.
  80. Tarana got dressed in a spaghetti strap top and a skirt.
  81. I guess her skirt hiked up as she struggled to get free.
  82. Peachy cheeks, a zebra skirt, frisky as a young thing's.
  83. She wears a pencil skirt and glares at a white foam cup.
  84. She put her skirt back on while heading toward the door.
  85. Pitty fumbled at her skirt and held the vial to her nose.
  86. She was wearing a peasant blouse with a knee length skirt.
  87. Desa already had a skirt around her and had the door open.
  88. At last she came, looking very nice in a blouse and skirt.
  89. She straightened her skirt and shirt and put on her shoes.
  90. Hay must have been involved because I saw it on her skirt.
  91. She wore a plaid shirt with a denim skirt and cowboy boots.
  92. Nothing of hers was gone, her skirt and bag were still here.
  93. Sighing, she picked off a piece of lint from her jean skirt.
  94. She had on a long skirt and a turtleneck sweater and boots.
  95. She was wearing a purple skirt on which wrinkles appeared.
  96. A year ago I was on the town flashing cash and chasing skirt.
  97. He was clad in sandals, a skirt and a broad shagreen girdle.
  98. Zoe lowered her eyes and played with the fringe of her skirt.
  99. On examining the coat, it was found that one skirt had been.
  100. Her skin beneath her skirt was soft but clammy, probably a.
  1. We were skirting by a city.
  2. Skirting the table proved difficult.
  3. Nor dares the skirting of her dress.
  4. Easton continued painting the skirting.
  5. A few minutes later we were skirting Green Park.
  6. Easton put some putty in a crack in the skirting.
  7. Skirting the wrap-around porch were beds of flowers.
  8. In order to avoid skirting the issue, and in order to.
  9. They parted on the road skirting the amphitheatre - the.
  10. We, skirting the forest on the other side, were in deep shadow.
  11. He is skirting the Ohmu Inn and running directly for Miner’s Hold.
  12. The cottage should be on the other side of the field he was skirting.
  13. Turning to the left and skirting this huge hedge Treebeard came in a.
  14. Having faced up the cracks, Easton resumed the painting of the skirting.
  15. By midday they were in the bottom of the valley, after skirting the forest.
  16. You know you’re skirting around the edges of the law, Annette said.
  17. He crossed over a long ridge of moorland skirting the side of a high hill.
  18. Once out the gate, they turned left skirting the edge of the town of Bien Hoa.
  19. We walked in great slow circles round about, skirting the edges of her territory.
  20. They went right, skirting the kitchen and entering a narrow servant’s staircase.
  21. Avoiding all State Weight Inspection stations by carefully skirting around them on.
  22. The skirting was pleated in the back, adding fullness to the latest style of the day.
  23. After skirting around Teotihuacan, we caught up with the rear guard Jodas had posted.
  24. A frightened stag might move thus through forest and briar, skirting old growth oaks.
  25. Skirting the screen was a honeybee, trying to find an opening into which he could fly.
  26. You drive through a traffic light skirting through just on the yellow to red transition.
  27. They are skirting the outer permiter, gauging defensive capabilities and security sensors.
  28. They left on horseback, heading due east, skirting the foothills of the Mountains of Death.
  29. Curly Pete searches the floor frantically and finds the screw up against the skirting board.
  30. Skirting the extremities of the hills that locked the Valley of Lions, they swung wide to the west.
  31. Quickly skirting the first building the pair headed for the second structure about 100 yards away.
  32. The enemy crossed the Cobre Hills at daybreak, and skirting the bay, entered the city during the truce.
  33. This was certain scufflings and scratchings and squeakings in the walls and behind the skirting boards.
  34. They passed the last of the city’s industrial buildings and crossed the railroad tracks skirting the lake.
  35. I bushwhacked with my arms, skirting a huge knot of thorny scrub the way Moses had obviously done before me.
  36. Then I will probably head west, skirting around the south of the city by backroads and then taking the Freeway.
  37. The wedding carriages were in the file proceeding towards the Bastille, and skirting the right side of the Boulevard.
  38. Though it was actually skirting an ancient burial ground of block-shaped crypts, she’d pretend it was the crossroads.
  39. Nudging the damaged book with the toe of her slipper, she slid it beneath the bed skirting, an annoyance for Adorno later.
  40. She stood on a dark stage with dark silk skirting where she danced in front of the three musicians who were also Torvellen.
  41. In no time at all, I was skirting pot-holes and diggers, tearing down the new road past sunlit villages towards the airport.
  42. At last, after skirting carefully round some openings from which there was a distinct smell of rats, they halted in a kind of pit.
  43. He tramped on, skirting pools of stagnant water – thanking his stars that he hadn’t blundered into one of those in the darkness.
  44. She felt excitement rise in her as her group approached the eastern coast of Luzon, skirting the coastal town of Mauban from the North.
  45. I already knew that the papers were probably in the room, but I had no desire to rip up all the planking and skirting in search of them.
  46. My dungarees were still damp from skirting the sea, and bits of sand shook out onto the floor that had been caught in the rolled-up folds.
  47. She lands, on the ground, in a fit of rolls that scrape her skin and send her skirting through the tall grass on the right side of the road.
  48. It seems stupid but having measured up and cut the pieces, laid them down and connected them finishing off the aesthetic with the skirting.
  49. I know, Claire said, and Lydia could tell from her dark expression that her sister had been skirting around this possibility for a while.
  50. The blackout curtains, which were rolled neatly above the windows, stood out starkly against the light-green walls and wooden skirting boards.
  51. Focusing on the other man’s face, he concentrated again, this time more deeply, and found himself skirting the forefront of the Overlord’s mind.
  52. So he got out of the fury of the panic, and, skirting the Edgware Road, reached Edgware about seven, fasting and wearied, but well ahead of the crowd.
  53. Over the next two weeks they proceeded to strip the wallpaper in all the rooms, remove all the skirting boards and clear the house of all the furniture.
  54. The torch gave good light and he made reasonable time for about half an hour, striding across the rough grass and moss, skirting any reeds he came across.
  55. Without a word, Berndt turns along a trackway skirting the edge of Gloster, leaving the town on our right and striking across the valley towards the river.
  56. It was a pity that no-one had thought it worthwhile to worry that the skirting boards didn’t line up where the dividing wall had obviously been taken out.
  57. My bet is that this is an enemy solitary plane, probably a reconnaissance aircraft, skirting the Spanish border and using the Pyreneans to confuse our radars.
  58. Skirting the eastern edge of the deeper water, the Indian plunged into knee deep water and felt a tremendous relief as his moccasins sank into the Everglades muck.
  59. This time he made off in a different direction, skirting the smattering of shanties along the foreshore with enough skip in his heel to easily betray his bearing.
  60. For the whale is indeed wrapt up in his blubber as in a real blanket or counterpane; or, still better, an Indian poncho slipt over his head, and skirting his extremity.
  61. The path from the cave would lead them away from the village and round to the south-west, skirting the winter fields and the edge of the wood, but this would take longer.
  62. It was a strange journey, in that black, slim craft down the great river for nearly two hundred miles to where the Khorotas swings eastward, skirting the Poitanian mountains.
  63. At about ten minutes to eight, Jim had squared the part of the work he had been doing - the window - so he decided not to start on the door or the skirting until after breakfast.
  64. By the time that someone answered her after her third call, she was skirting the eastern coast of Spain at an altitude of forty kilometers and a speed of 8,300 kilometers per hour.
  65. Skirting a small lake, they had stared to see a great gray fisher bird that stabbed and paddled in the sedge, until a flight of wild duck had frightened them away with their clamor.
  66. Skirting behind the birches in order not to leave obvious tracks through the middle of the lawn, he found the stream along the back of the Filigree Street gardens and followed it north.
  67. I could feel tourists watching us, a few sentimental bursts of applause from the romantics, not to mention a lot of annoyed or indifferent people skirting around us, but I didn’t care.
  68. It was connected with the doctor’s studious skirting of the word father and its equivalents, which of course kept the person they referred to at the very front of Charlie’s mind.
  69. Keeping the Vale on her right, she steered steadily westward; passing above the Hintocks, crossing at right-angles the high-road from Sherton-Abbas to Casterbridge, and skirting Dogbury Hill and.
  70. It wasn’t the most scenic of routes, as they travelled along the north shore of the lake, skirting the foothills, but there were occasional spectacular views of the snow-capped mountains across the water.
  71. Ten minutes later, I was heading around the backside of the house, skirting the wood-line like I always have, making my way up past the garden where I had helped plant, weed, and spread manure throughout the years.
  72. Skirting the truth to be sure, yet true enough to avoid compromising my honor, I think, because even before you passed the border I could tell that the Illusions and Force barriers of the Wards were not affecting you.
  73. He made no comment when the nurse fell but did stop as she struggled to her feet, then with a grunt continued in a southeasterly direction skirting the edge of a dank patch of saw grass interspersed with patches of dark water.
  74. During the day, when Shelagh was busy tending her garden, or working in her greenhouse or dealing with her 'callers', as she preferred to call her patients, Rosemary would take long walks, skirting the village as much as possible.
  75. After traversing a hundred paces, skirting a wall of the fifteenth century, surmounted by a pointed gable, with bricks set in contrast, he found himself before a large door of arched stone, with a rectilinear impost, in the sombre style of Louis XIV.
  76. For instance, one man did the window, the other the door: when these were finished both men did the skirting; by the time the skirting was finished the door and window were dry enough to second coat; and then, on the following day - the finishing coat!.
  77. The street was narrow and the gutter broad, the pedestrian there walked on a pavement that was always wet, skirting little stalls resembling cellars, big posts encircled with iron hoops, excessive heaps of refuse, and gates armed with enormous, century-old gratings.
  78. The Hyrkanians were not convinced; three more invasions burst upon the Zamorian borders, and the Lands of Shem, and were hurled back by the Aquilonians, though the Turanian armies grew larger as hordes of steel-clad riders rode out of the east, skirting the southern extremity of the inland sea.
  79. Having silenced Objection by force of unreason, Will walked to Lowick as if he had been on the way to Paradise, crossing Halsell Common and skirting the wood, where the sunlight fell broadly under the budding boughs, bringing out the beauties of moss and lichen, and fresh green growths piercing the brown.
  80. As of our last reports, the majority of the enemy’s shipping is using the Trosan Channel— Hektor’s pointer swooped down to tap the hundred-and-forty-mile-wide stretch of water between the eastern tip of Hilda Island and the Dohlar Bank —or staying even farther east and skirting the Dohlaran coast through the Fern Narrows.
  81. Keeping my eyes down, I mull over the statement … the last Element? What is he talking about? I haven’t retrieved the last one yet … He goes on to describe how we were pursued by Antis, escaping through Joris’ skill, though stopping short of mentioning that Joris actually killed two men and completely skirting over the actual cause of Joris’ death.
  82. Outside, the storm was full blown, williwaws blistering down the sides of houses, screeching winds fastening around all objects, tearing at joints and roots, clouds of snow flying on eddies in all directions, funnels of powder skirting the pavement, sticking to the shadows of filth, layer upon layer, deeper and deeper, as my feet sank into the white earth, destination known and unknown.
  83. On one hand, at an immense distance, the small hills and groves are seen rising above the blue horizon; on the other, the view is pleasantly terminated by the wood on the low grounds skirting the river to which the smaller streams are tributary—while herds of buffalo, elk, deer, and other animals, are frequently seen slowly travelling to and from the watering-places, or grazing on the plains.
  84. Before the attacks of the Nordheimr and the Cimmerians, they destroyed all their cities, butchered such captives as were not fit to make the long march, and then, herding thousands of slaves before them, rode back into the mysterious east, skirting the northern edge of the sea, and vanishing from western history, until they rode out of the east again, thousands of years later, as Huns, Mongols, Tatars and Turks.
  85. In one of the upper rooms which had evidently been used as a nursery or playroom for the children of the renowned chef, the wallpaper for about two feet above the skirting was blackened with grease and ornamented with childish drawings made with burnt sticks and blacklead pencils, the door being covered with similar artistic efforts, to say nothing of some rude attempts at carving, evidently executed with an axe or a hammer.
  86. As he was on the point of mounting the staircase, he perceived, on the other side of the boulevard, near the deserted wall skirting the Rue De la Barriere-des-Gobelins, Jondrette, wrapped in the "philanthropist's" great-coat, engaged in conversation with one of those men of disquieting aspect who have been dubbed by common consent, prowlers of the barriers; people of equivocal face, of suspicious monologues, who present the air of having evil minds, and who generally sleep in the daytime, which suggests the supposition that they work by night.
  87. The convoy skirting a little wood, along the mine trail, between the mud huts and low walls of Rincon, increased its pace on the camino real, mules urged to speed, escort galloping, Don Carlos riding alone ahead of a dust storm affording a vague vision of long ears of mules, of fluttering little green and white flags stuck upon each cart; of raised arms in a mob of sombreros with the white gleam of ranging eyes; and Don Pepe, hardly visible in the rear of that rattling dust trail, with a stiff seat and impassive face, rising and falling rhythmically on an ewe-necked silver-bitted black brute with a hammer head.
  88. Niels, with his eyes skirting restlessly around the room,.
  89. Westward, to his right, it turned, skirting the shoulders of the mountains,.
  90. The man was painting the skirting, and just then he came to a part that was split in several places,.
  1. Her nostrils twitched as she skirted the pews.
  2. We skirted the subject of Mercer and the case.
  3. Road come back together after they have skirted.
  4. Amaranthe skirted the head and approached the bodies.
  5. Mini skirted girls, on the other hand, he thought much of.
  6. I skirted fields, and hedges, and lanes till after sunrise.
  7. Her eyes skirted past the dark, unfamiliar faces to Nicolas.
  8. The pathway skirted a considerable expanse of well-trimmed.
  9. No wonder the family skirted him like a holy man's crucifix.
  10. They had skirted around them like hunters avoiding a big cat.
  11. He did a double take on Kletsova, for she was in a skirted uniform.
  12. On arriving at the church, Marius did not enter it, but skirted the apse.
  13. They skirted around her, holding tightly to her legs as if they were ropes.
  14. But wanting to avoid trouble, Father skirted the island’s populated side.
  15. Stealing quietly along the old boundary path that skirted the orchard before.
  16. We skirted the mountainside of the valley and suddenly came upon a tiny town.
  17. The pink boat skirted up and down the crests of the waves, a leaf on the wind.
  18. Trailers and port-a-johns skirted the rim, along with a line of pickup trucks.
  19. They skirted along the edge of the belt in high spirits, however the problems.
  20. The few rain clouds I’d seen had skirted right around the edges of the valley.
  21. As Calvin moved through the silent empty halls, he skirted the corners carefully.
  22. Nurse tapped on the rickety bookcase that skirted the table around which they met.
  23. She stared at the runner boards that skirted the side of the wagon, never blinking.
  24. Rapp skirted the sideboard at the bottom of the steps and ascended to the door again.
  25. The fence skirted a little trail that led from my back yard down to Calapooia Creek.
  26. She was staring in the mirror at the white, long sleeved, long skirted dress she wore.
  27. They skirted the hall toward the grand piano and the rows of tapestry-upholstered seats.
  28. Another walk made the circuit of the garden, and skirted the white wall which enclosed it.
  29. With Pedro not far behind, Chica skirted the town and headed for the first cover of trees.
  30. Moshe, with Gad in tow, moved to intercept them as they skirted the much larger outer edges.
  31. They skirted round a collection of rocks half sunk in the sand, keeping the sun on their left.
  32. Exodus account, I skirted over instances in my experience which corresponded to some of those.
  33. It skirted the perimeter fence that stated it was Parkland and not open to hunting or trapping.
  34. I could talk a lot about my business, but skirted around any facts concerning my personal life.
  35. I was desperate to find out what had happened to Arianell and skirted the thoughts of the horses.
  36. Before I could speak, she plunged out the French doors, skirted the pool, and headed for the ocean.
  37. He skirted its shores and noticed several good positions from which he might wet a line casting for fish.
  38. Her father might be carrying that weight also, and he had skirted around telling her that she would, too.
  39. A thicket of brush skirted its foot, and it became necessary to proceed through a crooked and narrow path.
  40. Without stopping to think, Jesse skirted an overturned chair to rush across the room toward an open doorway.
  41. They followed on horses but could not keep up as we ran across the glacial shelf that skirted the actual field.
  42. Moshe, with Gad in tow, moved to intercept them as they skirted the much larger outer edges of the encampment.
  43. They’d found several holes in the rocks and several more demons, whom they had skirted without being noticed.
  44. The smothering cloak of gray dissolved till just a few milky thin clouds skirted the moon’s full laughing face.
  45. Taking the path, therefore, that was most likely to avoid observation, he rather skirted than entered the village.
  46. Now, tumbling in a controlled motion, Merilee managed to loosen the belt from the full skirted dress she was wearing.
  47. Under cover of a hedge of grevilleas and banksias Id planted along the back wall of the cottage, I skirted westwards.
  48. She skirted the wall until she reached a certain point where the spire of the tower was visible above the battlements.
  49. I skirted the dirt intersection and changed position, moving to a burned-out doorway on the opposite corner of the street.
  50. We stepped around the blood trail, skirted the cones and markers, then Claire put down her bag and stooped beside the body.
  51. We’re almost to the tunnels, having skirted around Okta several bells before, when the rest of the army catches up to us.
  52. By February 29, the Milo had skirted around the western side Cape Horn and was located at 54° south latitude and 80° west.
  53. He skirted the town centre to keep as low as profile as possible, but he still had to weather a number of unfortunate incidents.
  54. He promised Elizabeth he would keep to a path that skirted the marshes, and not go into the town if he saw anything suspicious.
  55. At the hospital he ignored the main entrance and skirted around the back to where he could climb a low wall behind the incinerator.
  56. That Daitya skirted death continually as the spearhead inched past his extremities from various different angles second by second.
  57. The horse slowed, picking his way along the narrow dirt track that skirted around rocks, stumps and trees until it came to a stream.
  58. On the way to join the crowd, Amaranthe and Maldynado skirted a second pit, a recent excavation with a mound of dirt piled next to it.
  59. They skirted the green to tread down a lane laid with red brick and two storied cottages that were part business and part residential.
  60. I remember it was as we skirted the lower end of the Mall that she said evenly: You have made me hate you so that it terrifies me.
  61. Ocean Raider skirted around the terminal, and headed to where the gas tanker had exploded looking for wreckage, but they found nothing.
  62. Human walkers skirted wetlands with tall grasses and tall reeds because they were breeding grounds of disease and hard to walk through.
  63. Sutto had neatly skirted the issue of strain on infrastructure and overplayed the limited benefit Wishful would receive from sales tax.
  64. These were now brawling openly on the pavement, as passers-by, tutting with disapproval, skirted round to avoid flying hooves and wings.
  65. Man and wife stood by the front door watching the youth’s gangly gait as he disappeared from view on the footpath that skirted the river.
  66. Why do many cultures still have ceremonial grass skirts and reed skirts? Humans skirted tall grass in Africa because lions hid in tall grass.
  67. Instead they left by an emergency exit in the factory, skirted the building avoiding the security cameras and went straight to Eddie’s car.
  68. They skirted the side of the wood that lay along the southern edge of the combe and then, in ones and twos, slipped across the empty road beyond.
  69. When Adrian gingerly skirted around her ankle, for the fourth time, although this time on his way to the restroom, Kathy declared in exasperation.
  70. The hearse skirted a clump of cypress-trees, quitted the grand alley, turned into a narrow one, entered the waste land, and plunged into a thicket.
  71. A brick path skirted the base of the wall, and once their feet were swaddled in plastic, Nicole and Conklin walked around the shadowy patch of garden.
  72. They skirted along the coastal valley of the Slieve Mish Mountains looking at the golden stretches of sand below and headed into the Dingle Peninsula.
  73. They skirted the Trentino Altobegan, passing through Bressanone, Bolzano and Trento, then turning west towards Brescia, past Bergamo, and then into Milan.
  74. They followed the track down to the canyon and carefully skirted the fallen rocks and irregular path until by midday they met a waterfall and grassy area.
  75. We started out early the next morning and picked up the pace as we skirted the lava bed stretching northeast from the volcano named after the rain god, Tlaloc.
  76. I kept heading towards the DJ booth, vending machines, and restroom area where I thought I had last seen the short skirted, neon green socked, sexy seductress.
  77. Steve was pointing across the valley at the two hundred foot high, vertical lower cliffs that skirted around the east side of the base of Mitchell’s Mountain.
  78. All roads lead to Rome, and there were times when it might have struck us that almost every branch of study or subject of conversation skirted forbidden ground.
  79. She skirted along the cliff edge, weighing her options, wishing she could find a cave to hide in until dark, but not sure if one could be found on Sierra Blanca.
  80. Elizabeth skirted the main street through Zapieskowa and led Colling to a cottage set back from the road among a stand of trees on the southern edge of the town.
  81. She quickly skirted around the edge of the courtyard, the noise in the mine had indeed attracted some attention and a detachment of solders moved to investigate.
  82. Vedara huffed and redirected her attention to the task at hand; consulting her star-charts to locate the numerous moons they skirted in proximity to a minor planet.
  83. What’s-ya-doin’, Uncle Paul? Allen displayed a wide, toothy grin as he skirted up to his uncle’s side in hopes of seeing inside the book he was holding.
  84. The cave we had been sheltering in wasn’t a cave at all but a mine with a narrow overgrown path that skirted its entrance and led both to and away from the village.
  85. That night, Matilda sat in the back garden, screened from the outside world by the row of hedges which skirted two sides the lawn and a large bushy area at the far end.
  86. She stared at the floor and a single feather lay soft and peaceful on the hardwood, and she watched as it danced slightly in the calming breeze that skirted the baseboards.
  87. He wanted badly to just swim right across the pond directly, but he managed through sheer force of will to steer his feet onto the side trail that skirted the entire pond.
  88. Some four days later we crossed over a pass to the western side of the mountain range and gained the road that skirted the coastal desert by hugging the slopes of the mountains.
  89. Most of the activity he saw was very much as would happen in the few other castles dotted over their world, although even in his travels Simon had only skirted the edge of them.
  90. The bus driver, mouth hanging open skirted around James’ car and drove off – all eyes on the bus were riveted upon James and Marianne…someone whistled!…a few even clapped!.
  91. They rode over the Dike and down the Coomb, and then, turning swiftly eastwards, they took a path that skirted the foothills for a mile or so, until bending south it passed back.
  92. They had passed sign posts to a multitude of places they had never heard of, but eventually skirted Newcastle and headed towards Manchester and Liverpool, which they passed between.
  93. Though protected from any great danger of observation by the precipitous banks, and the thick shrubbery which skirted the stream, no precaution known to an Indian attack was neglected.
  94. Now, as she stood gazing, some one came along the road that skirted the orchard, and, catching sight of her, halted and became lost in contemplation of her, even as she of the sunrise pageant.
  95. Nobody was visible in the elevated road which skirted the ascent save the lad whom they had sent on before them, sitting on the handle of the barrow that contained all Tess's worldly possessions.
  96. So the group, hand in hand skirted the heights of the mount, or tried to, for the rocks seemed to getting larger and the pathway steeper, until squeezing between huge boulder pillars they reached the summit.
  97. He skirted around the side of the centre and noticed another slightly raised mound that seemed to disappear under the trees into the dense rain-, which looked like the start of a separate underground tunnel.
  98. I continued to wind among the paths of the wood, until I came to its boundary, which was skirted by a deep and rapid river, into which many of the trees bent their branches, now budding with the fresh spring.
  99. And the skirted man with a fading look of utter shock flew backwards, pulled from the ground he had relied on, and so free of friction he diminished to a small speck on the horizon within a matter of seconds.
  100. Gaetano skirted the light, carefully keeping the boat in the shadow; then, when they were opposite the fire, he steered to the centre of the circle, singing a fishing song, of which his companions sung the chorus.
  1. Along the skirts of the Dead.
  2. All her outdoor skirts did that.
  3. She soon only fitted into skirts.
  4. It seared a hole through my skirts.
  5. Libuse gathered her skirts and stood.
  6. The woman never wore skirts or dresses.
  7. She picked up her skirts and began to run.
  8. The Red Widow rose, and smoothed her skirts.
  9. Two women hustled out in a rustle of skirts.
  10. The wind skirts along the land from the left.
  11. Her short skirts show the neatest little boots.
  12. She moved her skirts for him to sit by her and.
  13. The ice aster throws high her gossamer skirts.
  14. She raised her skirts and raced upstairs to the.
  15. She pulled up her skirts to climb over the fence.
  16. Each wore Lady Hadleigh vests to match the skirts.
  17. Dressed in uniforms like the males, but with skirts.
  18. He skirts around a group of tourists, eyes on Ciere.
  19. It was warm and most had only light tops and skirts.
  20. Keep near to this edge and the skirts of the forest.
  21. Just imagine, you know how nice the plain skirts were.
  22. Girls appeared wearing flowery skirts and ankle socks.
  23. I gathered my skirts and climbed as quickly as I could.
  24. The main irritation is the skirts dragging on my thighs.
  25. She shook out her skirts; the hem was dirty and smudged.
  26. Shaking nuts out of my skirts, I nervously eyed the crowd.
  27. The skirts were heavy things, in spite of being open-weave.
  28. I say, just wring out my jacket skirts, will ye? Thank ye.
  29. Her clothes and some skirts hung under a cloth in a corner.
  30. From the folds of her skirts, she retrieved a small bundle.
  31. As far as their eyes could reach, along the skirts of the.
  32. I hang upon no man's skirts; I run barking at no man's heel.
  33. Hilda Thomas, lifting her skirts, preparing to cross the road.
  34. She stands and brushes her skirts to remove invisible wrinkles.
  35. Buy a drawer for socks, skirts, shorts, t-shirts, for example.
  36. Mistress Hulle gathered up her skirts and hurried to the porch.
  37. She picked up her skirts and started to kick dirt into the fire.
  38. I ran my sweaty palms down my skirts, waiting for Emry to spill.
  39. In fact, she flaunted it with her short skirts and low-cut tops.
  40. Some of them buried their faces against their mothers’ skirts.
  41. Some of the women carried infants under the skirts of their coats.
  42. He, like Scarlett, was forced to shelter behind Melanie’s skirts.
  43. She knelt down, sweeping her skirts underneath her knees for comfort.
  44. Grose more closely and buried in her skirts the dreadful little face.
  45. Their garb is similar to the men’s with skirts instead of trousers.
  46. I could feel the moisture slipping between my legs and into my skirts.
  47. She landed on the cold floor, her skirts in a heap, dazed and bruised.
  48. He’s a coward that hides behind the skirts of fear and intimida-tion.
  49. Their skirts were tucked up high, and their heads wrapped up in shawls.
  50. The girl clung to her mother’s skirts, looking shyly at the strangers.
  51. When the history of this abortion is written, I want our skirts clean.
  52. The East side ended in a cliff in whose skirts broke, frothy, the waves.
  53. There were dresses and skirts in it but they were much too big for Emma.
  54. Plus sized women should opt for skirts that are A-lined and high waisted.
  55. Brrfoo! Blew up all her skirts and her boa nearly smothered old Goodwin.
  56. They’d gone into a phase of high fives, pom-poms, and twirling skirts.
  57. He had fashioned a bodice out of one of the women’s skirts, which was.
  58. Society ladies lift their skirts above their heads to protect themselves.
  59. In the center of the stage sat some girls in red bodices and white skirts.
  60. He’s a very lecherous and lascivious man and goes for anything in skirts.
  61. Possibly chasing after skirts that were far too mature for his age, no doubt.
  62. They wore, of course, short skirts and those bodices that you see everywhere.
  63. I love my freedom and forest tramping’s, my short skirts and swinging arms.
  64. Wearing those short skirts of hers, flaunting herself, the bitch asked for it.
  65. Gueste’s reply was a murmur, as she rose, shaking out her soft linen skirts.
  66. It was like they were standing in a wind-storm dressed in cheap cotton skirts.
  67. Then why change them? But no, to be in style now, the skirts have to be draped.
  68. Enjolras descried a luminous uplifting beneath the gloomy skirts of the future.
  69. She hiked up her long skirts and dropped to her knees on the crushed pumice road.
  70. I wisht I could hide myself in the Skirts of her Gown, as I had when I was small.
  71. She sat down next to him, her legs stretched out before her, her skirts billowing.
  72. The Watcher went to the closet and crouched beneath a shimmying curtain of skirts.
  73. No one remained now but the excitable Jew, who had already raised the skirts of Mr.
  74. White flicked imaginary fluff off her skirts, her attention on the task and not us.
  75. She ran towards them, lifting her skirts to avoid the snow and calling their names.
  76. When she put a soft hand on his shoulder, his arms went suddenly around her skirts.
  77. Prissy still clung to her skirts and hardly anything showed in her eyes except the.
  78. My step-mother waited with a grim patience, her skirts firmly clutched in each hand.
  79. He had his hands behind him under the skirts of his riding-coat, and he stood at Mr.
  80. Four skirts billowed modestly, eight small feet were daintily placed on low hassocks.
  81. Bring your grass skirts and coconuts! It will be in the North Great Hall from 3PM-7PM.
  82. Emory pulled her to him as she lifted her skirts and attempted to step into the garden.
  83. He turns his head a fraction and sees long dark hair, a glimpse of torn skirts, blood.
  84. The girls sat formally down in the sand and straightened their skirts over their knees.
  85. You can also place more leaves on vegetable beds as well as under the skirts of shrubs.
  86. Some had short skirts of leather, while others had breach clouts that left a lot exposed.
  87. Hoops in Paris were wider this season and skirts were showing braided petticoats beneath.
  88. Fuck the prissy little bitches in their adorable pleated skirts and perfectly styled hair.
  89. Elandria glanced at her with worry before picking up her skirts and rushing out of the room.
  90. Children—boys and girls—followed them on foot, hanging on to the skirts of their mothers.
  91. I hated that skirt, but Grandpa always said a girl should wear skirts, so that weekend I did.
  92. Tennis, the child begged, pulling on his mother’s skirts and Hermann Schulz wondered why.
  93. He does not reply, but skirts around where Isabella lies and comes to stand next to the scribe.
  94. Meanwhile everywhere I looked I saw swarms of beautiful women in short skirts and tight blouses.
  95. With it tied to her thigh beneath her skirts, she could have the advantage of a surprise attack.
  96. His hallucinations stood, holding onto the throne, their hair and skirts moving with the breeze.
  97. La, sir, you confuse me quite! There was a rustle of silken skirts and Helen laughed again.
  98. There were many things in the boxes, dresses, shirts, skirts, shoes, hats, many long lost objects.
  99. He took my parcel so I could hold up my skirts with one hand and keep the other hand on the rail.
  100. How wonderful to be a man and as strong as Rhett, she thought, tucking her wide skirts about her.

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